Back to the future for Newcastle United

By Lee Ryder on Oct 31, 08 02:44 PM

When Joe Kinnear arrived at Newcastle United last month he did so with the task of steadying the ship.

And to this day he has done exactly that, painfully there was a derby defeat chucked into that period but his first task was passed when he hauled United out of the relegation zone.

With the injuries Newcastle United had in September, not to mention the huge problems off it, any manager in the world would have had their work cut out to stop the slide.

But KInnear has showed both character, honesty and bottle in his job so far.

So it was no surprise today ahead of the Villa game on Monday that JK let us know what could be in store for United fans next month.

"I've always said I would honour what I do.

"But I know that after Chelsea it is d-day.

"After that it will all be revealed.

"It was going to be up to the Chelsea game.

"Either it will be sold or they've changed their minds.

"We talk after Chelsea.

"In the short-term I will do best but it might get sold under my feet.

"We've had Russians and South Africans but nobody has stepped up.

"But your guess is as good as mine.

"Myself, Mike Ashley, Dennis Wise and Derek Llambias will all sit down."

Kinnear though admitted he is keen to discover if he is going to be backed in the transfer market if he is still in charge.

He added: "I have asked if there is a "game plan" if the club isn't sold.

"Obviously if I do stay I would like finances."

And Kinnear feels that the club's future needs to be sorted for all concerned on Tyneside.

He said: "We need to have clear the air talks.

"That would be good for all of us.

"Myself, the players, the fans and everybody associated with the club."

And "clearing the air" sounds like one of the most sensible statements of the season so far, doesn't it?


Brian Whitfield said:

So.....Ashley has failed pretty comprehensively....but....what would happen if Ashley kept the club and fixed it? There's a challenge Lee.What would he have to do to fix it. Comments?......Ideas anyone?

Yianni Savva said:

The difference between Newcastle United of the nineties era under the guidance of Kevin Keegan and the Newcastle United of today under the guidance of Joe Kinnear is that we could face clubs such as West Brom, Hull City, Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers and Aston Villa and finish the task at hand with an oozing confidence of expectancy that haunted the opponents before the referee blew his whistle for kick-off. Winning was not a rare event, it was a way of life for all Newcastle fans like you and me. The air of expectant and confident chants roaring from 50,000 fans filled Saint James Park like a death trap which suffocated our opponents into defeat. Today, believe in me when I say, those clubs are not inferior in comparison to us anymore. They no longer become overwhelmed by the fear of feeling a chilling wave of sound creep down their spine before facing our team. This Monday, against Martin O’Neils Aston Villa, we will be facing the toughest and most challenging opponents thus far in this season, and it all comes crashing to reality, this, Monday. There is no guarantee that you, me or any of us as Newcastle United fans will have the privilege and honor of witnessing Newcastle play in the premier league next season unless WE start believing that we can walk out the enormous gate of Saint James victorious. Winning is a habit, and a habits roots is born from thoughts. A thought will always sooner or later inevitably turn into an action. So if YOU think we will lose, if YOU think we will struggle, if YOU fear that we will crumble, then it will be our LAST PLAY. Now you all may think that we will always survive the drop because it has been that way every single season in the top flight
It is not that way, it is far from it. Its special to taste victory, its special to be chanting among the victorious group of supporters and it shall remain a special experience for all fans across the globe. YOU have got to have an insatiable fire within your stomach that tells you I want victory to be there when the final whistle blows in the worst way! YOU cant afford to be plain, and you cant afford to be unemotional. Ladies and Gentleman, THIS IS AN EMOTIONAL GAME! WE have got to find the inspiration to WIN straight from our hearts, and come Monday night, WE have to voice our inspiration with our hearts! Do YOU, I or any of us for that matter understand what THE LAST CHANT means? Last Chant
You chant every single moment of every match as if it were the last chant you will ever voice! And if we dont chant with emotion, if we dont support our club with the last chant every match
it could and will be our last. Every single fan in this city and abroad, think about your last chant, think about what that means. You think what it means to voice your last chant
this is my last chant ever! My last chant
how do I want it to be? How do I want to be remembered? My last chant for every chance I get!

stevie said:

If he stays he'll have to do the same as Levy: proper manager, ditch Wise etc, and let the manager manage. Further, the manager will need funds in January. Ashley's net spend in three transfer windows has been abysmal, especially as the squad is so 'thin'.
He also has to have a degree of respect for the fans and let us know what is going on.

Danny Noonan said:

JFK's comments are worrying to say the least....Please God we will get a new owner who actually has an interest in running the club before the Chelsea match or we are doomed.Lee do you think he will sell up or stay?It must be frustrating for a journalist given the complete lack of info coming out of the club's heirarchy..

