Calderwood has a major task on his hands at NUFC

By Lee Ryder on Jan 26, 09 01:00 PM

Newcastle couldn't get Anneka Rice, The A-Team or David Blaine to sort out their much maligned defence so in the end they eventually persuaded Colin Calderwood to try to plug the gaps in the Toon back four.

In keeping with the appointment of former players who are more accustomed to boos and jeers rather than claps and cheers at St James's Park, United welcomed Calderwood soon after he'd been linked with the Faroe Isles!

It must have been a tough choice for the ex-Nottingham Forest gaffer but between now and the end of the season, the Geordie nation will sit back uncomfortably as Calderwood gets to work on Newcastle's leaky defence.

Kevin Keegan once employed Mark Lawrenson to come in and sort the defence out back in the 1990s but he didn't last longer than a season - despite a string of clean sheets that booked Champions League football (remember that?) for the first time ever in 1997.

Back then KK was sick of hearing Lawro whine on about how the Toon defence was so bad.

And decided to get him in to sort it out if he knew so much about it.

Then you have another back four guru in Nigel Pearson who came in under Glenn Roeder, stayed with us under Big Sam and then just decided to go during the KK's second stint in charge.

Yet the man who will be looking to stop the Mags from capitulations against Wigan, Stoke and Man City and prevent hammerings like the 1-5 loss against Liverpool in Calderwood got to work today.

If my memory serves me correctly I seem to recall being in the away end at White Hart Lane in 1998, with Newcastle deep in trouble, and Calderwood gesturing to the Toon Army that they were "going down" under Kenny Dalglish after a 2-0 win.

Newcastle managed to avoid the drop 11 years ago thanks to a late run that did enough to stay up.

Now Calderwood holds the responsibility of keeping United in the big time.


Marguerite Higham said:

I am in total despair at this news. The bloke should not be allowed anywhere near Newcastle. He was also instrumental in getting Shearer sent off at SJP. He is a complete no-mark.

mark said:

is this not the same man who last week denied any link with newcastle? God help the toon! P.S. kinnear --STOP BLAMING EVERYBODY FOR YOUR FAILURES.

usmag said:

Lads, some of the comments in here are ludicrous. Just because the guy was an unpopular player in the eyes of the Geordie masses does that mean he can not come in and do a decent job for us??

Get over yourselves and your petty sqaubles. Premier League survival is more important than schoolyard moans over who we like, who we want etc.

As a fan you should support any move that seems to be a move to stop the rot. Ive never heard of this Albin fella but no ones on here saying 'we don't know/like him so leave it alone"

Double standards it seems.

Pipe down and support the Toon. An air of despair will certainly lead to despair if we let it!!

Just my opinion!!

londontoon said:

its all very well bringing a defensive coach, the question is "why have we not already got one"? if he is hated by the fans its probably because he has done a good job as a player against us, so not all bad..

before all this however we need a defence he can actually work with.. at a quick head count we could be 1or2 short and possibly down a keeper to.. hmmmm i presume he is working for free, as cutting the wage bill is a major priority, as we're being told time and time again..(?)

pedi said:

I thought we had a defensive coach in Houghton? Its jobs for the boys it seems. Another spurs link.
What does a defensive coach do? Sorts out the defense I guess, so what does JK do in training sessions? Does he look after the midfield and attack now? Jk was a defender so why cant he sort out the defence?

Its seems to me that by signing calderwood, its ashleys cheap attempt at not buying defensive cover. Why spend on players when you can have a pop at sorting it cheaper by hiring a defensive coach? Even if that guy from france does come (i'll believe it when I see it) he has no experience in our league - which we need for the relegation fight.

Another thing - Zog is moaning again now he wants to go to villa cos arsenal dont want him. This guy is no professional and should be fined a few weeks wages for undermining the club and its fans. He will be a hated figure with fans for his constant and public critism of Nufc.

Our club is out of control and rotten on so many levels, its going to take major surgery to sort out the problems.

pedi said:

1 coach is enough for a squad as small as ours, unless the other coach is to seperate fighting players!

