Milnergate has rocked Toon just days before window slams shut

By Lee Ryder on Aug 27, 08 07:59 PM

James Milner's decision to slap in a transfer request at Newcastle United may well be a fierce topic for debate but with just a few days left of the transfer window it could leave the Magpies in a sticky situation.

Indeed with just days left of the window, how can you replace a player of his calibre or even arrange a transfer that wouldn't be a big money gamble or dare I say it a "panic buy."

The player left Coventry's Ricoh Arena after one of his best ever performances in a black and white shirt clutching the man of the match champagne and snubbed requests for further interviews after telling Sky that he was: "Only concentrating on football."

And clearly it would now appear that he meant football away from St James's Park.

But while there are some fans who will be gutted by his departure, especially the ones who see him as a model professional there will be sections of fans who will see this differently.

Certainly when Milner done a question and answer session last year with the fans at the Chronicle, many supporters questioned the player's crossing ability.

And while that may be unfair perhaps the sensible way of looking at it would be to question the player's consistency more than his ability to cross that final ball because last night there was more than enough evidence of the player's skills out wide.

Milner is still a young gun at 22 and his best years are surely in front of him.

And despite his tender years he can always claim there have been times when his treatment at St James's Park has been something bordering between not very nice and somewhat out of order.

Indeed Glenn Roeder told the player his Toon career was over in 2006 and sent him to Aston Villa to discuss a permanent transfer yet less than three hours later and with Milner set to step into Martin O'Neill's office - Milner was told to turn round and head back to Tyneside as the deal was off due to Newcastle's failure to sign Mark Viduka at the first attempt.

Milner's reward for his understanding of the complex situation? Dropped for the next game.

That came months after Roeder had told the Chronicle, Miner "would not be going anywhere" and just weeks after he'd returned from Villa on loan the previous season after being sent packing from St James's Park to accomodate Nobby Solano's return to Tyneside under Graeme Souness.

Nowt like making a young kid feel welcome eh?

Milner can probably say he has been as fair as he can with Newcastle after two incidents in which the club made it clear his future could lie elsewhere.

And if it is Villa that sign up the player then you have to say good luck to Milner, despite inconsistent form he has always been a top class professional who would speak to the fans via the local paper win, lose or draw.

But from a personal point of view doubts that Milner was on the way this summer crept in last month at the ONO Stadium after the club's first training session in Mallorca.

It was then that I requested an interview with Milner and unlike normal the player turned it down claiming: "I'm too hot."

That was back on July 30th and since then there has been nothing but constant talk of a move for Milner.

But the player signed by Sir Bobby Robson in 2004 could yet end up being a Newcastle player if Villa don't come up with a suitable offer for the winger who is contracted to United until 2011.

And what is a suitable offer these days for a winger with his best years in front of him and on the brink of an England call-up?

Surely £10million to £13million in today's financial climate or how about just a straight swap for wantaway Villa man Gareth Barry, if they want one of our best players, can't we have one of theirs?

And where does it leave Newcastle United? Are we now a selling club again just like the days when Waddle, Gazza and Pedro left Toon?

Yet again, it's all ifs and buts.

Tell us your opinion on Milner-gate?


ali said:

Why does he want to leave? Is it money? Newcastle's resources would be threadbare without him or his versatility.

Dave Dutch said:

So much for loyalty from the best player on the park last night. He has just signed a more lucrative contract which ahs is it 2 or 3 years to run, why bother with contracts as they mean nothing except a way for players to drag more and more money into their already bulging wallets. When I sign a contract with an employer it protects them and me, I cannot just take advantage of all the benefits I get and run off and they know they are getting a fair return on the investment they make in training me . Which club is going to be strong enough to say NO to these players and make them honour their contracts after all the number who sign lucrative contracts and play sick dog, or lose their form still demand their exorbitant wages even though they do not deserve it.

I am sorry to say that I am disgusted with Milner over this action.

marc said:

selfish little boy! If this is about money he was more then happy to sign a contract at the beginning of last season, at the end of the day he has no end product or thing i have to say though is to do this to kevin keegan at this point is a disgrace and he should be very ashamed of himself

Sam said:

not too fussed really, cant cross, cant take corners, same skills everytime, and a real 'head down' winger. The only thing we will miss is his work rate, but not his quality. Last nights performance was a blessing in disguise as it will bump his price up. Now bring on the replacement

Anonymous said:

Said it before I'll say it again take the money as much as we can, His final ball is atrocious his crossing mediocre his goalscoring ability sparse.
He just runs around a lot
We should be able to replace him with better quality for the money we should get.
As for transfer request GOODBYE

Michael Oneil said:

The money men strike again - they will deny it - but in my mind they have manipulated the coming of this event so that can cash in on a real talent. It reveals their real ambitions for the youth academy - there is no real intention to create a great side. It is a policy that Burnley famously employed in the 60's and 70's.

KK is out of the loop on transfers. Ferguson, Wegner, O'Neill....would not put up with this shabby situation, and I doubt that KK will much longer either.

FadingToonFlame said:

James Milner's transfer request is a big blow to the club, but surely not entirely a shock, following the interest expressed by Villa and Liverpool. Personally, I don't blame the lad. Newcastle United Football Club and team seem to be going nowhere, and the fans are just as likely to boo as to applaud a player. For a player like Milner with a great future ahead of him, there's more to be earned, and more to be achieved, elsewhere - without the stress of being part of this farcical club.

Jack Stanley said:

This is an absolute joke. Why do things have to happen at our club to dampen spirits just when everyone should be on a high and looking forward to continuing our great start to the season? We haven't got enough players to begin with without losing one of our best ones.

As for Milner handing in this request, he isn't stupid so no doubt knows this will not go down well with the fans. And after KK's praise last night he knows how highly we all think of him. Plus is Aston Villa really a step up? I don't think it is.

In his defence, the club have messed him around so much in the past. He should be given a contract that reflects his true value to the team. Maybe this is just a misguided attempt to win an improved contract. But he knows the fans will not appreciate it. Maybe his agent is putting things in his head because in all honesty why would he want to leave? Unless Liverpool come in for him I don't think it can be for footballing reasons.

Whatever it is it needs sorting out soon. I can just picture another Woodgate situation where we sell without having time to find a replacement of equal or better quality

sirjasontoon said:

Bad timing but it just goes to show that other teams like Villa know how to recruit...on the face of it the recruitment process we follow has been a joke since mike ashley was running the place and maybe it is the clubs lack of ambition in the transfer market that has turned milner's head.

