Blog on the Tyne at the match

By Lee Ryder on Jan 28, 09 12:56 PM

Another defeat for Newcastle United, and Blog on the Tyne was at Eastlands to bring you regular updates from the game.

The Toon went down 2-1 after stikes from Wright-Phillips and old boy Bellamy, with a goal from young gun Andy Carroll only a consolation.

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BrandonBlock said:

it has got so bad i have actually got a bet on city tonight, mearly so i can have a form of compensation when we loose.

pedi said:

Looks as though Given is going?! Great timing as always, near the end of the window,makes it harder to get anyone in!

That is to say whatever money we receive for him will be put into transfer cash?, will it??
You can't fault the guy, he gets more exercise going to pick the ball out of our net in a match than he ever does in training!

If newcastle were prepared to sell him, when city first bid they should've said he'll cost you £Xmil not drag it on this late and hope to strengthen the squad at the end of the window.

Tad Caster said:

What can you say? City have spent a shedload and are poor beyond belief but they still beat us. Barton was given the most important role in the game and he didn't show. If Jonas was fit enough to come on after 20-odd minutes, then he should've been on from the start and Coloccini should've been benched or in defence. As for bringing on Lua-Lua when he did... Well, kind of sums up JFK, doesn't it. Clueless - like his lord and master.

stevie said:

We need players by Sunday, or we could be in big trouble. Imagine what will happen if we are beaten. Possibly in the bottom three and beaten at home by Sunderland.

bonnielad said:

what a terrible 1st half against man city.not a lot better in 2nd.has J.K lost the plot with his selections geremi slower than me at 68. colocinni midfield? like a fish out of water.jonas appears as if he is just going through the motions.duff should have scored in 2nd half but duffed the last part of a good attack.barton should be captain unless he is on way out also gives his to beat the makkems this week or it championship football next year.what a big loss beye has been.howay the lads show some guts

geordieleazea said:

Is jonas banned for the derby does anybody know?

Sy said:

bonnielad's right, he's just said what I've been saying for weeks - the start of this plummet came when Habib Beye was injured. It's not rocket science from where I'm sitting that he was the leader of the back four and it was with him that we had our best defensive spell for ages.

Speaking of injuries, Sky Sports are saying that Barton's out for 10 weeks, Owen for six. That leaves us with defenders in midfield and midfielders up front...


james said:

The best signing we can make is a decent medical team, this seriously has to be a joke. There's no point paying for players if there all sitting in the treatment room. If we could keep players fit we would be in this situation.
Now that Owen is injured we may as well let him go. With old deep pockets there is no point keep him with such large wages if he's only fit half the time. May as well sell him and have a couple of decent players that fit available for selection.

Sam Phillips said:

Barton gives his all? You think so? He was terrible.

Ivor Clark said:

Well thats pretty much it now. Ashley is near broke. Toon just lost 2 more key players. Collicini in midfield ( where are our reserve players??) Appiah off to Tottenham ( where do they get their money?) NO new signings apart from Lovenwho ( cover for Nzog going)and Given on his way once Harps signed new contract.

I laff at the injuries Given and Nzog have!.

This all smacks of getting ready for the championship next season.

Give us a break....We ARE DOOMED......

Put the kids in now, give them the chance to play for the shirt......nuffin more to lose.....

ClivetheMag said:

No doubt we will hear the usual bleating about injuries. The balance of the squad is nowhere near being addressed. Last night we finished with 3 left wingers on the field a centre half playing central midfield no recognised right back and a rookie centre forward as the only recognised strker in sight.Wise and co have now had 2 whole transfer windows to put this right and failed miserably.We even hear talk of signing a replacement for Shay when the only good thing to come out of this should be that Harper is recognised for what he has been for ages -Ix6 Englands best keeper, and we have 2 good young uns for back up

ClivetheMag said:

No doubt we will hear the usual bleating about injuries. The balance of the squad is nowhere near being addressed. Last night we finished with 3 left wingers on the field a centre half playing central midfield no recognised right back and a rookie centre forward as the only recognised strker in sight.Wise and co have now had 2 whole transfer windows to put this right and failed miserably.We even hear talk of signing a replacement for Shay when the only good thing to come out of this should be that Harper is recognised for what he has been for ages -Ix6 Englands best keeper, and we have 2 good young uns for back up

kieran said:

I agree with Ivor Clarke relegation looks inevitable now we might as well get the kids in now they cant do any worse than this lot. Embrace the championship toon fans because the Premiership has become a complete farce.

