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By Lee Ryder on Oct 27, 08 11:28 PM

The blue Monday feeling on Tyneside ended on somewhat of a positive note at Victoria Park tonight as one for the future in Samuel Ameobi gave evidence that he could follow in the footsteps of his big brother Shola against Hartlepool United.

In the wonderfully named Cup it was 16-year-old Sammy who kept cup hopes alive for the second string with a double blast his big bro would have been proud of.

United had to fight back from behind though to do it after Hartlepool hit back from a goal down.

Back in July, Toon fans chanted "If Shola scores we're on the pitch" at Victoria Park but at the same Rink End that Shola fluffed a great chance, the younger brother of the man with 48 goals for United burst the net twice.

To be fair this isn't an article building up young Sammy with the lad barely out of school but on a day of gloom it was good for true Geordies to see that there is a little bit of hope coming through the ranks at the football club for whoever is manager in the long term and whoever owns the club at the end of this painful period.

Whether the brothers play at first team level in the future, who knows?

But it was a night that at least young gun Ameobi will never forget.

Two goals in two Premier League games for Shola is one thing but if he wants to stay in the headlines perhaps tomorrow against West Brom represents a good chance to do it.


James 09 said:

Shola is the kind of player that really reflects our position - useless.

The WB games really is fast looking like our last change to have a fighting chance of staying up (yes we are eye-ball deep in a "proper" relegation battle) going into the new year.

Grow a pair Joe and drop Butt - he's rubbish and has been living off his Man U reputation for a good couple of seasons now. Why isn't Zog in this team? We are in desperate need of drive and creativity not useless graft from the "Duffer".

And Joe your sounding as deluded as Fat Sam if you think there is "no chance" we will go down. If this plonker (it took him how long to introduce Barton and Jonas against the Mackems?) actually thinks that - shove off now and take Fat Mike et al with you.

ronnie lambert said:

Oh SammyAmeobi, Oh SammyAmeobi..... a name made in heaven for press and fan chants alike. Here's hoping the kid makes it.

Andrew Davis said:

I agree that shola is not the best but i for one have seen a dramatic improvement in his play and he is scoring goals...

I think he will score again tonight and its great for him now that he has a manager who believes in him for a change.

I do believe that Zoggy should play and i like Butt as well and its a tough decision.

We will have a strong team tonight and a win is a must.

JK has to get it right and i agree with some previous comments as not bring on Jonas, Barton, Enrique until the game was nearly up was strange and plain daft.

Win, win, win, win tonight lads.


Ned of the Fleet said:

God, we need a proper manager, whatever the outcome tonight.

I'm beginning to think that Keegan shouldn't have objected to Ashley wanting to sell various members of the team. I can see his point in wanting to strengthen not deplete an already small squad, but it might have forced his hand to buy some decent players. Probably not, when you consider what Cash's gameplan has been all along.

I'd put Ranger on the bench tonight and when Amoebi fails to deliver, stick him on. He's keen, like Carroll, but he's fitter, hungrier and more talented.

Restless Native said:

Why are comments being censored?

And don't say it must've been rejected. I posted twice and it was accepted the second time.

So,why the censorship?


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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