Are United finally going to be up for the cup?

By Lee Ryder on Aug 25, 08 01:17 PM

Let's face it Newcastle United's trophy drought was beyond the joke long before now with some Geordie kids now asking their dads what it was like to go to a cup final (back in 1999 at Wembley remember?) let alone win one.

To talk about actually winning something you'd be better off talking to Grandad with grainy footage and distant memories of 1969 all that exists of Newcastle United's last glorious hour.

Yes it's almost 40 years and counting and as Newcastle United head into their Carling Cup tie with Coventry, once again some people are secretly asking themselves: Can Newcastle United win this?

Doom merchants would quickly answer: No.

But slating Newcastle is sadly such an easy pastime for some people and down the years the Mags have given the knockers, know-alls and non-believers plenty reasons to have a field day especially in the League Cup.

Yet surely Newcastle can knock out plucky Coventry, can't they?

Well history in a competition suggests not with Birmingham (twice), Wigan, Wimbledon, Middlesbrough and Man City all graveyards for Magpies since they joined the Premier League in 1993.

And while getting knocked out by Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool was more respectable, home defeats to West Brom, Everton and Blackburn were all looked at by fans as golden chances to progress that were tossed away in the last decade.

Modern day football has meant that the Carling Cup has become even harder to win since then too after the big four (apart from Arsenal, whose reserves beat us 2-0 anyway last year) suddenly changed their stance on the competition and began to take it seriously again.

Now surely is a great time to join the big boys and do the same especially with no European commitments on Tyneside this season.

Will people be talking about "that night in Coventry" in years to come as the first step on the ladder to glory?

Surely the script can't read as badly as it has done for the last 40 years forever, can it?


James Williamson said:

Are The Chronicle finally going to upload today's sports articles online?

Hepstyle said:

I'm torn. While I see a match with Coventry as a great opportunity to give kids like Carroll and LuaLua some playing time, I think it's important to commit as much as possible to a long run in the tournament.

Paul Patterson said:

Newcastle CAN win the Carling cup, but this depends on meeting a top four side or not.

I’d be quite confident of beating many teams, but if we encounter a top four side in the quarter finals or later, we may as well forget it, as the one thing that these sides know how to do is grab a hold onto the baton when it’s thrust a few feet in front of them. Newcastle United DON’T.

I always look back to 1995/96 (Who doesn’t?) and think, ‘If we aren’t going to win the Premier League when were 12 points clear- Just when will we win ANYTHING?’ And it’s sadly a good point- a side experienced in winning trophies, would have looked at Manchester United and said- ‘Ha, jokers!’ and gone and turned a 12 point lead into a 20 point lead.

But this is Newcastle United. A side that seems to be allergic to success, either staying in bed and bowing out early doors, or getting a severe rash and a high temperature the second a quarter-final appearance looms.

Whatever happens at Coventry City (I’m assuming a win) the real test of this club, will be when we play a slightly sterner side, say the calibre of a Blackburn or a Tottenham, then and only then can we be a little more brave and think of a testing tie against a ‘big club’ and then, maybe we can start to build on the squad we have in place.

For if Mike Ashley is being tight on the purse strings now, we are going to need a heck of a lot more thrown at the side, if we were to qualify for Europe.

For the meantime- off to the Ricoh Arena we shall go.


paul m. said:

newcastle have to believe that they can win this cup, it is pointless fielding a full strength side against coventry if they are not gonna go all out and try to win it, all we need is a bit of luck regarding getting a home draw and possibly avoiding the big boys until as late into the competition as we can, hopefully they can start to knock each other out.

come on the toon,


brian from durham said:

If KK really wanted Ferdinand, what the hell is he doing at Sunderland???? Come on Wise, get your finger out.

Ano said:

Ferdinand's poor. No loss there. Shouldn't have sold Faye, however. He's at least as good as Taylor.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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