Gutierrez's spirit can keep pot boiling at Arsenal

By Lee Ryder on Aug 29, 08 08:23 AM

Jonas GutierrezANOTHER week draws to a close on Tyneside with doom and gloom splattered around Newcastle United's world after a so far fruitless (fruitless in terms of major signings) last seven days in the transfer window and the revelation that James Milner slapped in a request to leave because he hadn't been offered a new deal.

None of the above is ideal in the build up to a trip to Arsenal of course but while looking for positives the upbeat mood of the Argentine in the Toon camp is notable.

Yes, clutching at straws maybe but while Newcastle are on the brink of a result that will see the national Press come down on them like a ton of bricks, they are also an Old Trafford-esque performance away from making an unpredicted unbeaten start to the season.

Regardless of what happens at Arsenal, United fans would have probably have accepted four points out of Bolton at home and Man U and the Gunners away with a place in the third round of the Carling Cup to boot.

And with some teams yet to get off the mark in terms of points the start made by Newcastle - amidst an onslaught of criticism from outsiders - has been somewhat of a miracle!

It might sound like a crazy idea, but doesn't Kevin Keegan deserve a little bit of credit?

Anyway, getting back to that boy Jonas.

He runs his behind off, he gets in tackles, he plays with a smile on his face, doesn't moan and as an overseas player is yet to wear a pair of gloves unlike Pascal Chimbonda in the perishing cold of August at the City Ground.

Whether that wins any trophies is questionable but if every player follows the attitude of Jonas, Newcastle fans can at least walk away from games knowing their team have had a good crack at it.

And without taking away anything from James Milner's performance at Coventry, in light of recent developments was the performance for the benefit of the watching Martin O'Neill?

That may well turn out to be Milner's last game in a Toon shirt but at least the efforts of Jonas so far are giving United fans something to cling on to.



Paul Patterson said:

I can’t think why we would even contemplate playing Arsenal with James Milner in the side. We have a very short squad, but James Milner should be no where near the first team when they stride out at the Emirates at 5:30pm on Saturday

He’s shown complete disrespect to me and countless others who have stuck up for him. I’ve been defending his often good, but erratic performances, and he decides to chuck the towel in a few days before the transfer deadline and put the club in complete turmoil, all for a few extra grand a week. IDIOT!!!

The man I really feel sorry for here is Kevin Keegan, a man who has praised the player at every turn and shown complete loyalty to him, and how does James Milner repay him?

Every fan who turns up at St James Park AND the thousands that make the trip to the Emirates would give their right arm to play for this club, never mind getting a year, what Milner gets in a week. We need to go to James Milner and say- ‘YOU, you engineered this, the asking price is £15m, if the buying club will only pay £10m-£12m, then YOU, pay the difference’

Onto Saturday though, I’m confident that the players who do play, will do so, wanting to do it for this club and it’s fans, Spiderman has made the right moves during the week and looks a bit of a buy, I just hope he can do it against all sides and not turn up, just to play the top 4.

I’m confident of a good performance, a result? Well a draw would be great, a win marvellous. Either way- Lets get behind the side and put little, irritating Yorkshire Puddings to one side.



Si said:

Agree, as a gooner I can completely sympathise. Players like MIlner & Adebayor just make you wonder why you bother with football.

Esp, when they are whining about getting an extra 20 grand a week. Then you look at someone with real dedication like the Olympic athletes and see their grants are about 12 grand ... a year.

It's beyond disgusting.

Paul said:

I agree with the comments above however I feel that the Board have to share some of the blame. Certain things stink about this whole saga:
1. Why did The Board announce the Transfer Request a week after they received it? (did they release it so it would cause unrest with the fans and it would help justify his sale so it wasn't so 'out the blue'?)
2. Surely King Kev must have more of idea whats going on than what he's letting on (I am sure the lads talk and he would have heard through the skipper/Terry mac that Milner wasn't happy about his contract)
3. Its wrong that Milner should up his performances to play for a move, he usually gives his all in my experience and doesnt shirk, however, sometimes this is not enough (I would say £10mil is a good price for him only if we can get a replacement - but we'll end up paying the replacement more wages than we would if we upped Milners pay!)

