What price bravery?

By Lee Ryder on Mar 27, 09 07:01 PM

It will never happen in a billion years but what if Dennis Wise, Kevin Keegan and Mike Ashley lifted the lid on just why Newcastle United are hanging on the edge of the Premier League cliff?

Brian Clough and Don Revie had the bottle to go head to head on TV to talk about their differences in 1974 with the famous spat highlighted in Cloughie's movie which is currently dominating big screens around the country.

These days the prospect of such a frank exchange of views on live TV seem impossible.

As it stands Newcastle are dangling dangerously above the drop with many fans having already thrown in the towel and fully expecting to drop into the Championship.

With fury burning strong in the air on Tyneside this is going to get worse before it gets better.

In my lifetime the only time I've witnessed teams, at all levels, achieving success - including staying up - is when hope and confidence come together with a leader that is braver than his players guiding them along the way - or at least that is the example he must put across.

And with Joe Kinnear's input likely to be minimal at best in the next few weeks, Chris Hughton is going to have to be brave.

He was brave enough to axe Michael Owen.

He was also brave enough to take on the job, albeit as caretaker.

But now Hughton is going to have to show bucketloads of bottle to get Newcastle out of the brown stuff because at the moment we are ankle deep.

Bravery must be displayed in the next three games by going for it against Chelsea, Stoke and Spurs because only victories count now for Newcastle.

Many have already written the chances of staying up off.

And the longer Newcastle go putting all their eggs in one basket (beating Pompey, Fulham and Boro then finding something at Stoke), the more inevitable going down will become.

To think that we were once celebrating being 1-0 up at Old Trafford this season and beating them in their own backyard.

To think that at Coventry we dared to think it could be our year in the Carling Cup before KK was told moments after the full-time whistle that James Milner was on his way.

That's all history now.

The reality is the fat lady is getting warmed up as we speak.


brian from durham said:

Lee,we will never hear KK's side of it, as Ashley will only pay KK his just compensation, with strict confidential clauses attached. No doubt Ashley's spin on it will be covered in depth by you.

Lord Vader said:

You didn't beat Man Utd 1-0. Do your homework you geordie muppet!

rockstar said:

Lord Vader, learn to read you uneducated muppet...he said being 1-0 up and was celebrating beating them (then we lost).


Shieldsman said:

Rockstar, you have the audacity to call Lord Vader an uneducated muppet and then go on to say you lost at Old Trafford!!!!
That was one of the few occasions you played well this season and drew 1-1. I suppose you, like many others, will take even less interest in your team's affairs next season when you entertain Blackpool and potentially Milwall.

Lord Vader said:

A long celebration it was, I seem to recall.

Anyone seen my bait?

Martin said:

I'd say one of the reasons you are down at the bottom is that you are the kind of club that celebrates taking the lead at Old Trafford in some match even Man Utd fans will have forgotten by now.

Just what the hell has being 1-0 up moons ago got to do with where you are now? The players Newcastle have are, for the vast majority, not good enough at all to stay in the league. Thats all. Its no massive conspiracy, you've just got an awful team.

Michael Oneil said:

Cometh the hour, cometh the man - unfortunately Chris Houghton bears more resemblance to Neville Chamberlain than Winston Churchill. As for Mike Ashley..difficult to decide if he is Nero fiddling while Rome burns or if its the final hours of Adolph Hitler, Ashley holed up in his bunker with generals Lambias, Wise and Kinnear, as the Red Army took St James Park, yet again.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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