A Bridge too far?

By Lee Ryder on Nov 20, 08 08:56 AM

Newcastle United may well be up against it in their trip to Chelsea and while some things in life aren't certain other things are pretty much nailed on.

You can make up your own mind about the result of the game which to many of us already looks ominous.

That's not just because Newcastle haven't won at the venue since 1986 in the days of Andy Thomas, Paul Stephenson and Peter Beardsley.

Recent visits to Stamford Bridge have been miserable for Toon fans.

Last season Newcastle ended a run of seven games without even scoring a goal at the place but instead they endured a last minute defeat with Salomon Kalou's clearly offside winner inflicting even more misery on the visitors.

The amount of money Toon fans have spent watching United at Stamford Bridge is nothing short of astronomical and for what?

A series of performances in which they have hardly even stepped up to the plate.

But what will happen for certain on Saturday is that Toon fans will turn up and sing their hearts out all of the way through.

Chelsea fans will be singing songs about how great Dennis Wise is.

Toon fans will respond.

United fans though would also like to see some battling spirit and it wouldn't go a miss when Newcastle step to the field against the Blues.

It's got to be time to show some fight away from home with no wins on the road in the bag so far.

And unless Newcastle do show some fight there's nothing else in store apart from the annual beating.


Paul Patterson said:

The team will mean well when they take to the field against Chelsea on Saturday, but this will count for nothing for one simple reason.

The side is not good enough,- in fact it can barely beat a poor but plucky, Wigan, it was on the rack against West Brom until time beat them, and it got battered for long periods against Fulham at Craven cottage, so what hope does it have against the Chelsea machine?

Absolutely Jack Ship!

Face facts- A side lives or dies with it's attack, the amount of times the Newcastle sides of the past have been bailed out by it's reliance on it's barrage of goals (Shearer and Bellamy springs instantly to mind) The current attack isn't covering it's defence very well. A good supply line and great firepower would have had Fulham and Wigan out of the game and most probably have sent a couple of other sides packing as well.

The Trial Begins. . . . . .

Shola Ameobi is a thick striker, not a clever one, he's slow, clumsy and has no skill or guile whatsoever. He reminds you of the kid in the corner at school, who looks over the clever kids shoulder and somehow gets a good mark in class, but when it comes to the big test day, hasn't a clue whatsoever how to get on.

Martins is similar in many ways, but gets away with things because he has pace and a good shot on him, but he isn't clever either. He is like the kid that has something about him, but you can't work out what and how best to get it out of him.

Michael Owen is the lad that knows enough, comes from a privilaged backround and looks around the room at all and sundry and wonders what the hell he has done to deserve the position he finds himself in, so as a consequence doesn't turn up to class and lets others get on with it most of the time.

Mark Viduka is the kid who never turns up to school, but whenever he does actually says some relevant stuff and gets good work in.

God knows what we are to do with this lot, a complete clear out is needed IF we survive relegation.

Class Dismissed!!!!


keith said:

I used to enjoy reading this column but sadly taht has changed. It is nothing more than a moaning ground for the non-believers and fake geordies. Who cares if we loose at Chelsea, weve been doing it for 10 years. Its 3 points we never put in the bank anyway.
Lets get back to what Geordies are good at. Supporting our team through thick and thin !!!
You run the danger of becoming Lee "moaning minnie" Ryder
Go on the mags

Lee Ryder Author Profile Pagesaid:

Hardly, Keith. But maybe you have a point, OK everything is going really well and we'll win 5-0. Or then again...

Dr No said:

the captcha thing is like viduka...
It doesnt work!

Dr No said:

Our team will be fearing chelsea and the hiding they're likely to give us. JK rowling can say all he wants about confidence but enrique will be terrified after his recent performances and against good opposition he'll be torn apart.
Anyway wasnt enriques nick name in Spain 'the bull'? or is it lost in translation and should be 'the bulls***'?

I cant see anything more than a pasting and whoever on jeff stellings show is covering the game will have a busy after noon. I'd like to predict even a draw but can't.

Suppose wise will be there adding insult to injury. Wonder which load of tosh he'll have us buy in january? Id like to know the big announcement thats heading our way after the game but reckon theres no truth in that, just another pr thing.

Why do we keep viduka on? hes past it and constantly ill. He's just getting 'fit' in time for his contract to be negotiated, hopefully it wont.

Alex said:

Sorry to post this here, but I have just read that Kinnear is too meet with Ahley to TELL him who his transfer targets are for January??!!!!

Isn't this what caused all of the problems in the first place? That Ashley had put Wise in charge of player recruitment??

So, has the situation changed? Has Ashley realised that his chosen system DOESN'T work? Or have all our fears and suspicions been proven: that Wise was simply on an ego trip and liked the thought of lording it over Kevin Keegan and Ashley was stupid enough to let him??


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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