Geordie nation must forget turmoil for 90 minutes or another dream will die

By Lee Ryder on Sep 23, 08 08:01 AM

Winning silverware probably sounds like a sick joke to Toon fans at the moment but going into the Carling Cup clash with Tottenham Hotspur it's clear that for 90 minutes Newcastle United's players and fans must come together as one just to get a sniff of making it into the hat for the next round.

Yes, all connected with United have no option but to put unrest, uncertainty and downright anger to one side and make sure the Mags are in the hat for the next round of the Carling Cup as Tottenham Hotspur arrive on Tyneside for round three.

Not that any of that will be easy following weeks of turmoil that has left team morale at rock bottom.

And while time is supposed to be a great healer, there is every chance that such a monumental test of character has arrived too early.

Takeover talk continues to dominate a city that is still shell-shocked from Kevin Keegan's departure earlier this month.

But whether it's Nigerians, Arabs or a local consortium being tipped to take over, none of it will really matter to most natives until a deal is done and dusted.

Yet in terms of the future and looking on the positive side, whoever does come and whoever they do appoint as manager whether it be Kevin Keegan or not - staying in the Carling Cup is crucial to Newcastle United.

For years, the trophy has been deemed as the most realistic chance of silverware for the Magpies.

It's also the quickest route into Europe and the only way to rid United of their impending 40 year trophy drought.

And while that may sound like jumping the gun, the cold truth is that United fans won't be able to even dream about it unless Tottenham are dumped out of the trophy they won earlier this year in the third round stage.

For 90 minutes, fans and players simply must stay UNITED.


Jonesy143 said:

Agree entirely Lee.........But......There is just no way that the fans or players can put all that is going on behind the scenes, behind them. The belief that was building in pre-season and shone albeit briefly against Man Utd has been well and truly crushed.

I'm sure i'm not alone when i say that i truly cannot see us winning a game untill its all sorted.

I would love it if we beat them (honestly i would, not just a lame excuse to use the famous KK line)as i believe Spurs are massively overated and i take great personal delight in the fact that they have spent soooo much cash, ditched their manager who was well liked and are rock bottom.

Loving also that Martin Jol is enjoying success in Germany.

David K said:

I agree 100% Lee.
. Our best hope for competition in europe is via the Carling Cup, end of story. If I wasn't stuck some considerable distance away, I'd be there and i urge all of you to do thesame. So, for what's hopefully one of the last times, we'll be putting brass in Ashley's pocket. Even so we should get behind the team tomorrow and for 90 minutes concentrate on what's important. And if the players are truly gutted by what the board has done to both KK and all of us, they can show it in the best possible way by giving us all something to savour. If inspiration and motivation are needed they could do no worse than going out there to win the game for KK. Let's face it when the sale goes ahead he's odds on to be coming back. Give him something to build on when it happens rathen than just a fight to stave off relegation.

Ronnie Lambert said:

Yes Lee, this is one chink of light in our present misery. One chance that WE the fans who showed our power by bringing the hierarchy to it's knees in defeat can show the world how much our club REALLY means to us. It is IMPERATIVE that we all turn up to support the team tomorrow. This will silence the insults from outsiders that we are fickle and unworthy of Ashley's so-called investments. THIS will be our massive sales pitch to rich investors, that we really are a special breed of people. This will prove to all that we are not going to stand there and allow our club to go down easy. Please Lee, put my appeal on the front page for all Geordies all over Tyneside to try to get into the game at the turnstiles. Even those who never go to football matches. What a glorious opportunity to restore our pride and standing in the eyes of the deriding ignorant fools outside of Geordieland.

Gerry Hagon said:

Yes, Lee, that is exactly what we all want, but there is something deep-rooted about the virus that has infected our club during the Ashley debacle. If the players can pull off a win against Spurs I, for one, will be amazed.

We can only imagine what the players are talking about in the dressing room but one ray of hope comes from our club captain's inspiring statements today. I cannot remember him being so up-front with the fans before. He sounds really genuine about the situation and that changes my mind about his intention around January. I now think that provided things are sorted with a decent management structure by the new owners (hopefully), he will stay.