Relton said:

The really sad thing is - on the strength of the matches this year - the Championship would be too much for us. Many of those teams are not far off PL quality - and lets face it - if we struggle against Hull, Fulham, Stoke and the mediocre sides of the PL - then the same will also be true in next years lower league. And I can see the same old emotions this year carrying over to next - only a little more desperate - and a little more frantic - and a whole lot more depressing.
This team has a losing habit, the club has a losing habit - and is unable to break it.
I've supported this team with my heart and souls through four decades - four cup finals - and all I got was a lousy goal from Alan Gowling. No woman ever broke my heart or hopes like this club.
I am dreading the week-end - I couldnt bear losing to them again this season.

Restless Native said:

Another transfer window draws to a close and, again, Dennis Wise has failed to do his job. In any business I've ever worked in, he'd have been turfed out after the last window. But no, we stick with him and the result is our squad is still paper thin.

Ashley won't / can't sell. Ashley won't spend. And JFK can neither motivate nor organise the players he's got anyway.

The ONLY way we can avoid relegation is if Ashley sees JFK for the inept, tactically-clueless, has-been / never-was that he is. We need a GREAT manager who can squeeze every ounce of commitment out of the squad we've got. Not one who whinges about everything, shouts at officials and blames everyone but himself.

If you're staying Ashley, then get a long-term manager in NOW and give them control. It's our last chance of staying up.

dessa said:

jokin ear said it all on Sky TV insomnia instead of N'Zogbia!

Dave B said:

Lee - I've cracked it, people change allegiance all the time. I should just change teams (kiddies do it all the time - how hard can it be?). I think I'll follow Real Madrid this week and perhaps Boca Juniors the next. I might even get around to buying a scarf for those lot Managed by that Glaswegian drunk, Salford Athletic is it?

The thing is I have this nagging doubt that us Geordies are genetically able to cope with success. It's just an alien concept. Imagine if we actually won something? It would cause a collective nervous breakdown amongst men of a certain age. They'd be found hugging themselves against the cold, rocking backwards and forwards under the Tyne Bridge staring into the distance leaking bodily fluids. I actually think my head would physically explode like an over inflated balloon.

So its clear that failure and misery keep us safe and I for one have never felt as safe as I do now. I suppose we should be thankful.

Relton said:

Dave B - you have a fair point. During the heady days of "the entertainers" - I was working in HOng Kong - and was appalled a the amount of local people who were wearing toon kit, numbers and names on the back and everything.
If I am honest - I resented this kind of thing - "where were they" i thought to myself "when the cages wenbt rount SJP". "How heartbroken were they when KK hammered two past us in '74" - how dare these people wear my shirt without the requisite generations of suffering.
How I miss those days now !!!!!!!

Al Jardine said:

There have been any umber of games when we've been up against opposition (Fulham, Wigan spring to mind)in a similar position where we resolutely refused to attack until it was too late - and last night was another example. Jonas and Charlie playing more in defence and Guthrie virtually shadowing Butt. Granted, we're weak in the centre of midfield (sold have sold Barton to Portsmouth!), but Kinnear's tactically inept.

Big Kev said:

Shocking, the wheels have def come off big style now, the Toon look like relegation fodder. The only hope is that the current rubbish below us stay that way (at least BFS is at Blackburn so we have some hope)!! We have no players & no hope at the minute & the SMB's must be rubbing their hands.
Oh & how can we have no money? Where's the £12m off Millner? What about the £8/10m Given will fetch or the £5/7 N'Zogbia would bring? You can't tell me that tidy sum wouldn't buy 4/5 quality players to keep us up. Ashley your a joke & a con man, you saw it for yourself last night, do something about it NOW!!!

dave said:

why dont you expose this lying irish bastard

jacko said:

I have the ansewr as to why Fat Ash can't afford a crippled Blyth Spartans player for the toon, never mind proven performers who could possibly pull us out of this mire!

