Gutted reaction

By Lee Ryder on Jan 16, 09 10:34 AM

WHETHER Newcastle United can stop the rot at Blackburn Rovers remains to be seen but in another difficult week for the Toon Army nobody on Tyneside can deny there is somewhat of a sinking feeling doing the rounds at the moment.

Going out the FA Cup was a sickener against Hull reserves and the next few games doesn't fill people with much confidence either.

The need for new signings has been made clear this week but Joe Kinnear and everybody knew well before Newcastle dropped points against West Ham that Dennis Wise was pulling the strings in the transfer hotseat.

Everybody was also well aware of what the upcoming fixture list had in store and just how difficult the next few games would be, being a native in the heart of working class Tyneside you don't need to walk more than a couple of metres to be reminded of that.

And so we march down the hill to Ewood Park in the hope of moving upwards against Blackburn with almost everybody anticipating an uphill task against Sam Allardyce's men.

Big Sam will be desperate to get one over the Mags tomorrow after he was shown the door at St James's Park just over 12 months ago.

Most Newcastle fans at the time agreed that it was probably for the best but there are handfuls who felt that at least Big Sam had a plan - which is more than what it looks like United have at the moment.

For sure, Newcastle's problem now is that they are a little reluctant to stump up the cash for new signings during the January transfer window because they don't want to be ripped off.

That is a pretty sensible idea but the reason they are in the position now was a problem that was almost invited.

In fact it was a written invitation the moment that they appointed Dennis Wise as transfer chief because Kevin Keegan being his own man was never going to be right man to work alongside him - it was a no brainer to some extent even though it is thought that KK's main problems weren't with Wise.

Had they appointed Wise first though, I'm sure Keegan would never have agreed to come back for a third coming.

But in my own personal opinion the reason he went with it to start with was down to confidence in his own ability and he felt that he could get the results that would give him the power to pick and choose his own players last summer.

The fact that the transfer window closed in January 2008 meant the problem between KK and Wise and Co disappeared for a while.

Yet it soon returned the minute it opened for business in the summer as KK and the board's views on transfers clashed before the St James's Park came crumbling down when the popular ex-boss left Toon.

It was a mess then and a mess now, a mess that Shay Given, Charles N'Zogbia and Michael Owen have arguably hinted they no longer wish to be part of - in some ways that's a good thing, they could easily sign on the dotted line and pick up their money.

But the fact that they want to win things and don't see that happening here says a lot at the moment - it sends a clear signal ringing from the Toon camp.

KK's exit left Joe Kinnear - the only man who wanted the job - to work with another manager/director of football's players, so perhaps giving JK too much stick is harsh.

His job has been to motivate the players and work with Wise over new signings, almost a thankless task and he's done that so far.

That doesn't mean me as a fan is accepting less.

With the resources at Newcastle, the potential to play in the Champions League is there for anybody who comes in with a well thought out plan, money and a manager who will be given at least three years to get that right - trust your manager, Man United have done it for the last three decades and shown the world how much success you can get from it.

Instead we are talking about that sinking feeling if Newcastle lose to Blackburn before facing Manchester City and the prospect of Kaka and Co at Eastlands.

It's hardly pleasant and while the FA Cup exit against Hull was down to bad finishing more than anything else, the nervous atmosphere around the club also played a huge part in some of those misses in front of goal.

Of course the Toon Army will be right behind their team at Ewood again but all of them are wondering just what next in what has already been a nightmare season.



mark said:

The whole place has a touch of Woolworths about it. Kinnears not to blame it is wise and ashley. I see that 'The Minder' is coming back to T.V. Arthur, probably ashley and Terry could be the poison dwarf. Let us hope so.

Ian Wood said:

Ashley can now see we can be relegated, and is ponying up a little cash. But as long as we stay up he can argue his approach is right. There are a lot of people who think Man U and Liverpool and Chelsea will be sending for the lifeboats once the telly money disappears in a couple of years.

Edmond Dante said:

City bid for Kaka. We'd be lucky to get Danny Shittu. Stefan Kuntz.

