Toon Army take the plaudits once again

By Lee Ryder on Feb 22, 09 11:13 PM

Once again Newcastle United failed to win a home match in the 2008/09 season as Everton left Toon with a point - but despite the efforts of the black and whites on the field, those off it can once again take a bow.

The bloke who bellowed out Howay the lads 23 times in a row in the second half deserves a special mention yet that was only part of a great atmosphere in which the loyal foot soldiers of the Toon Army attempted to urge their team to victory.

It was only half matched by the XI on the field though with Newcastle still not out of the woods as far as the relegation battle is concerned.

There were various reasons why they're still in the mire but the frightening statistic of no shots on target and no corners, suggests even tougher match days at Gallowgate lie ahead with Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal the next sequence of fixtures to come.

One hope is that Newcastle can find their best form against the big boys.

But if they don't and fail to do the business in relegation crunchers against Hull and Bolton away, then the next scent of victory may not be until the back end of April with difficult and daunting trips to Stoke and Spurs still to come before Pompey at home.

Time will only tell.

But on a day in which Newcastle could have made a significant climb away from the relegation scrap heap, picking up just a point may prove costly with a tough fixture list on the way.



Ray Mossom said:

I think you are being a bit harsh as we played more than half the game with 10 men. I think the players deserve a bit of credit. Everton never threatened in the 2nd half & the back 4 plus Butt, R Taylor & Gutterez worked their socks off.

james171 said:

I agree with Ray Mossom, when you consider Everton's lofty position and their recent form, i think a point is a good result. Yes i know we were at home and we should have taken all three and never had a shot on goal or had any corners the team done reasonably well, we could have even won it with the Lovenkrants move, which shows we still have atleast some ability. I think the support on the day was pure class and we need to carry this on for the rest of the season. Man U, Chelsea and Arsnal at home, fighting off relegation, you never know!! Come on the Toon

Al Jardine said:

C'mon... Butt? He gives the ball away too often. When he's good, he's very good, but h's so inconsistent within a game and often puts our defence in trouble. We had no sape at all in the first half - everyone was bunched in the middle as if they didn't know where they were playing. Duff and Nolan were particularly poor; the former giving Enriquez no outlet. Harper, who I have a lot of time for, couldn't kick to save his life and there seemed to be no communication among the back four. What exactly do the coaches do?

dessa said:

I think the 10 players deserve a bit more credit than people are saying.I thought we were a bit afraid of Everton for the first 30 minutes then we could and should have scored,but then shot ourself's in the foot with the sending off .What Nolan was thinking of?...He's not a DIRTY player,but looked bemused by the sending off [which was the right decision] then after that they never let Everton play there football,had a few chance's fell to other players we may have been talking about a thing that bugs me is ,if we had shown that commitment against Liverpool, we may still have had Shay

Lew Davies said:

What was the game plan from the kick off? We never even got going until Nolan was sent packing. (mustn't of fancied playing at Bolton next week?????) Our defending of corners is shocking. Enrique had an ok game, but gets caught napping/ball watching time and again. He doesn't even know who he is marking half the time. Nice back pass from S Taylor !! (tool) why can he not just concentrate on his defending as much as he does trying to be our super striker.
WTF is going on with Shambles Ameobi? The sooner we get him out of toon the better. Surely he is just taking the mickey? No one can be as bad as he is. Really makes me mad how he got a new contract. What a joke. Bolton is our last chance saloon for points, and if we dont get all 3 then I fear the worst. Sorry to be a doom monger, but some of you need to get real.

bob harvey said:

Another one swallowed by captcha.
Basically, good luck to JK for the future, but the real problem is the management and 'coaching'!

londontoon said:

well all considering we played well.. KN was sent off rightly, what a muppet! SA was his usual self. OM should of been on from the start with MV. NB gives really silly free kicks away around our penalty area, which we could do without although he did generally break play up well. Enrique looked pretty good, in fact the whole back four + Harper did really well keeping a clean sheet. Harper made a couple of great saves. Everton looked like they were going home with an easy 3 points 10mins in but we gradually got hold of the game shame about being stuck with 10 men. for me they should of took both strikers off staight away and had OM up there on his jack. With 10 men we should of been looking to create more set play situations. R Taylor didn't have a great day..

Snapper said:

We are desperate for points and therefore goals! And yet Martins is on the bench, why? He is always a good bet to score.

ron lambert said:

Another frustrating lucky draw. Well done Nolan, we really needed you for the next 3 games in particular. We desperately need a manager NOW! forget loyalty to JFK for what he' for the club?????? Wise up Ashley....GET A MANAGER NOW!!!!

