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By Lee Ryder on Jan 30, 09 07:51 AM

They say in football that you should never keep hold of an unhappy player - and the fact that Charles N'Zogbia is one of the biggest miseries in the game means that Newcastle United should surely cash in on the new undisputed Incredible Sulk of St James's Park.

We've lost count of the amount of times he's cried to the French media about wanting to get away from Tyneside which is quite a turnaround after he told the Chronicle after the 3-0 win at Pompey in December how happy he was at the club!

And also quite amazing that the serial media interview dodger comes running to the Press when he wants something after countless snubs down during the "good old days" when he had a couple of good games.

We've had them all down the years Dyer, Jenas, Bellamy, Robert, Boumsong and a host of others and all of them would have been world class players

But N'Zogbia's behaviour during the month of January has been nothing short of a disgrace.

To get upset because somebody gets your name wrong is beyond belief, after all Sir Bobby Robson did call Shola Ameobi by the name of Carl Cort once upon time!

His attempts to get Toon fans to sympathise with him over the fact that Joe Kinnear got his name wrong are laughable.

Especially given his efforts on the field of play in the last month or so.

Any respect for Zoggy probably went out of the window all together after the training ground fight with Andy Carroll when it the pair had to be seperated THREE times before finally accepting that you can't just belt the c*** out of each other at a professional club.

Sadly, the talented winger could leave Tyneside after failing to live up to his high standards.

And the fact he's prepared to move to Wigan instead sums it all up.

He might almost be gone but he'll soon be forgotten.



Dave Emmerson said:

One of the biggest waste of space, Im sure 90% of Newcastle Fans would be willing to drive him down to Wigan just to get rid of him

dayle said:

This is the type of player that unsettles a clubs structure. What a joke I like the way we want to rebuild with youth and a willingness, to get players in that want to play (even though this will take time about 5 years)....this INSOMNIA fellow only ticks the youth box forget any of the other boxes.

Im next in line after carrol.

supertrooper said:

He is a disgrace to the shirt! But i am more concerned with the rubbish signings we are looking to make like Nolan. Nolan is a poor mans Bullard. We need to sell nzogbia quickly so that the money can be used to strenghten the team.

BrandonBlock said:

supertrooper give over, id take any new signings at the moment. you know what you're going to get with nolan, he puts a shift in and drives forward and thats what we need right now. yeah, hes not a world beater but i find it unbelievable that your complaining.

jamesy said:

as freddy shepard would of said.... i'd give him a piggy back there myself!

Pedi said:

Spot on BrandonBlock, we're so short on players the tea lady is on the bench sunday. Nolan may not be a modric/moutinho but he's better than geremi/butt. I fear it maybe too little too late.
Jk said nolan was top of his jan transfer list???? what about mbia/ebonda then joe? I reckon taylor would do us a job aswell, again not a glamour signing but someone that will put a shift in. I'd prefer to sign english prem lge experienced players that know what to expect not some foreigner that is attracted by 'The Premier League'.

If given has handed in a transfer request, can't we refuse to accept it like boro did with downing, atleast until the end of the season?
We still need another striker, offload viduka - he'll never play again!

Dave Robson said:

Zog needs to be shipped out asap.
Nolan will be better than havin Butt in midfield a lot more mobile, will give 100%, even ryan taylor will be an ok signing, would like for us to had a go at fetching giles barnes here, would have give us some much needed guile in midfield as well.
all this said i think we still have left all this too late, this should had been left to KK at the end of last may to deal with, then we might have not been in such a perilous position.
Having watch Steve Bruce been interviewed on skysports, this bloke has improved year on year, and would definatly be the bloke to take us forward but not under the current regime.

Toongaz said:

At last some movement in the transfer market.
Know we need to have a busty 3 days and get a load more in.
Kevin Nolan should be a quality passionate midfielder and a snip at £4m.
Ryan Taylor will add depth to our defense and at a reported £1.5m a bargain.
Given is set for Mancity - we should insist on an exchange for Onuaha, Richards and Johnson - lets face it hes worth it. The best keeper in the premiership for years - at least stevie harper will get a well deserved chance and i reckon he could be the england keeper by the end of the season.
Sell Nzogbia - if we can get near to the £6m valuation then rip the buyers arm off.
If we get rid of Geremi all the better.
Get Saviola in on loan and even see if Barcelona will let us take Gudjohnson till the end of the season.
That should leave us breaking even. Which should also leave us with a £10m transfer kitty unused. Hopefully thats still there and Ashleys not trying to break even or make a profit like the rest of the transfer window.
The money should be used on -
Christopher Berra - young hearts captain and scottish defender. £2,5m
Lewis Mcgugan - Young forrest midfielder. £2.5m
Owen Garvan - Young Ipswich midfielder - 2m
Christopher Eagles - Burnley creative midfielder - seen him against prem clubs this season and he always looks dangerous. -£3m.

