Toon fans taste that winning feeling at Man United!

By Lee Ryder on Aug 18, 08 09:51 AM

Yes OK, it was 1-1 and all we got was a point - but whether you were walking away from Old Trafford, walking home from the pub or jumping up and down in your own living room watching TV - didn't it feel like a victory against Man U?

More goals please, read the human wall around the stands of Old Trafford before the game but they were soon to be on the end of a short sharp shock.

Gloating Man U fans walked up to the Press box and attempted to ridicule United with "wasted journey" jibes before the game but they were long gone by the time Mike Riley blew the final whistle.

Newcastle could easily have lost this one but with the 6-0 hammering still fresh in the memory you just got a sneaky feeling for United when Frazier Campbell's effort smacked Shay Given on the head in the first half.

And when Oba Martins headed Newcastle in front, it bought memories gushing back of when the mighty Andreas Andersson had once had the audacity to put Newcastle 1-0 up at the Theatre of Dreams back in 1998.

Just like last time the lead was shortlived, but unlike recent visits and encounters with Man U - a capitulation didn't follow.

The Man U fans donning the hilarious We'd Love It Kev t-shirts were left feeling a little bit out of place at the end as Keegan left OT with a deserved point.

Newcastle looked great going forward and but for a couple of late scares, the Mags looked professional and capable compared to the shambles of last season.

Jonas performed tremendously well on his debut while Fabricio Coloccini also suggested he was a great signing too at times.

Danny Guthrie's hard working approach also won some plaudits not least from his manager.

Now, United face Bolton and a home victory would mean that after a summer of torment, Keegan's troops could well make one of their best starts to a season for some time.

And without getting carried away, even the trip to Arsenal isn't as daunting as it once!

The football season is back with us and doesn't it feel great?


dick said:

watched game down south west in pub full of man u suppoters on there holidays, they were so arrogant, all man u had to do was turn up, should have seen there faces at full time, I just loved it, loved it

keir said:

what a result!
its important not to get carried away but who honestly thought wed get anything..even you lee must have gone there thinking it was gonna be bad!
man utd looked flustered and without ronaldo were poor, newcastle broke them down, rode their luck and got a point...
as for the signings, guthrie did well but i still think we need a box to box creative midfielder but coloccini looked great and what can you say about guttierez? a fast skillful winger who does the dirty work as well...a star in the making.

Adam Knox said:

Hi Lee,

Great result, we could perhaps have even nicked a win their but i'll happily take the draw. Some good leageu debuts for Guthrie and Collocini and Spidey...well what can i say? Indsutrious, hard-working, skilfull, strong and quick, MOTM in my eyes.

Speaking of MOTM am i right in thinkign Sky gave it to Nicky Butt? While the result as good, there were a few negatives. We were guilty of wasting possession too much and had a few misplaced passes and a few suicidal passes too! I thought Butt was poor and our best three players were Jonas, Guthrie and Given.

We are in desperate need of a left back. For whateevr reason, Keegan doesnt rate Enrique and for all his attacking onus, N'Zogbia just isnt a left back and is frequently out of position.

So we expect a 'wow' signing? Hopefully its a wow leftback!

well done lads, great graft and determination, lets beat Bolton and get our started big style!

Paul Patterson said:

Well who saw that one coming.

I actually didn’t know what to do when Obafemi Martins scored, going a goal up against Manchester United at Old Trafford just doesn’t register with me, but there is one serious point to be made here.

Bloody well done, the lot of them. A top showing from everyone, a great performance from Spiderman, what a signing he could turn out to be, he looks strong, agile, creative, not scared to shoot, goes past a man and I actually saw him tracking back, helping out defenders and working hard, he’s like the perfect Ginola.

Guthrie looked very much like the new Robert Lee, with his passing and creative runs, which all the lads seemed to enjoy, they actually all looked confident and were happy to pass and move, not like rabbits trapped in headlights like every side we’ve sent down to Old Trafford over the last few years.

Collocini looked assured and stable, with a bit of class and that just put the likes of Taylor, Beye and N’Zogbia at ease, again a vast change from previous years.

A couple of downsides.

1- Conceding a goal straight after scoring always annoys me.