After that we can expect a concerted drive under, hopefully, KK. If, as reported, the club is now definitely in the process of being sold we must all make the new owners welcome by a show of Geordie gratitude for relieving us of the Ashley yoke.

graeme smith said:

I agree ...I was thinking it over and I came to the same conclusion ...I am a little disapointed none of the fanzine's have pushed this home...stop chasing your 15 mins of fame and help drum up support ...the tabliods will love it if we have areally poor crowd and the toon bashing will anybody unsure get up and support the team ...I dont think your 20 quid will keep mr Ashley here too much longer

Kevin said:

To win against Spurs we must play Zog in midfield and Bassong at LB. Also leave out Edgar, he has been quite weak in both games. I would start with either:
Taylor(RB), Colo and Cacapa (CBs), Bassong(LB)
Geremi(RM), Butt and Zog(CMs), Duff(LM)
Owen and Xisco / Martins(if fit to start).

Geremi(RB), Colo and Taylor (CBs), Bassong(LB)
Duff(RM), Butt and Cacapa(CMs), Zog(LM)
Owen and Xisco / Martins(if fit to start).

Graham Southern Toon said:

I totally agree with you Lee, on Wednesday night we need a packed house with everyone 100% behind the team. No shouts of Ashley out or Cockney Mafia banners, just full support for the 11 players on the pitch. We need to win tomorrow night to gain some confidence and a bit of pride.

Still concerned with the amount of fans that still believe that KK will return soon once a takeover is complete. Firstly, the takeover might not even happen this season if Mr Ashley doesn't get what he wants for the club, and as for any new owners brining back KK, well will he want to return again after this farce and will the new owners want him??? We are speculating just like the southern press do ever day where the Toon are concerned! I just want to see the team getting results again, whether it be with Hughton in charge, KK if he returns or anyone else for that matter, the main thing surely that we all want is for the results to start coming in and a steady climb up the table???

Must be a starting team of: Given, Geremi, Taylor, Colo, Bassong, Duff, Butt, Casapa, N'Zogbia, Owen and Martins

Allan Down Under said:

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All events, characters, names, and places featured here are either the product of the author’s imagination, or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual person(s), living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

The following is the transcript from a clandestine meeting of the 

 The information has been de-identified to safeguard the individuals concerned.

Okay Mr ? Let’s review the plan so far.

“How did the tampered beer with the mind bending psychotic capabilities workâ€? (Remember the free pint in the ground) “ Brilliantly, some people thought there was a king and even called him the messiah, only trouble was it only worked on susceptible people, you know a bit like hypnotismâ€?. “It reminds me of “one flew over the cuckoos’ nestâ€? where the lunatics started to think they could run the asylum better than the authorities; its working, they actually think they could run the showâ€?.

“Okay, what about getting rid of the money manâ€? . “That’s almost complete, he’s been ostracised by all people effected by the drug, he is totally disillusioned and doesn’t attend matches anymoreâ€?. “If that doesn’t work we have someone sitting in the sidelines that’s even worse, he has no money and in the past was openly disparaging of the fans and their partners and they even forgave himâ€?.

“Right, what about undermining the teamâ€?, “yep that’s complete, the England striker is unsettled and the rest have no confidence and are scared to death of the fansâ€?. “What about the KK sugar puff merchandising strategyâ€? “Yep it worked a treat no one wants to buy anything; the problem is they aren’t buying the beer, if you know what I meanâ€?.

“What else needs to be discussed? Have we resurrected the old magpie club concept that used to be on barrack road in the 80’s and sold that as a new initiative and have we have invited groups who have silly names to be part of the old, I mean new supporters clubâ€?. “Who could have thought to call themselves “I used to watch the match from a tree behind the leazes endâ€? great name and no one knows who they areâ€?. “Yes, its working well, they have already got .005 % of the fan base signed upâ€?.

“What about the idea we floated out there of local businesses buying the clubâ€?? “That was a master stroke; so far they have 9 newsagents and numerous other fish and chip shops owners just waiting in the wingsâ€?. “It’s so ridiculous they truly think it would workâ€?. “ What’s’ the last item on the agenda, ah, yes, get them into a relegation spot, no problem thereâ€?. “Let’s just hope the drug continues to work and no one comes to their senses till it’s too lateâ€?.

Stand up the real toon fans, and don’t drink the beer! (If you get my drift)

I wish I was in a position to be able to SUPPORT my beloved TOON in person , no matter what the result.

Andrew Davis said:

Hi Lee,

I agree at what you said and all geordies are always UNITED when it come's to the team as that is always true and i did not like what you said that we should be united....

Strange comment but i will let you off on that.

There will not be more than 30,000 there as geordies are down but not out and i also hope that Terry Venables will not be made interim manager as that would be desperate....

We need someone and for once i have no clue who that will be in the interim.

As usual i will be clued to my laptop in the USA and hopeing for 2 victorys this week.


Peter Dawson said:

just watched the first half hour and i must say we are bad .... crikey...


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