Jimmy Bullard - The best player Newcastle United never had?

By Lee Ryder on Jan 23, 09 06:18 PM

As the closure of the January transfer window ticks ever closer the feeling of being a scruffy kid looking through a sweet shop window must have swept over thousands of Newcastle United fans worldwide.

Toon boss Joe Kinnear claims that he has around £10million to spend but so far no cash signings have arrived at St James's Park even though there is plenty of proven talent kicking around.

And when Jimmy Bullard opts to switch to flipping Hull, you know that something is clearly wrong in the world of the black and whites.

Why are the Magpies chasing a Stephane Mbia for £10million when you can get Bullard for £5million?

Are we actively going for common sense signings or has it reached the stage where nobody wants to touch a Toon shirt with barge pole?

I think you'd have to say it seems to be turning out that way.

It had previously occured to me that not that long ago Anton Ferdinand had been advised to give Newcastle a wide berth by his big brother Rio.

And if that was just a one off I wonder what the score was when it comes to Jimmy Bullard signing for a Hull team that are sinking like a stone!

True, maybe he thinks Newcastle are going in a similar direction but it shows that United have slumped to a new low.

The signing of Emile Heskey at Villa may not have the Robinho factor or the "wow signing" that Mike Ashley once apparently spoke of

But such a battling bruiser would have at least given the fans on Tyneside hope.

Then again look at where Aston Villa are and where Newcastle are, why would he want to come here at the moment?

It doesn't seem that long ago that Newcastle were being linked with the Ronaldos (the fat one), Roberto Baggios and Del Pieros of the world not to mention the glorious scenes that welcomed Alan Shearer and Michael Owen.

How times change.

As it stands United will have to be pleased with Peter Lovenkrands who has barely played for Schalke in recent times and left the club under somewhat of a cloud.

Lovenkrands didn't have a Shearer or Owen style welcome at Newcastle's training ground today with just TWO fans waiting for an autograph after the session.

I suppose that was two more than Antoine Sibierski had in 2006 and if we see as much effort from Lovenkrands most Toon fans will be grateful.

However, that only goes to show we are rapidly accepting less.

And that as Leeds United fans will tell you is a worrying sign.



Fallout said:

Because M'Bia is not only better, he's younger and his signing should be the end of Nicky Butt in the starting 11.

Bullard is decent but no better than Barton when he was at Man City, his age is more of a worry as we will be in the same position in 3 years looking for a replacement when he's past it.

Mark Bermingham said:

Joe Kinnear needs to bring in some players quick because we are in serious trouble.They havent a clue how to run that club bring back freddy shepard .ASHLEY OUT.

Stephen Buchan said:

Bullard had no sell on value so there was no chance of Ashley sactioning a move.

Things could get a lot worse next week if as expected we lose Given. Mind I am at the point where if we could get a couple of Man City's outfield players like Johnson & Richards etc I'd take their hand off!!

lee said:

missed out on a half decent player who would try more than the likes of overpaid Butt. Also what about heskey? Both these players have the experience toon need and want, 8.5 million within budget and i doubt massive wages. Owen always stated he like to play alongside Heskey. Joe this is 2009 not the 80's players dont play like wimbledon now!

Dave Robson said:

i was saying in the blogs last summer, jimmy should have been a player we should have been thinking of bringing to the club, i would take 3 years from him as he would have been a consistant peformer for most of that period.
very rarely misses games (only due to a serious injury) would have been good for dressing room morale.
5 million no risk compared to 10 million for another untested M'Bia signing.
that would be just plain crazy.
stats on skysports today back up jimmys importance to teams he has played in.
Lee how many points to do see us honestly getting from our remaining games, i cannot see us getting more than 11 from them nevermind the 20 we may need if what they are saying that 43 points been the safety target, even if its 40/41 i just fear for us more than ever before.
ashley is supposed to be the smart buisness man, well he has well and truely miss judged this deal BIG TIME.

lee said:

Dave how do you get 11 points? imho i really cant see where the next win will come from and cant see getting 11 draws? hope they prove me wrong i really do but like you i really fear for our premier league survival

scotty said:

The reality is folks - Heskey and Bullard don't want to come.