2- We need to sort out the left back slot, as we can’t rely on Charles to play there every week.

3- Big Fat Sam pictured on the T.V cameras, no doubt wondering what the hell a footballer attacking the opposition goal is meant to be like.

I’ve left the best bit till last- As soon as I saw his name on the teamsheet I wasn’t happy- I thought it harsh to leave his challenger out, but I simply can’t praise Shay Given enough. Steve Harpers heart must drop when he see’s ‘Super Shay’ put in performances like this 10/10. What was that? Arsenal wanted him for £5m? Forget it- If Dean Gordon over the Wear, is worth £9m, then Shay is worth £59m, and you know what Sunderland fans? He actually played for you lot- you had him. Now he’s ours. You can keep your- ‘Britains most expensive goalkeeper‘- Tosh!!!

Well Done Lads!!!

I Trust Kevin Keegan.


Tad Caster said:

Much as I think Butt does a good job, he doesn't do it for the full 90 and it's the centre of midfield that we need to restructure. Play Jose or get someone else; Charles was found lacking at left back again - it's just not his position. We could also do with another striker. Owen's not always going to be fit; ditto Viduka, who's also slow; Smith (ahem).

Richard Johnson said:

while watching this great match at home, i saw martins score, who on earth said we need a tall striker, he can half jump, he looked as if he headed the ball downward as he lept so high. i think Jonas has shown a glimpse of the future destruction of the slower worse defences in the premier league. Man U were one of the best defencess last yr with a full strength on board against us jonas skill against brown and Vidic who i believe should of been sent off after being the last man and wiping him out, although it would of only been a freekick. the only mistake the ref made.
Danny guthrie played alot more gary speed to rob lee but hey i'm happy.

Fab gave the auror of Woodgate but with a better hair style, and hopefully a much better injury record, he did look to struggle near the end with a limp, probably the fact he kept campell out of the game and the child lunged at him.

Future looks nice, still wonder on the wow factor to come, and the two other argintines we are linked with could only improve our hopes especially if they play similar to the two we have now. Saviola made monico a great european team a few years back with alot of goals, hopefully he can have the same effect on newcastle, and hopefully it will be sealed soon.

Sandy Love said:

Bloody hell did not expect that. I thought Jonas was incredible can't wait to see more of him. Just a few bad points though Charles should not be at left back EVER. He really did look shakey today, Milner also looked absent for most of the match and Nicky Butt kept passing to Man United players again. Other than that bring on Bolton and lets hope they dont stick 11 men behind the ball like last time.


Well, wasn't it brilliant actually coming away from the arrogant Manc's with not just a point but our pride restored. It finally looks that we now have some imports who can actually play,Jonas contributed more in 90 mins than Marcellino (oops I've strained my toenail),Luque, Bassedas, Cordone et al did in their career at St.J.P.
Now lets show the trotters how to run.

Snapper said:

Yes a great result, but for me the most important thing was KK at last looked like he had fire in his belly, the twinkle was back in his eye, at times he has looked like a little boy lost. Not on Sunday. Despite the negativity flowing from Andy Gray and his Sky side kick, informing us of the interest Arsenal have in Oba and Everton in Smith, and the fact KK has no say in transfers it was a good afternoon, but how I wish the southern hacks would shut up. At least KK and the boys went some way to wiping the smirks off their faces.

Peter said:

That was a great performance. At the beginning we were shaky, but that was as much to do with the unrelenting onslaught which we knew would come, as it was with nervousness. Given was outstanding, no doubt about that. However, I thought the whole team were excellent. That in itself was the reason we did well. IT WAS A TEAM.

They battled for each other and they played for each other. There was no selfishness, no ball greediness, no moaning at each other and this is what KK has done. His enthusiasm, honesty and passion have rubbed off on the players.

Gutierrez for me was easily the best player on the pitch. In the space of a minute, I saw him run 60 yards with the ball and then sprint all the way back!! There are very few wingers who would have done that. His defending was class, better than so many so called defenders' like Ferdinand's. It also means we can at least play with one wingback if the need arises. He waltzed past players and his crossing was superb. He also is great at disguising passes, so much so, that his pushed left foot pass caught Milner unawares. Milner shot and it deflected over the bar.