Jack Stanley said:


How can you say pur recruitment policy is a joke? Have you watched our 4 new signings play yet? Or would you rather we went back to spending 10 million on the likes of Luque or buying a defender from Rangers for 8 million who signed for them on a free 6 months earlier/

Fair play to Ashley I say for not wanting to be made a mug of. Having said that the closer we get to the deadline the more over the odds we're going to have to pay as other clubs will know we're desperate.

If Milner goes we could go in for Arda Turan who we were after during the euros and who hasn't gone anywhere

Andythescientist said:

If we can get good money for him 10M+ then we should take the money and invest it in someone better.

He's english and overrated, that commands a premium it seams in the transfer market.

He works amazingly hard, but his end product is not there, and importantly it has not got any better. Hand on heart does anyone think his crossing/corners have improved since we signed him?

I'd use the money to buy a couple of young players, up front Erin Derdiyok from basil, young promising forward would cost 5M, combined with someone like Per Van Skjeilbred (4M) to play in midfield. That's 2 players for the money you would get from Milner. Both are young and promising, just what Ashley is looking for. I really think Milner has reached his peak, in both performance and price.

Michael Oneil said:

James Milner 30k/per week is at the bottom end of the first team salary scale, and half of what Joey Barton "earns". He asked the club for parity with most of his team mates - but the men in suits delayed, and delayed, and delayed...He'll probably double his salary at Aston Villa. Bit of a no brainer why he handed in a transfer request.

Charles said:

Call me a 'Get Ashley's lungs out before he breathes his ridiculous jokes' guy, but I think Milner wants to stay.

He said it before. He will stay so long as the fans want him to stay, so a few hypothesis could be made regarding his 'transfer request'

1. He's avid gambler
2. Newcastle fans won't stop aiming junks at him
3. Milner's transfer request was forged (By Ashley)
4. Ashley bribed him to leave

Technically, 1 is out of the question. Number 2 seemed logical, as SOME fans hate him so much. 3 is likely, and 4 is downright stupid but still likely.

After all, it wasn't KK who sound it up. It was Derek, the chairman, who is directly associated with Ashley's mouth. Milner certainly didn't said it himself...

Hopefully, Ashley gets his money up or I don't think KK going to stand it anymore. Owen no deal and now this? KK maybe optimistic, but even such stupidity gets anyone's nerves. One thing is for sure, if KK leaves, Ashley is going to see more than just 5000 absentees.

WOW signings...maybe a great kick up the butt. It certainly gets a 'Wow' screamed out.

Simon said:

Well, let's hope that if it is Villa then we hold out for a top-price just as they are doing for Barry. Let's see how they conduct business now, shall we?

So attention must surely turn to a replacement. Thoughts? Wright-Phillips? Lennon? Anyone else?

The_Shadadad said:

I think the timing of his request is an insult to everyone at the club. And £9m?? Surely if Boro value downing at 12m we should be holding out for just as much. Cant understand why he would want to leave, but if he does,we need to replace with just as good a player. SWP perhaps??

gordon said:

6 goals in 4 3 years even geremi has better assists than milner,not that you would get anyone from the paper doing there research on milner.hard work very little product.

GeordieBoy said:

A couple of months ago i would have been very unhappy if we sold milner but thinking about it now another english right winger has been talked about leving his club for exactly the same £9m we are supposed to be getting from Villa. Shaun Wright-Phillips, i know who i'd rather have....

Killian said:

Am I the only one who will not be sad to see the back of Milner? He is not a good midfielder. Has it not dawned on anyone else that the reason he was so influencial last night was because he was playing upfront? He is a striker, plain and simple. He is an ugly dribbler, crosser, in short footballer when he plays on the wing. For his own footballing reasons he's right to leave. Will he get a chance to play ahead of Gutierrez and the Zog? I shouldn't think so. They're both classy players. Will he be a regular up front ahead of Owen, Duk or Martins? Not a chance. keegan knows this too and I think Milner is clever enough to realise that he's only going to have a bit part this season. Let him go to villa. Try and get SWP instead.

Anonymous said:

Am I the only one who will not be sad to see the back of Milner? He is not a good midfielder. Has it not dawned on anyone else that the reason he was so influencial last night was because he was playing upfront? He is a striker, plain and simple. He is an ugly dribbler, crosser, in short footballer when he plays on the wing. For his own footballing reasons he's right to leave. Will he get a chance to play ahead of Gutierrez and the Zog? I shouldn't think so. They're both classy players. Will he be a regular up front ahead of Owen, Duk or Martins? Not a chance. keegan knows this too and I think Milner is clever enough to realise that he's only going to have a bit part this season. Let him go to villa. Try and get SWP instead.

Darryl said:

I think it is a disgrace that we are even thinking about selling a player of his quality. We are too short in midfield as it is. I think the problem lies with the board who shouldn't have accepted the request until we had a replacement; let alone make the news public.

Topher said:

Some of you lot talk utter tripe.

1. He's handed the transfer request in himself - nothing to do with club. He was given a much improved contract last season, one he was happy enough to sign at the time. He's not moved on much so why improve it. It is obviously not about money.

2. Who says he is off to Aston Villa? I suspect there may be someone else involved. Liverpool perhaps.

3. Selling Milner does not make us a selling club. We weren't even a selling club when we sold Andy Cole, a 40 goal a season striker. Milner is not in this class. He is the most capped player ever for the Under 21's for one reason. He cannot play above this level and perhaps won't ever.

His delivery is terrible but he does work hard so £9 million is a price we should snap their hands off for! I'll drive him if he wants...

We can replace him by much better for this money. Let's just hope we've got time.

Adam Knox said:

I'd be sad to see Milner go, i do admrie hsi work rate and at tiemsh e is a great player but after signing spidey, i keep thinking if ihad to choose between two wingers for the flanks, im afraid i'd go for the zog and spidey. Milner isnt quick enough or a good enough crosser to be a winger.

What im dissapointed at is the timing, we should say outright, we're NOT letting him leave until we have a replacement in, very much like Zenit St Petersburg have done with Arshavin. Now if 10 million let us bring in 2 players, we actually need about 5 if Milner goes, i'd be happy with that. However, him playing against Arsenal is out of the question now... which is just what a thread-bare team needs.

Big Al said:

I for one will not lose any sleep over Milner leaving. No pace, his crossing stinks, very poor strike rate. If we can get 10m for him I'd be delighted, provided we use the money to replace him with someone who has more ability and WANTS to play for the Toon.

