We're not Joe-king! Joe Kinnear is the new boss at Newcastle United

By Lee Ryder on Sep 26, 08 01:20 PM

Flabbergasted Toon fans will be pinching themselves after the latest twist in the Toon saga after Joe Kinnear was appointed as Newcastle United boss today until the end of October.

The former Wimbledon and Luton boss is renowned for building up team spirit on little or no resources and continued the fantastic work of the crazy gang long after the miracles worked by Harry Bassett and Bobby Gould.

Yet the news sent shockwaves around United's training ground today as players and reporters absorbed the news.

Whether Big Joe can lift the Toon troops and pick up victory against Blackburn tomorrow remains to be seen.

But United fans, still reeling after the exit of Kevin Keegan, must be wondering where it leaves the club going into a long hard winter.

Kinnear's last job was at Nottingham Forest where the 61-year-old was sacked in 2004.



ryton mag said:

Is this some kind of sick joke ? Howay Ashley man, you'vce had a good laugh it's not funny anymore .....

Baz Nixon said:

Come on guys we must support the team stop all the twisting and prove to the gutter press that we are the loylist football supporters "GIVE JOE A CHANCE HE'S ALL WEVE GOT"

Ken said:

Surely the time has come for you guys ( Chronicle and Journal) to organise a complete boycott at the club. It is the only thing which will hasten a sale and enable someone to bring some stability back. This appointment does not even smack of desperation, I am not going back until these clowns are out of town why dont you join us

Paul Patterson said:

O.K who had Joe Kinnear on at the bookies?

This is an absolute farce, I know it’s only till November but come one, this has just proved that the whole club has become a comedy.

The consortium taking over are supposed to want to bring back Kevin Keegan, which is good news, but did we really have to appoint this guy.

This man will not bring anything to the squad. Would it have not been easier to just consult the consortium as to who they would like to see in charge and then appoint Kevin Keegan till the end of October, then if things are sorted by then, then you can keep Kevin on a full time basis.

This move is pointless and only serves as an estimate of how incompetent Mike Ashley and his board are.


Dave B said:

Just heard the interview he gave TalkSport and he sounds more shell-shocked than me which is an achievement.

He also said that Ashley had told him that Shearer and Keegan are lined up with to come back in October with the 'new' buyers - whoever they might be.

Roll on next month then.

Mexicola said:

Proof, as if it were needed, that NUFC has become Untouchable. A poison chalice. What a joke of an appointment. Talk about blind panic. Even as a temporary appointment this is pathetic. I'm guessing Mr Wise simply opened his phonebook and worked down the list. Venables? No thanks. Glen Hoddle? No thanks. Joe Kinnear? Oh go on then...

The sooner these muppets go the better. In the words of Fraser from Dad's Army - "We're all doomed!"

keir said:

regardless of what has gone on, LETS GET BEHIND HIM!!!
we need to steady this ship or its relegation for us!

ronnie lambert said:

What's wrong with Hughton like? At least he worked with Keegan for a while and must've learned something. So a ghetto-blaster in the changing room and Vinnie Jones as his assistant and we'll be playing MK Dons in no time. People said my conspiracy theory of Ashley deliberately coming to destroy our club was outlandish, what do you think now?

Guyb said:

Sgt Wilko part 2

Micky Duncan said:

Can,t take it seriously however his interview gives more insight as to whats happening than anything coming out of Newcastle ie Club to be sold at the beginning of October, Ashley expects to be out of it by the end of October, Keegan and Shearer lined up by the new owners as the management team.
Lets hope its all true.

Bewildered said:

Well - I honestly thought this situation could not get any worse/ bizzare but Mr Ashely et al have proved me wrong.

What is Joe (Roy) Kinnear going to add to the situation that is facing the players at SJP. Are the likes of Owen, Butt, Given etc going to up their performance because they have Joe Kinnear in temporary charge? Are the likes of Jonas and Coloccini going to be told to look him up on YouTube?

I know its a temporary arrangement but it would have made more sense to leave Houghton in charge!!!

phil matues said:

are they taking the micky????

Jonnie said:

This is ridiculous, not the appointment of Kinnear but the silly overreaction I'm seeing all round me.