I think that MA really needs to have some sort of communication with fans - this is the single biggest problem at Newcastle - FACT!!!

Tardonicus said:

What could Ashley tell us that makes any difference? We've got a Tottenham fan for an owner, he bought the club at the peak of the market and then, when he tried to run and cash out, the global economic crisis threatened to skin him financially. He can't sell right now, yet he can't run the club, it's a Catch 22. He's doomed, we're doomed.

Ashley is gonna find out that hanging on to the club robs him of net wealth daily. Part of me wants to stay up, part of me wants to spite Ashley and see us go down. You might say cutting off one's nose to spite the face, but I look at it as carving out a cancer. If we go down, Ashley's lost it all and he'll walk away from the table. I don't see him commuting all the way up north to see us take on Plymouth! His London friends would laugh him out of the room!

Sometimes you've just got to go through fire to get cleansed. However bad it currently is, it might have to get worse before it can get better. In that case, bring it on, I'm ready. We're ready.


lambic peach said:

Why would anyone want to play for us when we treat everyone like s##t. And yes ....I love his football club, its my life, and i feel permantly embarrassed.

Sy said:

My thoughts are on the same lines as lambic peach and scotty. I think we'll struggle to sign anyone - certainly from other clubs in the top two flights in England - because our reputation as a club is rock bottom. Our top professionals want to leave despite being on good contracts, and we have no long term manager, owner, ambitions to progress or top flight status. Why would anyone who isn't desperate for a new club come here? Loans are all we can hope for in the short term. We should've gone for Pennant, it's this kind of stop-gap solution which is our immediate future. I'll actually be surprised if anyone follows Lovenkrands in before February 2nd.

The same goes for managers. Why would someone like Steve Bruce give up the good job he's built at Wigan to join this lottery of a football club?

The longer the club goes on without any clear and honest communication from the owner (and not via his mouthpiece manager), the worse this situation will get and we simply don't have the time to continue procrastinating.

toon supporter said:

Why do the fans feel that MA should talk to them - how many other PL owner/chairmen do this? Any why would any top player want to come to the club when the fans treat players/mangers/owners the way the supports have this season??

We pay top 4 wages but we don't get top 4 performances....get all the top earners out of the club and bring in players on normal wages who actually want to be here....maybe then we will start to act like a normal club. This will take time though.

I like what we are doing now, signing good quality youngsters for the future, rather than signing players for £10 - £15 million who only come here for the inflated wages. But....we do need some quality players in the club asap to save our PL status this season.

geordieboy said:

lets face it bullard would go to hull because they are a bigger club than us its as simple as that.bring back souness.

ian said:

Toon supporter, you are contradicting yourself all over and like Graham Southern toon,would probably feel more comfortable with the Sky Sports NUFC forum aka The Women's Institute. How can you like what we are doing with the youngsters (I think we all do) but then say we need some quality players asap. If you don't have a decent first team then the rest is incidental to the future of the club. They may be good youngsters now, and develop into good players but they will be picked up by Premiership teams like Wigan and Hull for a song when we are languishing in the lower depths of the Championship with no cash. The only positive of the last week is Lee's column is now fully focussing on what the majority of us radicals are thinking. This is a good topic and shows the depths this regime has sunk where we can't compete for the Bullards,Beatties and Heskeys(those kind of players with Prem experience who could help us develop a team over the next few years - remind me who it was who saw that as his mission for NUFC when returning?). All this idiot Kinnear has to show is a player who had the choice of er... one club (and even then he stalled for a week). It's embarrassing and until we boycott this festering club forcing it's sale it will get no better. I hope the Ashley appeasists (pies and pint brigade) took note this week that there are plenty of Arabs out there looking to buy the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea. When you compare the fanbase,facilities,debts etc of those 2 against us, there is only league position where they are better placed. This proves to me (though I already suspected it) that the fat swine is/was asking too much to sell. RIP NUFC under this regime and with the fickle fans who continue to support this regime.
PS great points as ever Dave Robson but no CAPITALS ?. You must have calmed down,or is it resignation