Of course, he must realise what sort of reception he'll get when he comes back to SJP plying his trade for someone else. Silly Boy!!

A. Smith said:

To be honest, I haven't been happy with Milner for a while now. Whenever I see him, he always seems to try and trick his marker, rather than doing his job and crossing the ball; it happened at least half a dozen times in the Coventry games, where he's tried a trick, they haven't fallen for it, and he's ended up losing us time and/or the advantage.

He's a good player otherwise, but there's no point in keeping a player who wants to leave, especialy with our injury record. Sell him for a reasonable price, to fund a move for Wright-Phillips, or an attacking midfielder/forward.

I'm not too worried if we don't get a direct replacement before January; Enrique showed last night that he's good enough at LB that Zog can push up and Jonas can switch to the right until Duff comes back.

CP said:

Sell him for £10million and buy Shaun Wright Phillips - we have Jonas, N'Zogbia, Duff and even Geremi (he looked fit and motivated last night) who can play wide if we don't get another winger.

Milner is overrated and £10million would be great business -and if he does'nt want to play for us GET SHOT FAST.

Grant said:

If we can get 10m for him, it is a decent bit of business, but how about getting a bid in right now for SWP, natural replacement, and a FAR better player for similar money. I think KK has done well so far, brought in quality for decent money. Also, get of Ashley's back, the man saved us from ruin! Fat FS had run in into the ground trying to keep up with the big boys by paying daft wages to average players. If we are going to pay the big bucks, we have to start getting back into europe again. Best way to do that is with a good manager, and we have just the man!

Dave Emmerson said:

Take the money and run to Chelsea for SWPs

Ben said:

Gutted!!!!! Lee why do you think he has handed in this transfer request? is it to do with the contract that he has been asking for? If so I am extremely dissapointed in him considering he has just signed a new deal and he is a fixture in our starting 11 and has a manager who rates him, or is it ahsley forcing him out to get the cash that according to the nationals he has been craving?? what a total kick in the teeth, is our club ever able to keep our fans on a high longer than 2 weeks??? Whats yr opinion then Lee?

Tad Caster said:

Disappointed, but now he's said it, get as much as we can for him QUICKLY and bring in another couple of players QUICKLY.

Richard said:

This is how football is run with gread players who sign i contract one day and within a month want to leave football fans should abandon the game till these over payed losers relise they are destroying the game with demands they should be able to leave clubs as they want to wish milner would answer the following

Why did he sign a contract extension last year? (was it for just for the money)

Why ask to leave with a week left in the transfer market and not at the start of the season?

Is this another case of teams tapping up other teams players through the press the same thing aston villa asuse manu utd of and man utd accused Real Madrid?

it is a shome the state football is in no wonder the top four will not be caught when they can tap up ne player they want when ever they want through the press lower teams cannot compete
milner is a good player but gready and a prick for doing this now.


so milner wants to go well, if we can get swp in let him, or part ex him with barry, but only if we can get one of them in, if not keep him until the next transfer window,
here is a list of players we should be trying to get players from

robustyoungsoul said:


Milner straight up for Gareth Barry. Guess you have to keep your sense of humor in times like these.


Sy said:

I won't try to second-guess the motives, but the most likely one is that his request for an improved contract hasn't gotten him anywhere. To be honest, I wouldn't blame anyone in our squad for leaving if they were denied parity with Barton. It's scandalous how much we're paying him.

The thing which disappoints me though is the timing of it. Anyone involved would surely have hoped that this would've happened with sufficient time to find a replacement. Now instead of needing 3-4 players which we don't look like getting, we now need 4-5 players which we don't look like getting.

The timing though may bode well as far as our fee for the player, with Aston Villa running out of time to secure the move, they'll have to stump up what we want or miss out.

As far as replacements, it must be a right winger. We have three left wingers in the first team squad already, we don't need another, so that counts out talk of Malouda and Turan (although he'd have been good). But I just can't see who it might be because I'm again unsure of what our transfer policy is. So far it seems that we'll get the bare minimum to keep the team ticking over. Keegan's been saying for months that we need players, and while the four we've brought in all look excellent so far, we need more than this and if Wise et al are there to sort transfers and not much else, then we shouldn't be driving head-long into the close of the window still woefully short on numbers and our manager seemingly clueless as to what's going on.

If we want Saviola - sort it.
If we want a wow signing - sort it.

The vibe I've been getting from Keegan in the last fortnight is that he has no idea who, what and for how much, is or isn't coming in. The way this is set up reeks of MacBeth, with all this cloak and dagger management setup. We can deal with Milner leaving, as much a shame as it will be, but if we lose Keegan now, we're you-know-where without a you-know-what.

Anonymous said:

garteth barry is rubbish never rated him why neone would pay over 20 mil for him joke milner should rot in the reserves not for the transfer request but because he put it in a week before window closes when will football clubs stand up to these primadonnas

Anonymous said:

whats the diffrence between a football players contract and toilet paper? Nothing they both have crap on them

Christopher Wright said:

"Fading Toon Flame" - yes, I empathise. Me too. Sums my feelings up to a tee. (Since about the time Supermac left, actually).

Lew Davies said:

Shocked but not stunned!
If you all calm down and think about it logically, this is actually a good bit of business for NUFC, as it will free up some hard cash to bring in a better replacement. Over the years there has been a lot of moaning about Milners lack of end product and how he has never shown any improvement year on year.
I say good luck to the lad, and he wont be missed when we are watching Arda Turan screaming into the box and scoring great goals etc.
Keep the Faith

Stewart Douglass said:

Will be sorry to see him go. But if we do sell we should get a lot more than 10 million for him. Preferably I think we should insist on a straight swap for Barry

steve said:

dont let anyone else go till we've got replacements in .
jimmy you've let us down putting in a request this late !

Gerry Hagon said:

Very sad, I think.

And very disappointing from Milner, we thought better of him.

However, now that he has asked for a transfer, let him go. The Toon Army will never forgive him and there is obviously no future for him at SJP.

Coming at this time when we were all expecting some signings before the end of the transfer window heightens the questions regarding roles in the club management.

Just what are Wise and company up to? We have been promised all summer some additions to our paper-thin squad simply to make up the necessary numbers. The players brought in so far merely replace those that have been released, and with just days left in the window I, for one, seriously doubt whether new players will be coming in.