I was really looking forward to seeing how the club would be run with the old corrupt board gone, but at the moment (and I am trying to hold out until Monday Night) its not looking too good. King Kev is doing a good job and there was always going to be a bedding in period with all these diffeent people in new roles establishing who does what - I just wish we would keep our business out of the papers which means King Kev needs to save his battles for behind the scenes and the Board to respect King Kev more.


JOHN L said:

Hear Hear!

Give Lua Lua a run out, or Donaldson. Push N'Zogbia forward and play our best left-back - Jose Enrique. Short of players or not, Milner shouldn't even travel with the squad until he pledges his future to the club.

richard johnson said:

Milner is leaving for villa, for a fee of 12 million. he managed to find the door to martin o'neills office.

Stephen said:

I think in order to leave Milner go we need to get in Joaquin from Valencia as a replacement. He had a good game in Pre-Season against us and he has more quality then Milner and hopefully as much graft. He's at his peak too

JC said:

498 to go Lee! Well it's confirmed on the Villa website that he's off......good riddance, and yes I agree if we can find a team of Jonas G's then we'll be ok, but now the rant.
Mike Ashley is a joke, I've held back from saying this because I wanted to give him time to come good, however it's clear he wants to run OUR club on a shoestring...£85,000 1 year contract to Owen...the mans a complete joke. Couple it in with the supposed NUMEROUS transfer targets we've missed out on and the length it takes to get these guys over the line and we are in a VERY bad position. I cant see us replacing Milner before Monday, in fact if Ashley has his way we probably never will.
It's clear they engineered the timing of the transfer request to avoid a fans backlash....lets give them one anyway. Can anyone out there see us signing the 3-4 playes necessary by Monday? I really fact I'd be surprised if we sign anyone. Injuries are mounting up already, the players must look at the situation and question the clubs ambition, the fans are at their wits ends. I dont know about anyone else but it depresses me at the amount of money Sunderland have least the Chairman there backs his manager.
Cant stress how angry I am, but wait there's another no namer from Young Boys Berne on the way! I'm sure Villa and Spurs are quaking in their boots!
Digusted Lee, completely and utterly disgusted!

Sy said:

Well, Milner has joined Aston Villa for a fee believed to be around £12m. I think this is very good business for us, as much as I've supported him for his work rate and commitment in the past, I would be gutted if my club paid that much for him.

I'm also glad that this is over as quickly as it began.

Regardless, the whole amount we've received must be reinvested immediately. The £10-12m we've received should be treated as bonus, unexpected revenue.

I'd be tempted to go for Andrei Arshavin. By offering £20m, this would mean we were in effect getting him for £8m and by putting the £30k a week wage we're now not paying Milner, that can go towards Arshavin and/or Owen's new deal. I know Arshavin isn't a right winger, but he is someone who would excite the fans, give creativity to the team and class as the wow signing for me - all of which is desperately needed.

Another idea would be to spend the money on someone like Joao Moutinho, a much better all-round player than Milner, still young and available.

As for a right winger, I'm stumped really. Joaquin is an interesting suggestion, provided he'd move. I seem to recall him turning down moving from Spain before joining Valencia.

I just hope this affair doesn't give the team an air of negativity for the big game tomorrow. If we could get another point from Arsenal, it'd be a brilliant overall start to the season.

Ben said:

Well Milners off!!! what a total disgrace and I wonder now if this paper is finally going to come out and condem this board and finally put the fans point of view forward because as long as OUR club is beeing run from london we will never achieve anything!!! we ARE now a selling club, Ashley is the worst thing to happen to this club in the last 15 years!!! far worse than when even guillit or Daglish took over, the club lacks ambition at boardroom level, we have a manager pulling rabbits out of the hat and a squad of 16 players working there behinds of each week, how must this have went down in the dressing room? your manager wants to keep players and the so called baord go above his head and sell them???? I bet u Ashley wont be in the away end tomorrow!! in fact I hope he is so he can see what the fans think of his vision for the club, And I cannot believe this paper never ever comes down hard on the board!! just look at the season ticket sales to tell u what the fans think!! if it wasn`t KK in charge we would have started the season in front of 35k against Bolton!!! WHAT A TOTAL DISGRACE ALL ROUND, SHAM!!!!!!

