Like him or not - Joe Kinnear has played his part in Toon survival battle

By Lee Ryder on Feb 12, 09 09:42 AM

Joe-Kiinnear.jpgYou couldn't have written a script for Newcastle United's season so far but the scary thing is for many Toon fans is that there is still 13 games and the best part of four months before we'll finally know just where this nightmare campaign is going to end.

With Joe Kinnear out for the foreseeable future as United manager due to a heart bypass operation it leaves Newcastle without anybody they can really call boss going into the crucial final few fixtures.

Everybody sends Kinnear their best wishes but his haul of 23 points since taking over the hotseat will go a long way to securing Newcastle's Premier League safety.

When he arrived he got the job because nobody else wanted it.

Kinnear was desperate for a job and Newcastle were desperate for a manager.

In the circumstances, Kinnear did a half decent job given that the dressing room was in complete disarray, United were second bottom in the Premier League and the current regime had shut shop in terms of communication to the fans.

Kinnear was actually the only United official to go public with issues that left fans wondering what the hell was going on at St James's Park - even if some of his comments could be deemed as PR own goals.

His tirade on the national Press only antagonised the media circus and probably attracted even more negative publicity.

But many Toon fans loved it, finally somebody was fighting back on their behalf.

And if anything for a short while it created what one player described to me as a "siege mentality" at SJP.

Players also went from mourning over the departure of Keegan to breaking back into a smile which eventually turned into a laugh, albeit an enforced one.

As one now departed star claimed on the announcement of his arrival in the dressing room: "Joe effin Kinnear - somebody is having a laugh at this club", which was followed by an outburst of laughter - something players hadn't done for a while during Keegangate.

Now with Kinnear preparing for his heart op, fans will have mixed feelings over his input but while it was never straight forward and the fact that some of his decisions proved unpopular with certain players, his arrival - while not spectacular and far from Messiah like - did something.

It could turn out to be laying the foundations for the less animated Chris Hughton, who along with Colin Calderwood, must finish off the great escape.

Next season is next season.

But whether Kinnear returns back to St James's Park is up in the air.

For now though, while we all wish JK a speedy recovery, it will be a long and anxious countdown until the four wins Newcastle need from the final 13 games



Geezer said:

Wish JK all the best.

But we need someone at the helm who can manage us, Chris Hughton has proved that he's not up to the task, that was proved before JK took over.

As for JK saving us, I'm not trying to have a go but he's only won something like 4 games from 21 and we nearly threw last weekends game against WBA away. His tactics are prehistoric, who plays 2 wingers on the wrong wing and then 2 big lads up front where on earth is the supply gonna come from, come on son beam get a grip.

Tad Caster said:

You're right. We desperately need a decent coach. Tactics have been poor. We've gone down to (or drawn with) teams we could have beaten, but we keep sitting back inviting them to attack. In some games, we haven't bothered to respond until the last few minutes. The defence seem to play without any understanding of each other; the like-minded central midfielders are negative, particularly when one of them can only function for half a game and has a tendency to give the ball away; the wingers play on the wrong wings; the forwards are injured!

gordon said:

i hope joe makes a full recovery but it does not stop the club being run by a bunch of mickey mouse amateurs,and keep going mr Llambias the hole your digging becomes ever deeper every time you open your mouth.

Big Kev said:

Hope JFK makes a full recovery & I wish him all the best. I think he's done ok since taking the job & lets be honest no one else would touch it. Whatever you think about JFK (& at times the man sounds like a complete idiot) I would have to say without him we'd be down already, at least the mans got balls & has given it his best shot. Personaly I hope we stay up & they pat Joe on the back, say well done mate, give him a nice pay off & get someone in to lead the club forward. JFK has enough on his plate with his personal situation & should just go & spend some time with his family.