We have the manager we want. Please do not threaten his position by what we perceive to be his uncomfortable relationship with the management setup.

Keegan looks uneasy to me, and he is not the sort to put up with it for long.

Alex said:

The way he has been treated in the past, and with the attraction of more money and european football that Liverpool/villa may offer it is perhaps understandable that he may want to leave.

However, what isn't as understandable, more selfish, is the fact that he decides he wants to leave just before the transfer window closes. He's had all summer to think about his future, yet he waits until the squad (plagued by injuries) is just starting to gel together (with his skill at the forefront, especially last night) and there is no time to consider a replacement, to hand in a request. It seems he's trying to get his own back on the toon just before he walks out the door.

Jack Stanley said:

Right, our transfer policy is working fine at the moment as far as I can see. 4 very good players in (or so it seems at this admittedly early stage). We're not the only team struggling to get players in this summer, just look at Everton to see that. The time to judge the transfer policy will be the second the window shuts. Then we can take a step back and see where we are in terms of the squad and where we should be. In my opinion, the position we desperately need someone in is attacking midfield because, as the Bolton game showed, we struggled to break them down without any creativity. Butt and Guthrie are great but you don't need both of them playing in the majority of games at home.

I think Milner is underrated and he is really showing signs that this could be a fantastic season for him. He works hard and although his final ball isn't always the best he is improving I think quite quickly at the moment. There is no denying at the moment that he is one of our most important players. To lose him would be a shame (or it would have been before he went and handed a transfer request in) but if we can get 10 million for him then the challenge will be to invest the money properly in one or two new players. We know we already have more money for the right players if they are available. The thing that most disappoints me about it is how much KK clearly wants him to stay.

Keegan is by far the best thing we have going for us at the moment. I think we all know how the fans would react if he did leave. We also know that Keegan won't stand for being walked over. So we need to see these next few days produce some positive results in the transfer market, whether Milner goes or not. Milner will soon realise as well that if this was an attempt to get a bigger contract he has gone about it in completely the wrong way because he has more than likely lost the support of the fans now as well. For me the most important thing by far is Keegan being happy because, as we have already seen this season, he is a fantastic manager and a brilliant person to be in charge of the club

Anonymous said:

Milner is entitled to do what he wants, but to do it NOW is just damn stupid of him, if he had handed his request in earlier KK could have had all summer to look for a decent replacement. Now he has just gone and annoyed people. I rate him as a player, he will get better but why not wait for things to pan out with Keegan at the helm instead of leaving us right in the midst of our injury crisis.
He should stay till the next transfer window and see how we are doing before moving on. Rather than jumping ship now for a team below us in the league who just lost to bloody STOKE!!!

Stuart said:

Kevin Keegan wants to keep him, Martin O'Neil wants to buy him and he's been linked to Liverpool.
According to most on this blog, Milner is crap, implying that Rafa Benitez, Kevin Keegan, and Martin O'Neil have no idea what a quality footballer looks like.

Think again people. James Milner is a quality player who will improve tremendously (he's only 22).

I wouldn't let him go until the last day (or January), and yes I would play him against Arsenal. He will play his socks off (always has, even when the club has messed with him).....Villa and Pool are competing against the Gunners for champs league.

Paul D said:

Its a disgrace that players like Joey Barton and Alan Smith can command 60k a week and Milner cant get anywhere near that, no wonder he wants to leave!

Im a big fan of Milner or atleast i was although mainly because of his work rate, I think its disgusting the timing of this but i wont be to disapointed to see him go, Villas bid of 10mil is alot of money for someone of milners limited talent and i would take it without hesitation, the only concern i have is that the way were behaving and dragging our heels in the market these days, i cant see us getting in a replacement and if we do itll be a 16 year old, bad times ahead i fear because i dont think kk is in control of anything at the mo apart from training.

Some may laugh at this or think im being negative but i seriously give it 4 months and if Ashley hasnt sold up KK will walk again and Mr Wise will be our new manager, wonder what odds i will get on that at skybet!

mag in boro said:

People have questioned Milners loyalty to Newcastle..Were we not the ones who farmed one of the best young english players out on loan or willing to get rid as a make weight for the original Viduka
When Barton and Smith coin in 50k plus a week for doing NOTHING Milner who has never given anything but 110% in a black n white shirt wants at least the same.He knows if Ashley wont give him that the yanks at villa or liverpool will.
Keegan keeps coming out and saying 3 or 4 more players needed plus Owen tied to new deal but instead of new faces we have players wanting to leave undermining what is a solid start to this year.
In my eyes the blame lies with Mike Ashley who should be listening to Keegan and Supporting his Managers Views and Not someone like Denis(the poison dwarf)Wise whose appointment is still baffling..

the 7/1 on offer for KK to be 1st manager gone could be good odds if Milner is sold against his wishes

And as for this WOW signing Saviola great player but only a loaner or is it a case of loaners only deals Ashley going to sanction after Coloccini

I just hope we havent swapped one useless fat controller for another

Thomas Mac Cabe said:

Anyone who doesn't rate Milner either doesn't watch NUFC play or doesn't understand football.

His crossing has markedly improved over the past two seasons but his biggest threat comes from his off the ball running. Something we desperately need this season.

Milner is a player with superior techical ability. He is a player who rarely gives the ball away or uses is poorly. He is a player with alot of heart and stamina.

James Milner is slap bang in the middle of his May Day blossom and he is really beginning to prove his potential. Like many other NUFC fans, I have three questions:

1) Simply, why?
2) What are we doing to convince him to stay?
3) Why has he left it so late in the window to hand in a transfer request, putting both NUFC and himself in a very precarious position.

It is a sad day for James Milner and NUFC. I, for one, will be very sorry to see him go.


jon said:

i hv alwaes liked milner simply because of his work rate...but if we can get 10 mil for him...we shld onli accept if we can get more players....nw he is simply here to keep our numbers up and provide cover...n just what the hell is he doing submittin a transfer request so late in the transfer window???....i would lyk malouda and alonso....quality n what we lack...n seriously our middle midfield is rubbish

jamie rowell said:

Like much about the club these days this latest episode is a bit mysterious.

Deaco said:

If we get 10million + for Milner I will be happy. We should then pull out all the stops to land Shaun Wright-Phillips. I feel for Milner, in his time here he has been used as a scapegoat and an easy option to drop him from the team rather than a supposed "big gun" he has been treated like crap on four occasions I can think of. I also feel for KK in all this too, I am sure Milner is not leaving because of anything KK is doing.

