Fiends of Anfield Road!

By Lee Ryder on Apr 30, 09 10:14 AM

There aren't too many Toon fans that can say they have been to Anfield and watched their side win and that unwanted record is looking likely to still be in tact come the end of Sunday's trip to Liverpool - unless there is a miracle in front of the Kop.

It's too painful to start going into it all again at Anfield, 4-3s, sending offs, last minute winners for the Reds, Steve Harper being chipped from Stanley Park, floodlight failures - the lot.

Personally I'm "lucky" to have watched Newcastle win at Anfield, the last time they did it in 1995 when Steve Watson's wonder goal beat the Reds in the League Cup.

I wish I'd made more of it, in the knowledge that 14 years later we'd still be waiting.

It would be nice to think that Liverpool would have some mercy on Newcastle going into this one but we all know that won't be the case with the Kop chasing their title dream and determined not be overhauled by Man United on total title wins.

A draw would be nice and whether Alan Shearer sticks with the 4-3-3 formation, remains to be seen.

Amazingly at the moment it looks like the only man at the club capable of scoring is Shearer!

Three big misses on Monday night leave Newcastle deep in the brown stuff.

Perhaps the only thing left to cling on to is that Newcastle don't do things the easy way.

Which probably means our best bet of staying up is on goal difference at best.

Well until it's all over, there can only be hope, slim hope but hope.

I can understand people writing off Newcastle already, it's the obvious thing to do and the easy thing to do.

But calls for hearses and talk of funerals have been nothing short of bad taste and somewhat premature this week.

Summed up perfectly this week when somebody said: "Are we giving up already?"

Whatever way you look at it Newcastle still have their fingers on the edge of the cliff - and it's not over YET.


Ben said:

I'm a Liverpool fan and whilst I obviously hope we win on Sunday I ultimately hope Newcastle stay up. It'd be a worse league for your absence! I wouldn't be surprised if there was some last day drama which led to your survival!

Good luck & keep the faith lads and hope to see you again next year!

Relton said:

Ive said it before and I'll say it again.
We have draw at Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford this season.
How about another one on Sun ? Ok they may have tucked 15 goals in over thelast few games - but lets all be blindly optomistic for a change eh?

bob harvey said:

We need something different in midfield. How about Barton, Smith, Guthrie + Jonas to run at them?

AndyT said:

The injuries to Steven Taylor and Jose Enrique couldn't be at a worse time. Shearer will have to reshuffle our defense AGAIN. Our midfield will be moved around AGAIN. Probably with Butt and Smith at the center since Smudge impressed Shearer and Nicky Butt is one of his mates. And a useless Michael Owen will obviously start again up top.
Wow, here's to hope and whole lot of luck on Sunday. Lord knows we're due quite a load of it!

robin said:

I have often wondered why we haven't tried out Ben Tozer. I can recall the joy in signing this young potential and for the heck of me considering we don't have a left back we don't give him a go. I can only assume he isn't as good as they thought he was?

ronnie lambert said:

lee, to quote you," Summed up perfectly this week when somebody said: "Are we giving up already?... Whatever way you look at it Newcastle still have their fingers on the edge of the cliff - and it's not over YET." ..fair enough mate, but like I said last blog, you've got to be a tad more optimistic for your readers, I think. But to be brutally frank, where do you see goals coming from? We possibly might beat Boro if we battle as hard as we did against Pompey, but without guile or goals. Then there's Fulham who are better than Boro and Portsmouth. Against Liverpool, a miracle is needed for a point, and hopefully Villa will be as high as they can get by the time we go there, and their suitcases are already packed for their broken legs please lads ( says Martin O'Neil ). Of course it's not mathematically over, and many like me have been sticking with it all season....for decades even, but it's not kosher for other blinkered fans to slag us off. They act as if we've blasphemed the black and white magpie god, and to these I say, " Get a life."

londontoon said:

lee i agree, why does it have to be already written in stone that we are going to lose in liverpool.? we all know the history but thats what is great about it, its in the past and today is brand new!!! do you think the likes of stoke and hull have looked at their next game and thought "right well we're beat there!" "might aswell go along though the bus is paid for!" "and its chelsea or whoever next week and we're not going to win there either.." IT IS THAT EXACT MENTALITY that has us beaten before we even start. the exact reason we are where we are. thats not support for your team its support for every other team.. it makes me shake my head in disbelife every time i read or hear anything like that. we complain about the players not showing a bit of fight and spirit yet we do it ourselves. -give it up man!

Al Jardine said:

I live in hope, but that spirit was in short supply in the last 15-20 minutes against Portsmouth

DavidK said:

As I live and work in a part of the world where bottles of Broon are in short supply, i got myself a crate of twelve at the start of the season promising that I'd crack one open after every win with a view to getting in another crate around Christmas.
Needless to say my import agent didn't receive a call in December and I still have half a crate left.
I will still put a bottle in the fridge ready for Sunday's result. The same bottle that's been in and out of that fridge so many times since the last drunk one courtesy of West Brom, but I don't realistically see myself opening it this week.
Doesn't stop me putting it back in the fridge though.

kieran said:

Now we have no enrique at left back why not bring in david edgar, or as robin says ben tozer? Edgar's come in and done a good job for us before and in tozer`s case i'v never even seen him play for us but we are not good enough to play three at the back, the result will be the same as at tottenham

browny said:

Hello lads,

As a Liverpool fan, I want us to spank you again on Sunday, but as someone has said previously... I would hate Newcastle to go down!
I think its your "good" players that are letting you down and not caring.
I can almost see Owen leaving on a free and maybe joining Liverpool as one of 4 strikers. (like Fowler did)
The sad thing is... I think he would start scoring and playing well again... so why cant he NOW!? This same logic applies for all of your other big players. They seem to not care and know that if you go down, they will be able to move on.
They all need a kick up the Aris! (starting monday)

Relton said:

DavidK - reverse your strategy - crack one open every time we lose and go dry when we win. At least that way you wont remember pain.

Johnny T said:

Damage limitation at anfield !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

telboy said:

Hi Lee
Any chance of a second Q & A with Mr L to
see where the Championship is in Mr A's
5year plan!!!!

kieran said:

all im saying jeddi is why did we buy these young lads "for the future" when the present squad is so poor/small now? Inevitably we never see them again untill they play against us for somebody else and score. Also n'zogbia played at left back far too many times enough to make him get the hump and want to leave. If edgar had played that many times at left back for us he'd be a ready made replacement for enrique by now. Buying players like smith and xisco to sit on the bench for season after season it just wouldnt happen at any other club.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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