Strength and depth and young quality players.

Should be enough to get us up the table and to safety - next season get a TOP class manager and Ashley should either give us funds or sell up, get rid of wise and bring some reality back to the club.

Finally good luck to lee clark at huddesfield - a future geordie toon manager in the making hopefully.

And Andy Carroll the next Geordie legend - get us a hatrick against the mackems big fella.

ron lambert said:

Good riddance Zog. I agree with Peddi that we should hold on to Given until summer rather than take the derisory 5 million, unless of course that a decent buy might result from the money. It might be too late to spend it actually, so big deal if it miffs Shay until summer. Actually, come to think about it, it does seem a little selfish him slapping in a transfer request in our darkest hour. I thought he loved the Toon and it's supporters. Surely waiting until summer isn't such a big ask when we need every walking wounded. Harper could play forward if this nightmare continues, he almost scored a header in a uefa game 2 yrs. ago. On a good note, I'm delighted with Nolan, exactly what we need at this moment in time, blood and guts in the same mould as macho-man Shearer.

Mexicola said:

"A BUSTY 3 days in the transfer market"?!? Well, I guess we could use a little more up front Toongaz...

Doubt City would swap or even sell Richards to anyone. Why would they? He is a young, fast, strong, quality £10M+ defender and they don't exactly need to money. Onuaha or Johnson would be more likely, although would they want to come? Johnson maybe, but then we just bought Nolan...

Good shout from Dave Robson regards Giles Barnes. Sadly it looks like Fulham are in talks to take him on loan. I'd get on the phone quick if he's up for a loan. Could be excellent value.

Taylor is actually a handy player, and if nothing else it stops him knocking in another 17 free-kicks each time we play Wigan.

Finally, I just heard Lee Ryder on BBC5 suggesting Given should get a testimonial at Newcastle. Personally, I'd go along with that. Can't see it happening any time soon though.

As for Insomnia-gate - Zoggy is an idiot kid with a prat for an agent. If he was half as good as he thinks he is we would be getting £6-7M for him. Sadly, he is merely "very good" and will end up at Wigan or some such backwater. Hope he likes the "famous" Wigan Pies.... Idiot.

Jack said:

Untill now, Nfshoghrea (don't hit me, don't hit me, sorry big man, honest mistake) N'zogbia has done everything bar refusing to play for the club to engineer a move away, so this isn't realy a supprise. It is a great shame we are not in the position to let him rott in the reserves. Sadley, we are probly now in the position where we should looking at players to get us out of the championship next year rather than trying to passify these eccentric flair wingmen. What we need is a few honest workmen to take it in turns getting sent off and knocking it sideways. Players in the mold of Butt, Barton, Guth... whats that Noland .... hes signed has he ... and what... Ryan Taylor.... another mercucial talent to lay claim to the vacent Ginola berth on the left. I don't know what I was worried about. I always knew Mike Ashley would come up with the WOW signings in the end.

Oh and by the way with regards to latest bombshell uncovered that the owner is struggling to pay the wages, lay the pitch, patronise the tea ladys etc. Its not exactly news that can't run a football club.



dugeza said:

well all a can say, is no wunda no body likes the french lol,hell be mist ,,,,,,who w on aboot agian

Stephen Buchan said:

I'll be happy when Insomnia has left the club just wish it had been a couple of years ago when he sulked at Watford on the last day of the season!

As for signings I was setting to the stage where Coleen Nolan would have done let alone Kevin.

But as happy as I am with Nolan & Taylor it is nowhere near as many players as we need considering Insomnia & given are on there way & ijuries to key players. We need a part ex deal for Given rather tha the cash which i can see being absorbed much like the Milner cash.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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