The timing is not good and these now means we NEED more players!!!!

Dave Mac said:

Don’t you lot think that it is a bit of a coincidence that KK was talking him up last night after the game. KK knows about this and they are trying to push the price up. I don’t think MA made millions by lack of communication with his Generals. This is all a set-up and the replacement player is lined up. The kid is a good pro, but he is not a 10M pro. All summer the transfer speculation has been lackluster by Newcastle standard. Only the Colocini deal was news before it happened, and it broke in Spain. I think they are keeping their card close. I would not be surprised if Owen is not sold before next Monday, if they have a replacement. And Owen will only stay because they can not find a “big nameâ€? replacement. He is a “businessâ€? man in all senses of the word! Newcastle fans should give MA a bit of time; he has done some good business with summer signing so far.

ronnie lambert said:

From elation to deflation.....again. This rollercoaster that is being a toon supporter is endless. After almost beating Manure away, to just beating Bolton at home, to just beating Coventry with a very brave line-up by KK is fraying my nerves...again. I met an old friend at a funeral today, a lifelong season ticket-holder, who told me he gave it up 2 years ago. Why? His nerves couldn't take it anymore, really. I chucked mine in after Dalglish the dismantler's first season, for the very same reason, really. I've had the pleasure of choosing my games ever since, partly because there were no season tickets available, but mainly because I'd had too much piss taken out of me by subsequent owners or boards. I'm now in a position of acquiring my first season ticket since Dalglish because there appears to be a boatload available and I'm seriously questioning my judgement and sanity. I totally trust Keegan as manager/coach because he should never have been allowed to leave in the first place, and that would have to be my main reason for renewal. But Mr. Ashley needs a cold shower, hopefully the 5,000 empty seats on Saturday to shake him into reality as to what's happening to this club's backbone. Something that's been taken for granted for too many years by the a*s*holes that have milked us unrivalled supporters. Keegan won the game last night, not Owen, not Gutierez, not Milner. What's he going to put on the field against Arsenal or the other Premiership teams? What is the cockney mafia doing for their money in recruitment? 5,000 empty seats every home game should just about justify their sacking and the old system of the manager seeking and buying new players be brought back into vogue. A victory away against Wenger's kids would force an abject apology from the old Busker.
Oh, and Milner? If we can replace him with SWP before he's allowed to go, no probs, otherwise don't let him go til xmas. I don't think James would play with less than his usual 100 percent, he's a bigger man than that, and I mean it.

Kevin Hayes said:

I have no doubt whatsoever that this is prompted by contact between Milner and Aston Villa or whoever offering more money on the proviso that he requests a transfer.
There is no integrity in football anymore, not from clubs who speak to players behind the backs of current employers urging them that if they want a move then they will have to put in a transfer request. There is certainly no honesty, loyalty or integrity from players who are without a doubt to a man the most mercenary band of in some cases alleged sportsmen on the planet!
James Milner when he came back from Aston Villa in the days of Roeder stated that he was more than happy to be at Newcastle, so much so that he signed a new contract only 12 months ago,so what has changed in that 12 months?
He certainly must be enjoying training more and playing a style of football unseen in the days of Roeder and big Sam!
It is purely and simply a case of him being a bloody greedy primadonna and believing his own hype leading him into thinking he is worth more each week that his already burgeoning wallet can contain!
If this is not the reason, why can he not have a degree of honesty and tell the supporters who pay his already obscene wages the reason behind the request?
His committment to the cause at NUFC is now hugely in question, so we should let him go and take as much for him as we can get - I believe anywhere between £10m-£13m is damn good business quite frankly for a player who is at best inconsistent and at worst downright awful on occasion!
My two major concerns are not the fact that Milner wants away but 1)that our squad is so thin in terms of numbers that anyone else out of the door will make us unable to cope with the inevitable crop of winter injuries, and 2) that this will be the thin end of the wedge as far as KK is concerned, and that the job now is certainly "not the one in the brochure" as he put it the last time he walked away - I can see a resignation on the horizon unless Ashley acts quickly and decisively to steady the ship!

Jeff Stelling said:

The timing of this request has come at the worst possible time suggesting milner may have done this on purpose for the messing about we caused him the other year along with other factors.

He must know another team want him or why hand it in less than a week from deadline day after one of his better games? We cannot afford to lose to him at the minute as we have litteraly not enough players to cope.
The proposed transfer amount seems reasonable but the club must sign a replacement before letting him go. Thing is, if he stays we have an unhappy player that either wont play for us or plays below his standard.
He probably realises this but doesnt care and hopes to force the transfer.

SWP has turned downs moves to everton and city so getting him could prove difficult. Also Zog was hinting at moving aswell so we could be lighter another winger. The slow movement by the board to sign players has come back and bit their ass. KK stated we needed 5-6 players before the others left and we're well down on that now and therefore under staffed.
If we refused his request and made him stay, we'd kind of have 2 smiths. Instead of 1 player getting paid for doing nothing we'd have 2, maybe 3 with 'im never fit' Viduka.
Why couldnt it have been smith with the transfer request instead!
I cant see any coming back from this for the lad, he has to go but make sure the club install a term saying he cant play against us this season.

Dave Mac said:

The PFA have said the request was put in on Wednesday 20th, a week ago!! Milner must be gone if you club have released the news after the meeting?

JC said:

Goodbye Milner! I for one have never rated you, however the timing is a complete joke, I hope you play Saturday and feel the wrath of the travelling Toon Army! As for Wise and Jimenez....I hope you two follow these message boards and realise how much you're hated, Mike Ashley you will not be too far behind unless you get your act together and show some ambition from a playing staff point of view. The optimism is gone, Owen's probably going....Keegan wont stand this much longer. There may be trouble ahead!

Ryder's reply: Glad to see that you are getting into one of "Ryder's 500 Blogs a week", oh well only another 499 to go huh JC?

