Kinnear must be given a fair crack of the whip

By Lee Ryder on Sep 29, 08 11:15 PM

Now that the dust has settled (for five minutes at least) Newcastle United fans appear to have given Joe Kinnear the warmest welcome possible given the difficult and complex circumstances at St James's Park.

Kinnear has admitted he is not the choice of the people but will block out any negative feedback in order to do the best possible job while he is in charge.

He's supposed to be in the manager's chair for six to eight games (even he didn't seem to know) but you do get the feeling this could rumble on longer.

For a start takeover talk is still at its infancy and while we are assured of "serious" bids to buy the club, the only thing that will sort out the men from the boys, is whoever puts their money down and gets on with the job.

Will anybody do that soon? We're still waiting.

Will Kevin Keegan be given the chance to come back? Time will only tell.

And after all of the mental torment for all concerned in black and white, would KK take the job back?

Well we all hope so, but until Keegan is sat back in the dugout, it seems that nobody is taking anything for granted.

In the mean time, Joe Kinnear - who had his first day at the office today to get to know his new staff before watching the reserve team beat Blackburn - must lift the troops.

The first team players had a day off to clear their heads but they will be back to work soon enough.

There was also a little chink of light as the second string pulled off their first win of the campaign with many of them trying to catch the new manager's eye.

Indeed for the first time in a month they have had something concrete to focus on with the kids also suffering adversity with coach Adam Sadler shown the door at St James's Park.

Kinnear doesn't muck around and despite being upset by negative Press from the nationals over his arrival has vowed to battle on.

It's also worth highlighting that the next six (possibly all six of JK's stint) will be televised and so the entire country will take in the latest twists and turns.

That starts with Everton and a Blog on the Tyne prediction will be that chants of "Big Joe's black and white army" will be in the air on Merseyside as, just like they always do, the Toon Army back their unexpected new leader.

Toon players will undergo their first training session with Kinnear on Tuesday morning and despite a packed treatment room, there is already evidence that the former Wimbledon boss is lifting spirits.



Bill B said:

I don't think Joe Kinnear should be criticised, after all he was offered the job after several others had turned it down; at least he has the guts to give it a go! He knows the score ie it's a temporary position and he did a reasonable job at Wimbledon. The critics, fans and newspapers alike, just want to be negative. I'm a supporter but I am becoming really tired of some fans demanding instant success! Only Chelsea have had anything close to instant success because of their owner but clubs like ours will never get an owner like that! For God's sake give JK full support as he tries to lift the team.


we have no other choice but to get behind him, this team needs a massive lift and getting behind joe and the team will only serve to help in these desperate times.
if and when we get taken over, i prey it will eradicate the cancer that has run through this club for far to long.
i would be over the moon if kev came back, but i have said before i think steve bruce would be a good for this club, if he was allowed time to build from scratch, after a few dodgy times at the beginninig of his managerial career, he more than appears to be vastly improving, he has without doubt got a keen eye for talent, i.e palacios, valencia, zaki, figorola, boyce how we could do with this standard of player, he has even got bramble looking like a defender.

Dozza said:

Joe Kinear deserves the support of the fans for no other reason than he has taken the job that nobody else wanted. He is here short but the support he gets now will determine what happens to our club long after he has left.

Everybody has the right of protest but I think you have to be naive if you believe that Ashley and Co. are entirely to blame for the mess we are in now. Even though I will be in the minority I believe that Keegan is also to blame.

I don't want to see him back at the club. We need stability and consistancey to move forward. In the five managerial jobs he has had he has walked out on all five.

He has left for reasons that I am not convinced were the right ones. Who exactly suffers from his petulant action? I would say only the players and the fans. Ashley was always looking to sell the club for profit and has been given the opportunity to openly market it. Does anyone believe that it was the fans reaction that made he want to sell up?

ronnie lambert said:

Bill B. Who's demanding instant success?, you are reading the red tops mate. In 48yrs. of supporting this albatross, all I've seen is a ' Fairs cup ', a handful of relegations/ptomotions and too many Wembley capitulations to count. All I, and almost every supporter I know would be happy just to win most of our home games and the occasional away win and draw. With decent attacking football from a manager and board that cares for it's supporters. What I'm sick of is the gullible ' Johnny come latelies ' up here, who buy into the national opinion of us as fickle, impatient, ungrateful yobs who threaten nice Mr. Ashley's little babies with hanging, drawing and quartering. Then back the red tops by sycophanting to them on their blogs. These are the people who weren't at Saturday's match and will not come back if relegation were to happen. Oh they'd be back for the promotion party alright. As for Jokin' ere's guts in taking this job's concerned, he'll probably be on no less than thirty grand, maybe fifty a week or more. And they all laughed at KK's being out of the game for four years? Hell man, I wish they'd given me the job.