Sandy Love said:

I think I've now had it with the new regime. Michael Owen deserves a good contract not a pay cut and only a year extension. This stupidity is making me lose it. James Milner has officially gone thanks to new regime and it's only a matter of time before others follow suit. We will not get any new signings in now...well not ones of the quality of Milner. We will probably sign another defender that we don't really need while our midfield and striking department becomes non-existant. Thanks for nothing Ashley.

Sandy Love said:

I think I've now had it with the new regime. Michael Owen deserves a good contract not a pay cut and only a year extension. This stupidity is making me lose it. James Milner has officially gone thanks to new regime and it's only a matter of time before others follow suit. We will not get any new signings in now...well not ones of the quality of Milner. We will probably sign another defender that we don't really need while our midfield and striking department becomes non-existant. Thanks for nothing Ashley.

mag in boro said:

Well thats Milner gone and if report about what club have offered Owen is true he going to be following him out of the door quick
Keegan and most of the senior players have come out and stated we need to get Owen tied to new contract so Ashley and the other 2 monkeys offer a 12 month extension

It now seems by the lack of power and say Keegan has he was simply brought in as a "face" to appease fans after Alladyces failure not as hoped to kick start Mike Ashleys time at Newcastle

While Bassong,Guthrie and Jonas look good value for money signings(especially the latter) Coloccini still the only high price signing

Ashley has previously stated a desire to win silverware and get the club back into europe unless he is willing to speculate he is not going to accumulate that is not going to happen

What happens when Jonas,Coloccini and others are away on world cup duty plus the team get togethers their respective countries always seem to arrange 2 days before important fixtures

Keegan keeps saying we need upto 5 new faces but Ashley just doesnt seem to be listening think come saturday tea time if he comes and sits with us at the emirates(got a feeling he wont)he is going to have some choice words thrown in his direction

And even though Mr Ashleys said he wasnt a closet spurs fan the tightness of those purse strings makes him look like a yid to me


V Profane said:

Right, Milner is gone, done and dusted. I think it would have made more sense, and would have been fair, to offer Milner parity with Taylor. If that wasn't enough, then fine, sell him.

I don't think it's a major dent to the team given that Enrique can do a decent job at left back, push N'Zogbia up on the left flank and play the godsend Jonas on the right. However, it IS a another big dent in our piss poor squad. We desperately need to sign 4 or 5 solid Premiership quality players who at very least will be good squad players. At this point signing a 'name' seems as likely as winning the league.

mutley2012 said:

Any hope and happiness I had for this season has evaporated, Ashley is intent on destroying this club bit by bit and merely sees this as a business concern, selling on players generates money which in turn creates more capital which looks good on the balance sheet when he comes to sell the club off.

Another example of a business man rather than a football man running a football club.

For once I am envious of the mackems down the road, they have a brilliant footballing chairman who backs his manager to the hilt and lets Keane get on with it.

Charles said:

I really cannot believe that idiot Wise head sold James Milner! I don't care even if he weight as much as Ronaldo, the point is we're going to lose, and lose badly.

No Milner means the youngsters can get a shot. But what happens when they too demands a new contract? Utter choas! Maybe we'll end up selling LuaLua and Andy Carrol in the next three years. Thank god for making Carrol injured so the three idiots can't sell him to Derby as well.

KK has been the manager we supported and the only thing we support in NUFC headquarters now. Ashley and his board can go suck eggs. I think he even turned off his electric heater when he showers to save money.

Once again, Owen going to be washed away in shame like Milner. The club has no right to say they are wrong, what did they do wrong? They didn't hold the club ransom, just wanted a bit more in their wages. Is giving 10K more a crime or burden, not for Ashley it isn't.

That WOW signing better be a hell bent killer that eats defenders and goalkeepers for lunch. No hope of getting any one now that the transfer window is getting out on Monday. Perhaps a 6M vote for that Norway genius may be a good idea.

