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By Lee Ryder on Feb 21, 09 02:00 PM

Blog on the Tyne is at St James's Park to bring you regular updates from Newcastle United's clash with Everton.

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M. Sebastian T. said:

It must be the Angel of the North protecting the Toon. I have never seen a game before in which the home team never got a shot on the opposition goal! How Everton failed to score only the Angel must know. Perhaps next time it will be four lucky games in a row. And by the way, Nolan deserved to be sent off.

Of course this probably means that Ashley is the Angel of the North!

Pedi said:

Thats 2 points dropped by us! Everton are alot easier to beat without cahill and arteta, at home we had a great chance to get a win 2day.
0 shots on target from us tells you everything. Id take a half fit anyone over a fully fit shola every time, he does nothing for us. Its a toss up in who is the slowest striker in the league, shola or viduka?
Smith may have come on but did he even touch the ball? the results went for us this weekend and by failing to get all 3 points could prove massive in the coming months.
Nolan - what an idiot, getting sent off couldve cost us the game right there and the tackle was horrible!

Tad Caster said:

Agreed. Nolan was an idiot. We played better without him. We were poor but they were worse. We had no shape at all in the first half. Do you think the coaches know what they're doing? Team selection was awful, considering who was available.

Disappointed with Butt, Shola, Nolan, Coloccini (didn't he used to tackle when he first came here), Louvenkrands' miss, Harper's lack of command of the box and his dreadful kicking (when are we going to learn that Shearer isn' there any more?) both Taylors. Ryan was good with the free kicks but Jonas should've been wide right from the start. "Tayls", however, continues to disappoint. He doesn't seem to have developed. Thought Enrique and Bassong had good games. Tells you something about the tactical nous at SJP when you read that JFK allegedly wants rid of Enrique. If he goes, there should be quite a few out of the door before him.

Disappointed with Everton too. Even with men out I was expecting more from them. If they're a potential top six team, it doesn't say much for most of the rest of the league. We were poor, but the better team in the second half.

TamBo said:

Agree with everything above.
Injuries have been against us this season (even the managers laid up) but to be out there scrapping a relegation battle with 10 men is a disgrace.
There is no excuse for indiscipline and the guy should be given a rocket.
Mind - the way JFK carries on - I guess its no more than we should expect.
The tactical ineptitude from the bench is shocking. Can someone at the Chronicle or Journal ask them what they think they are doing ?

furg said:

for a start, pls get rid of shola the nonsense. couldnt help but think we're always a man down when he's playing


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