Arsenal on Saturday - sunny Scunny next season?

By Lee Ryder on Mar 19, 09 06:15 PM

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear - we really are starting to feel sorry for ourselves now aren't we, injury ravaged Michael Owen is concerned that people think he's injury prone, Peter Beardsley thinks that fans are being too harsh on Shola Ameobi, envious glances are being cast over to Liverpool where Rafa Benitez has signed a deal to give them long-term stability, Saturday's opponents Arsenal are rubbing their hands at the Champions League draw - and we're starting to seriously think about going to Scunthorpe and Blackpool next season.

A quick glance at the Premier League table will only make you feel worse because unless there is a major shock at St James's Park on Saturday night it only tells you that a fortnight stewing in the bottom three is all that awaits.

Next up after that is another easy one against Chelsea and then it's the tough trips to Stoke and Spurs.

You have to look at it and fear the very worse.

But as one intoxicated fan uttered to me on an away trip at Filbert Street once upon time just before Steve Walsh poked into his own net: "It's never all ower 'til it's all ower man."

Back then there really was no breathing space, but now we have nine games to get out of this mess.

My prediction remains around the 38-40 point mark and I'm banking on home wins over Fulham and Pompey as the main bulk of our final points tally with three more points scraped up from elsewhere.

You may disagree but whatever happens it won't be done and dusted with the comfort of three games to go like it was last year.

This one is heading for the wire make no mistake.

A lot of people already think we're down and you can't blame them, remember last time we were relegated, the fan and his shirt on the pitch against West Ham, the season tickets being tossed on to the tracks against Millwall? History could repeat itself 20 years on.

Some of the things that have already happened this season points to a last day showdown at Aston Villa.

Well after Craig Bellamy (twice), Abdoulaye Faye and even Titus Bramble have done us over already this season, would you bet against James Milner sticking the winner home at Villa Park to strike the final fatal blow on a gut wrenching season?

But while our heads are above water the mood has to remain as positive as possible.

We've had it all this season and everybody has had their say but Saturday teatime has to be 90 minutes where the fans come together as one and serve up the usual rod hot atmosphere against the Gunners as once again our dirty linen is in danger of being aired in public in front of a nationwide TV audience.



AsmoGooner said:

Chin up lads, and best of luck on Saturday. Looking forward to a top evening.

marshy said:

we are doomed thanks to fat ash.

Terence McGovern said:

As an Arsenal fan I can't wish u good luck for that match but I genuinely hope that you secure your premiership status. NUFC have always tried to play positive and attractive football regardless of who the played against. As fans you have given the most and been returned the least. You have a cancer in your club and its malignancy has caused the donation of your vital organs to other clubs to pay for its treatment. Get Ashley out and tar and feather Wise before tossing him in the Tyne. Hire an intelligent no non-sense manager who hates negative football and give him a 10 year contract with a 100,000,000 pound payoff clause in the case of terminating his contract. Most importantly in the case of you actually going down and the club's value dropping like a stone, lobby Newcastle city council for the funds to buy the club and put it in trust for the Newcastle citizens to be administered by high profile voluntary business people who are also fans. They will never spend better money. Your club is a regional treasure and it needs protection and it needs it soon. Food for thought. Good luck after saturday.

gunnerhead said:

Arsenal fan here as well. I echo Terence's sentiments. I've always had a soft spot for Newcastle (don't ask me why) but I have a lot of respect for the fans who are always there for the team - for better or worse sometimes.

My best wishes to the Newcastle fans effective 8 PM Saturday.

Anupam said:

Hope we can get a point on saturday,but frankly speaking i dont see it coming.
Arsenal's last week's performance was terrifying, they played amazing football.I think they will butcher us at SJP..
Although i will be the happiest person in the world if i am proved wrong.

I think we need to start playing 4-3-3 formation again.We have reached a stage where only wins will do now and we really have to go for it now.

JC said:

Thanks to the Arsenal fans on here, any chance you will loan us Arsene Wenger for a few years? I'm going to be optimistic and say we will shock everyone and get three points on Saturday. Personally I cant get to the game this week, but I will be sitting in a bar in Glasgow getting absolutely smashed, no doubt in a pub full of scummy fake Man Utd fans! Cmon the toon! ASHLEY OUT!!!!!!!!

Dave B said:

For me our run it starts after the Arsenal game, but a point would certainly be welcomed. As for big Mike well I think both sets of fans hope that he follows his first love and buys Spurs. Also is it just me or is anyone else getting sick of the 2 plus 2 journalism that creates stories like Bassong for Arsenal? Lads put the crayons away, step away from the rubberised desk and find some real stories.

By the way a note the Gooners - Ignore Phil Brown - he may sound like us but he's a Mackem in pimp clothing - nuff said.

Steve said:

Not expecting anything else but to be taught a harsh lesson on how to play football by Arsenal.

I think we'll be lucky to stop Arsenal from scoring 3 goals.

Andrew from Perth said:

I hear Liverpool is giving Torres a pay rise to 90,000 a week next year. Do you think they'd trade him for 3/4 of an Owen or 1,1/2 Smiths?

To many parasites on the board and on the field.

brian from durham said:

Doom and gloom everwhere and rightfully so, but what is the most annoying, is that is all self inflicted by this moron Ashley, and there is nothing we can do except walk away until he sells up.

steven said:

have you seen the duncan ferguson speech on you tube at an everton legends dinner last night he said he cant even remember the other clubs hes played for because once youve played for everton nothing else matters.what a prat so does that mean the whole time he was with newcastle all he was thinking about was everton.i think the man is a disgrace.

stevie said:

If we could scroll back time, to the time when Liverpool appointed Benitez and we replaced Sir Bobby Robson with Graham Souness, then you can see ther difference between a well run club and Newcastle United.
It is now even worse under Ashley. If we do end up in the championship next season, we will have tight wad Ashley, Kinnear, Hughton, Calderwood etc. Therefore we cannot even be calmed by the prospect of a quick return to the premiership.
Our only hope is a change of ownership, whether we stay up or not.

Andrew Davis said:

How come Lee that you have not addressed the Taylor comments last saturday that seemed to suggest there are problems with the players and how we come out to play.

I think you should be checking this out.....

I wish for 3 points tommorow as arsenal have a few players out tommorow.

I hope Habib Beye is back as we need him in there.

I cannot see where Stephen Taylor will go in the team.

How come Lee Ryder as would Alan Oliver be checking on what Stephen Taylor said as its rubbish reporting by lee...

Butt will always be picked and i hope its not smith.

We can get at arsenal tommorow and i will be watching at 1.30 in the USA.


Lee Ryder Author Profile Pagesaid:

Steven Taylor is likely to stay at right-back with Habib Beye on the bench.

walex said:

end more about arsenal imformation


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