Big Kev said:

The lad wants a new contract as he sees himself as one of the poorer players at the club. Anyone who has spoke to or spent time in the lads company will know how much he loves playing for NUFC, he just thinks he deserves a better deal after playing so many games over the past couple of seasons. KK wants him to stay, Milner wants to stay so if he goes it won't take a genius to work out why he's gone. He might not be the best player we have but he's never spent his summer holidays at her majestys pleasure!!
I hope he stays but if he goes then I for one will wish him all the best ( & hope we pocket £10m+ which I hope goes towards 2/3 new players minimum)

toonlee said:

I am personaly dissapointed in the timing of his request if he wanted away so much surely he must have decided some time ago, he might have got a bit more respect if he had done it in july say. I personaly think hes been reading to many gossip collums and has an over inflated opinion of himself, yes he has a good work rate but he can not beat some one and go past him like the zog or jonas corners and delivery a poor at best. I think we could get better quality for the money and maybe two players but we need to act fast and get number up again look at what our bench had last night. If it is villa tapping him up I would hold out till the last minute till they matched our value of him just like they did with barry/liverpool see how they conduct them selfs then. I would swap him for ashley young hes fast can beat a man and cross he can also score on regular basis unlike milner.

Dave Emmerson said:

To me NO player is bigger than the Club itself. What is the use of players signing 3, 4 or 5 year deals if they are not going to honour them. To me a good system would be all players on the same basic wage with the following bonuses
1. Loyalty bonus - a yearly increase the longer they stay they bigger the wage.
2. Performance bonus - ie Goals for attackers. Clean sheets for Defenders and Goalies. and assist bonus.
3. Appearance Bonus - For ones that actually play not sitting on the bench

Players then might think about showing some loyalty to a club and not want to keep the subs bench warm.

Sy said:

(Agreed, Ronnie Lambert, re: manager & transfer control.)

A few hours pass and more comes to light on Milner.

He was my player of the season - season before last, and I've always liked his professionalism and commitment.

As first suspected, this is a result of no new contract forthcoming, but if Joey Barton & - as Paul D points out correctly - Alan Smith are worth £60k a week, then Milner (albeit in theory) is worth £100k. Of course this is a ludicrous suggestion, but so are the wages paid to the aforementioned.

I've also just heard that there's the potential that Leeds have a sell-on clause with Milner, which is described by Ken Bates as 'lucrative' so, we definitely need to make sure we get a good fee to cover this.

But now that this has come out, I for one already want it to be over. So come on Villa, Liverpool, pull your fingers out and save us all days of relentless to-ing and fro-ing, is-he and isn't-hes. We've done far too much of that already this year for different reasons...Coloccini, Saviola, Smith, Barton...please no more.

The worst thing about all of this is that it brings negativity back to the club just when things were starting to look up. What a shame.

Peter said:

Milner Bad timing as transfer window closes in 5 days, however if the club want to deal, i'm sure they could flog Milner and pick up Pennant from liverpool, and joy to ashley can make a 3 mill profit

Wade said:

Thomas Mac Cabe are you for real?

The difference between how highly Milner is rated by people inside, outside and around the club and his actual quality and value is staggering. His crossing particularly is terrible, especially from corners when he seemingly finds it impossible to ever beat the first man. Just imagine what the likes of Owen could do with genuine quality crosses coming in from the wings...

I have had a season ticket for as long as Milner has worn black and white and have only ever seen flashes of his supposed technical abilities. Granted, he played well last night, against Championship opposition, but one swallow doesn't make a summer. He is consistently inconsistent and lacks the footballing intellegence of the Nobbys of this world to ever be able to progress to the next level.

You might think that with the number of times that he runs the ball out of play or fails to beat a defender with a trick he would try something different the next time but yet he never ceases to amaze and frustrate by doing the exact same things.

Also, heart and stamina do not make a professional footballer. A lot has been made about Milner's work rate and work ethic. This was refreshing when he first came to the club but the potential he showed then has not been matched with a development of his footballing abilities. In much the same way as many others who have "graced" the turf at SJP, Milner has flattered to deceive.

I understand why people could have really taken to Milner in the last few seasons in this day of mercenary footballers, but with the ever fickle nature of our crowd I would not be at all surprised to see the majority turn them back on him as quickly as they sung his praises last season. He has done himself no favours of course. It's a sad indictment of the modern game that players who are so unhappy with their obviously scandalous wages feel it necessary to hand in a transfer request or make noises about moving clubs. Sadder still that more often than not it is the players who will win either way; getting a lucrative move to a club where some other mugs will inflate their wage packet or get an improved contract to stay put and keep schtum.

I agree with those who protest at Milner's attitude toward KK, as if ever there was a manager who was likely to get the best out of Milner, it would be Kev. That said, I don't buy into all of the sympathy that appears to have been generated toward the manager for Milner dropping him and the club in it with an 11th hour transfer request. The PFA have revealed that the request went in a week ago. Is it any small wonder that KK has been singing the player's praises and speaking of his value and worth to the club in the past week?! Cynical maybe, but an intellegent move by a manager who will no doubt come out of this entire transfer window debacle on top in the eyes of the fans.

Other than Owen for obvious reasons, Keegan has spoken with more optimism about his own summer signings than the players he inherited at the club. It is understandable why too with some of the displays put in by our new recruits so far.

Let Milner go for as much as we can get for him and reinvest the cash in someone who KK wants at the club. That's the only way we will progress this season. £9m would be a real financial result for a player who has hit a ceiling in his development and who should always be remembered as another nearly man.

STEVE said:

OH OH ! timing couldnt be worse......if we dont get top signings in now....i sense impending,gathering clouds of doom........

Rob said:

Don't let the door smack you on the back of your head on your way out..


Bobby davro said:


I bet they only kept it from us so it wouldnt put people off buying season tickets, knowing we'd have even less players. If they knew he wanted off back then they shouldve held the meeting then not a week later without a replacement lined up! You can bet owens contract wont be discussed until a week before the next transfer window opens!

What the hell is happening? Why does the Keegan always have to run down south for the meetings, the team and ground is up north, get ur fat ass up here ashley.
Really what does wise and that other fella do for their wages, i thought they were supposed to find new players and get them to the club? Wise surely knows that in management you need a bigger squad of players to allow for injuries, jail sentences etc? so why hasnt he told ashley? bet ashleys looking at it as money saved. This whole situation and how it has been conducted has riled me, also the fact milners request is born from he wants more cash, typical of todays players!!