Gerry Conway said:

Our biggest problem is a central midfield that leaves the defence open and can thread the ball through to neither flank nor forwards, nor can they bring the ball out of defence then suppoft the attack. And it's been that way for ages.

crazytoon said:

you havent gota clue jeddi youve got about as much sense as joe kinnear

crazytoon said:

as i said before david moyes would be a great manager for us or someone like him.joe kinnear is awful

steven said:

its just been on the news that javier saviola is at st james having a medical

steven said:

as ive just said saviolas at st james now

graham said:

saviola is amazing i hope he passes his medical.

us said:

any proof on saviola??

spencer said:

yeah it was on setanta sports

john said:

been on setanta and there is nothing about saviola coming to nufc

Sy said:

Agreed - that story is nowhere to be found anywhere.

Doc Levy said:

Isn't this that idiot talking to himself...?

mike said:

Denis Wise will not leave until court case with KK is settled. KK is claiming £9m and Wise is part of NUFC's defence so they need him.

John Best said:

There is little point of posting here, as the CAPTCHA, does not function, a bit like NUFC.

John Best said:

It would make little difference, who we brought in as DEFENCE coach.The ingedients are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE !! The CHAMPIONSHIP BECONS.

mark said:

the only coach we need is one with wheels to take the cockneys back to london.

john said:

Lee, you have to many idiots writing GARBAGE on your Blog,they are a waste of space,maybe it's time you done something to stop some of the rubbish printed.

Andrew Davis said:

I think all newcastle fans who have this club in there veins, should stop at making storys up on players......

I hope we manage to get some clarity from the owner as its needed more than ever.

Its also good that he is on tyneside and he is getting more involved and maybe just maybe we will have him more hands on as that what a boss is right...

I have realised that Lee does not respond to any emails on the blog and that is disppointing as well.

What is happening with Alan Oliver the chronicle legend eh....

I hope that Stevie harper gets the credit deserves as he is a class goalkeeper and when shay goes we will have a chance to see what he is made of.

Another defensive coach is needed and why not a scotsman as he will be determined and will work the players as hard as he can.

Chris Hughton lives in london and he cannot do everything himself.

All the best Lee and i would love it if you have any inside info and signings that may be happening.

Dave of Breaklaw said:

I've supported the Toon since 1955 and have seen some dross over the years. Almost all of it due to incompetent management.

I was fortunate to attend all the 1969 home Fairs Cup matches. It was wonderful. Apart from SJH', KK's and SBR's spells, nothing else is worth remembering.

However,I've seen nothing like the past year under Ashley. I thought he was going to be good for us but he's completely lost the plot with his present cronies.

Mark my words, we will be relegated this year. The evidence is all around us.

So am I manic depressive? Yes! That's what happens when you support the Toon for any length of time, especially lately.

Oh! Please jeddi, go to college to learn English and some decorum. You're contriubutions to the cause are worse than Ashley and crew.

dessa said:

Maybe we'll get Clarkie to be coach,or get Rodney Marsh...I can hear you all now shouting "is he mad"that how desperate we look now .SJP is just letting in water ,we'll end up like Leeds,Calderwood is just another "Coach" that'll walk at the end of the season,it wont make a scrap of difference to a side de-void of any hope,and looks like relegation fodder.

tas abdullah said:

I personally would like to state how much I agree with Jeddi and his blogs. Keep them up. Here's some facts:

Mick Ashley - Spurs Fan
Joe Kinnear - Ex Spurs Player
Chris Hughton - Ex Spurs Player
Colin Calderwood - Ex Spurs Player

Do I detect a pattern or is this pure co-incidence.

As regads putting people down because of their spelling well that to me just shows that the modern day fan(s) are not what they used to be. If you wrote something or said something without using the correct queens english back in the day and someone pulled you about it in the old J Section of the Gallowgate end ( That's the crazy corner standing terrace to those who weren't fans pre Keegan ) that "someone" would've went home in a Geordie Ambulance. Get a grip this isn't countdown its a site to vent your thoughts ! ! !