Andrew from Perth said:

Read the letter Ashley wrote to us the fans a while know, the one saying how disappointed he was that he couldn't take his kids to the games anymore (not that they'd ever been). He wanted to fork out 20 million a year (not that he ever has) and now that's off the table. No more money sorry chums, his share price went through the floor. Get used to Shola scoring goals off the back of his head, because once all those contracts start running out, players like Owen will leave and we'll be fighting with Hull for the next crop.
'Stun the football world!' Ashley said. That was the only thing he said that wasn't a lie, as I am truly stunned.

James 09 said:

Looks increasingly likely that Ashley is now not going to sell. But as ever who knows with this guy.

If he doesn't sell and has resolved to try and "fix" the situation an absolute prerequisite is actually providing substantial investment in a transfer window - I suggest January would be a decent starting point.

DLT said:

Jk's recent comments suggest we could be stuck with Ashley and his shallow pockets for longer than we thought. Yes I know hes cleared most of the debt but he hasnt put anything into squad strengthening. The couple of players we got in the summer are off the back of sales of others.
I personally think he'll try to make a 'comeback'. If he does though, theres still the wise problem. Why is wise scouting for players around europe unless the plan is to stay on? Surely if JK is here come jan then its prem lge players we need not more foreigners that take time to settle and adjust, we wont have that time if we are still at the bottom early next year.
Will we even get any cash from mike in jan? If not it could be curtains for us. We have the most injury prone strike force in the league, 3 of which have contracts about to run out...where does that leave us? Alan smith...our saviour!!!!!

ian said:

I liked the rallying call from Mr Sawa in an earlier comment. As an exile who attends the away matches, I went to the WBA match(nothing purchased inside the ground) and as usual was bitterly disappointed with the home crowd who have no semblance of passion anymore. It's noticeable radio pundits very rarely now refer to the 'fantastic' atmosphere at SJP. It was cold night but terrible terrible atmosphere.
Please god let JK be spouting his usual gibberish when referring to the sale of our club (forgetting his motivational gibberish when telling us how good the players are). It beggars belief that there is a possibility Ashley will stay. Come the 22nd I expect us to be bottom of the league and without a change of ownership and the reinstatement of KK (there is no viable alternative), make no mistake we are doomed. JK has made an effort, but not anywhere near good enough to warrant a long stint, for heavens sake we got beat by the unmentionables and would have been beaten out of sight by West Brom if they had any type of goalscorer. I'm afraid the apathy of the SJP crowd in supporting the team has now extended to not caring whether Ashley sells or not. Shame on us all (this includes the local papers) for not upping the ante and forcing the fat fool to sell for a reasonable amount instead of trying to make a profit out of our misery. Shame on us all

RAF Mark said:

Guys, Lets face it the only way out of this is for Ashley to turn around and put his hands up and say 'as far as running a football club goes I havn't got a clue' and start talking to people in the business who have been there seen it done it..and done it well. By that I dont mean Weasel Wise and his mafia money grabbers. Ashley, thats if he wants to keep the club and make it a success needs to go back to the drawing board and read the small print stating how the infrastructure works regarding the team and take note of the red ink that says this isn't going to be cheap. If he can't do this then he needs to cut his losses and get out now and forget about profit as it will only get worse. As for the players we need the ones such as Owen to step up (especially as captain) and lead the way be committing to the club or decalre his intensions now and not in January.

I have to admit and present I still do not have any confidence on the club nor that the teams confidence is anywhere near what it should be after the WBA game. I can see us getting spanked tomorrow against Villa unless we sort out a game plan that lasts 90 minutes.


its, not a case of him wanting to give it another go, it comes down to the fact no one wanting to take the club on.
so he is going to have to take some intrest in the club to look after his investment, or he will be hit big time if this club goes down in terms of the value of the club.
he has to take a leaf out of daniel levys book and hold his hands up and say he got it wrong, but would,nt he have done this already if this was going to happen.
aston villa game is gonna be massive now were rock bottom, they should ask sir bobby just to walk into the dressing room, this man would inspire anyone, if not they dont deserve to be a professional footballer.
mark viduka has to be ashamed of himself, all the health problems sir bobbys had and he still turns up to watch the toon, WHAT A MAN.
viduka just dont wanna know. he's done nothing for us but still talks about playing internationals, its disgusting.

chanter said:

I'm impressed by Yianni's idea of the Last Chant (forever renewed, one hopes) of Yianni Sawa."in this city and abroad".
Ringing round the world and through the epochs. That's more than the "Geordie Nation" or Shankly's "life and death".
But is NUFC a big enough cause for such a powerful medium?


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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