Blog on the Tyne at the Hull City match

By Lee Ryder on Mar 14, 09 09:00 AM

IN between biting my nails, I'll be bringing you regular updates from the KC Stadium as the Toon take on Hull City in a game that could ultimately decide whether we stay in the Premier League.

Blog on the Tyne will give you all the colour and drama from inside the ground at a game United cannot afford to lose.

Only Andy Carroll's new contract and Michael Owen's involvement in the match have lifted the nervousness of the fans this week.

And Blackburn's win against Fulham in mid-week has only increased the pressure on the players with only 10 games left.

My blog below will tell you all the action, but we also need you to take part and have your say on the game.

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toonfanzio said:

Its Black and white

Why do we never win anything?

In the modern fast-paced game, any slight advantage you gain can make the difference.
Unfortunateley wearing black and white stripes (or blue/white red/white etc)
makes it harder for our players to pick out a pass.
Consider this, If we had man u's strip and they had ours, would that have improved our gameplay 1 or 2 percent and had the reverse effect on them, maybe enough for KK to have loved it ...


EXCLUSIVE - Where has Michael Owen has been for the last 4 years? He has only made 60 appearances - I can reveal that he has a second job - watch POWER RANGERS on a Saturday morning - its rubbish (just like watching the Toon!!!) and you will see Michael as a POWER RANGER - he does not seem to have injuries either!!!

Tad Caster said:

I enjoyed the effort and the skill displayed in our first half performance against Man U. Sadly, none of that was on display here. I thought Smith and Geremi played well then, but at Hull, they were awful. Enrique, who has been very good lately, was poor. Goal aside, Steven Taylor had a poor first half. Goal aside, Butt gave away the ball far too often. Owen was anonymous. It's a luxury to have someone who can conjure up a goal out of nothing and it may have been better to have a battler like Louvenkrands on. Surely to God he should have come on for Geremi at some point. I was pleased with Shola; not something I say often. Guttierez was barely in it. Coloccini was poor. What the hell happened?

mark said:

todays paper reports that Venables is again on the agenda for newcastle till end of season .Now i dont think he will come BUT why is it that ashley only recruits from his cockney nightclub. COME ON ASHLEY GET OUT ABIT MORE YOU MIGHT FIND SOMEONE WHO IS NOT A SECOND RATE PENSIONER.

Kevin said:

From the time I saw Owen starting I was pessimistic. Here is a player that has missed the last 6 to 8 weeks and he starts without even a run-out in the reserves. He performed just as expected....did NOTHING!
Lovenkrands, scorer 10 days earlier, and was also quite effective with Martins against one of the best teams in the world didn't even get off the bench. He should have started!
Poor managerial decisions will cost us our EPL spot. Why start Owen when not match fit? Why wait till 20 minutes to go to make a change (when it was clearly needed since half time). Why leave a player with speed, confidence, form, and desire on the bench for the entire match?

Matt said:

Where has the toon in crisis headlines gone? So Llambias provides a few lame arrogant unsincere answers to questions the journal puts to him. Doesnt mean you shouldnt be reporting the truth and how the city feels about what's going on at our club! Ashley out!

Andrew Grundy said:

Totally agree with Kevin about Lovenkrands. He should have been brought on for certainly most of the second half. Conceeding a goal so early in the game was a killer. The main problem was no creativity or pace. This has plagued us since the start of the season and no remedial action was taken in January bar Lovenkrands, who despite positive performances hasn't been used. Very worried now, but firmly believe if we do go down its of our own making. I'll actually be more inclined to keep going if i'm watching youngsters with a hunger and desire. Yes we'd see "quality players" leave but they aren't entertaining or productive anyway.

londontoon said:

totally agree, why was lovenkrands dropped to the bench? CH is employing desperation tactics and this willl not breed confidence in anybody. everyone who has watched MO over the yrs knows he needs 2-3 games to get back into it.. Managers and coaching staff often take the hump when the supporters are offering advice from the stands -is it any wonder when the coaches do this..!? I can see we need MO for some tough games coming up and games are the best way to get fit but we have to get it right now in every game we can not gamble..

even AC and OM would of been a better combination. 1/10 for the coaches. 5/10 for the players..

GordonStobbs said:

Dear Mr Ashley

This is a plea from a very frustrated toon fan. Mr Hughton is not the man to carry us through these last important games. He is "One of the Boys" and the likes of Lovenkrands and Ryan Taylor left on the bench are the easy choice to be dropped. Why were they dropped after playing so well against Man U? We had a midfield that have scored 0 this season. Alan Smith on the wing....Whats all that about???
We need someone in who can tell the likes of Butt and co that they have to fight for their place and also can go in the dressing room and tell them when they are rubbish and give them a rollicking when needed. I thought Alan did well in the middle of the park on Wednesday so why change it. Why change the whole team. And finally...Ameobi??? when will they learn!!!!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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