Stephen Sheehan said:

Personally I think Kinnear is a very good manager. Maybe not up to the quality of O'Neill but I'd be gutted to lose him at the end of the season. Ashley has to give him support for next season and control of transfers if we are to move forward. Provided we ar still in the top flight.
Players signed this eason have been a step up on recent years. Jonas and Bassong are quality signings. Colocinni, Nolan, R.Taylor, and Lovenkrands look decent so if we keep up that standard next season we'll be better. After all we're still recovering from Souness Era where we went from Champions League Contenders to Relegation Fodder in One Season. Thanks Graeme
Get Well Soon Joe

londontoon said:

well we were really in a desperate place when JFK took over, we were doomed and the coaches couldn't halt it, we were going down without a doubt.! When he came in I said if we can just not get beat at home for the rest of the season that will do.. we started off well but things have been tough with sulking Director and an injury list as long as one of Shola's arms..

I think the 2 buys, if he does nothing else could well save our season. plus the fact hes got the director back involved and hes told the press to sod off! -brilliant, about time!

as tactics go hes no worse than KK 2 strikers and 2 wingers. KK was forced to play the 3 up front it was a gamble and it paid off but i think if he was still around we would be back to 4-4-2 by now.
i would really like to see an experienced manager in and JFK gived DW job..

I think JFK should be given alot of credit having us not out of the bottom three...

HenryA said:

All the best to JFK and his family. I wouldn't be sorry to see him have a go at building his own squad. we must never underestimate the damage to moral and team spirit that can be done by one or two dissenters. Neither can we lose sight of the fact that at this level of play its mindset that will make the biggest difference, who wants it most. If you have destructive criticism in the dressing room from team memebers then performance will drop. Its no coincidence for me that the team played with heart and passion last weekend.
We have no option but to embrace the situation we are in and let the players know we are right out there with them.
Howay the Toon!

ronnie lambert said:

Yeah Lee, he's not the man to lead this club forward but he's a loveable rascal. Since his famous rant and national ridicule, his stress levels and blood pressure have probably stayed sky high with each game and interview. That won't change when his scars are healed. A new direction in life would be his doctor's strongest advice. I'd hate to see him croak in this job, or at all of course, that really would put a curse on future managers. On a brighter note, I'm greatly enthused about survival this season as our top players are beginning to come back and our 3 new lads are just what we needed. Nolan is solid and hard as Shearer, Taylor is a reminder of Solano in his set-plays and accuracy and will blossom at the Toon. Lovey' looks like this change may enthuse his passion with full houses at St. James's, and summer buys will have to be impressive if Ash wants to rescue his business here and keep the fans. With a decent new manager ( I really wish it was wor Kev )and good signings, and the most important thing ...... a clean slate, the excitement will flood back into the Toon army. I'd put my house on it, but don't tell the council, they'd be furious. Last point Lee, can you tell us which hospital Joe is in so we can send him a card or flowers if you're rich? cheers Ron

Jack said:

Obviously there are more important things than football and no one is wanting Joe Kinnear to literally die trying to save this football club from getting relegated. I've heard a lot of people saying what a great job he's done under the circumstances. Jesus Christ! 4 wins out of 21 realy shows how far expectations have plumeted if this is a good job. The only reason fans were not trying to burn St James' to the ground or hanging themselves from the Tyne bridge is that we were assured by are trustworthy board that he would only be here for a few games. Fast forward 20 odd games and with Newcastle a point off the bottom of the leauge and after just getting hammered 5-1 to Liverpool at HOME he's offered a 3 year deal as a reward for doing such a great job. Having a laugh!?! So would you be if you smoked as much crack as they must do in that board room. Sadly, the most hillarious thing about this story is that no one was even supprised. A five year plan is a great idea. Foudations. A strong academy. Sound bussiness model. All things to put in place at a STABALISED premireship club. The reality is Joe Kinnear was there because he was the only manager on the planet willing to work under the current structure. Even if we stay up, is this going to change? The most important thing in terms of a stable premireship club is having a real top class manager in place with the complete trust of the fans and the board. No one will work under the current restrictions. Even if relegation dosn't happen, I'm worried about the summer. United need to identify the right man, get him and give him total controle of all footballing matters and most importantly give the time get this magnificent football club stabalised at the right end of the table.