One this is for sure...KK's patience is in direct opposition to his heart. If it weren't Newcastle, he'd push a pie into Ashley's face and urinate on his directors. Owen's deal is related here. If he goes, I'm afraid its curtains of shame for Newcastle United.

Henrique Netto said:

Come on, Toon!!! We just lost our good players and... We need deph, Mr Ashley! WhereÂŜs he money? Who is the next? Michael Owen. Bring back Milner, please!!!!

Michael Oneil said:

In my mind, KK's position has become untenable. He appears to be out of the loop on transfers - I don't buy "it was my decision". Michael Owen will be next. KK's right hand man and confidant Arthur Cox has already walked. Perversely, probably the best chance we have of stopping Keegan from following is to boycott St James Park with immediate effect – a protest against the men in suits – the London wide boys who now run the club. We would get Ashley were it hurts him most - in his fat profit lined pocket. It is the only language he understands.

It is time for a revoution - a TOON revolution - a club owned and run by it's supporters.

lencharles said:

Last week I spent time compsing a letter only to find when sent I got an error message.Today spent time composing another letter. Failed got message wrong text used! What the hell does mean? Will cease using the blog7

Adam Knox said:

I think there's a LOT of over-reaction here. In relation to thep layers we msised out on:

Aimar: Agreed the move and contract aspparantlty, then he brought his wife over and they had a full blown row in front of the board. She vetoed the move.

Modric: Apparantly we had it all greed then Spurs stole a march on us. From what i've seen this season, we're not missing out on much.

So we missed out on these two, big deal. Milner going, especially as Keegan as now said they're hopeful over 2-3 signings and a decent chance fo 4 IS encouraging.

I think our new stance to contracts is encouraging, everyone saying Ashley is out to ruin the club, well giving players another 20 k a week pay rise AFTER they'd already agreed a new one makes no sense. What would then stop zog and taylor etc then going and askign where their extra moolah is? Its a slippery slope im afraid, we need to keep wages down. And regarding Owen, yeah lets just give him a 120 k a week 4 year deal he REALLY deserves it... (turns off sarcasm button) If Owen wants 100 k a week and is prepared to do a Bosman, how many clubs in thep rem will pay that/or want him for that? The

If we dont bring in these extra players, then yes we are in trouble depth wise. Keep the doom mongering till that window is firmly shut. The way i see it we got a very good price for a players whos heart for the club had gone, who was a bit of an under-achiever, fantastic work rate but didnt score enough goals and cant cross to save his life.

Keep the faith...

For now.

Michael Oneil said:

Keep the faith? The last time Newcastle won a major domestic trophy I was 3 years old - I'm now 55.

I've waited long enough. Time for a revolution - a TOON revolution - a club owned and run by it's supporter.

ronnie lambert said:

After saving the club from financial ruin on Leeds proportions, Mr. Ashley must have a masterplan to match his other business successes. He cannot be making this up as he goes along unless he's purposely and cruelly playing with the Geordies. He recently got no joy when he publicly asked for partners, after he was repeatedly reported as trying to sell the club, which in hindsight appears likely. So he may well have engineered this frustrating close season, talking about a WOW signing specifically to bring back the prawn sarnies, behind Keegan's back, and stuff the hardcore supporters. I now believe that he definitely wants to sell, and his excuse will be the notoriously fickle and impatient Geordies who will publicly turn on him. I can hear the southern press sharpening their pencils, and their long canine teeth for the aftermath of Saturday's game. I bet every one of them is drooling at the Emirates tomorrow. I read a sci-fi book about a small race of highly intelligent people who sent their intellects into every corner of the earth to open up businesses and banks, in order to bring the world's population to it's knees financially, thereby ruling the world without a shot being fired. All the time claiming to be it's friend and denying anything untoward. What if M.A. doesn't really hate Spurs, he's best buddies with their brass? There's an old saying in business, eliminate the competition, and by stealth do war. Dennis Wise has no love for the Geordies, why should he, all he ever got when he played here was abuse? Come to think about it, he got it everywhere else too, but the whole cockney infiltration has been viewed with suspicion by all of the supporters I know, or have read about in your blog alone. M.A.'s '' FUN '' could well be an advantage to other teams on the perifery of the big four, that is those without such a powerful fanbase as ours. No big deal to a billionaire to wipe out the debt, appear to be a godsend, then by stealth drag things out so it's not too obvious. It does sound far-fetched but nations have been doing this kind of thing for centuries. This whole saga has a malevolent air about it or my prozac isn't working anymore.