Pedi said:

Just read that the board and jk will sit down in the summer and discuss reinvestment in the club. It'll be too late by then.
Ashley will never spend, we'll just barely keep our heads above the water line and never progress.
If we do bring any young talent through he'll sell them. How can that be taking us forward?
If we do stay up there'll be a mass exodus from our ranks.
Ashley is like a vampire, he's sucking the life out of our club, wise can be igor-the mutated helper!
Im starting to envy bolton/hull atleast they're trying for players and they have a much better spirit in their teams than we do.

kieran said:

Keegan left because we didnt buy a left back, nzogbias leaving because we keep playing him at left back. Buy a left back for f#%*s sake no more strikers!

Aussi said:

I agree the Chronicle needs to stand up for NUFC and Tyneside. It is it's duty. They need to start applying pressure onto Ashley to either develope the club or to leave.

But to critise Ashley will insure that no favours, interviews etc will be given to the Chronicle. But that's life, the Chronicle needs to support Tyneside. We all know that there will be no major signings this January,it's going to be a long season.

M. Sebastian T. said:

Aussi et al, Do not think it will make any difference to Ashley what the Chronicle says about him or Toon. What he will notice is if fans vote with their feet and stop going to games until he is gone. It probably will be too painful to watch versus Sunderland anyway. Chops will undoubtedly score a couple!

Thank goodness for Boro, Hull, Stoke and West Brom who probably do more than Joes Boys to save Toon's season from total disaster. The third meeting with Hull will be a relegation decider.

I'm expecting Big Sam to be gloating for a long time after this weekend!

pedi said:

What has jk done to deserve a new lucrative contract? Has he steadied the ship? More like he hasn't criticised ashley or the board. A yes man.
We have a board/chairman that know nothing about football and a manager that fails to inspire. I can't really see where we can go with this lot in charge of us, seemingly the championship.
Jk, when he first come he said he'd jump at the chance to be our long term manager. Now he's been offered it, he wants to wait and see! Why do we always offer megabucks to underachievers? Surely reward after success?

I think we'll put a smile on sams fat face today, then he can boast its all down to his nutra grain bar technology!

ian said:

It beggars belief that JK can even let the fans know he's been offered an imaginary extension to his already too long contract.Has he no shame at all? The man has proved with his statements all along that he has not got any idea of what the club is doing and is an embarassment off the pitch. His team are shameful on the pitch and the future is Ameobi. His latest claim that we are improving because we were 10 points behind Blackburn when he arrived left me speechless.God help the fans (the ones who are boycotting), NUFC RIP(as a Premier League Club)

M. Sebastian T. said:

The JK new contract business suggests that Ashley is either taking the Michael out of fans (again) or that he is on some serious medication.

What happens with transfers will be most interesting because it does one of two ways with January buys, i.e. instant hit or instant flop.

ronnie lambert said:

This talk of Gomis, M'Bia etc is the same as last year, loads of names emanating from St. James's park but none other than cacka emerged on last day. This regime with amiable Joe, who's got Ashley's hand right up his Sooty costume will drag us down into oblivion. 5 wins in 18 now is it for sackless Joe? I've never liked Steve Bruce as a Geordie, as his colours are well and truly stitched to Man. U.'s mast, but right now I'd drive him up here to save this ship from going down. We really have been cursed since that damned Fairs Cup. I still maintain that Kevin Keegan was our best chance of playing good football again. He raised the city's hope and expectation, not of silverware, but of pride and excitement. He achieved that by just the radio announcement of his return at lunchtime that great day, when we played Stoke off the park in the FA cup that night. Our Geordie hearts rose as one with sky-high optimism that remained until Wise came in and cracks started to appear. Unless there is no new owner by May, hoping that the next round of the fans' revolt gives Ashley the biggest hint yet that he'll never sit in St. James's again, in comfort, then my money will no more go into that tragic club again. Neither will my heart and emotions. And I can confidently predict that many thousands of men my age will follow. We're too old to have to go through this emotional rollercoaster, it really does affect our health.

Dave said:

We really need the local media to step up the pressure on Ashley and his band of idiots. There needs to be a concerted effort evry day to question where they are taking us? Has he paid the debts off? If so, where is the money going (Milner sale, season tickets, Sky Merchandising etc)? If not stop harping on about it and get out of our club.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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