Let's hope Marcelino experience isn't a bad omen

By Lee Ryder on Jul 31, 08 04:53 PM

Believe it or not in the corridors of Real Mallorca's ONO Stadium hangs a massive picture of Toon flop Marcelino celebrating a goal when he was flavour of the month back in the day.

Now the player who proved to be a walking disaster for United despite his great reputation in La Liga works as a TV pundit in Spain and he'll be giving fans his views on the Mallorca Summer Cup.

The £6million Ruud Gullit paid for the big man, who once donned a sling for a broken finger, is long gone now of course but his popularity remains on this island.

And the same can be said for Jonas Gutierrez who despite his move from the ONO Stadium outfit to Tyneside was still recieved with open arms.

It's unlikely that he will play unless his registration comes through but he was still getting handshakes and cuddles on his swift return to the club.

Hopefully unlike another of Real Mallorca's favourite sons, he won't be another Marcelino!


Snapper said:

Whilst critisising Marcellino's absence when he was with us, how about scrutinising the "injury" time Messrs Owen and Viduka have clocked up. Never in my life have I had the misfortune to come across two players so injury prone, it beggers belief, how I wish a pay as you play scheme was in operation.

jacko said:

With the current paper thin squad and the overpopulation of highly paid sickies and banned criminals, the possibility is all too close!
The so called 'expert management' team of Wise and Jimenez seem to be as capable of identifying and procuring talent as was Fat Sam. However Sam paid big money for Barton, Smith and Rozenthal, sanctioned by Mr Ashley. It appears however that he doesn't trust KK with the same budget; what a shame! Mr Ashley would be advised to look at the last tenure of king Kev and the big money wisely spent on players who provided a fantastic service to the Toon and who, when moved on, often made the club a profit.
But then maybe Mr Ashley wants nothing more than to sell the club on quickly and make a nice fat profit?....................

Brad said:

Why is Gutierrez's registration taking so long to come through? i cant help but feel slightly concerned, i am also worried about the amount of time Owen and Viduka are spending on the injury table, we all knew that signing Viduka was a risk and personally i think it hasnt really paid off, he is a quality player on his day one of the best but with him getting older surely his best days are behind, i cant help but feel the injurys will occure more often and last longer. As with Owen, i feel the same he is a quality finisher and always will be but he keeps on picking up little niggling injuries and these will lead up to more serious and longer injuries, he is getting on and i think it is time we found a long term replacement, i dont know why nobody has made a bid for klass jan huntelaar he is the ideal replacement owen. I know many people will disagree with me put you could get huntelaar on half the money that owen is on, although he would cost a fair bit i think it would be a sensible and class signing. As for signings we need a left-back, centre back, playmaker, and a natural born finisher. Colocinni, Warnock, Arda Turan and Huntelaar would do me fine.

Paul Patterson said:

Marcelino DID once say that Newcastle United ruined his career, which I find insane.

He was just another statistic, another expensive flop, a mercenary, who had desire to get fit.

Mark Viduka is beginning to annoy me. Either he is a time waster or he is a really unlucky boy- Either way, that’s Newcastle Uniteds problem. I warned people who wanted to see him come to the club that he was a player that spent far too long in the treatment room and he has continued this. £60k a week indeed.

Now whilst they don’t have the style or the prestige of a Mark Viduka, I was mocked when I said we should sign Milan Baros, or Leroy Lita, but they’d certainly play more games, they’d certainly score more goals than Shola Ameobi and Alan Smith and I bet they wouldn’t cost as much either.

I’d be worried at the minute, because Viduka can’t be trusted, Ameobi is a Championship player at best and Alan Smith is questionably a footballer. Leaving a top quality striker (With injury prone past, who is currently injured) and Obafemi Martins*

People have said we don’t need to worry about the striking options this season and that the defence and midfield are priority- Well if you want to leave the goal scoring up to just Owen (When fit) and Martins- Then Bring on the Championship!!!

* Hats off to Obafemi Martins, after the death of his mother, he was given time to go back home and now I see he’s travelled to Mallorca to be with the squad. He may not play much, but I find it shocking that we nearly lost this guy because he didn’t fit into Allardyce’s mould of ‘Statistical’ football. More players like this please!!!


ronnie lambert said:

Don't listen to radio talk Terry, or the southern press perse. It's only the opinion of one or two biased idiots who have to fill air-space for their easy pay. I've got an idiot in-law who's said we'll go down every season for years, cos he hung his cap on one of the big four's pegs as a kid and he's a smug prat. It means nothing. There are plenty other teams in our league worse off than us with regards to summer signings, and we do already have a bunch of good players who if they'd had Keegan from the beginning of last season would most definitely have finished higher. It took a couple of months for him to undo Sam's weird ideas, but when he did they looked a lot better. Consider these few crumbs of comfort....we are blessed with four good wingers, two on each side, now that N'Zogbia seems a bit more settled, and with a new French buddy to keep him happy. Duff showed signs of his initial promise last week with a much higher fitness level which wowed KK and the travelling fans. Milner may be used as a creative midfielder too which I've pondered for some time. Yes we need a younger replacement for Butt, but I'm sure this will not be a problem this season with the arrival of Guthrie. All in all, midfield looks okay. A top-notch target man would be welcome because of fitness worries over Viduka, but Owen should be alright after the normal pre-season niggles that everyone gets, but the only big problem we've got is a good centre-half and KK says he's looking to bring in 2 more players. On the whole Terry, we're starting with a clean slate like the whole league, but we've got Kevin Keegan.

ronnie lambert said:

Terry, Everton fans are restless also because of lack of transfer activity. We haven't done that bad considering Jonas looks very handy indeed, and hopefully his Argy international mate Collicino is on the same page.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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