P.S. LEE, you might not wish to print this but it's only one fan's thoughts and you guys are hamstrung. Ron

Bob Simm said:

Most of the above comments are fuelled by mis information from the media, please go to NUFC website and read Keegans comments. He sold Milner not the board or Wise, there was a good meeting on Wednesday and new signings are imminent. Its almost as if we are not happy unless we are wingeing, it has been a good start to the season, the team is playing well, every time the manager makes a statement he seems happy enough but then a negative spin is put on it. Think back to the previous seasons and then take a reality check, also if you think loads of signings are the answer, i refer you to our rivals down the road who almost, and should have been, turned over by a younger more athletic Forest team. Have faith in the manager and the board, they are trying to turn the club around but the constant negativity is a huge problem, criticism should be levelled at the end of the season and transfer window and not before.

Michael Oneil said:

Supporter owned TOON just a Utopian vision?

If Barcelona can...then maybe we can?

Revolt against the revolting Ashely and Wise

MarkM001 said:

So many of the comments on here actually make me ashamed to be associated with the histerical idiots and conspiricy theorists. Calm down and have a cup of tea. We are slowly building up from the playing and financial mess the Shepard-Hall era left us in, and quite frankly, I think some of you are undermining that. It almost makes me think some of you would have deserved what would have happened if Ashley hadn't taken over, and I dislike having to say that about fellow fans.

Jimmy said:

Come on this thread is getting rediculous, you are meant to be supporters not total critics. We have played the best football in the past few games we have for seasons, we have signed four top quality players for good money and reasonable wages. Mike ashley has brought stability to this club. yes our squad is thin we all know that keegan has promised three signings and i tell you what if they are as good as the ones come in already then we will look good for this season. we have the man we want at the helm who is backed nearly 100% what other team has that bar man u?? we have a cautious owner who is not going to piss our money down the pan. milner sale ok was not really expected but he can be easily replaced, yeah he worked hard but his only move was that predictable step over and his final ball was worthy of a player in wes browns league. get real stop believing everything you read from the southern press on the 'big news web pages' and get behind your team and manager. honestly we have been in much worse positions than this so lets have some patience and some restraint before we totally write off the team which we all live for. a quote from our southerners 'check yourselves before you wreck yourselves'..

James171 said:

After ready this blog i am again starting to think that us "fans" really do want to see Newcastle fail. All that you read on this and most of the other blogs on this site are "doom and gloom. Relagation this and conspiracy that" i do however agree with 4 or 5 of the threads. Please get off Keegan and Ashleys back and let them get on with there jobs. We HAVE! got a paper thin squad and yes we have sold Milner "£10 - £12 million is a great price" but he was never going to be the saviour of the team in all honesty was he. Keegan says he has 3 players lined up and possibly 2-3 more then excellent considering the 4 that have been brought in already. The people saying Keegan has no say in the transfer market are talking tosh, of course he has just look at the way the 4 of them are playing for the team, are you trying to tell me Dennis Wise and the likes had motivated them so much to come to Newcastle during the transfer talks they would play like they have been doing i very much doubt that. Also should we get beating tomorrow at Arsenal you can guarentee that the Southern Press will be given it "Toon in Crisis, Keegan Quiting, and Run Ashley out of TOON!" and so on and on. Please lets not rise to it! we all know its coming so just get on with your days and carry on loving Newcastle "UNITED" and look forward to Hull City.

Adam Knox said:

Thing is, watch all the doom mongerers dissapear or suddenly turn optimistic if we get a result on Sat and sign 3 top players.

Although i have been informed that one of the players we're apparantly nailed on to sign is...

Timothy Atouba.

oh dear.


Rob said:

There's only gonna be this talk from me about Milner...