Dave Robson said:

time to get real, we aint gonna get a new manager at this moment in time, so there's no point slating chris hughton, about team selection, oba been missing thru injury and will probably go missing again thru injury before the season has ended, likewise with viduka, it wont matter what team selection we put out, we are still gonna struggle, we were just lucky to be playing everton without, cahill, arteta.
bolton is gonna be very hard to get anything from.
anyone who thinks, if it was possible to field our strongest starting eleven,would make much difference are deluded, bolton man utd, chelsea, arsenal will turn us over, confidence is gonna be shot to pieces even more after these next 5 games, lets see which players go missing again during and after these games.
i have not got time for ashley but has got to be in last chance saloon, if he does not change the structure of the club or is not already planning to change it, come the last kick of the season.

Mark said:

Nice match report there Lee. How many times have you seen Everton play this season then? I'd say not at all if you seriously think all thats got us into our 'respectable' league position is 'sterile' play.

Good luck with the samba style footy you clearly demand and enjoy at Newcastle though, its really working out for you.

Chris Morgan said:

I think people criticising the players after this game are completely and utterly deluded. After we got a man sent off, our main priority had to be to keep a clean sheet and make sure we didn't lose the game. We couldn't be too attacking as we would have left ourselves completely exposed at the back. Martins on the bench was the right decision as he would never have lasted 90 minutes anyway, although I would have started with Gutierrez. I thought the entire back four were immense today though and the reason we got the point. Also people are being far too harsh on Hughton. A new manager will not be appointed before the end of the season and now he has Colin Calderwood in charge we will have enough to stay up without too many concerns. I reckon we only need 10 more points to do this and this should be easily doable from our remaining fixtures.

Alex Jordan said:

C'mon, Everton are, at best, workmanlike but tough, with a couple of players with real flair and ingenuity. If you read this board, I don't think you'll find many contributors who aren't painfully honest and are ready to admit Newcastle are a poor side. However, the fact is that you couldn't beat a poor ten men side (nine, if you count Shola).

lee said:

im an everton fan and was at the game yesterday we have got 6 first teamers out and i said at half time we wouldnt win brcause we had no craft if we had our first teamers aka pienaar osman arteta and cahill we would have for newcastle you are just a team of bruisers kevin nolan should be banned for life that was a horrible will go down you are poor.

Monty Cristo said:

Aren't Newcastle and Everton very similar teams, i.e. owners without ambition?
The difference is Everton have a true inspirational leader in David Moyes. We had one as well but our short sighted owner considered he was expendable.

Dave Robson said:

Monty Cristo i dont think bill kenwright can be accused of having no ambition, 15 million for fellaini, 11 million yakuba, 4.5 million jagielka,he is only spending money what they can afford to, why put the club into financial limbo, i bet kk would have appreciated 15 million to spend on players for us, but we are a club run by someone with no ambtion.

Jack Harper said:

Ten men, you idiots. Ten men. Worse than that: ten players who have no faith in themselves; players who include two or three past it and some desperate underachievers. No Owen. No Martins or Guttierez or Duff for the bulk of the game. No Beye. No Barton, who, sadly, would be in the team were he fit. That's who you couldn't beat: a poor team. I'm perfectly realistic about NUFC; you want to try being the same about Everton. Obviously no depth to your squad. And you can't tell me Everton aren't bruisers. As for Nolan, he should be fined.

Big Si said:

I don't think I'll go to the Man U game. Why bother ? we will just have to sit there and watch our team slaughtered the same as Liverpool did. Just hand them the three points at least we won't get any injuries.

As for the Everton game, wrong team selection cost us any chance of winning. Ryan Taylor is not a winger, should have had Gutti on and Shola should not have played if he's not fit. If he is fit then that display was unacceptable.

L said:

Loyal footsoldiers of the Toon Army? Jesus wept

Jack Harper said:

I'll ignore the fact you can barely string a sentence together. "Deluded"? "Ten players who have no faith in themselves; players who include two or three past it and some desperate underachievers." What's deluded about that? Try reading this blog and see how "deluded" we are and then take every point I made and refute it with facts. We know we're poor. We see the evidence week after week. Why did you have those players suspended? For helping out old folk? And if your team lacked some key players, you could still bring on an 11 million pound striker - even if he did look about as much use as Shola. Can't be bad, can it? Grow up.

deek said:

I think we all wish we had never started supporting Newcastle but we do and however bad it gets we have to just live with it. We are stuck with Ashley, nobody who knows anything about football or money would buy us at the minute. Our credit is crunched, none of our 'big money' players are saleable, if we go down I could see 50,000 loyal fans dropping to 30,000 or so die hards if that. We need a seriously improved scouting/youth policy or we will be back in the eighties all over again, wishing we could be promoted so we could go and play the mighty Hull City and other such big clubs. Cheers


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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