Roger Ramjet said:


We all saw what happened when KK left and first team affairs were left in Hughtons hands. He may be a good coach but he is NOT a manager. We desperately need someone who has been succesful and preferably someone who is black and white to guide the ship till the end of the season. Obviously everyone will shout for Shearer but he won't be manager until its all on his terms.
I would put PETER BEARDSLEY forward as a good short term option. A legend at the club who has played at the highest level nationally and internationally. He would command the immediate respect of the players and knows the club abd the area inside out.
Come on MA, stick Peter in till the end of the season, leaving Hughton and Calderwood in charge will be footballing suicide.

kieran said:

Yes Kinnear came in when no-one else would (apparently), i would hold him in higher regard if he hadnt ridiculously slagged off Keegan for his lack of signings. Has he done a good job? I would say no because a decent manager would probably have persuaded the likes of given, nzogbia and owen to stay. If i was them i would see Kinnears appointment as unambitious to say the least so its no surprise that they've gone. It will only get worse unless we appoint a respectable manager and if Ashley had any ambition other than to see us relegated he would have done it months ago.

Alan Wright said:

Just read Lambias praising Wise for discovering Bassong, WRONG John Anderson said on radio last home game that Bassong told him he signed for Kevin. Tho wisey "Even a blind pig will sometimes find a truffle" (Abraham Lincoln) Dancer

yiannis mazis said:

I agree with SPEPHEN SHEEHAN 100%,and we have to say to JO a big thank you for coming to a club who nobody wanted to came,and because he got rid of players like NZOGBIA and GIVEN ang bring players like TAYLOR,NOLAN and LOVENGRANDS,all the best JO and hope to see you soon back.

londontoon said:

the only other manager that could do anything here with the bunch we have is KK. anybody else would have the team in the same position simply because of the injuries we have so far this season. there are 12 more teams and managers in more or less the same position.. in fact you could go right up to Chelsea now relatively speaking, and liverpool unless they win something this season could be in a itchy bum position of a different sort at the end of the season.. when are we going to back a manager instead of kicking him when he is down... i thought it was simply because they were useless -RH,GS,GR,SA but it seems like we'll do it to anybody now.. this is the rutt we are in..

Snapper said:

Joe has done a decent job, some of the injury situations have been horrendous, he has deflected a lot of the "Southern" press diatribe quite well. One big disappointment for me has been the comments of Shay Given, who I have admired as a man and as a goalkeeper. Did he really have to berate Newcastle the way he has? He is probably telling the truth, but as an adopted "Geordie" I feel he should NOT have piled critism on the club, does he not realise the stick we get from London without he adding to it?

Andy said:

Its Time for Dennis!

Ex england pro
Chelseas most succesful captain
Management experience
Got team to fa cup final

Come on Dennis, get the tracky on and save our season.

And before I get shot down, would you rather have Hughton, Bryan Robson, Butt?

Everyone I know agrees Dennis is the right choice for here and now.

Dave B said:

Roger Ramjet - Not sure about Pedro as manager. Don't get me wrong he is my number one toon idol bar none having watched him during his two spells at SJP. The problem is that he's......well....just too nice to be a Premier League Manager (remember his stint as England kit carrier? - how would the players of today respond to that - I fear he'd be digging their gardens within a fortnight). Having said that Zola seems to be doing a decent job at WH? Maybe if we fed him raw steak for a month and flicked him with wet towels now again it might just work?

Roger Ramjet said:

Dave B

Thats the thing, I think players would certainly respond to Beardsley as a temporary manager. We need to bring in someone who they can look at and think he's been there and done it and also he'll be someone who most of them probably aspired to be, much in the way KK was when he came as manager 1st time. I'm sure he would get the immediate respect of even the top players.

