It's Mike's round lads!

By Lee Ryder on Aug 20, 08 01:14 PM

Mike AshleyMike Ashley always comes across as a bloke who is going to do it his way but while many fans are still dreaming of the Toon tycoon bringing in a "wow signing" it's good to know he's got the Geordie nation's interests at heart by kicking off the new season by getting the first round in.

Toon supporters who are in the stadium before 14:10 on Saturday against Bolton will be treated a free pint from our friends at Carling and while it's points not pints that are the priority on the field, getting fans into the ground early is another move to build up the atmosphere hot on the heels of the club announcing Graeme Danby's appearance on the pitch before the game to sing the Blaydon Races.

It's a great chance to take advantage of the feel-good factor at the club and this can only help turn this stadium into the fortress it once was under Kevin Keegan.

Mind you back then most fans headed to the St James's Park at about five to three during the traditional kick off times on Saturdays with many using valuable drinking time before the game to enjoy their match-day experience to the limit.

Beer and Newcastle United have always gone hand in hand - and most Toon supporting adults would say beer is a necessity when it comes to supporting the Mags after all we've been through down the years!

And if the latest ploy is to get people in early - something that is actively encouraged across the pond in the NFL, NBA and NHL - to get the party started then fair play to the club.

It was all a bit of an anti climax the last time Bolton were in Toon but already on the streets of Tyneside there is a feeling something special is beginning to happen.

I just hope this isn't deja vu!


dick said:

if you did get ground 14:10 you would drink free one then have to buy another pint of overpriced dish water served in plastic glass before game starts, no thanks ashley will get my pints outside ground

Dave B said:

I'd rather have the season ticket I've paid for than the pint I haven't.

Come on Mike start licking those stamps.

chuck said:

Obvious the PR dept. has had a kick up the ass and this is what they have come up with.

Gavin Catt said:

If the toon show the spirit that they showed against man u in their home games the fans will get behind the team more and more. free drinks is a nice gesture and Danby is class but to turn the stadium back to the way it was we need performances! hopefully the days of lacklustre embarrasments are behind us. players show some fight and the right attitude, fans get behind them enjoy their footy, this is when a fortress is built

shane toon said:

lets just hope that the boys take hart from last weeks performance and use that as a platform for the rest of the season . as for the free pint stuff that just use the money to land saviola and get some more creativity because we do lack a little off that at the moment. ps come on the lads il be kickin every ball with ya

Dave said:

cheers Mike just like last season, free beer just the ticket. speaking of tickets, I'm a bit pee'd off with regards 3rd strip, i've bought mine (£40)and i was offered a match ticket for Bolton or Hull game for £10, that's £20 cheaper normal, I'm a season ticket holder, so what do i want with another ticket. i asked if they where going to knock £20 of my shirt, sales staff just laughed. What about a £20 refund on my season ticket, sales staff where wetting themselves by now. In all seriousness why am I a season ticket holder being penalised, come one Mike play fair, season ticket holder should be some of the first people to gain a reward for forking out in advance.

M Simpson said:

Bit of a close call with the season tickets. How can such a screw up be allowed to happen!! Another reason for other clubs to laugh at us. Hope the smiles are with us come saturday though. Great start lets keep the ball rolling and make the last couple of seasons a distant nightmare!

david mclean said:

Maybe Ashley is also doing this so we as fans and the people at the club also unite to form the fortress of st-james. I think we have all been a bit harsh on ashley, calling him tight etc but hes begining to prove us all wrong and lets not forget that he is a business man who doesnt want to flitter millions away on dead-wood something which we as fans also want to see the back of. Also he does wear the black and white and i think he wants to make a real go of it lets al;l unite stop critisizing and make newcastle united once more!
Come on

Paul said:

Nice one Dick, whinging about something the Owner is doing for the benefit of the team(getting people in early to get the atmosphere going) and all you can do is complain about the pints being like dishwater.
You sad sad person seems you are a cardboard supporter with Drink being first (outside the ground) and he team coming second.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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