Newcastle United are relegated following defeat to Villa

By Lee Ryder on May 24, 09 08:00 AM

NEWCASTLE United dropped out of the Premier League with a whimper after going down 1-0 at Aston Villa.

The Toon needed at least a draw with Hull losing by the same scoreline to Manchester United, but failed to create many chances.

Gareth Barry's shot was deflected by Damien Duff and rolled agonisingly past Steve Harper in goal, and that was the end of United in the top-flight for this season.

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Haroon (Singapore) said:

I'm feeling numb. Where do I start?
Did anyone notice how out of shape our players were? Players seem to just fade away in the 2nd half, esp Guthrie and Lovenkrands.

Nicky Butt did what he has been doing all season, giving away the ball cheaply. Took ages to regain posession.

The team were running out of ideas in the final third.

For heaven's sake, was it too much to ask them to take a shot from distance and just hope it creeps in? Nolan? Guthrie? 10 points to Shola for trying, even its 20yards off target.

Mr Lee Ryder, if you ever meet Alan Shearer pls inform him to work on the player's conditioning and no 7week holidays. The Championship is gonna be ruthless.

pedi said:

Im shocked but not surprised, we've been this bad for ages. I'd question our players willingness to win the game today. Someone could've been the hero but noone made any real effort or busted a gut to get to a ball. Woeful passing, long punts upfield in hope, zero pace, missed chances.
I'd like to know who ashley etc hold responsible for this?

stevie said:

What struck me is that the players just aren't very good. The only player who looked to have quality was Enrique, the rest were inadequate or just plain past it.
Martins for example only seems to hit the target if he falls over and Ameobi is just awful.
A mass clearout is needed (including Ashley) and a proper manager in charge.
It is going to be a long process to put right years of mismanagement.

jacko said:

Why the shock and surprise?

We've been pathetic all season. While I particularly blame Ashley for the latest debacle; over KK in September, let us not forget that there is a collective responsibility going back over at least five years.

Knee jerk sackings (SBR when we finished 5th), poor appointments and poor player signings. This is particularly pertinent this season with over 15 players earning 50k+ per week; its nothing short of disgraceful that one of the highest paid squads in the Premiership could perform so abjectly when called upon to raise their game. But then they don't care do they? Despite the protestations, wringing of hands through a simpering press and the feigned shock after yesterdays damp squib, it is the PLAYERS who must not escape blame.

We the fans must now await developments and hope (against expectations) that sense will prevail and the club will start to realise its potential. Bet most of the 'devastated' players won't cut their wages and stay around to fight for promotion next season though!

djc said:

This has been coming for some time and truth be told we are exactly where we deserve to be. After our performance against Mn U on the first game of the season I was full of optimism that after a few years of mediocrity we were headed back on the right tracks under KK . Unfortunately the fat owner decided that Dennis Wise was quite clearly knew more about football than a man who was european player of the year , won a european cup and numerous other awards and brought the toon from the depths of despair to going close to being champions. Who can forget , Albert Ginola , Barton , Bersford , Beardsley, Ferdinand Shearer and Lee , and I'm sure I've forgotten some other great players. Football played with excitement and passion. These days it's been an embarrassment to watch, no pace , no passion and we are truly rubbish . Whoever is in charge next season , needs to bring in players with pace, who want to battle and want to show what they are capable of . At the minute we have a lot of has beens or never will be's . I would only keep Harper , with Krul pushing him, Habib Beye , Enrique , Taylor and Bassong perhaps Guthrie and Martins but after that I'm struggling to think of anybody else who can justify there place. Disappointed with how things have turned around but let's remember, nobody died and there are people in the real world suffering properly . Ours is sadness over the demise of our club but perhaps in the long term it may just purge us of the Cancer that has been eating away at the club for some time. I guess it's a case of wait and see what the Fat Man wants to do with the club, perhaps it's the ideal time for an investor to get the club at cut price and plough some money into it . Who knows

Rod said:

Derek Lambias:- "We are hurting"

Who is this guy? Where is he from? How long has he been here? He doesn't know what hurting means!

Free transfer out for Michael Owen and Mike Ashley

And, please forgive me, we need an experienced manager to drag us out of the manure we find ourselves in. Alan, with great respect to a Geordie that WILL be hurting, give it a couple of years

If we had spent a third of the cash we have wasted on compensation to sacked/failed managers on keeping the talent that has grown up on Tyneside instead of flogging them off for peanuts to balance the books we wouldn't be in this mess


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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