He is after all only an interim manager till October and maybe only even until the new owners come in. Is he really going to be that bad? Is he keeping the chair warm for Kevin Keegan to come back in again? Either way for pity sake people don't panic and let Joe do his job. Ashley has created this mess and he is doing his best to clean it up. Let's see how it goes.

eric hewitt said:

i do believe mike ashley would give an asprin a headache!!. im not too sure about joe kinnear, but as i said in my last message we need someone to give the lads on the pitch a boost. personaly i would have rather have gone for cadburys. eric.

David said:

he's an honest, straightforward guy, as his interview shows. He's looking to give all he can and knows it's for a limited, short time. His experience and track record isn't too bad. Stop moaning and get behind the team. Or do you want a Ruud Gullit again?

Chris Gray said:

Unlike the above correspondents, I have no problem with this at all. Kinnear is a respected figure who knows he's only going to be around for a handful of games. Everybody was clamouring for someone - now we've got someone so let's support him and wait and see what happens on the wider front.

The real problem - and I've said this before on this blog - is not Ashley. True, he has failed to manage the PR side of running a football club, in fact has been unbelievably awful in that respect. But he has tried to put NUFC back on a proper footing, instead of the boom and bust, "we're Newcastle and we're special" culture that has prevailed for too long. The criminal amount of debt which FS allowed to accumulate needed to be sorted as a priority. The fall-out from that is what gave Ashley such a shock when he came and looked at the books - it is why the alleged romantic and ridiculous demands of Keegan (Lampard, Henry and Ronaldinho) were seen as just that, although supporters love him for that kind of ludicrous thinking. The biggest mistake Ashley made was to believe that NUFC was a place where you could make sensible, long term plans and implement them patiently. Sadly, that will never be the case - we have to have it now, now, now. Maybe all football supporters are the same ... but don't blame Ashley for that. OK, he's not great (Wise's appointment must be one of the worst football appointments since Richard Dinnis), but at least he tried in his own way to do what this club has been crying out for since Robson (Pop) left in 1970/71, since Macdonald left in 1976 and since Beardsley, Waddle, Gascoigne et al left in the 1980s i.e. put a thought-out structure in place and stick with it.
At the end of the day, we have to accept that NUFC supporters are driven, and always will be driven, by raw emotion, knee-jerk reaction and little else. Keegan therefore - the here today gone tomorrow wild-eyed romantic - is the only man for the job.
But let's support Kinnear in the meantime.

shep08 said:

Am I dreaming or is Joe Kinnear the interim manager? I'm sure I'll wake up soon and it is all been a dream F-Freddie is still the chairman and we are playing boring football under Souness-oh those wonderful memories!
But seriously can thing get any more messed up than they are, how on earth has Ashley made a billion, he couldn't run a bath, is he really as ignorant as appears? I fear he is on a mission to lose everything he has-let’s hope he doesn’t take our club with him!



tiddo from Derby said:

i cannot believe he,s back in football,hasn,t joe kinear taken all his previous clubs down? luton,wimbledon, forest ect... good luck toon fans ,i think you will need it.

John Tweedy said:

what the heck,he can't do worse!!!!Can he????

Mercalero said:

It's not Kinnear's fault he was offered the job. It's a job no-one wants right now. He more-or-less stated that himself. All we can do for now is swallow it, get behind the team and hope the whole sorry mess is sorted out soon. We have to believe things will improve. If we don't, we'll just accelerate the decline.

John Heath said:

Its a black comedy - hahahahaha. Anyone for tennis Dennis the Menace. Joe Kinnear, maestro, saviour, man who walks on wimbledon common -
step up, walk the plank and dive deep for it will not be long until the old boys reunion comes with MK Dons.

Stamford Toon said:

It does not matter what MA does to try and help the club most of you will find fault. OK JK is not the best but how can you get the best on a months contract. Good luck to JK I hope he steadies the ship and then all you maoners can eat your own words.
If MA is going to sell, as you wish, what is the point in pursuing the boycott idea.
Shearer has said that being involved by the new owners is news to him. Perhaps you should wait and see before passing judgement.