Coloccini was superb too. He was up and down the pitch, stood his ground and was strong in the tackle. He was pretty useful with his passing and he was great in the air. Heaven forbid we've found a replacement for Albert to be proud of!!

My concern now is that these two players will become targets firstly for the Allardyce mentality of "kick'em off the park" teams, like Bolton, Everton and the likes. Secondly, they will become targets for the big time Charlies who can offer better wages than us. Don't be surprised if the big four start to eye our prized Argies in the next or subsequent transfer windows.

Guthrie was excellent too and apart from a few mistakes, he covered the ground, and made the majority of his passes count. Don't forget he crossed the ball for Oba's goal too. Overall, we had every black and white player believing they'd win and in themselves and each other.

I always maintained that we have a great squad. Under KK we have an even better team because those players want to play for Keegan, the man, not because he's in charge, but because of the person he is.

Many of you will say I am being unrealistic because it's one result. However, when reiforcements are signed and Owen, Viduka, etc are fit again, we have a top quality top 6 team. We as fans just have to believe and back the players.

mag in boro said:

Well didnt that result leave a nasty taste in the southern press this morning who had been thinking up their headlines long before kick off yesterday.Yeah Shay rode his luck early doors but the world class double save justified that fortune.KK said this squad were United and yesterday proved that also the fitness levels looked excellent and we matched the Mancs man for man and looked though we wanted to win a lot more than them.The sight of giggs and ferdinand exchanging words showed how much we had spoiled their party(what a shame)
I think everyones downsides were the sight of fat sam and the proof again nzog aint a left back and never will be but he did work bloody hard and never stopped trying
The New Lads....Jonas-coud turn into bargain of the season he put more defensive work into 90 mins than robert and ginola combined in a season and going forward scared the hell out of a full strength manc back 4
Coloccini looked a class act and alongside Taylor a defensive pairing we can have faith in
Guthrie looked solid rarely misplacing a pass and winning high percentage of ball in midfield
Couple more players in and i really hope one is Saviola because he is a fantastic player and one with the creativity we maybe have missed last couple years and we could have a lot better season than many had predicted

Final praise....Oba Martins in an age where players demand transfers when interest is shown despite a lot of speculation he always comes out and states he wants to stay and be successful with us scored a great goal yesterday after not the easiest period for him personally
Bring on Bolton


STEVE said:

BLOODY HELL!!!,i cannot beleive we played so well...i had us down for the usual battering.The new guys were class and we never gave up,and shay is just shay...the best.Now to this wow doesnt mean left back.....i like the idea of saviola,he is absolutely what we have been crying out for for years....creative talent that can sit behind the front two and pull the strings....a la beardsley.And if we can get young warnock in as well,that would make a decent side.....i feel a whole lot better than i have done for the past 2 months.....KKs THE MAN......HOWAY THE LADS

Alan Davison said:

Hi Lee,
An excellent performance in front of the nation.Without getting too carried away I thought the Keegan Factor was back i.e crisp short passing,movement and importantly pace.
I agree that Keegan needs to sort out the left back position as Charlie is no defender, I was surprised that Enrique did not play given that Manure did not have a right winger.
3 more signings of the same calibre and we could be in for an entertaining season. Well done the Mags.

David Goodwin said:

Fantastic result. Wasn't completely surprised as the mancs are depleted at the mo. Brill to finally see coloccini in the black and white, been a fan of his for a long time and very happy mr ashley pulled this one out of the bag.
The only thing to disappoint me is the reaction of some fans as though we have just won silverware. Yes we did grab a point away to the champions, and perhaps should of taken all 3. But the fact is they where missing key players. Don't get me wrong i am absoloulty frilled with the result (great to wipe the smile of those mancs faces) but its day one of the season not the fa cup final. If we can make this performance consistently than we will have something to shout about. But remember last year - opening day stuffing bolton - and yet it will go down as one of our worst seasons yet.