Goodbye, you were hard worker but wot exactly was his speciality other than hardworker? He wasnt particularly 'skilled' at anything really. He wasnt a Giggsy or Ronaldo player, JUST a hardworker who upped his game recently to put himself further into the shop window.

Maybe now we can buy a hidden gem who'll be twice as good as Milner at half or 2/3rds the price.

If Ashley doesnt open his wallet too, we're gonna get mauled again like last year. But I can see his point of being cautious with us still owing £27m on players who have been and gone and robbed us blind.

As for a protest, maybe just 1 or 2 home games, maybe a telvised game too... Why dont we all just stay home or watch it in the local. Show them who's boss. Even if 20,000 typically old die-hards still turned up with the 'I've paid my money, I'm off to see the game' attitude.. as long as the ground was less than half full and tv cameras had a whale of a time showing it, they'd also know we aint putting up with it!!!

Here's hoping things improve

(wot a lark on this stupid 'catchpa' thing is, on my 5th attempt now)

Al Jardine said:

"To see a trio of gutless wonders who've done sweet FA for this club in the shape of Duff, Barton and Smith remain here on mega money while Milner goes sticks in our throat."

Whatever your take on the Milner case, this comment from surely hits the nail on the head.

scotty said:


Michael Oneil said:

What I admire most about NUFC diehards is our almost religious belief that it is somehow all going to work out in the end, ..despite all the false dawns and the 50+ years since the last major domestic trophy...maybe even that somehow wor Jackie will somehow rise from the grave and save the club.... It's actually quite magnificent in a way..the loyalty, the support, but lately it feels rather futile. I dropped my loyalty to the Pope (and religion) when I was 21, but I'm still supporting Newcastle at 55. It's an addiction and nothing else gives quite the same fix, but maybe now I've finally seen enough.

Mike Ashley is a ruthless, very rich business man - he does not take prisoners in his business life - and to him NUFC is nothing more than a business. He may have bought some of us a beer or two in the Bigg Market, and he wears the shirt, but maybe that is nothing more than cynical PR and marketing......just a thought...but beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

Michael said:

There does seem to be a lot of negativity and over reaction (at least for the moment) on this blog.

At the end of the day, i trust KK! Remember Andy Cole?? The uproar when he sold him to Man Utd, but then he brought in Alan Shearer.

lets just hope this turns out to be similar, after all, there are 3 days left of the transfer window here!!!

however, i do agree that, if we fail to make any good sigings over the next three days, then questions need to be asked of Mike Ashleys plans for the club, as it stands it doesnt look good.

I am going to keep supporting the toon, until the transfer window shuts anyway. Failure to make any progress in the transfer market and no WOW signing, i would then be wlling to boycott the toon for a little while anyway! After all, why should we give MA our hard earned money, when he is just taking it to line his own pockets?

For now though, lets not get carried away and hopefully extreme actions may not be necessary.

Pele said:

Why should we be patient? We have a billionaire owner for christ sake! chelsea bought their way into the top 4 so should we. Yes we've cleared the debt, how does that help the supporter? what fun is there now in supporting Nufc?

Look what happened to leeds with their debt but we nearly got relegated last season with no debt!!
Why should we be thankful that the club refuse to pay a player high wages yet they put the price of tickets up.
Bringing in young talent only to sell it for a profit is not what i want to watch.

milner was young, english talent. I thought thats what we were now after. What do we do, sell him. KK now says everyone has a price and it seems he has too cos since his outburst last season all you get from him now is pre programmed bumff.
The price we got for milner was good but we are now another player down and judging by the length it took to get the others in, i really cant see anyone else coming in b4 monday let alone 2 or 3.

I understand the 1 year deal for owen 'cos of his poor games played ratio but the guy is our best finisher and he will be off cos he'll see it as an insult.
Speaking of owen, he will be getting fit cos theres an england game coming up.

I should probably wait until the window shuts to see if we get these 3 players b4 sounding off but any top player looking at the state of this club wouldnt touch it with a barge pole unless they were offered tons of cash.... which of course they wont.