He's ploughing money into his beloved Spurs! They spend more money on one player that the total Ashley spend at NUFC.

It's a cockney conspiracy to push another northern side out of the Prem. Why o Why didn't the London mafia buy up the mackems?

I reckon we'll get done on Sunday. Relegation and a 6 point loss from the mackems: Bring back the Pirate and PC McGarry. Those were the days!

Steve Y said:

I am completely depressed. I am by nature a fairly optimistic person but the only lingering hope that I'm left to cling to is that there are three teams in this league worse than us to cushen us from a mighty fall? I think the teams immediately above us, Pompey, Bolton & Spurs have enough in terms of battling prowess, skill & buying power, but as for the teams below us? Blackburn 7 games unbeaten and a great response last night coming back from 2 goals down, fighting spirit, creating chances and plenty fit quality strikers - they'll be safe. Boro and Stoke well I see big problems for both sides, not enough quality, not enough strength in depth I think they may be down and I think our future is in the hands of Tony Mowbray & West Brom, he's signed some decent strikers, they play for him and each other, they play good football and they're starting to put a good run together (baring the obvious Manure result)......have I just talked us into relegation?? I find it hard to see us coming out of it. Yes we are ravaged with injuries, but the squad has always been light, what the hell was the point behind Ashley being at last nights game, allegedly he was there to check on our status, to see 1st hand what needed to be done....too bl**dy late fella! We are clueless on the pitch, we are leaderless off it, all we here is outright lies or pitiful excuses, what we get to watch are players not even going through the motion of going through the motion, heartless, souless, brainless. I hate to say it lads but I look down the road with some envy, a board with vision and direction, a manager that appears to have the belief and backing of his players, a team who play for each other, a few creative energetic midfielders (Malbranque) and a pair of quality strikers the best of which has so much faith in the club he has just committed himself for another 4 years, and win, lose or draw they go out and give their all.....sounds like a dream to me, the only p*sser is it bl**dy Sunderland...the season gets worse. Still, I'm optimistic by never know?

WA said:

I reckon Calderwood has been brought in as Ashley is thinking JFK is about to walk. The cheapest of the cheapest, even the Faroes wouldn't offer him a job. JFK says he's having trouble signing anyone because clubs don't want to sell this late in the window - but he's known since October where we need to strengthen - we should have been buying on Jan 1st, not 31st - the club is managed by amateurs.

Dave Robson said:

were on 23 pts were the hell are we gonna get another 17 pts from our remaining games.
i cannot see us getting anymore than 11 points at the very most.
and thats not been a doom merchant just realistic.


home - sunderland 1pt
away - wba 0pts
home - everton 0pts
away - bolton 0pts
home - man utd 0pts
away - hull 1pt
home - arsenal 0pts
home - chelsea 0pts
away - stoke 0pts
away - spurs 0pts
home - portsmouth 3pts
away - liverpool 0pts
home - boro 3pts
home - fulham 1pt
away - aston villa 0pts

mark douglas said:

Lee its as simple as this, if we fail to pick up sick points in the next 2 games which is'nt likely we WILL be relegated. Take a look at the fixtures and start adding the points up you think we will achieve? Even thro' black and white eyes we look done for. Ashley and his men are at fault, they did not listen to KK because they thought Dennis Wise Knew better and they are not listening to JK. Their lack of action speaks volumes. I will be taking my boots on Sunday looks like I could get a game.

BrandonBlock said:

RELTON, what a load of garbage!

londontoon said:

JFK should stop wasting time with the french defender and look at other options.. loan deals will do this is desperation.

Does JFK not understand we having been hearing the same story for too long now! "we've tried everything" "our hands are tied" "we approached a number of players but couldn't get them for the right price".. you can say this 100 times more and the next manager can say the same thing, it still doesn't cover the fact you have failled the club, players and supporters! this is straight from the SJP PR team hand book.. utter rubbish..! how many more times do we need to get beat?

