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By Lee Ryder on Mar 21, 09 01:00 PM

NEWCASTLE United take on the French flair of Arsenal this weekend, and I'll be bringing you all the action from St James's Park.

THE Magpies only have nine games left to stop themselves slipping into the Championship, and with the Toon only out of the bottom three on goal difference, it's going to be a nervy run-in.

Blog on the Tyne will have regular updates from the match, plus all the colour from inside the stadium.

We also want your views on the game, your thoughts on relegation, and a bit of banter mixed in as well.

Just come back at 5pm on Saturday to get involved, or click below to set a reminder.


kieran said:

Iv just watched the game, im gutted for the lads. We should of gone one-nil up, came back from one-nil down and looked the better side for 60 minutes. It was a real kick in the teeth when they scored their second as taylor was off the field.
What are we supposed to do when two of our defenders have to come off injured? Any team would have struggled so it was just bad luck.

k mcintosh said:

ryan taylor was embarassing.crosses were cack.dont know how he stayed on the pitch.if jonas cant get his game with this squad what chance have we got.

Tad Caster said:

Great first half, but - again - this was the type of performance we needed against Hull, Wigan etc. You're absolutely right about Ryan Taylor. Guttierez should've been on from the start. Taylor's ludicrous foul gifted them the free kick from which they scored and he wasn't good enough. He is, in fact, a Championship player.

Tempting though it is to say Owen wouldn't have missed the penalty (though better men than he have - Shearer and Nobby, for instance), it's equally true that he wouldn't have scored the goal Martins did, nor would he have been as industrious as Martins continued to be up to the end - unlike Nolan, Duff and Butt who faded badly.

Coloccini has gone from an accomplished looking player to a nervy one who seems reluctant to tackle.

We were very unfortuante to lose Bassong and then taylor, though you have to wonder (again) what the coaches were up to by not getting someone on for Taylor immediately, because it was while he was off getting treatment that they scored - then he came back on, obviously injured - then he went off for good! In fact we were down to nine men at the time, because Louvenkrands (who played his heart out and who should have been on last week but our coaches are too dense to see this) was down too.

dora said:

Chris Hughton is a joke

ian said:

As others have said, a good performance for an hour but no good against a top 4 team who will punish any mistake (whether physical or tactical).I can't believe though,how poor we were after the 3rd went in,complete capitulation which is why we will go down and deserve to under this cancerous regime. I notice the claims of the Ashley appeasists and the so called managing director that the 'Wise' signings are the way forward are now being completely ridiculed. Collocinni,Taylor(R),Nolan absolutely woeful and how does old 'By Name' ever get a game (though can't blame the midget for that one). That dive in the box was totally embarrassing. Yes, Scunny here we come and I blame those who still waddle their way up to SJP when they should have abandoned the place in September so we wouldn't be in this position now (that includes the local journos).It's my belief that any person who turns up at SJP for the final home game against Fulham (by which time we will be down)is saying to the world - " I love and believe in Mike Ashley and what he's doing to my club. I think he's absolutley right to give a fat old bullsh***er and his idiot helpers a contract to run my club for the next 2 years and I will continue to turn up no matter what sort of humiliation is heaped upon me week after week. I will blindly chant in some sort of deluded belief that my support makes a ha'peth of difference to the way the team performs"

Tad Caster said:

A few more points

a) I thought Duff was good in the first half, though the dive was abysmal. He faded badly in the second.
b) Nolan's legs seem to have gone.
c) Butt still gives away the ball too often, particularly in the second half.
d) However much I think Shola's poor and that Carroll should've been on instead, booing him when he came on was disgraceful.
e) Harper's distribution in the first half was fantastic; as the second half wore on, it became dreadful - wasteful high long balls. Panic, I guess.

Brian D said:

It is interesting to hear all the comments, but not surprising given the recent results that so many are negative. Whilst I must stress at this point I am NOT!! an Ashley fan nor do I believe that DW has done his job whatever that is supposed to be. The rot as it is started some time ago under FS. for a long time since SBR the managers have complained about (and the fans) about the lack of quality and depth in the squad. Then they sell or let go more players than they buy so the squad gets weaker, it is noticable in key areas. It doesn't help when yo get players on large contracts who are content to warm the treatment table. A number of the current squad it is obvious do not want to be there.
It will be a miricle if we survive, as the present no spend policy is starting to bite hard and it is noticable that some of the so called big names are conspicous by their absence.

Is it that we have to drop into the championship before we can rebuild the whole squad from scratch, as most of the present culprits will leave. Hopefully taking MA and DW with them.

Haroon said:

We're shit! seriously...

M. Sebastian T. said:

Yesterday was another lack luster performance against an off-form Arsenal team. But seemingly Toon players are still not tuned in to the reality of their situation. Jose Enrique is apparently spending his time calling for new blood to avoid another relegation battle next season. Or perhaps he is talking about not slipping down to Division I in 2010 (perhaps exchanging places with Pools).

As far as I can see everything this season now hinges on what happens in two or three key games. Boro could well have a bit of a laugh by making sure they drag Toon down with them.

One has to presume that Owen is far from actually being fit and is only going to be played in the games versus the other dross. Or that Ashley is taking no chances of having damaged goods on the shelf.

Sad times on the Tyne, but it probably is boosting booze sales as sorrows are being drowned.

stevie said:

The only hope is for Ashley to sell up, otherwise it is more of the same whether in the premiership or championship.


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