geordieboy said:

our club is dead.get souness back that is the only way forward

peter said:

im a villa fan and ive got to say im so happy with your current prediciment you are a small club with no history you are tne biggest bunch of deluded fans i have ever seen.RIP NEWCASTLE.i love it.

geordieboy said:

yeah i remember when villa where down the bottom of the table and your ground was half full so dont even go there peter.

peter said:

small club small club

Carl said:

Another player missed out on...and he signs for HULL!?!?, the people running this club need to have a serious re-think. Mike Ashley is a classic business man, up on his throne laughing at us 'commoners', giving out cheap statements every so often to keep the sheepish supporters in line. Us supporters are contributing to our own downfall, so much for the boycott of all Ashley merchandise, people are climbing over each other to get to the bar at half time now, we need to stop otherwise Ashley will never get the message.
If we dont get 2/3 experienced premier league players in between now and Feb 2nd then we are going down. We have no leadership, a boatload of injuries and at least 3 firt team players who dont even want to be here. Dark days in toonland.
Just one last point for Peter the Villa fan, small club? We are in a complete mess and our average home attendance so far is 47446, whilst Villa who are flying in the top 4 have an average attendance of 39028. Unless your one of those deluded people who judge the size of your club on your team performances over the last six months, or on the size of your trophy cabinet, which your clubs most recent addition to it was in 1996 and that was only the league cup(although i'd love it if toon won it). So based on this if we are a 'small club', what exactly are Aston Villa???

peter said:

your last trophy was 70 years ago wasnt it and theres only 1 club in newcatle thats why you get 47000 fans.weve got 7 league titles and a european cup to boot id say were a pretty big newcastle fans are so funny.

geordieboy said:

he got a point were nothing compared to villa

geordieboy said:

kris boyd is awful terry what youn talking about

geordieboy said:

besides he wouldnt play for alex mcleish so hes not going to play for joe kinnear is he

geordieboy said:

thats playing in scotland you idiot i could score 28 goals in that league

tonytoon said:

Kris Boyd - knows where the goal is but is a lazy footballer otherwise - not what is required just now. But of real concern is the suggestion that Kinnear is interested in Bobo Balde from Celtic FOR £2M!! The article said that there was a worry that his best years were behind him. Believe me his best years were well behind him 3 years ago and has, significantly, been replaced by ex Mag Caldwell. Need I say more?

Glasgow based Mag. TT

geordieboy said:

we should get carlton cole

geordieboy said:

lets just buy celtic and rangers rejects then ay thats the answer isnt it

geordieboy said:

get a grip tonytoon

geordieboy said:

we need to get david moyes he will sort us out

st james boy said:

david moyes would never swap everton for newcastle not in a million years.i would love him at newcastle but that will never happen.curbishley maybe???????

geordieboy said:

curbishley are you for real we might aswell stick with kinnear

st james boy said:

shut up geordie boy youre doing my head in and probably every one elses head in on this website with your opinionated manor why dont you go to roker park and support sunderland you act like one of them.

geordieboy said:

they play at the stadium of light actually

geordieboy said:

they play at the stadium of light actually

st james boy said:

heard you the first time

geordieboy said:

oooh touchy touchy

toon supporter said:

To Ian, I am not contradicting myself at all. The reason the club is in the mess it is in is because we waste so much on buying the wrong players (e.g. players like luque) and paying them stupid wages for woeful performances.

While Bullard is a decent prem player, and would give us some much needed creativity in midfield, £5 million for a 30 year old is not good value.

NUFC are not a Man Citeh or Chelski and need to balance the books.

