Kinnear shouldn't pay too much attention to pitch invader

By Lee Ryder on Nov 17, 08 08:21 AM

The last time a pitch invader got as close to the dugout as that skinhead did at St James's Park on Saturday it was to get on his hands and knees and worship Kevin Keegan.

That day the bloke was guided away by stewards but left the ground peacefully and happy with his side cruising against Manchester United in the famous 5-0 win.

Without harping on about the good old days it was a case of how times have changed.

This time the fan was furious and let rip at Joe Kinnear, but it was clear that the Toon supporter got it wrong on this occasion even though the performance was at that stage pretty dreadful.

The incident was at a time when United were a goal down and just before Kinnear's two tactical switches led to Michael Owen equalising and then Charles N'Zogbia laying on what should have been the winner for Oba Martins.

Not for a moment am I suggesting Kinnear is a tactical genius but certainly, Kinnear doesn't deserve to be on the end of stick like that.

For a start he is the only the man who wanted to take on the job and the only man who had the bottle to do it.

You have to ask where would Newcastle be without him?

Kinnear has picked up nine points so far and while it's hardly Champions League qualification form, the Magpies would be stranded at the bottom without them.

Talk of a sale continues to hang over the Mags but Kinnear has simply kept going with limited resources and injury problems.

He will know deep down that more stick will probably be coming his way with a daunting trip to Chelsea coming up and then a trip to Teesside to take on Boro.

Without being a gloom merchant, there's a good chance we won't pick up anything until the next home game with Stoke and judging by the Wigan game there is no guarantee of beating that lot either.

Yet these are the circumstances that Kinnear seems to revel being in.

And with others responsible for the current mess at Newcastle, surely frustrations need to be directed away from Kinnear and the playing staff during what is likely to be the biggest fight yet for United to keep their top flight place.

Kinnear isn't bulletproof but while he is picking up points, the team is scoring goals and battling hard during matches, hopefully we won't see too many more pitch invaders.



Bill said:

Lee, I agree, JK does not deserve the stick from the fans but are you sure the protest was aimed at JK? Could it not have been directed at "Geordie" Bruce for his cynical time wasting, injury feigning tactics?

As regards the next three games. O pts agst Chelsea, 4 out of 6 from the smogs and Stoke, if not 6. However, MO must start in all these games, Zog to have a role which should happen with Barton out and hopefully Taylor will be fit. What is evident is that we need fresh blood in the January sales. If the sale of the club doesn't go ahead how likely is this?

Ross said:

Terry, ive it a rest. It's because of fans like you that we are in the position we are in. Ameobi may not be the best footballer in the world, but he has been MOM in three of the matches he has started, and is at least putting himself about. Dont forget it was his shot that was spilled by the keeper, that led to Owens goal - I dont see how that contitutes crap build up play.
Either get behind the team, or dont bother coming.

Ivor Clark said:

Toon have been deteriorating for the last 3 seasons,(league positions dont lie) whilst other clubs have improved outside of the "big 4". The differences between bottom and 5th in the PL are so small now,as evidenced by the current PL standings. Toon could very easily go down this time, but it wont be JK's fault.Just too many bad decisions by previous managements have left him with this mismash of players and terrible uncertainty over the current club sale. I think he is doing the best anyone could expect under the circumstances. At least we are scoring goals, which can be a major factor come end of season. Personally would like to see a 343 formation with Taylor RCB and Bassong LCB, Guiterrez RWH and Nzog LWH,Butt plus either Guthrie or Geremi as defensive midfield. Then Owen just behind Ameobi and Martins.Probably our best 11 with Given in goal. Duff as cover for Nzog/Guiterrez. Solves problem of poor RB/LB position. Get two decent full backs in January,and an attacking midfielder as a minimum to give squad a boost. Might just squeak a draw at Chelski -unpredictable as the Stoke and Smoggies games now!.....

Ken Wilkinson said:

We lost three points against the Mackems; three against Fulham and two against a TEN MAN Wigan. WIGAN! In all three games, our midfield, particularly those in the centre were completely outplayed or bypassed. If Souness had been manager I know who'd you be blaming.

ian said:

Have to agree with Ken, we've been down this 'not doing too bad' road with Roeder and that went nowhere.Some shocking performances in the last few games only tempered by a great display against Villa (the last time Jonas did anything useful funnily enough)so I can't see the point of keeping building up JK. In answer to your main question Lee, I don't think we'd be worse off if it were some other manager. KK left a decent,progressing team,Hughton absolutely no clue (but not a manager).Any ex manager with a video recorder could have shown the fragile little cherubs where they were/are going wrong. Terry might have been a bit over the top with Ameobi but entitled to his opinion Ross and let's face it, every time he's gotten into the side over the years he has a few good games and then goes back into his 'I've made it' frame of mind and may as well be dropped for the time being.Can't understand the N'Zogbia situation as he's the only one bar Oba willing to take players on positively ( old 'Byname' can take them on but usually running the opposite way to where we want him to).It doesn't auger well for the rest of this year and unless the ante is raised, and the fans step up the campaign to make Ashley sell, next year will not get any better I fear

