Beating Bolton can keep Toon's skeletons in the cupboard

By Lee Ryder on Feb 28, 09 10:39 AM

In a season in which the good ship Newcastle United has sailed through such stormy waters that at times have left players and fans alike both traumatised and mentally fragile, relative calm is in the air at the Toon's training HQ in Benton.

An unbeaten February has certainly done Newcastle no harm at all while the return of some familiar faces emerging from the treatment room have at least given some fans hope that disaster can still be averted.

Certainly caretaker Chris Hughton, left holding the baby for the seond time this season, can see light at the end of the tunnel but going into the away trip to Bolton Wanderers the calmness in the pre-spring airs could quickly disappear.

And while United have managed to put a chair up against the cupboard for now, the skeletons that have haunted the Toon this season are still waiting to jump out one by one if the Mags fail to get anything out of the trip to planet Reebok.

It's not only a six pointer at Bolton tomorrow, the daunting fixture list that follows it is enough to give some of the bigger guns nightmares.

Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea at home - how many points do you predict?

It leaves Bolton and then Hull away as crucial fixtures but IF Newcastle can edge to 31 points against Gary Megson's Wanderers, it would take a huge amount of pressure off the Mags going into the next four mammoth games.

Stating the obvious maybe, but in a season of complexities at St James's Park, many fans will be happy just to keep it simple.

Not just because of the run of home games are against such difficult opposition the double whammy of away games that follows, Stoke and Tottenham appears equally as daunting.

And if you're a total pessimist that means the next chance of three home points would be against Pompey on April 27.

Again unthinkable.

Let's just beat Bolton eh Newcastle?

Over to you lads.



gordon said:

i just wonder when are you going to ask the clueless stand in manager why one of the worst clueless bottless rabble in ameobi can ever be given a starting place

Mendez said:

Bolton will score their usual 2 goals and we won't be able to respond.
Prediction for the remaining 12 games? Nine points.
From this morning's Times; Mike Ashley has loaned the club a further £62.50 to replace toilet rolls in the East Stand!

Andrew said:

3 points against the trotters. As for Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal, provided that we play 4-5-1 with 10 men behind the ball we might nick a couple of draws. I know they're home games, but I'm sure most fans would rather see terrible football that picks up points than get relegated.
Stoke, Hull and Spurs have potential for being games in which we can pick up a few points, though Liverpool and Villa will be hard games - boring tactics will save the day. Given our fixture list, I'm really upbeat that we'll be safe - just try and get the tactics right!

M. Sebastian T. said:

Well Lee, if Boro can beat Liverpool then anything is possible, but in truth the Smoggies caught the Pool on the one day in 10 years they played like Hartlepool reserves. Unfortunately Toon are unlikely to be so lucky tomorrow.

Looking at upcoming fixtures all I can see is draws with Hull, Arsenal, Pompey and Fulham and a win versus Boro. My guess at the bottom few is:

15th Samburn 37 pts.
16th Toon 35
17th Stoke 34
18th Hull 34
19th Boro 31
20th WBA 25

It is almost certain that being safe will all depend on beating Boro.

Of course the joy of surviving will be followed by a summer of being reminded how many places below S---erl--- NCFC finished

Jack said:

Nevermind Ameobie, how come a player who regularly gets in the first eleven for the Argentinian national team can't get in the worst Newcastle side in twenty years? That might be an interesting question for this week's manager.

kieran said:

here's my prediction
18th Toon
19th Stoke
20th West Brom
hope im wrong but the smog monsters never go down and hull have played better than us truth be told, i really hope spurs go down instead


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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