Its true watching the team playing under kk is 100x better than watching the allerdyce era but with so few players at his disposal his efforts maybe in vain. He says it was his decision to sell milner, i dont believe that, 2 days ago he wouldnt contemplate life without him. So it shows the deciding factor in football now is money which is a shame cos our owner dont like parting with it.

David said:

what a bunch of fn whingin gits. GET A LIFE. If you don't / can't / won't value and accept what KK tells us then we are all wasting our time and might as well all change to red and white. Aresholes the lot!

Jimmy said:

here here david nail on the head.....

Phil said:

Sale of Milner: If we use the $10 million to buy another Coloccini-standard player then good business! Milner always frustrated me by his poor finishing. We're no longer mugs or soft touches in the transfer market. 85K no good for Owen? He hasn't earned his last contract yet - if he's honest about it!

dexter cousins said:

Great piece of business. The days of big spending are gone. Some fans on here should get behind the team. It is apparent that Mike Ashley is committed to the club being a success and unlike FFS isn't going to throw money at the problem.

Ashley and Keegan are trying to put right what has been destroyed. A team can't be built overnight and I'd rather we kept our money than spend it on the rubbish over the last 10 years.

David said:

Peter Harper- we were bankrupt before he arrived, so at least we'll be no worse off when he leaves eh! What a load of crap. As for Mr Wise, i hated him as much as the next man when he ws playing. Remember tho, he was a captain for much of his career and in successful teams that actually won things! He also played for England a couple of times so must have something? He's managed / coached a couple of clubs to. Jiminez was a major scout for Real Madrid - the biggest club in the world (not Manure). Do you honestly think that these 2 know nothing? Their forerunners were The Shepherds and their dodgy mate Willie Mackay. Anyone that thinks we were better off before with that lot and their awful choice of managers, really needs to think again, surely??? This will take a couple of seasons - starting now with Keegans 1st full season - before we can see where we're going, billionairre or not. LET THEM RUN THE CLUB, they are professional football / business people. Its not championship manager! We asked for information from the club/Ashley/Keegan and when we get it, its dismissed by some "they're bound to say that", "he's just towing the company line" etc etc. What more can they do? I for one am more than happy at what I've seen so far, considering where we were last Xmas. Theres still a hell of a way to go, but give it time people. Trophy signings are great - if you get a good one. We've had far more bad than good. KK is one of the best at finding players and like HE SAYS, HE HAS THE FINAL SAY. The 1st 4 in don't look too bad to me, the 1st 11 is stronger already and surely thats a good place to start?

Jacko said:

The sale of Milner's not really the issue here. The massive concern is that, as yet, there are no obvious replacements lined up. Surely it would have been better to obtain the supposed transfers in before we sold Milner to Villa!

WE have to accept that football today is nothing short of an enormous market and players do have the whip hand. However we were categorically told on numerous occasions that our squad is far too small and urgently requires additional players. So how is it that we have released more than we have signed?

I am a KK disciple and have rarely questioned his intent before. However if the 'wow' signing promised do not appear by 2359 on Mon 1st September I must admit that I will be saddened and betrayed by the one man I thought I could trust.

So Kev; make sure that you ensure that Mr Ashley comes up with the goods. Or sadly you too will become tied up with the whole Ashley, Wise et al circus of empty promises.

Chris Gray said:

Where are you Sibierski - we need you!

M. Sebastian T. said:

Today a very young Arsenal team totally embarrassed Newcastle and if the children in red had been able to shoot reliably the score line would have resembled that of a very one sided baseball game (about 12-0). Toon fans should forget the injury and other minor arguments for playing poorly because all premier teams have such obstacles to overcome. King Kev cannot attract good players to join Toon, cannot keep good players and cannot get those he has left to play well. In my view he should become the first manager to be sacked this season because he is utterly clueless!

Peter Harper said:

You really should have read what I said before you replied.That is always been the problem with people,who from the comfort of their armchair,who have never kicked a ball in anger except for school,think they know everything about the game.To use your words I know who is spouting the crap.
I said Ashley will be bankrupt-I did not say Newcastle will be bankrupt but they were on the field tonight-totally gutless and passionless-forget injuries-what about pride-it did not exist tonight.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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