Crisis? What crisis?

By Lee Ryder on Dec 15, 08 09:42 AM

Newcastle United are still far from Premier League safety this season but if ever there was time for a top notch away performance then it had to be away to Pompey.

Relegation fears were eased at Fratton Park and amazingly with the tight nature of the top flight this season another win against Spurs at home this weekend and suddenly fans and players alike can start to think about higher ambitions.

Newcastle's away form this season hadn't yielded a win before the long haul visit to Fratton Park but thanks to some creditable draws on the road this term, things aren't looking nowhere near as bad as they were seven days ago.

Perhaps the key when it comes to supporting Newcastle United is not to get to carried away with lows and not to get too carried away with the highs.

Easier said than done for me but for as long I can remember hysteria has always surrounded Newcastle United and St James's Park.

Firstly because anybody with black and white blood running through their veins, and I class myself in that category, cares deeply about their team enough to think about it for long periods of the day.

Secondly because the focal point of the city is Newcastle United and how the team is doing, on Tyneside you probably get too much stick when the team doesn't perform well compared to teams elsewhere in the country.

Other places, your Southamptons and Readings of the world, Saturday is football day and the scarf is hung up after home games by most and then picked up again a fortnight later.

We don't roll like that round here though and when the team does well the praise is often higher than anywhere else as well.

When it comes to passion, Geordies are the champions of the world for it.

And the Geordie nation loves to see their side play with an equal amount of it when they are carrying the hopes and dreams of the Tyneside public.

Perhaps the penny dropped with United as a team at Fratton Park.

Repeat that sort of performance level and Newcastle will certainly win more games than they lose.

As Michael Owen said get back into the top half in time for the new year and it will be case of what was all the fuss about.



david macbeth said:

One swallow a summer does not make....Sure we played well but against a team that are clearly lacking in confidence since the departure of Harry to Spurs. We are looking tighter at the back and Oba really looks up for it. If we can keep our players and maybe add a little creativity in midfield there is no way we will go down and maybe hit the heights of the top ten. We long suffering fans just have to accept that this is our rightful place now not the heady heights of Keegan part one and Sir Bobby's tenure. But well done The Toon the trip was long but worth it.

Jonnie said:

Lee, Great Result, no doubt about that.
We're still in bad times though. Not necessarily on the pitch because that's going rather well right now but lets look at todays game.

Today I was hopeful not expectant that we would pick up 3 points against Pompey today. When the game started we were up against it, because Pompey started bright, organised and were a constant threat in attack.

Having said that our defense are playing better than I have ever seen them in the premier league. Collocini and Bassong have a definite understanding in central defence; we all know Beye is quality and even Enrique had a decent game today and nearly got a goal of his own.

Clearly we frustrated them in defense, they couldn't break through. Pompey had more possession and looked more threatening, yet we had the better chances.

Second half: What an improvement. We had just as big an impact on the game as Pompey did. Yet even at 1-0 the nerves were still there.

Thank God for the lads out there because they have nerves of steel and they kept working all game.

The fact is though we remain at the wrong end of the table and we've dropped a lot of points. We work hard for our points but because of our position we're still the underdogs and no-one expects us to get the wins that we do.

We've got a long way to go before we get rid of those demons and we're considered one of the strongest teams in the prem once more.

What do you think?

flyboy said:

wonderful result!! was in manchester on sat but couldn't make the trip down to pompey to see my newcastle!!]
rock on!!

Ron Lambert said:

Glen Atkinson, so it's Mister Ashley and Mister Wise now is it? One swallow makes a summer now eh? Hope you enjoy your beer and pies at half time mate.

al jardine said:

There's nobody as fickle as a football fan. You should know that by now.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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