Nightmare at the JJB Stadium part 5

By Lee Ryder on Dec 27, 08 11:21 AM

It's a shame that Wigan and that Heinz factory down the road from the JJB Stadium has yet to rub off on Ryan Taylor.

For if variety is meant to be the spice of life, and the good folk of Wigan do have 57 to choose from, then why does Taylor keep on saving his best work when he faces Newcastle United - there are plenty of other teams to score against!

Taylor has netted six goals in his career with four of them coming against Newcastle United and showing black and white shirts to the Scouse Wigan star seems to be like showing red rag to a bull.

I mean come on, this is now well on the road to Matthew Le Tissier country now!

Back in the day Le Tiss took his frustrations out on Newcastle on a frequent basis home and away before marrying Marilyn out of Home and Away, and Taylor - has already become a serial menace to the Toon.

I remember Sir Bobby Robson going spare about the hype surrounding Dennis Bergkamp's wonder goal at Gallowgate when he spun off the Toon defence and calmly stroked home.

Sir Bob, when rattled after journalists overloaded him with Bergkamp questions, snapped: "Does he do it every week, does he?"

The answer, despite Bergkamp's brilliance in the Premier League, is actually no.

Just like it is for Taylor who also doesn't do it every week, he just simply saves it for the Geordies!

It wasn't the only bit of deja vu for Toon fans either, five visits to Wigan=five defeats.

Our second on Boxing Day in two years and up until the last five minutes it was pretty dire from United.

Sebastien Bassong's red card didn't help matters but if Mike Dean had have done his job properly and stopped play when the linesman flagged it might have had a different outcome - they were both at it, Heskey was also all over Bassong before he took advantage of the kid's experience or lack of it in this case.

But skimming over the game, it was a stupid free-kick to concede for Taylor's opener.

The ugly tackle from Cattermole could have warranted a red card.

And while it could have been different over the penalty award, Zaki made no mistake from the spot.

With Beye taken out the game, Enrique injured in the warm up and then Viduka hobbling off to the howls of the travelling fans - it was inevitable some people would head for the exits.

But this is Newcastle remember?

And the sense of injustice probably led to Andy Carroll winning a penalty which Danny Guthrie made no mistake in scoring.

Then the inconsistent performance of Dean resulted in him missing a potential second penalty offence on Carroll before he booked the big striker and Damien Duff still had time to miss from close range.

Well done Mr Dean, we all respect referees even more now right?

Wrong. You have to earn respect and sadly I can count the amount of good referees in the game on one hand and half of them have retired.

So, from one mini crisis to another?

Well as already said this is Newcastle United.

But surely a patched up team with hardly any defenders or strikers can't beat the mighty Liverpool can they?


JT said:

Got mugged off as JK would say. However with only 2 shots on target all day just proves we arent creative enough. Poor charlie Z is as poor at left back as enrique.Another injury too old man Viduka speaks volumes about his worthyness for another contract and our best defender Beye sidelined.A tough winter lies ahead but these are games for the taking and damage limitation against liverpool is a must.The january transfer sales are nearly here but is JK a good enough attraction as KK even if they are both hasbeen managers. Another mugging off is on the cards i think Lee

Snapper said:

How has the thug Cattermole escaped censure, after his SECOND horror tackle results in another long layoff for a Toon player, it seems like this brainless wonder has been listening to the other Mensa challenged and Newcastle hater Bernie Slaven.

Bill said:

Spot on Lee. A very poor performance from a referee helped towards to another defeat at Wigan. Why Cattermole wasn't red cared is beyond me - remember he also "did" Barton at SJP. He sends off Bassong - wrongly in my opinion - yet doesn't send off the Wigan keeper.

As for Carroll's dive - TV replays clearly showed it was not and would have been another penalty but for this official. Video technology/extra officials lobby - I am part of it - was enhanced by Dean's performance.

Agst Liverpool? We need to play for a draw. Injuries most recent and old mean we are down to bare metal agst Liverpool. A honourable defeat is perhaps our best hope.

hadrian said:

millions of pounds at stake in the premier league , and we still put matchdays in the hands of idiots .
its 2009 nearly for gods sake , and the biggest sport in the world is still ruined week after week by bad refs .
no one man should be responsible for a matches outcome , and to not involve video replays in the sport when they are availible to managers and fans seconds after the incident .. it almost seems criminal .

there is no reason in the world you can give to to justify still using semi retired gentleman as refs in the modern game , and the argument that it will take something from the game by getting rid of ref's is pathetic , there should be no room for human error in the modern game , especially from the officals .

respect the ref ? they have to be joking .

john said:

Dean is the Mr Bean of the Referee.s CIRCUS.Dreadful preformance.

maltoon said:

dont blame the ref, toon a joke on boxing day yet again.. when will we have the team we deserve. please fat ash splash the cash


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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