Toon Terrier said:

I can see both sides of the coin. Milner has acted shabbily in the timing of this request but you cant blame him for wanting more money when we have a convicted thug(Barton) and total non achiever (Smith) being paid big bucks for doing a lot less than he puts in every week. He is a promising player but by no means irreplaceable
Ashley should act decisively. Sell Milner and bring it a top midfielder. If he fails to act then the home gates are set to drop even further. The club needs a lift. Over to you Mr Ashley

richard johnson said:

Lee as i asked befroe for the story and you delivered. you even used my comment about Barry. If you really need me to help you, I am cheap labour. People have commented on SWP for 9/10 million. I believe milner is a better player, people may state some crossing stats etc but when his defensive positioning is taking into account SWP is a loser. Comparing Milner to Barry is good because his story has been published in a few papers this summer stating his desire to join Liverpool. Villa told him he can only leave for 18 million, that offer never came so Villa never sold. Necastle should employ this tactic with milner unless this evenings meeting with kk and the team (ashley and the scouts) proves fruitful with two wow signings, Owen and Milner both signing new contracts. Another player linked with the exit is Stu Downing, if he can be valued at 14 million then milner is 14 million. although this is all press talk at the moment. its a similar story to the Henry vs Bent story last year. I know my preference.

paul burns said:

Hey, who cares anymore? the fact keegan decided to give that shit barton yet "another chance" just does it for me. that's probably why the attendance has dropped a tad. He missed a trick there did owld Kev. Yip, the fans are paying for all these arrogant overpaid morons. I can see a time in the not too distant future when the whole bloody bubble burts!!

wallsend will said:

It's not about how good or bad a footballer we think Milner is, or what money he should be on, It's more about who Kevin Keegan wants for his squad of players. Kevin only came back to the club to save the day and get us back to where we were or better. Ashley must have known it would take a great deal of money, but perhaps more than he lay his hands on. The idea that we can buy and/or develop young players cheaper will not work in the short term. I fear that Kevin will walk if his choice of who comes into the club,or as in this case of who he wants to keep is allowed to go for whatever price. Owen will be the big test.

yiannis mazis said:


Joe said:

We are nothing but a joke club. Ashley keeps promising WOW signings. How can we attract these type of signings on the wages he is prepared to offer. There have been a number of good players available this summer and we have missed out on them all.
Unlike Allerdyce, Souness etc. Keegan can spot a player and should be supported 100%. If Milner handed in his request last week why have we not moved for Shaun Wright Phillips?? He is apparently having a medical at Man City tomorrow. Another player we have missed out on. I'm glad that I didn't renew my season ticket. Astley sees it purely as a business and the players as stocks and shares that he can buy and sell at profit. His policy on buying the best yound talent is commendable - but once they reach a good level they will be simply sold at a profit as Ashley being a businessman cannot resist the profit in a deal and he doesn't see the bigger picture. Liverpool and Arsenal are vunerable this year and I believe with adequate investment we could have pushed on for 4th place. Now the best we can hope for is 10th, behind Sunderland. Owen will also go for free and Keegan will not hang around either.

Carl said:

if milner wants to go then no good keeping him when his hearts not in it. There are others out there like lennon and swp hes probs going back to city tho even pennant that would do a job just aswell if not better. Its a shame that he feels that way. However what you can say is that the ways things are running at the club is a farce. keegan having nowt to do with signings that shows you how highly ashley thinks of him, lack of contract with owen its a joke.

Ben said:

After hearing the pfa`s comments what a joke of a club we are, and it looks like the national press were right that ashley did just want the money for millner,Our manager is completely out of the loop and isn`t allowed to keep the players he truely value instead we have a bunch of southerner`s who are all hear to line there pockets pulling the strings!! the day of the meeting they let it slip!! disgrace I wish the entire board would all f**K off back down south, because none of them have this clubs best intentions at heart!!

Al Jardine said:

If you saw him the other night, you'll know we need to keep him. Short of buying another winger - and let's face it, we're not exactlysetting the transfer marker on fire for the positions we need to fill at present - we'll end up relying on Geremi (great crosser but too slow) or Duff (poor wherever he plays, however fit he allegedly is). Of course, Fat Sam played Smudger there. Now there's someone whose wage bill needs cutting...


Hi Lee-Bit of a shock-Maybe he has his reasons -but to have any credibility with the fans he needs to come out and say why. having said that if he wants to go -then let him -we cant play a player who does not want to play for us and it would be pointless him trotting out ever again in a black and white shirt.The stand United must take is if the Smoggies want 12 million for downing -the Villa dont get Milner for a penny less-see what the Villa Irishman thinks of that { 18 million for Barry means Villa and Liverpool will never do business in the future} Strange how when we want another player every one thinks of us as a cash cow.if no one wants to pay -then Milner rots in the reserves until they do -better still he does not get selected at all. For my part I say he has not improved -poor goal ratio-useless crosser of the ball -tries often to go around his man but with limited success as he has not really got enough pace. Lastly if he does not want to play for KK-he is more than a stupid boy. My final concern is where it puts KK -SRP should be contacted tomorrow-we need a replacement-and Jiminez and Wisey better start moving their backsides -how much are they being paid -how much do their trips around the world cost -because so far they are not producing the goods. Kev looks troubled if he walks Astley then just about all of us will walk with him-we have had the brighter future talk all season-it is time to deliver.

Andrew Davis said:

I would of said SWP to replace Milner but he is off to man city....

I agree that KK could walk away and if MO leaves later next year, then i would be afraid if Mr Ashley & Mr Wise as there would be huge eruptions among the supporters and beware of lack of fans going to St james.

Milner does not want to leave and i believe that and if he leaves then MO not signed and Harper then i can see the club implode...

Beware Mr Ashley..


Anonymous said:

Ha ha ha...yet another case of media sensation and player egotism. This is one vastly over-rated player. Crap crossing, poor goal rate, average distribution and generally un-intelligent play. Headless chicken comes to mind when I think of Milner who is basically cashing on an U21 goal and a good game against one of the worst teams in the league. He can join the rest of the Leeds gravy train jumpers in the 'where are they now file'. If that's what's being professional is about then so be it - we'll milk Villa and sign someone who isn't a mercernary journey man who throws his outrageous wages at a roulette wheel. Quality player? I bet he blasts the ball into the Holte stand more than he hits the back of the net for Villa. Bye Bye...
You'd have thought we'd lost Owen or Given by the tone of these posts,

ronnie lambert said:

The greatest irony in this whole sorry mess is that I haven't had a season ticket since Dalglish's second season, and just as I was excitedly getting my receipt today for a £543 season ticket, I overheard 2 blokes behind me talking about Milner's transfer request. Literally as the clerk put the receipt into my hand, I turned around sharply and said, '' You what!!!? ''. My already muted spirit after Saturday's injuries was tempered slightly by the heavy weather victory against Coventry. I have a bad feeling about this next week's activities/inactivities and it really does feel like ' revolution's in the air '. A line from a new song I've just penned and demo-ed called, '' Fanfare for the Toon ''. A song they were supposed to be airing to the fans last Saturday but mysteriously didn't. They played my oldie but not the one they said they'd play. I wonder if the lyrics are a bit uncomfortable for them, judge for yourself, I doubt it'll see the light of day now...oh well, back to my haggard old drawing-board.

