Keegan in stands as Toon are held by Gateshead

By Lee Ryder on Jul 21, 08 10:39 PM

KEVIN KEEGAN was in the stands at Gateshead International Stadium tonight as Newcastle United reserves were held to a 1-1 draw by Conference North outfit Gateshead.

The Toon boss used three of his second string for Saturday's 1-1 draw with Hartlepool with Callum Morris, Ben Tozer and Fraser Forster all involved again tonight.

Keegan, who has a paper thin squad at the moment, is likely to turn to some of his young guns again at Doncaster on Saturday but watched as they went a goal down to Gateshead on eight minutes.

It could have been a heavier scoreline before United finally equalised through defender Darren Lough.

Coach Adam Sadler said: "Credit to Gateshead manager Ian Bogie and his side but we know these games are about fitness more than anything else."

United's second string are playing for places at Donny on Saturday and the upcoming Mallorca Tournament.


Anonymous said:

Not encouraging, is it?

dave davies said:

demonstrates how far we have to go, when wenger's reserves were almost wining tournaments (fa cup).

Kris Hack said:

The word on the street is that Keegan is not a happy man.

As you reported we were offered Frings but he was seen to be to old by Wise and Co. Keegan was not told about the chance of signing the German international, but he recently found the fax confirming your report. This has angered Keegan as he would have been interested in the vastly experienced midfielder. Wise obviously doesn’t think he has the legs, yet Arsenal and Liverpool are now both interested in him. This indicates that Wise is running the show in terms of who we sign. Keegan will not have been impressed with some of Wise’s young signings last night when the reserves deserved to be beat 5-0 by the mighty Gateshead.

Keegan has lost patience with this ridicules set up and will resign before a ball is kicked. At 10-1 to be the first manager to go this season I would get your money on it fast.

Brian from Durham said:

I have never seen KK so down as he was at Hartlepool, this was a guy who knew players were needed, but the whole matter was completely out of his hands.If MA does not realise that KK is the biggest asset this club has, and is preferring  Wise to speak to transfer targets instead of KK ,then the man is a fool, and should stick to selling T. shirts. He is wasting one of the most persuasive and enthusiastic talents in football, all to the clubs cost. He had better change his tatics for the next few weeks, and get some decent players in, rather than the daily headlines of who we are prepared to sell.

M. Sebastian T. said:

Faith of even the most ardent fans in KK will surely break down soon if things do not improve. As I have said before there is a serious structural problem with Toon that has not been fixed for a decade. You know what happens when structural faults are ignored. Collapse!!

Barry Taylor said:

It just shows we cant rely on the reserves if our first team get injured.This could be a long season if we dont buy more players. Would like to know where in the league ashley expects the Keegan to get us.
Feel sorry for you KK.

RAF Mark said:

Have to agree with both oft the later comments. We brought in Dennis wise because of his finding skills and what has he found, reject tallent from other teams..ow yes the top four again. When is NUFC going to learn that they are off loading the players for a reason...they arn't good enough for a top four side. I am still convinced that our owner still aint got a clue that this is a football team and not a monopoly board. I still am left with the same old feeling that the current leader has a worse chance of taking us forward that our previous band of mugs. If he aint going to put up then put it out fo sale and lets get some cash to buy proper players and stop buying rejects. Is it any wonder why clubs are looking at newcastle for bargins...they are looking a us because our players don't want ot be here and inturn decent players don't want to come. Once again I am not looking forward to a season of higher than mid-table at best. Why did we sack SBR again ow yes be were stuck in the top 6.....


Hi Lee-not too worried about pre-season games -as KK says its all about getting fit. It was good to see young Tim Krul state he wants to stay - I have only seen a little bit of this boy but he sure looks good - I cant forget his one and only performance in the EUFA cup match last season-or was it the season before ? any rate he looks a top class keeper in the making and I hope MA does not let him go just for the cash- and if he was to go for 2 million -then Chelsea would be getting a real bargain -but I hope that never happens - there is not many keepers in Holland who have been compared by the football fraternity as being another Peter Schmichael- but this kid has. I hope Kev gets a chance to blood him a bit more and find out how good he is- he reminds me a lot of Ronnie Simpson -enough said.

Anonymous said:

"When is NUFC going to learn that they are off loading the players for a reason...they arn't good enough for a top four side."

"Why did we sack SBR again ow yes be were stuck in the top 6...."

Lee Bowyer? Paddy Kluivert? Playing Jenas long after everyone knew he was poor? Suggesting Viana was a replacement for Gary Speed? Selling Nobby and Speed? Playing Viana for brief periods out of position? For not having any control over Bellamy and Dyer? By the time Sir Bob left, we were poor and he'd made some stupid decisions, including buying players offloaded by other clubs b ecause they weren't good enough.

Ben said:

Hi Lee I a interested to no what your feelings are about some of the above comments about KK not being in total control of our transfer policy. Do you believe this to be the case and do you think KK has a decent tranfer kitty to spend by decent I am talking the 30mill plus he needs in the current transfer window? Your views would be appreciated.

Thanks Ben

John Best said:

The message is clear for all to behold, We are not an attractive proposition,as a club.Any budding starlet or reasonable pro would run a mile at the thought of coming to NUFC. They came in the past for a fat cheque but those days are over. Ashley has bought a pig in a poke and relegation is a reality.The thought of Denis Wise, having a major influence at the club; fills me with due dread.
Michael Owen is indisposed yet again, Barton is still inside, 2 Africans are on extended leave, Viduka, is his normal self, the whole show is a panomime and I would love to see Mike Ashley lose his shirt. Leeds United were a roll model, surely you must learn a lesson from their demise ??


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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