It was fantastic and the lads should feel great, as they worked their socks off. But this has to be repeated week in week out before we start screaming from the roof tops. I just hope Ashley seals a left back and another striker before the end of the window and then id feel a lil more confident

Tardonicus said:

Nicely done! And to think that of the results yesterday ours wasn't the 3-0 away loss... We caught Man U at the right time. But make no mistake, this will be a long season. Did you see Harry Redknapp capitulate the title chase yesterday?

After this result, I'll be expecting 3 points from Bolton, no excuses.

Andrew said:

Super game! Jonas Gutiérrez ran his heart out. Some nice touches as well as an abundance of skill & confidence. Coloccini is another success & proves you don't get to play for Argentina unless you're skillful, smart and willing to get stuck in.
The other new boy Gutherie played exceptionally well and could prove to be a better than average player. Shay Given, what do you say? . . . . he's a top class keeper.
The downside? Nicky Butt still squanders too many passes and hasn't stopped making bad tackles . . . but he gives his all. Charles still looses the ball in dodgy situations.
We'll need a few more quality players before I can relax. Oba Martin's is still our secret weapon.

jay said:

Remember the 5-1 drubbing at home? we was terrible but kk had only just walked through the door, and had several players in africa and injuries, this draw shows with time and backing kk will get it right again, the signings looked superb, for me apart from conceding quickly the downside was nicky butts performance, he gave the ball away very cheaply on numerous occasions just as he did against the mancs at cardiff mIllienium stadium remember!!! The other ten lads out there can be very proud of themselves, lets build from this and have a stormer !!! REPLACE THE FLAILING BUTT

Zam said:

David Goodwin,

Agree with most of your points but like those expert pundits who repeatedly told us that MU did not have Ronaldo, I can say that we did not have Owen, Viduka and maybe Barton and whats more we are playing at OT. Carrick alone cost more than all of our 4 midfielders.

So I think MU were very lucky to get away with a draw, rather than the other way round.

colin tate said:

hi lee
i was at old trafford on sunday and thought that is the best the toon have played in a long time.
the only down point is nicky butt lets get rid of him he is rubbish
i cant belive we dont get shaun wright philips because with him and spider on the wings they would pepper the box with crosses and feed martins some good balls.

David Goodwin said:

Zam I agree with your comment, - Owen at least - viduka and barton though i am not so sure. Viduka for me has had his best days, i don't think we will see him ever at his best. it would of been good to have owen fit, as we know when he is fit all he needs is half a chance. But barton for me is a slopy passer of the ball, and we have never seen anything really in return for his high wage packet. I think guthrie will turn out to be a very good buy

Big Kev said:

To everyone who says Butt is finished, gives the ball away & to the idiot who talks about the semi final game, Shut it, get over it & back the bloke. If you think Butt's over the hill then you know nowt. Fact!!
Great show by the lads & a hard fought point, long way to go but an excellent start.
New left back & attacking midfielder/striker next please & with Faye away we probably need some extra cover at centre half. 3 points on Saturday against the cloggers of Bolton, now I just need my season ticket to turn up!!!

Hepstyle said:

Even though ManUre didn't have their full compliment of players, Ronaldo, Tevez, Carrick's early injury, NUFC showed that maybe we didn't have to be so worried. Jonas (I call him Jesus) was all over the place and made Wayne Rooney look bad. Coloccini (See me, Feel me) had some scary moments but came through when he needed to. Had Parker been on the pitch after the goal, perhaps the result would have been 1-0! Watching on TV, I didn't see much of Guthrie, but I think it's nice to have a workhorse out there.

Once Owen, Viduka, and Barton (to a much lesser extent) get involved, we could see some real football. Depth may be an issue right now, but not for long I hope.

But there are remaining problems. The boys need to hit the training grounds and focus entirely on trapping and passing. There some horrifying, lackluster passes in the back third, and poor ball control on the other end of the pass left something to be desired. With King Kev's preferred style of football, these things are paramount. If they can calm down and stick the fundamentals, they could go far.

jay said:

to the bloke whos backing butt, fair enough we all like to back the lads, i was a very big fan of nicky butt a few yrs ago but im afraid its time he was used sparingly,he is a liability at times and we have better players than him.4 points out the first 2 games i would have taken, so heres to 3 against bolton !!!


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Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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