Dave Robson said:

toon supporter , your so wrong on the Bullard subject.
Jimmy bullard has plenty of miles on the clock still, due to him living the right life, he will not lose much pace in the next three years due to the fact he has not got too much too lose, but what he lacks in pace he makes up for with a very quick creative football brain.
Had we signed him for 5 million and got 3 good years from, that would have worked out at just over 1.6 million a year, in this day and age i call that very good value for money.
How u can mention Luques name in the same sentence as Jimmy, beggars belief.
Ashley's policy of signing young players is only to benefit him and not newcastle united in the long run as he would sell on at a profit if he can (remember milner, he was very young with plenty of prem experience)
i really think you have to wake up and smell the coffee with this parasite Ashley, he ain,t no good, never has been, never will be, further more NEVER GONNA BE EVER!!!!!

troy said:

come on come on what are you all like you geordies are so stupid toon army what is that all about youre a small club who has no divine right to win anything youve never won f..kall and youre a 1 club city thats why you get 52000 a week this is your level fighting relegation with a s...e manager like joe kinnear sorry to say you think your a massive club but the rest of the world looks at you for what you really are small and cheap.heres hoping you get relegated good riddance to the toon army thats what i say.CHELSEA FC FOREVER UP THE MIGHTY BLUES.

toon supporter said:

To Dave, you missed my point about luque, it had nothing to do with comparing him to Bullard, but was aimed at Newcastle's previous transfer policy/decisions. While Bullard would have been a useful addition to our squad (as I previously said) it would not necessarily guarantee out PL survival this season. The clubs current financial situation seems unsustainable while trying to sign some of the players the fans would like to see. The club needs to be run as a business otherwise we'll end up like Leeds.

troy said:

but leeds are a bigger club than newcastle

Dave Robson said:

Toon supporter i think you drinking too much cooking sherry, there is simply no point if there policy is to fetch in youngsters from all over the world, if were gonna be relegated or fighting relegation every season.
You said in your earlier posting, that need for some quality signings asap. WELL NAME SOME QUALITY PLAYERS, NOT FORGETTING YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR QUALITY.

toon supporter said:

I am not a scout and don't sit each night thinking about who newcastle should buy. Quality doesn't have to come in the form of a 30 year old who would have cost £5 million and wanted £50,000 a week (the reason Fulham sold him). In my opinion we need much more pace, strength and height in the team, especially in the middle of the park.

Restless Native said:

Lee - this particular blog seems to have been infiltrated by a couple of a***holes - or is it the same person with two monikers? Sort it out can you?

Very annoying that some of my posts are 'held' while non-NUFC fans are openly allowed to spout their idiotic crap on here.

Brian Moorhead said:

Mike Ashleys running of Newcastle has been awfull, inept, full of cronyism, stupid decissions and the worst public relations you could imagine. However, there is one area where I can not blame him. He bought the club for 138Mil and thought that was it. some dodgy accounting and stupid due dillegence on checking the books meant that he ended up having to put in another 100mil. Now think about it. That extra 100mil might have been planned for team rebuilding. But instead went to pay off the bad debt created by the dodgy scrap dealer we had running the place before. And yes it is annoying that he is in the papers today slagging off Ashley when he left the club on the brink of colapse.
So now the for sale sign has come down because of the economic melt down. Two years ago someone else would have come in, but right now the billionaires who were looking to play in the premier league had their spare millions eaten up by the stock market. So where does that leave Ashley? He has done the only thing he could and took the club off the market. He is puting enough money to keep it going and is hoping for the best. His cash flow has dried up just like everybody else. So we are stuck with each other, there is a recession and players and clubs will have to tighten their belts like everybody else. Ashley might be a bit of a nugget, but are we not being a bit unrealistic as well?