Its ok to say he's too nice but where did the growling and barking of souness get us? Different approaches work with different players and I honestly believe that the option is staring us in the face with Pedro.

londontoon said:

Terry Venables as cover, anybody else is a waste of time.. we can't take a risk on anyone without full managment experience.
Sir Bobby Robson and Bryan Robson would be a good combination. BR to take the training and SBR for the tactics and team talk...

Roger Ramjet said:


A great idea apart from two minor issues.

1) Sir Bobby is no state of health to be doing work of any kind.

2) Bryan Robson is a clueless idiot.

Apart from that......

djc said:

Wot about Supermac and Bob Moncur for the interim period . Both knowledgable, both care very much about our club and both have managerial experience. May be a bit off the cuff but the way things have gone this year can't be any worse than we've suffered . My first choice would be Sir Bobby , but his health is the main concern . Why would anybody want Bryan Robson his track record's not great and he's a mackem really. For a more modern day appointment Glenn Hoddle ( which for the Tottenham Mafia would be an ideal cherry on the cake) We really can't have Chris Hughton in charge , decent No 2 but useless as a manager. Or for an even more abstract appointment how about Temuri Ketsbaia who seems to have done a good job in Cyprus. I'm sure these suggestions are likely to be though provoking

Andy G said:

How about lee Clark. A name no one has mentioned. Was doing well with our reserves, untill he went to Norwich as roaders number2. No need to question loyalty or passon.

adam said:

what are you smoking lee joe kinnear hasnt done us any favours hes a liability hes a joke of a manager.i hope he cant come back to management then we can go and get a proper manager like david moyes or martin o'neill.get a grip lee.

JOF said:

so 4 wins out of 21 is a good job. I'm glad your expectations are so low. It will keep you in good stead for the championship.

adam said:

well said jof lee ryder hasnt gota clue what hes talking about

Ray said:

Jof and Adam
You must both be thick!
the article doesnt say he's a great a manager, just says he was the only one who wanted it and has done a good job in the cirucumstances
least ryder is a geordie and you two are going on like mackems
ps Lee this captcha doesnt work

londontoon said:

roger, i know SBR couldn't really do it but i bet he'd still be up for it.!? the footy BR has played hasn't been bad he just can't manage hence SBR.. but its all just a geordie dream and i'm still up set SBR was shown the door by that other FB sorry FS

reality is we brought JFK in because CH wasn't doing it.. we can not "just see how it goes" with him again, coach yes! manager not at the moment!! we just are not in the position to take a chance we have to keep things going...

we need a manager, sadly we can't wait 2 months. what if JFK then decides not to bother coming back.? reading btwn the lines MA is telling JFK his job is safe while hes in the condition he is pre-op but if he has anything about him he'll be looking for a credible replacement full time. lets be really honest sadly he won't be coming back.. at this mo i'd go back for TV thats if we could't get Louis Van Gal..

Bo Bedre said:

I dont like Joe as manager he is not the man
for United- but I wish him all the best with his recovery!!

Carl said:

Wish Joe all the best in his recovery, but to be fair I dont think we should have him back as manager its clearly not doing his health any good, hes done his bit over the past few months and we have to thank him for that. There are rumours flying about today(not for the first time), that we may be about to move in for Steve Bruce, I hope this is true. It would be a huge step forward and a big boost for the fans, quality manager still in his prime and someone who could give this club some stability over the next few years. Its the only way I can see us moving forward, Kinnear has took us as far as he can.

Dave Pearson said:

Joe get well soon, visit us when you get better thanks for slowing the team's slide bye.

1) Let us know what your 5 year plan is (hopefully it will include a decent manager)
2) Act on it immediately

kieran said:

If venables comes in then that's it we are doomed

dessa said:

He kept boro up when they looked doomed?,but do need "A Manager" till the end of the season.Hughton and Calderwood aren't the answer.