Andrew said:

The club is ran by a non-existent chairman and his pals. Our "messiah", Keegan, left us completely in the lurch and that's not anybody elses doing but KKs. If he came back, I'd be disgusted. JFK has actually come in and done a half decent job, just as good as KK was doing. What do you idiots want? Aye, it was a shoddy performance in the first half, but to blame Shola is ridiculous. The lad can do no good. If Andy Carroll turns out to be as good as Shola, everybody will love him. Make what you will of that. The reason people "build up" JFK is coz the team is decent but lacks the most important thing in football... confidence. And you know who I put a major percentage of the blame on? that vocal minority. The d!ckheads that boo at half time. The @rseholes that boo Shola & Alan Smith against Hartlepool in preseason. People like that skinhead who ran on the pitch and makes the rest of Geordie nation look as stupid as him.

Here's a unique idea... how about we simply... get behind the team. Like we're supposed to? Or should we carry on in the vicious, vicious cycle and make it SO easy for the cockney-centric media to take the p!ss?

Ben said:

To Have a go at JFK is hugely unfair as he is giving it his best shot and nobody else wanted the job!!.

BUt I have to say I hope he does not get the job full time, as he doesn`t have the credentials to take the club any further, But lets be honest it doesn`t really matter who is in charge of the team whilst our club is under the control of the Men down south, There silence is defening and show`s what a sham we are at the mo, we are about to lose our best player(and who can blame him)for pennies and our current manager doesn`t no if he is allowed to talk to him about a new deal, The club is in a bad, bad way and I would like to see the local press actually try to pressure the board into telling us exactly what the hell is going on!!!

me said:

i'll have tou no that baldy headed supporter was my relation,and i say go on steven gordon, if newcastle have a no1 supporter it's him, he's been attending matches home and away since he was a little boy and supported the team like a proper geordie fan should if he felt as though it was right to give jk a piece of his mind then am behind him, just a shame he did'nt give hime a piece of his hand lol.

Brian Whitfield said:

Hi Lee,
Just sittng here fantasizing. Have you ever heard of a Canadian gentleman called Jim Balsille??.........Now before everyone starts wondering what position he plays..........he doesn't. What he does do though is that he is one of the driving forces behind RIM (the people who make the Blackberry). He is also very, very passionate about the game of Ice Hockey. So much so in fact that he has repeatedly moved to buy NHL teams.Moves that have so far been thwarted by the league govenors (other team owners) who cringe at the notion that there might be another succesful Canadian Hockey team.Mostly American they would rather see Hockey hotbeds like Nashville get a team.
To cut a long story short. I suspect that Balsille is just plain passionate about sports whether this includes football or not remains to be seen. However if the man was made aware that a team like Newcastle United was up for sale, I'm sure he would take more than a second glance. Jim has the reputation as being a very astute business man, he would be very quick to see through all of the smoke and mirrors surrounding the club right now.
Not afraid of a challenge either, the prospects of packing 50,000+ into every home game would be very tantallising. Jim would provide the product to do that too. In all likelyhood he would hunt out the people who really know the game to put the club back on it's feet. With considerable resources at his diposal the silverware would at last come back to St.James where they belong.
If someone like Abramovich can do it with Chelsea??........I know, I know what you are thinking that I've been smoking the curtains and that none of this is ever likely to happen. What a deliciously mouth watering notion it would be though. To have someone like Balsille own the club.

me2 said:

To me,you must be so proud of your relative???It's people like him that make us real Geordies look like idiots.

Pete said:

To be honest I thought it was you Lee. I thought you'd cracked under the pressure of writing about another poor performance

gary bellerby said:

with regards to the joe kinnear accepting the job, yes he was the only one to offer himself, not for our good but for his own, 20k per week, bit better than dole money ,he wants to get back into football, yes , but any manager worth their salt, would not work under thoose conditions with the wise monkey involved picking players, xisco was one of the wise guys picks, he cannot make the bench.jk took the job for himself not for the sake of newcastle united dont forget it,with regards to the supporter running on the pitch, when i was at sunderland away game i felt like running onto the pitch myself, 2-1 down, 6 minutes or so to go and we bring enrique on you have to ask yourself is he a mackem in disguise, the sooner wise ashly and jk go the better for us all.

Tad Caster said:

His best shot? Oh, Lord... What do we 'idiots' want. Well, someone who has enough nous to play three strikers and put one of them in a forward midfield position. Someone who doesn't rely on two central midfielders playing esentially the same role. Someone... Listen, I'm a loyal fan and I love my club, but I'm not so blinded by loyalty to sit back an accept dross like that served up on Saturday and not be critical. You want to sit with your head in the sand, good luck to you.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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