Another thing, you can predict the comments from toon managers so easily, we have had so many, it is sad. From Souness to JFK they all go the same. First weeks, Great bunch of lads, I can do this. couple of months in "Injuries, injuries, oh the injuries. 3-4 months in and oh those useless idiots who left me with this pile of s@#$% squad, judge me on who I bring in..........Sound familiar?

From far enough away to see through the fog on the Tyne.

enough is enough. said:

whats the odds on us now for going down? we don't win much as toon fans but we might win something if we bet on this one.

what do you guys think?

kieran said:

heres a crazy idea for you ashley, get keegan back and give him full control of transfers, scrap the continental style management structure which has been so successful wise can coach the youth team then we`ll forgive you even though your a skinflinted penny pinching cockney c**t.

kieran said:

heres a crazy idea for you ashley, get keegan back and give him full control of transfers, scrap the continental style management structure which has been so successful wise can coach the youth team then we`ll forgive you even though your a skinflinted penny pinching cockney c**t.

RAF Mark said:

One for Brian Moorhead, when are you expecting the players to pull their belts in, Owen our imitation captain turn down £80,000. I would rather the players did what they are paid to do and take a long look at suffering fans who are living in reality (the people who feel the credit crunch). Lets forget about the cockney maffia and instead challenge the player, earn you pay or don't put the shirt on a resign...I odnt what to here again how hard it is for them...on 3 times the average family yearly income a week I bet the crunch is hard...Jog on guys (ow sorry you can't not on the pitch anyway)

Jones said:

I'm not that bothered that we missed out on a striker and another midfielder. In my opinion we need need defenders; especially decent left / right backs. Just checked the squad for Wed game against City; Given (likely to have signed for City) Beye - Injured. Cacapa - stationary. Taylor - unsure of fitness. Enrique - useless. Butt - suspended. Guthrie - injured. Martins - injured. Gonzalez - never seen him. Viduka - injured. Ameobi - TBC was injured. Xisco - not bothered. Spiderman - injured. Reserve defender Kadar - broken leg. Barton / Smith - no match fitness. WTF is going on???

Sy said:

That paints a grim picture, Jones. Maybe we should take a minibus down, some of us might get a game.

bob harvey said:

Got to agree with Restless Native about the infiltrators. Totally out of order.
If 'Troy' is interested, Leeds, Leicester, Coventry, Southampton etc. are all one city clubs with larger populations than Newcastle. If he wants to play the population per club game I'll give him the figures, which, to prove impartiality, make Sunderland probably the second best supported club in England and Wales.

dessa said:

when you have no vision,or anybody that's remotely good,Newcastle can only get worse.

dessa said:

when your club has no vision,or anybody that's remotely good,they can only get worse.Buy Bullard? why would he come here?

crazytoon said:

i agree dessa who would want to come here.first of all we need a manager who can manage players theres not many out there obviously.i would move heaven an earth to try and get david moyes hes an outstanding manager problem is hes at a big club already who are doing very well with very little money.we need some one like him problem is as i say there isnt many out there.joe kinnear isnt the answer.

Richard Johnson said:

The player we missed in bullard isn't worth the wages he is demanding.

I think we should try and beat portsmouth to the signing of Emerson, no transfer fee just his 40-60k wages but 4 18 months he's an experienced player to help cover centre mid.

Nicky shorey weould be my bet to help with the full back position. as villa aint playing him at the minute.

as 4 upfront i cant see why people want boyd, 28 goals in scotland. 8 in the premier league.

there is much talk about a young brazilian forward called Kerrison, i'd take a bet oon that kid rather than boyd

Big Kev said:

Yeah right, Bullard's that good he's gone to Hull, from Fulham & before that Wigan! World class that like lee!!! No wonder the clubs in a state if that's the best we can come up with. Is he any better than Barton was at City & he hasn't pulled up any trees. Best player we never signed? Dio me a favour man!!!

dessa said:

aye Big Kev said about Bullard going to Hull,he's only played for Fulham & Wigan, he's not that good...,so what & where does that leave Newcastle Utd?


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