M. Sebastian T. said:

Of course everybody wishes JK well but it is doubtful that he will return to be manager next season. As for the rest of this season, there surely will be no other opponents as bad as WBA.

In the most recent games Toon have had total gifts from a very poor referee and then from a pathetic opposing team. This luck cannot continue and it is hard to see the team getting much more than about 32 points in total. Boro and WBA seem doomed already, and so it is most likely a case of who is least awful from Stoke, Blackburn and Toon.

Cannot see a reason why the manager's job is any more attractive now than before, so it looks like it will be Hughton. Oh dear!


I am an Everton fan but before you tell me to ?ff ?ff - you can indulge me for a few minutes. David Moyes is the type of manager NUFC need. He is a vastly superior manager to KK who had lots of money to spend. Moyes is a hard nosed Scottish disciplinarian who suffers no nonsense. Cross him and you are out the door. When did NUFC last have a manager like that??? Moyes has total control of the whole club - just as it should be - he would not suffer the Wise set-up nonsense. Players really want to play for Moyes - I am looking forward to collecting 3 points next week. Over to you........

Dave Robson said:

moyes would not touch us with a barge pole, lets be fair, who can blame him, under this regime, unless there was a big u turns in how things are controlled.
until this happens we will not get anyboby worth his salt to come here.
personally if a miracle happened, i would and have been saying for a while steve bruce would be a good move in the right direction for us, he has lear'nt by his mistakes, has an eye for a player, another shout for me would be roberto martinez at swansea, playing football how it should be played.

kieran said:

Untill moyes runs a club with ambition he will never be a great manager.

Relton said:

Robert - when was the last time we hada Scottish disciplinarian.
errrm Souness.
Why would MOyes leave Everton (6 place - 40 points - one manager in last 7 years) for NUFC (13 place - christ knows how many managers since 2002 - i cant be bothered to count). Lets stop the nonsense about Moyes, Bruce, etc etc.
AndyG - Lee Clark - great idea. We have a been told there is a "five year plan" - lets give young Lee five years - even suffer Championship footy if we have to while he further learns the trade. Get rid of Wise -a nd get a seasoned professional helper in to assist.

Big Kev said:

Moyes? O'Neill? What planet are you people on???? Do you think they or any half decent manager will come to NUFC in it's current state coz if you do you need to give your heed a shake! Club up for sale, not up for sale. Fans trying to run the club, Club has money to spend, no money to spend. Owner loves the club/hates the club/loves it again!! Farce. As for Lee Clarke get real, what's he done to warrent the job? Oh wait he played for NUFC & is a Geordie, well that's all right then it seems the only qualifcations you need to some people on here. I suppose you'll be wanting Shearer as well coz he's got a fantastic track record hasn't he???

BobbyTee said:

BigKev - rather have Clarkey and Shearer on learning curve then Kinnear and Wise.
In fact I'd rather have Hinge and Brackett building the team than Kinnear and Wise.
As for Moyes and O'Neill - I agree - anyone who thinks that those guys would chop in their jobs for one SJP are deluded.

Pedi said:

I don't think we should let houghton take charge again for the relegation run in, he's proved he can't cope. Jk will hopefully not come back to the club in any capacity, for his health and the health of the club!
Surely we must be looking for another manager right now that can be installed now not in the close season. If we have a new manager now he can watch the players for the rest of the season then decide who he wants to keep. Players shouldnt play by reputation alone, ours do.
I have no idea who would actually come here especially with our current set up. Donadoni seems to stick his name in for every managers job but I dont think he'd be any good for us. We're stuck basically and I think the board are hoping to get JK back in a couple of months/stay in the league and let him spend our £8m.
Its very risky letting our 2 coaches control our prem lge status, both have proved they arent cut out for management!

Monty Cristo said:

Nothings is going to change at this stage, we'll hear no more from Ashley/Llambias until the end of the season.
Fingers crossed and pray for deliverance.


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