Keith Hutton Africa said:

Give me one good reason why Kinnear should be welcomed with open arms. Has he the experience nouse or charisma to end this farce?, no he does not. Why because Ashley brings one of his drinking mates here should we say Ok lads let's give him a chance. He hasn't got a snowball in hell's chance of changing the situation or even causing marginal improvement, that's not his fault and I feel sorry for him because he didn't even apply for the job, its just nice income to supplement his pension. The fact however is that we need the right man even if it is for a short time, why we want KK back amazes me but that seems to be inevitable, but still get the right man. Phil Brown no there's an idea the future is not Keegan and never will be unfortunatley

Jimmy said:

Lets get behind the team and Big joe. They both deserve it. come on the toon... It aint over till the fat ladie sings...

Kenneth Straw said:

Remeber the old saying...Do Nothing get Nowhere...Do Something get Somewhere. Well finally someone has had some sense to do something, albeit for an interim amount of time. I've been a staunch Toon supporter since the 60's (the good old day's). Now is the time for all good men to come the aid of JK'ds party and let's get behind him and the players.

After all we call ourselves "SUPPORTERS" then let's start, the Ashleys of this world will come and called fair weather friends. Remeber everything happens for a reason and this too shall be good for us all in the long run. Make no mistake mind you, whoever comes in as the next owner and manager must be given a chance by all of us, not a quick fix but a long term chance at turning our beloved club around and achieving the status we all yearn for.


shep08 said:

Joe kinnear is the last person most fans would have expected to be given the managers position (even on a temporary basis) but he must be given our full support, any other outcome would be to the detriment of the team.

Although things look bleak at the moment a quick change of regime will install confidence, hopefully injured players will return and the mess we are in will soon be a distant memory-we can but only hope!

It’s time for us all to get over the shock of the past few weeks and support the team.

karl said:

I say good on him - he's taken on an impossible task yet from what I've seen of him so far he seems ok. Everyone must give him a chance. I agree with Dozza - why are so many fans [and they all seem to be the one's sky sports news talk to] want the return of KK? I have respect for him as a person but his return to the toon would be the biggest mistake any new owners could make. Newcastle are the biggest circus act in the football world and KK coming back as manager would be like the ringmaster returning. He's had his chance[s] - let's go for someone else and in the meantime get behind the team and JK. Ashley knows the score - it's time all fans got behind the team and stopped whinging about everything associated with the toon. It's embarressing.

Bill said:

We must all give JK our full support, ie fans, players and local media. I don't care what the national media say about us because most of it is speculation, lies and made-up rubbish.

Any new face will give the players something to think about and I am now a little more confident about our performance at Everton. I don't think we will win but a draw ....

I would never have thought Stephen Carr would return to SJP but if JK thinks it might be of value then I would support his decision.

Haway the Toon.

ron lambert said:

What a difference a newspaper report makes, Adam Jupp's article about the South Africans and Keagan back in, and on the board, was like eating a hot Gregg's pastie when you're clammin'...flippin' gorgeous! I only hope it's true. Also the little buzz that JK got out of the team after one day's training is encouraging, not to mention Cahill's failure to overturn his red card...phew! ...I've always wished we had him here. We just might get something out of Everton's game. Come on united, Jokin' Ears' black 'n' white army .... howay the lads!


Hi Lee:

I think the whole thing stinks!!

Especially as Kinnear is planning on bringing Carr back, my! my! my! Keegan gave Carr his marching orders last year -- Hmmm unless this is the start of the "Dream Team" that Ashley has been promising us all along!!!


Ray Willey (exiled mag) said:

Am I missing something? Wouldnt the prospective billionaire saviours of NUFC be just as likely to abandon ship as did Ashley if they hit hard times? What 'loyalty' would they have for the club? Delusion abounds. Kevin Keegan is yesterdays man(ager)and I for one, whilst fully appreciating what he did for the club in the glory days, hope he dosn't come back.
Whatever happens in terms of the take-over I hope that we will see management established with a long-term view (funnily enough thats what Ashley attempted if I'm not wrong)It is madness to think that what has happened to Chelsea and Man City is the way forward. I tend to agree with Sir John Hall when he says he fears for the game if the 'money men' take over. No progress will be achieved until we have something approaching the stability that exists at the four 'big' clubs. Fingers crossed. Howay the lads.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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