Keegan to roll back the years in Majorca

By Lee Ryder on Jul 30, 08 09:12 AM

Newcastle United boss Kevin Keegan will roll back the years here in Majorca by holding an open training session.

And just like the good old days, KK and his squad will have many fans taking in their training at the ONO Stadium tomorrow morning at 10.30am.

United will land at Palma Airport at 6.15pm and they will be greeted by the masses of Toon fans who are here to see the Mallorca Summer Cup.

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Newcastle will switch training venues on Friday to Mallorca's Son Bibiloni training ground with a 10.30am start and will repeat the process on Saturday before a light session at noon on Sunday before their final game.

Numbers swelled again today amidst the hot temperatures as more fans arrived from Tyneside to cheer on their team.

With up to 8,000 black and whites expected to support Newcastle's bid to lift the trophy.

United will do battle with Hertha Berlin, Hannover 96 and hosts Real Mallorca and the mission is simply - who scores wins!

Yes, due to the tournament rules which hand teams a point for each goal scored in the competition, on top of three points for a win, the most prolific team will win the trophy.

With no Joey Barton in the squad but certainly a place for new boy Sebastien Bassong, United fans are also likely to get a glimpse of Jonas Guttierez for the first time.

And there were also doubts over whether Michael Owen would be in the squad.

United supporters chanted "We want Spiderman" at Doncaster and in his old stamping ground they will get that wish.

Due to the sensitivity of his transfer from the host club Real Mallorca there was always a question mark over his participation in the competition.

And he certainly won't play against Mallorca on Sunday.

But he will star against crack Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin on Friday night.

TOON SQUAD FOR MALLORCA: Given, Harper, Krul, Forster, Enrique, Beye, Cacapa, Taylor, Edgar, Tozer, Faye, Bassong, Guthrie, Duff, N'Zogbia, Milner, Geremi, Butt, Ameobi, Martins, Gutierrez, Smith.


Anonymous said:

it has martins in the squad is this a miss print ?

Mal said:

Lee - is Oba really in the squad. Great news if he is and I would have thought worth a special mention in your article.

Bren CRILLEY said:

It is interesting to see a number of fringe youngsters in the squad, but no Owen or Viduka? Viduka we know is injured, but OWEN has a slight strain and should be traveling with the squad at the very least. We are extremely light weight up front and the more we use Ameobi, the more he will have the mistaken belief that he will 'plod' along taking the toon wage. Regardless of how short we are, he should be left in UK to move on and Lua-Lua should be taken to get his chance. We all recall the problems Chopra had trying to get his chance because Ameobi seemed to be select first by respective managers, despite Chopra always proving himself a better striker and harder worker.! This is NOT a good or strong squad and if it is the 'back bone' of the new team, with other teams like Man City, Spurs, Sunderland and even Fulham spending and strengthening, we could be in for a very bleak couple of seasons.

Chris said:

Surely Martins won't be there as he will still be in Nigeria for his mother's funeral. Without Owen, Viduka and Carroll we'll be left with the same forward line-up that failed to score against Doncaster. Not sure how many points we will get.

Snapper said:

The gloves are off the more serious "friendlies" have started, its time for reckoning the strengths, the weaknesses will be analized, argued about, condemned or applauded in turn. Will new players arrive? we hope so fervently.

lee jeffa said:

Have to say that im suprised Martins name is there.

Stuart said:

Martins is back??

jimmy jones said:

whats da point newcastle are an embarassment theyre a crap team with no real quality other than shay given and martins.

Paul said:

A point for each goal lets hope owld Duffa is on form. If it was a point for each gaol we would be off to a nice start with Barton but would we get a point for his remand time and another for his sentence ?
Lee you have martins included in the squad line up, is this an error or do you know something we dont ?.
Lets just hope for a good time to be had by the players and the travelling toon army. Could be nice for us to win something, well something a bit bigger than our last bit of silverware the Inter Toto Eggcup.
Good luck lads do us proud and please no bloody injuries

Bjarne said:

"TOON SQUAD FOR MALLORCA: ...,...,Martins,..." Is Oba Martins back? All the best to him!

M Simpson said:

Great ..our first chance of a trophy!

Teddy Silverwolf said:

With KK coming in as manager after xmas i thought this close season would've exciting given that fat ash was going on about getting a team to match chelsea.
Well our team could match chelseas.... under 10's! our team is full of slow uncreative injury prone losers and the best we can expect for next season is premiership survival. We've bought 2 kids and a fella that wears a gimp mask if he scores, that'll get me rushing to the ticket office.
Instead of kk doing tournaments perhaps he should go on a recruitment drive.

KK was cheesed off after we got beat by chelsea, he'll be suicidal after the manc game. I cant believe just how poor our squad is this close to a new season.
Still I suppose now barton is a reformed character its like getting a new signing! Dont agree with giving him yet another chance, i heard he didnt even make into the prison team!

Goodluck for the season KK, you will definitely need it.

Ben K said: has Oba Martins listed among the 25 players who flew to Mallorca earilier today.

adam said:

Martins is in the squad, i seen footage of him getting off the team coach going into the airport! good on him playing after the awful week he must have had

brad said:

Great news to see Oba back, good looking team sheet, alot of players back.
P.S to jimmy jones if you have nothing constructive to say then keep it to yourself, and enjoy sitting in that armchair watching your so-called "team."

Richard "bear" Johnson said:

All i can say is that opening picture made me laugh. West Wylam is the best place for loyal fans. Hopefully though Martins will get a good 50-60 minutes under his belt. and with even more hope we can get a few goals to add the extra points

Snapper said:

Suprised people like "jimmy Jones" are given room on these blogs.

ronnie lambert said:

Jimmy Jones lived around the corner to me in Leam Lane estate and he always supported Sunderland. Whey's keys are theyse?


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