It's been a long time comin' now,
the writin's on the wall
united everybody stands,
divided everyone falls
the revolution's in the air,
the time is right for a change
it's time to show what we can do,
it's time to re-arrange, re-arrange now

la-la-la-lalalala- lalalala Geordies
la-la-la-lalalala- lalalala Geordies

Hands across the nation, hands across the sea
Geordie boys all around the world
are singin' in unity.
Right down under in the land of Oz,
to the deserts of Sudan
An' way out west in the U.S.A.
you can hear them singin' every boy and every man...

Chorus:- same as chant used at ground with
the Beatles ' Hey Jude ' tune

were singin in corner in the Gallowgate end - in the Leazes and the platinum stand, HA! theres big Mike Ashley with his toon top on and Kevin Keegan is gettin on down. Giddoon Kevin lad.

Harris said:

Be reasonable with MILNER.. Currently. his wages is only 30k+ for playing with 100% commitment.. Smith, Barton, etc gets 50-60k+ for doing nothing.. Owen gets 100K+ and mostly gets injured...

No wonder he wants an improved contract

Brian said:

I'd like to think he wants away because SWF is coming and will be guaranteed a first team place. even if it's not SWF I think we can find someone better but time is running out.

Alan Clark (no relation to sniffer) said:

Thanks Jimmy, been said before but if you don't want to play for us then on your bike the club will move on and as someone else wrote lets hope there's time to bring a replacement in go for Shaun Wright Phillips!

Keith Hutton Africa said:

In Africa we have a bird that buries its head in the sand when trouble is close by and funnily enough it also wears black & white. NU are in meltdown and we fiddle about, nobody wants to come to the Town most of the highly potential player want to leave, Ashley won't spend any money, KK is unable to put his ambitions in gear, crowds are dropping, Wise & JIminez only bring in players from holiday resorts often wonder if they have stood on the terraces at Mansfield on a cold and windy night doubt it. Frankly it appears nobody at the club gives a continental, how do we expect to go forward

Stuart said:

I feel as though i've been mugged! I've bought my season ticket for the next 3 years and i'm wondering where all the money has gone? Certainly not on new players. Is it any wonder there were 5k fans short at the 1st home game of the season. If Ashley carries on running the club like this there'll be nobody there at all! With Man C, Villa, Spurs and dare i say it the Mackems all investing heavily we are being left miles behind. Why doesn't Ashley just sell up and get out!!!!!!

JOHN L said:

The missus points that at every St James' match I've seen where Milner's played, I've rubbished him more than any other player.
First off: Milner's on £30,000 A WEEK.
That means that every month, he could buy himself a terraced house in the North East. That means he gets twice the average ANNUAL wage every week.
He is rich beyond most Magpies fans' wildest dreams: few of them will earn what he gets in three years in their lifetime. (The PFA always shouts that a player's career is relatively short - well yes but he could retire tomorrow and not be as poor as the average Briton)
So, like all premiership players, let's acknowledge the FACT that Milner is greedy.
On the field:
Milner is indecisive.
As someone else said, he can't take corners. (Shearer always points out that the ball has to go beyond the first defender. Milner almost passes to that man.)
His goal on Tuesday was a fluke!
When he gets the ball, he ALWAYS opts for the difficult option.

He can beat other players;
He does head for the byline:
He does tackle back.
But, my friends, none of that matters!!
The fact is that UTD have a threadbare squad. The fact is that Keegan appears powerless to strengthen it.
IF we sign no new players by Monday night, watch for the fireworks in the St James' house of cards.
Will Keegan quit?? POSSIBLY.

If he does, Owen will start looking elsewhere.
My prediction, by January 2009, Dennis Wise will be manager of NUFC and the team will be in another relegation battle, one which it may not win!

And that, my friends, is Newcastle United

Exapno Mapcase said:

Surely to God Milner's worth at least what Stephen 'Oops' Taylor is, never mind Alan Smith...

As for Wright-Phillips... Talk about players being fickle. The grass is always greener for some fans. I'd take Milner over him any day.

Andrew Stephenson said:

I say sell Milner. He's slow and can't cross. Not sure who we could buy tho?

Bada said:

Perhaps it is time to take all of the emotion out of this scenario

If you look at the situation I think if you asked most Toon fans, in fact almost all

- Is Milner worth £10M?
- Is he a good goalscorer?
- Is he a good creator of chances for others?
- Does he work for the team and is a good pro?

I am sorry but all the huffing and puffing, "selling club" and knee-jerk reaction to this is laughable

I guestiomate that BEFORE the transfer at least 80-90% of Toon fans would answer


On that basis, seriously, what have we lost.

How different are the answers for the likes of Smith?

Good business not withstanding the fact that this is only if the money is re-invested

And the moves in the transfer market have hardlyt been anything other than very impressive to date by the club

roy c said:

So Milner has gone to Villa and KK is now saying that it was his decision and is in the best interests of the Club. Yesterday he was trying to persuade the Board to keep him as one of the most valued players.

Afraid this two-faced side of KK, which we never saw before, means that he is losing his credibility with me - he's just a shadow of the hero that used to grace this club both as a player and as a manager.If you can't be like that KK then perhaps it's time to go and take Ashley, especially Wise and the rest of the City boys with you

Sad days for KK

steve h said:

for once wouldn't you just like to hear some good news coming out of Newcastle.

try this for size

this morning mike ashley awoke to realise that he'd been duped and black and white stripes wasn't spurs away kit so decided to sell us to a secret Geordie billionaire who was the richest man in the world after finding 900 billion tucked under his mattress.
Keegan then decided to go on a shopping spree ,Kaka , Ronaldo , Van Nistilroy ,Puyol, and a couple of spurs players just for a laugh that'll do for today it's all i can carry home thought Kev ,I'll bring terry mac with me tomorrow so i can get a few more.
"how easy was that I'll have to sack that wise and his recruitment team".
Mr geordie billionaire then had a vision in his dreams build a good team and they will come and the ground will be full said the mystical figure .
so he scrapped the free pint offer and did just that .
he then had to move from his flat into a two up two down so he had somewhere to put his shiny new collection of cups .



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