Edmond Dante said:

Ray Winstone must have turned Ashley down.

jack said:

For christ sake if he was given a five year contract I'd be worried but he hasn't been so i'm not. He is a manager and we have a club without one at the moment. If nothing else we may benefit from having the input of someone new at the club. Joe Kinnear was never going to get the Dons into Europe or win the leauge but he did keep them in the top flight for seven years or something. Right now I'd be happy with that.

STEVE said:

Eventhough it might as well have been roy kinnear (i know hes deed) at least thank GOD its not hoddle or oleary......we need to support the man regardless....and hope a change is in the offing......another written off season though...

Stemcoman said:

Looks like Wise is running the whole show, a really sad day

Grim reaper said:

I couldnt even remember what he looked like its been that long since i saw his picture.
He wouldnt be even bottom of my list as any kind of manager for us but he cant make things worse than they are surely?
Theres no surprise he has a spurs connection and didnt he manage wise at wimbledon? Anyway if he manages to get the team playing again and gets a couple of points it'll do.

Peter Dawson said:

I say give the bloke our support....hes here now .. lets all do our best to get some points on the board...good luck Joe!

Telecide said:

You cannot imagine how overjoyed I am about Joe Kinnears me, you can't!

They're coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa
To the funny farm. Where life is beautiful all the time and I'll be
happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they're
coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!!!

I think Ashley is taking the p*^# now !!!!

Pollaidh said:

Ashley's having a laugh - hence Jokin' 'Ere

C J Smart said:

But if the club is not sold or if it is sold and Keegan with or without Alan Shearer do not come, then Mr Kinnear will be the Manager. It is no accident he has not been a manager for several years. Who is kidding who?

exfedfiftyseven said:

i thought i'd taken my wifes epilepsy tablets by mistake but it seems not.
i wonder if george reilly is still match fit?

James 09 said:

Could anyone (I mean anyone!!) have written a more disastrous script???????? Ashely and co continue to outdo themselves every other week.

What an utter tragedy - NUFC is inexorably heading for relegation and below. Surely every Newcastle United supporter with a a brain cell or two has finally woken up to that reality.

Can it get worse than this? Oh yes.

ge0rdie said:

I think that the "management team" have made another horrendous mistake? I've heard that their actually thought they were talking with Roy Kinnear

Toonwatcher said:

MA is not the problem at NUFC.
Its a littel man with a snarl who earns a fortune without the hassle of managing players any more.
Until he's gone, nothing will improve, and no self respecting manager will be interested long term.

Peter Robson said:

Guess what ?
YouÂŜre all wrong.
Mike Ashley made the biggest mistake of his business career by signing his mate Dennis (the menace)(un)Wise !!

In his business would he tell a store manager what stock to hold if the store manager was running a successful branch ? Of course not.

So why then install a manager who knows what the Newcastle fans want, then undermine the whole show by getting someone in to buy and sell players against the managers will.

If Mike ashley really did listen to what the fans say he would have realised Wise/Jiminez was a recipe for disaster.
ItÂŜs his job to make the tough decisions, but also to realise somebody elses talents and use them to his advantage.

Swallow your pride Mr Ashley; bring back KK, transfer (un)Wise/Jiminez and the toon will forgive and forget. Be a man about it!!

jacko said:

Children, children what short memories you mostly seem to have! Joe Kinnear is a decent and honest bloke who will try to make the best of a bad situation and attempt to lead our frankly 'cowardly' players to provide some sort of effort.

We all know MA has made massive mistakes and he will pay heavily for these; at least financially. But as for 'this is the worst it could get', give me a break!

Obviously most of you lot are the fair weather fools who bark and bay at every challenge, having joined the bandwagon at the start of KK's managerial career. Go and join Oba with his 'knee injury' then.

The worst we can get in my experience is getting hoofed 4-0 away at Southend on New years Day, losing at Oxford when we couldn't even see the other end of the ground; who remembers Exeter SJP in the League Cup and, of course, there's always giants of managers such as a certain G Lee or W McGarry.

C'mon people, we're gonna get our wish for a regime change but MA needs time to deliver. Get behind the manager and let the players know we support their efforts; provided they provide some!

Len Charles said:

Ashley will be prepared to take enough to cover his loses and see NUFC in the Championship. Unthinkable? His actions so far mark him as a man who understands vendetta.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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