Jimmy said:

This blog is getting pathetic...nothing constructive is being said..sort it out lee

Andrew said:

How about we stop moaning and support the team for once? Calderwood may not be everybody's choice and that's fine, but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't turn out and support the lads. There are things going on at the club that are out of our control. If you don't want to support, then dont - it's sickening to hear negativity.
It's even more sickening to hear silence - If you're going to go the match, it wouldn't hurt you to sing a little would it? We NEED to show faith in this team, whether or not you have it. United are in a relegation fight; we can make the difference.

brian whitfield said:

Dear Mr Ashley,
I want you to take a moment (just a moment) to look at your hands. No.....not the backs.......the palms. Nice and clean are they? No callouses?......that's good. Now I would like you to raise them to your the forehead. The sides of your head......each side.....there, that's the way. Grip your head firmly between your palms and shake vigorously for a long time. NOW GO OUT AND BUY SOME DECENT PLAYERS BEFORE THE DEADLINE BITES YOU.

WLBjork said:

Having just learned of Calderwood's appointment, I'll just say I think you have a man there who is capable of far more than Kinnear.

Yes, he was sacked by Forest after a dismal game during which there may as well have been no team on the field, coupled with an abysmal run of results (which was just in the process of being turned around).

However, studying the performance of the Forest team during Calderwood's period would reveal a team that was *almost* right - and had opponents who ruthlessley capitalised on naive errors.

A little more experience (and preferably with someone who I consider more capable than Kinnear) and I believe he will be Premiership material.

Uncas said:

Hoy! Dave of Bleaklaw, don't forget some good times under Arthur Cox. Another decent man sold short by greed short sighted owners.

ronnie lambert said:

How now brown cow. Okay Dave? I've been pointing out your observation of Spurs collusion for a year now Tad. But my thoughts are darker than yours son. I think that like a lot of poncey cocknies who got a slap up here in the bad old days of soccer violence, they carry a grudge toward us Geordies perse, many refs included. Ashley, double BILLIONAIRE when he bought NUFC, said he bought it for a " bit of fun ". Well, 200 million is only crisps money to a 2 x billionaire who fully expected to get it back, before the world economic crash that is. And his fun was recruiting all his clique to sink the club and Geordie hearts. Conspiracy theory? maybe, but everything he has done and continues to do is killing our club and breaking our hearts. If we do go down, or rather if we don't buy any players of substance to save us and we go down, what price him baling out quick with his cockney rebels? I won't renew my ticket until he's gone, though I support the team with full voice when there. I still can't bring myself to buy a program, pie or pint after my vow last year though, unlike the weak-willed greedy pigs who are lining his pockets. They can't even discipline themselves to wait 2 hours. I wonder how many of them write vociferous letters to blogs like this. I ain't no saint but that point really sticks in my craw. Verbose enough for you Dave?

Thomas Hanson said:

Alan Smith from the Chronic site: “As soon as I spoke to the manager he said I was in his plans, and I wanted to stay because I’ve got a lot to offer this football club."

Hope you can add to your tally of goals from last season...

Geordie Anderson said:

I seem to recall Keith Kettleborough getting us out of a similar situation years ago. Might be worth a try again? Jim Iley'd come in handy for the throw ins and Dave Hollins could cover for goalie. Alan Suddick's transfer saved us in the 60s as his £60,000 fee brought in Dave Elliot, Tommy Robson and Big John McNamee. Problem with now is that stupid window gives little time to spend the cash. Mebe Pop Robson could forgive the lack of ambition he detected after the Fairs Cup win and get the strip back on. Hey man aaneed a drink or summik; depression shouldn't hort this much shuddit?

Taso said:

Ronnie Lambert you are a legend mate. If only everyone had the same morals as you and CONTINUED to take the same stance as you. I stopped going to the toon when Souness left but as I do with all my family I keep in regular touch because I care. Now it looks like Given is away - I for one am absolutly gutted. The word legend shouldn't be used lightly but Shay is. All those who subscribe to the "sell him for funds for other players" take time to think if you have the best why sell the best ? The guy has won so many points for us over the years and the points Shay would save for us might keep us in th premiership. What price on that Mr Ashley ? PS Derek Liambas looks like a slimey obnoxious git. PPS Big Up Jeddi. I'm comin Home Newcastle


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