Time to make a Mark for flop Viduka

By Lee Ryder on Apr 16, 09 11:16 AM

Mention the name Mark Viduka in these parts nowadays and the response by most Geordies probably couldn't be printed on this blog - but whatever your feelings are about the big Aussie he will be in the squad for Sunday's trip to Tottenham Hotspur.

Without a shadow of doubt, even if Viduka scored in every game between now and the end of the season, he will still leave Tyneside this summer regarded as a major flop but what he can do is leave with a bit of pride.

That's the least the Toon Army deserve.

His stats tell the story since he arrived here as a free transfer having reached the end of his contract with Middlesbrough, just 32 appearances and seven goals.

There have been injuries for the striker but the question has to be, just how much has he wanted to play for this club?

It's understood that Alan Shearer has taken Viduka to one side and asked him whether he should just leave now or can he help Newcastle get out of trouble in the last six games.

The fact that Viduka will be on the bus for White Hart Lane, well bus before the plane, tells you the answer.

Newcastle have lacked physical presence this season apart from Andy Carroll's breakthroughs and if Viduka decides to turn it on at Spurs given the chance, it would bolster the chances of getting a result.

Carroll though probably deserves the nod and after all, he is the future of this club no matter what division we're in next season.

But Viduka has what it takes somewhere locked away inside him and if it's about to be unleashed now, it would be more than welcome.

Not that anybody is holding their breath...


Joel said:

You've got Viduka all wrong. As an Australian & a life long NUFC fan I have been as disappointed as anyone with Mark's output at Newcastle, but I can assure you it is not from want of trying from Mark.

I have watched Mark from when he was a junior in Melbourne and he has always been a committed & tough player, I have seen him play injured many, many times.

I think measuring Mark's success using the 7 goals in 32 games stat you quoted is misleading. Mark has never been a prolific scorer, he has always been the type of player that brings others into the game. Of the 32 games he played how many of those was he fully fit for? How many of those games were we belted in and gave our strikers no service?

Newcastle paid nothing & took a punt on an aging player coming towards the end of his career and unfortunately it has not paid off.

I think we can all be frustrated (probably Mark more than anyone) but we shouldn't cast dispersions on his character by suggesting he simply doesn't 'want' to play.

I do agree however that Andy Carroll should be in the side ahead of Viduka on Sunday.

Jack said:

Anyone who's been to John Beresford's talk-in will know all about Viduka's attitude and commitment.

Keith said:

"Newcastle paid nothing"
He's costing us £100k a week

useless striker said:

Viduka is a joke. We should have put him on a pay as you play contract like saha is on at everton. No, we stick him on a massive contract and the bloke is never fit, sounds like owen+ now martins.
Vd has 'never been a prolific scorer' thats cos he never plays! So we basically have a less mobile heskey? some good that is when he spends all year on the physio's sofa.
He's just one of many that are taking the club for a ride and need to be kicked out. How did he pass the medical to start with?
I wonder if his new found fitness came about when shearer made the injured stay at the training ground all day?

Tavgar said:

Viduka can leave with some dignity. I belive hes costin us in the area of £70K a week so it would be good if he leaves. I wouldn't say he was a flop when he was playing but I don't really remember him doing that. Michael Owen was considered a flop too until he sort of saved us last season. He could leave with some pride by scoring a few crucial goals near then. I like Shearers attitude towards the players and he really has had them fired up. If only he could stay beyond the end of this season. Especially if we were relegated, I doubt Kinnear could bring us back providing even he stays. Shearer is the man for the job.

DavidK said:

Well we've had Shrek Dowie giving interviews all week, I suppose Donkey Viduka was bound to re-enter the frame at some point.....

Just Kidding :-)

Digger said:

Joel, it's nothing to do with being Australian, compare Viduka with one of my favourite players who almost single handedly makes a team work, Tim Cahill, at Everton. He gives 100% season after season.

Ivor Clark said:

The sooner the Toon gets rid of these trophy signings the better. How can anyone justify the enormous amounts of money these injury prone players have "earned", irrespective of their laying ability and reputations. Viduka was FS's last signing, what a legacy!. Anyway I cannot see how Vid will make a difference in the last few games we have. He is not match fit anyway. I also think we are preparing for Championship next season. Shearer will only stay if we reamin in PL otherwise he will be awf back to the Beeb and Dowie will take over as our Championship manager. JK moved upstairs to replace DW. Owen, Vid, Martins etc all awf to pastures new. Young blood re Ranger, Carroll, Taylor etc tied up on new contracts in preparation for life in championship. Ashley will cut losses by selling remaining half decent players to newly promoted teams....

PNY said:

I would bother with playing Viduka ever again (or Shola) - Carroll all the way, at least he cares

Tim said:

Regardless of what you think of Viduka, he is a player who can create something out of nothing.

As a toon fan he is a player I want on the field at the moment. Thats the bottom line.

Tad Caster said:

We bought Viduka at least a couple of years too late - though I believe he was wanted by both Souness and Roeder and, for all I know, SBR.

You have to remember, there is a somewhat specious xenophobic school of thought that blames idle foreign players for the club's misfortunes because they don't understand the passion.

Where that leaves our homegrown mishaps that have inhabited the middle of the park for the last few seasons is anyone's guess, but it's a theme that is returned to - and even encouraged - all too often.

londontoon said:

why has his contract not been bought out? why has he not been sent home? great he may be but hes as great as me most of the time or as much use as i would be as a newcastle player. i'm here sitting on the sofa bored and doing it as well as MV is doing it.. loads of money down the drain get rid of him and shola and sell OM to wigan or hull..

Gooner 4 life said:

Th problem with u suporters is that your expectations of you club are too high, you are a mid table team and you act as if you have the man power to push for the title.
leave the big lad alone im sure he pushes himself that inch further than all the other lads at traning,hell come good
HAVE A LITTLE FAITH, semms you dont have it a coach dosnt sting a couple of wins and you sack him! shame on yous

kieran said:

Another day, another set of results gone against us. A draw was as good as we could have realistically expected at Stoke but now a draw is not enough. We need three points to get within one of blackburn and hull. If we fail then i can't see any way back for us...

Alan said:

Team v Spurs


Taylor S, Beye, Bassong, Enrique

Jonas, Butt, Guthrie, Duff

Owen, Martins

stevie said:

Another supporter of another club telling us what we think.
We are just a mid table club and we act as if we have the manpower to push for the title.
What newspaper have you been reading?
We are second bottom of the league and we don't even have the 'manpower' to win a game never mind the title.
The club is a farce and no supporters of any club would put up with such mis management. Four managers in one season?
Dennis Wise telling an ex England manager what players to buy and sell?
Ashley stubbornly held on to a management structure that was getting the club relegated and has decided to ditch it, albeit temporarily so far, far too late.
That has given players such as Viduka the perfect excuse to give up. We just want the club to be run with a modicum of competence, like Everton or Villa.

Bovver Brown said:

I've seen Viduka play some blinders especially for Australia, desparate times call for desparate measures he might surprise us all and if Shearer can't rally the troops no one can. Howay the lads Two nil I reckon.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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