Kinnear is the future for Newcastle United (well for now)

By Lee Ryder on Nov 28, 08 10:52 AM

It may not be the news that Newcastle United fans were looking for but at least the future (well until the end of the season) is a little clearer following the full-time appoinment of Joe Kinnear.

Most Newcastle fans don't blame Kinnear for what the mess that has unfolded at St James's Park this season.

And although Mike Ashley tried to get Kevin Keegan to come back just hours before the protest game against Hull City, the longer things dragged on - the less likely a return seemed to be.

Takeover hopes also appear to be fading fast and doubts whether interested parties were really that serious kicked in some time ago.

The club is still for sale.

But the full-time managerial appointment until the end of the season of Kinnear is sensible.

For a start, it stops questions and eases the sense of uncertainty in the dressing room.

On the pitch, it's got to be a plus - after all to leave players feeling uncertain of their futures is surely going to have an adverse affect on what happens on the pitch.

We've already witnessed somewhat of a siege mentality at St James's Park under Kinnear and in many ways he's won the job.

He had to prove he could still cut the cloth in the Premier League after a long absence.

And it would have caused an uproar had Newcastle appointed Kinnear full-time in September wouldn't it?

At that time, the departure of Keegan had left everybody feeling raw and deeply let down.

But with Keegan so reluctant to come back with Dennis Wise at the club and Ashley reluctant to get rid of the former Chelsea man - even though he asked KK to come back - it had turned into an impossible and messy situation.

A mess that Kinnear has at least sorted out to an extent - but the club is still in the bottom three.

Now of course but if the club isn't going to be sold, then surely to preserve the top flight status of United, it's a must to get Michael Owen and other senior stars signed up.

Oh and by the way there is the small matter of Newcastle United's trip to Middlesbrough tomorrow.

Never a better time for Kinnear to celebrate getting the job on a full-time basis than with a victory.



Ronnie Chip-Pan said:

So for betting purposes if I have bet on him to be next PERMANENT MANAGER is it time to collect or is he still classed as temporary???

Had Enough said:

Predictably, Mike Ashley is continuing to ruin club and along with Derek Llambias and Dennis Wise is hiding behind their contradictary, mind changing mouthpiece Joe Kinnear. (I'm only here for 6 games, the club is almost sold blah blah blah!)

THe present "trickle" of fans who are presently boycotting the club will turn into a full scale walkout.
When this happens half of me will be gutted for Newcastle United, whilst the other half will be full of glee watching Ashley losing money and getting his just desserts.

Me, I've had enough and am longer setting foot inside St James until the cockney parasite and his crew have gone. After putting up with the likes of McKeag Jnr and Snr, Lord Westwood and Shephard, this is one dodgy geezer too many for my liking.

Fidgeter said:

Its time for Ashley to prove that he is a man and not a coward.
He's got to stand up and issue a statement of intent, he can't hide and sulk anymore.
It's time for him to let us fans know what the crack is and where we and the club stand.

Maybe its about time that the Newcastle local media put pressure on the man to do this.

stuart said:

Totally agree Fidgeter,

If Ashley was to come out and say sorry lets start again and move the club forward i think it'll be for the best. He must spend money in Jan or were in serious trouble

Robert Rutherford said:

If Mike Ashley is not prepared to buy new players in January and offer new contracts to the players who have contracts coming to an end ,he might as well accept any offer he has on the table at this momentin time as the club will be worth very little when he sells it.
If Mr Ashley is such an astute businessman I would have thought the penny would have dropped by now why the crowds are are gettimg smaller by the week. Football clubs are about people and communities isnt it time for all this nonsense to stop and admit on both sides mistakes have been made and lets all look to a brighter football future where Mr Ashley and the supporters can be proud of their club

John Wallsend said:

Good luck to Joe, hope the 3 "Wise" Men look after him. Just read Duff is injured, hope its for the rest of the Season we are better of without him. Bring on Charles N'Zogbia he runs at and scares defenders. Owen to Go? cant miss what we never had.

John Wallsend said:

Good luck to Joe, hope the 3 "Wise" Men look after him. Just read Duff is injured, hope its for the rest of the Season we are better of without him. Bring on Charles N'Zogbia he runs at and scares defenders. Owen to Go? cant miss what we never had.

Jack said:

If by chance you are trying to keep your finger on the pulse of the natives Joe and are currently reading these entries, then I speak in terms I hope you understand. Just facking keep us up. Never mind the rest. Pardon my French.

Nat King Cole said:

Well done and good luck Joe. I'm warming to his style and belief, and also think the two defeats (Fulham and Sunderland) were fairly unlucky. Is this a Sir Bobby mark 2??

Reckon a midfield of Zoggy (if no Duff), Spiderman, Butty and Gutherie will be too strong for the Teesiders tomw but need Owen and Oba to shoot at will!

wolfman said:

I dont blame joe for any of the current mess we're in, he's doing his best!

It would seem ashley or one of his other mouth pieces are using him the same as kk. Keegan used to drip feed info through the media about transfers etc that ultimately weren't true.
If joe expects 4 new players from ashley, id like to bet he doesnt get them. It'll be a case of 1 in and 1 out. We wouldnt want ashley to spend any money now would we.

We need new players, kk told him we needed more and this has been proved right but until we get some decent players with PL experience and not some spanish nobody I dont hold much faith. I'll believe it when i see it. You're fighting a losing battle joe. Ashley will give you a load of pony then when the time comes to collect you wont be able to get hold of him!

If we renew cacapas contract we're in a world of hate, he really is getting money for old rope. Infact id prefer a bit of old rope in defence over cacapa - it'll run faster!

Al Jardine said:

So the Nov 22 'big' announcement goes the same way as the 'big' summer signing. 'Big' deal. Now shove off, Ashley. Good luck, Joe - you're going to need it.

RAF Mark said:

Well I think today just proved what we all suspected in Joe K Ashley has got him self another puppet and we still havn't got a manager. How JK took of MArtins today and let owen on is beyond me. Owen has proven that he has lost the striker spirt it he had, lets face it he ain interested especially some of the goals he managed to miss over the last few matches, chances premier strikers would have put away. He was rubbish again today and still JK took of Martins...cant blame him for walking down the tunnel. I am left with the feeling that JK is in the same elk as wise and ashley, force the players out and sell the club in the cheap. PLEASE someone come in and rescue our club from the idiots and fools. Ashley didnt own a club before for a good reason, JK was not in a job for a good reason...whey never had a day and never will. In short get it sorted now or we are done for as we are routed to the bottom unless we get martins and he big man back as a pair. Owens has lost the plot and the aussie had onviously ate all the pies.

bonnielad said:

I know that joe thinks it is essential that united retain owen but to take off oba at a time when he was the only one likely to score against boro and keep on owen who hadn't touched the ball all game seems to be a poor move.jonas did very little as did nzogbia no thrust or service from the midfield and a lot of poor passing via enriques resulted in a sub par performance from the lads


Lee Ryder

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