Yes MA might of lost a few quid but there are such things as loans, just like everyone lese. how much dept is ManU in..? the yanks bought that club on the never never. yes MA has put his own money in but it is secure, it is a loan! buying players to keep us in the PL is an investment!! simple fact is he does not want to invest in the club he is sitting this out until a buyer comes along. he took it off the market to save brokers fees nothing else.! he knows nobody is buying, so what was the point in him paying to retain lawyers etc...

mark said:

Would you believe it, the joker is still claiming the disaster that is toon is NOT ASHLEYS FAULT.

WA said:

Not much sympathy for JFK to be honest - he went public and told thge world he had £10 million to spend + whatever he makes from sales, no wonder Toulouse are holding out. In fact it looks lik ehe's got nothing to spend, and can't even get decent money from Man City for Given. Ashley is out of his depth and he's expecting his second rate yes-men to somehow make it all work. Where is Dennis Wise anyway? still chasing schoolboys round Europe?

Steve Taylor said:

I hate to be defeatist but I would be amazed if we manage to win any of our remaining games now and if we dont finish rock bottom! Most teams down there at least have a fighting chance at this stage but fight is something this squad is sorely lacking and theres certainly a shortage of skill to make up for that! We look extremely weak compared to most teams and the midfield is consistently overwhelmed which just pressurises the back 4. Ive said it time and again, a battling centre forward (amongst other things!) is required when youre struggling like this and nearly every other basement club has one which at least gives em a punchers chance. Ok we have Carroll but he's not experienced enough and we cant expect him to do much at this stage. Im sure many fans would have a good chuckle at the idea of having a Jason Roberts type player but he's the type Im on about, puts himself about and grabbed 2 unfussy goals against us t'other week. Its not long ago that Champ Manager fantasists were on here suggesting we buy players like Van der Vaart and Arshavin. Ridiculous wishful thinking! Right now Id settle for any old clogger up-front who can get into the centre backs and put his foot thru the ball. Owen has looked lost for the duration he has been here, when fit he's clinical and would be the cherry on top of the cake for a team playing great football. Alas we do not have anywhere near the quality to guarantee him service, Viduka probs the only player who could adequately partner him and we havent had enough creativity going forward since the days of Robert and Solano to provide the desired service. Milner and Zog? Nee end product!
This is all stating the obvious but the squad should have been toughened up ages ago, instead of relying on flaky wannabees who have proved little (Zog...) Look at Everton. Not pretty much of the time but never pushovers and with an artist at the heart of it all - Arteta - surrounded by artisans. And of course Cahill. And how much were those 2? Neewhere near the arbitrary £6-10m we have habitually spent on non-entities! Anyway...

Restless Native said:

Kevin Nolan is a very good signing.

Makes up for us not signing Bullard - I would have taken Nolan over him. And both over Mbia.

Now let's land that Toulouse fullback. And getting a striker in on loan wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Please please let there be some light at the end of this long dark tunnel. (And no jokes about it being a train coming towards us!)

Pedi said:

Zogs now refusing to play for us again while JK is here. A good solution is to send both of them on their way. I'm fed up of him moaning and trying to engineer a move away. Jk probably said a naughty word to him during training which he didnt like.

If he does go we must get a replacement in before hand. I agree with Restless Native, nolan would be a good signing. He has lots of experience dodging relegation and usually seems up for the fight. We need more than just him though. We are now haggling over £500k for ebondo (whatever he's called) or the deal could collapse. Just pay it!!!!


Have to face it lads we are going down. Ashley is an amateur-he has no idea what it takes to run a premier club-Kinnear is tactically inept-Wise has brought us nothing of the class we need -Llambias is clueless-it is relegation -there is no fight in this team -they are more scared than rabbits- KK briefly gave us back some respect and dignity -with some genuine good football to go with it-alas the stupid cockneys dispensed with his services by treating him the way they did -might I say it also treating us the same way. When KK went all my faith went -all my heroes have gone -Shearer,Ferdinand,Beardsley,Supermac,Milburn, Mitchell,Allchurch, Eastham, White The Mighty Wyn,Scoular,Moncur -and many more-What have we left -a team who will stuggle in the championship-things have never been so low -we are without hope.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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