How the real Newcastle United fans spent the day after relegation

By Lee Ryder on May 25, 09 07:59 PM

It's worth recording that spending several hours not only in Newcastle city centre but around a few other areas of North Tyneside today and driving around generally, just how many people were still wearing black and white shirts.

Most of them it seems stiffened the sinews and took the latest insult firmly on the chin rather than seeking attention from the cameras.

The rest of the country, who have enjoyed Newcastle's relegation throughout the weekend, instead saw three or four images of some Toon fans who were blubbering moments after the drop was confirmed.

They didn't see how it really was and that nobody was throwing the towel in.

What price a full house for the first game of the Championship and a new generation of young Geordies seeing a winning team albeit at second tier level?

For me it really did hit home when I spotted that very image on Sky.

But you have to ask were some of them doing it for their own bit of personal stardom to get on the telly or what?

The blubbering fat lad is what the rest of the country'll judge us on and taunted about it - and now we're already being talked about as the next Leeds even though the bookies took no time at all to install us as favourites to win the Championship.

Later angry Toon fans hurled abuse at Sky's TV truck for exploiting United supporters in their hour of mourning - that was wrong but you can see why they did it.

Bob Moncur mentioned last week that we'd all feel like hanging ourselves for a while after relegation but then added within a fortnight we'd be looking ahead to the fixtures coming out.

I witnessed plenty of that today, this city isn't like a Scunthorpe, a Blackpool or anywhere else, you don't see too many Man United shirts or Liverpool shirts, you see black and white everywhere.

The same people who support other Championship sides (and Liverpool, Chelsea or Man U) who have been revelling in our relegation will be like excited kids coming up to St James's Park next season for their big day out.

Good, bring it all on.

I'm not 100% sure that Newcastle will win the Championship but what I am sure about is that the Newcastle fans will show the rest of the division how to support your team properly.

I'm also sure that with Shearer in charge, we can clear the dead wood and get rid of the fat cats who have disgraced the black and white shirt this season.

And I'm sure (having watched their progress as kids) that the likes of Andy Carroll, Nile Ranger and possibly Kazenga LuaLua will be rubbing their hands at the prospect of being let loose on the Championship.

It's not a great situation but I have to say it's not all bad either.

People say we are not a "big club" but while we don't go round saying that ourselves, why do we get so many fans from other teams coming on this blog?

Why do we have people from different towns that support a Premier League team (a Liverpool or Man U) AND a Championship team (A Scunny or a Donny) telling us how to support our team when all we've done is turn up in droves home and away to watch one shower of **** after another?

Why were the Mackems more interested in celebrating our demise ahead of toasting their own survival?

And then following it up by talking about Europe and big name players today!

Does that not say more about them than us?

Mackems, Everton and Man United in light of our relegation have all had their say.

Well let them come and do it.

I will remember three things from Sunday the most, one being just how amazing the 3,000 fans that went to Villa Park were for the whole 90 minutes and the end.

Two, just how much Villa and their sad fans wanted us to go down (unfurling banners etc) when they had qualified for Europe themselves.

And three Phil Brown's and his singing at the end of Hull's great escape from the Premier League by virtue of us being even crapper than them.

Well football as we all know has that nasty habit of coming back to bite you on the backside.

Keeping the faith?

Course we are.


Sal said:

Spot on Pal.

I have been wounded since that final whistle, and I have watched all those fans in total glee of what has happened.

We will be back, so long as those numbskulls in control take heed of their mistakes.

wear valley lad said:

well said lee ryder

its not just in newcastle either i was shopping in my local asda today and it was unreal to see how many people were there toon shirts

joseppie123 said:

Yes i agree with you. We don't go around saying that we are a big club, that's done by other supporters & of course the daily shite (most newspapers & talk sport etc). It also provokes reactions, just listen to the moronic supporters on phone in's.

There is also the way that people & the media take great interest in anything Newcastle United. Yea, i didn't half chuckle, when the mackems got relegated on a regular basis in recent times, but i didn't dwell on it, cos i support the TOON & i don't care how other teams are doing.

I've got no other favourite teams & that includes England & i can't understand why Spurs fans go to the pub to watch Arsenal & the mackems go to the pub to watch the TOON, cos they all do. Keep the faith & support the TOON, cos it's your duty.

Tom Foster said:

Articles like this make me even more proud to support the toon. The Villa fans were a complete joke on sunday, even by their standards. Toon till i die!

Stephen Buchan said:

Credit to the fans at Villa. One big lad blubbering out of three thousand fans...Sky must have been gutted! It's becasue of the likes of Sky that make fans around the country hate and laugh at us so much. The Sky rent a mob as they've become known, those chavs who skip lessons to get on TV saying exactly what Sky want em to..We're gonna beat Liverpool 5-nil the day liek!! Keegan...He's a gurd liek! Are we a big club, yes we are and I think any fan in the country hand on heart would say so too but we're a big club thats just been relegated! I've read articles from fan sites of Cardiff, Sheff Wed, Scunthorpe, Peterbrough...and they're all talking about us, they're all looking forward to visiting & welcoming us...and they're all after a piece of us! My Facebook page is full of Sunderland supporters that are more intersested in us going down than them staying up! We're in the news again & again & for as long as I can remeber of late its been for the wrong reasons. If fans of other clubs are sick to death of seeing us in the news how do they think we feel??? Lts get this sorted NUFC lets start afresh, clear the decks & mount a serious promotion challenge and make the headlines for the right reasons! Its not the end of the world just the start of a new era...hopefully!

bubble9 said:

Anyone know the way to Scunthorpe?

Percy Gonad said:

Lee said "The blubbering fat lad is what the rest of the country'll judge us on..."

That made me laugh out loud! Very funny!

But do you Geordie people not understand how all this chip-on-the-shoulder "everyone's against us" mentality is what makes you an even bigger target for ridicule and scorn at a time like this?

People will be laughing for a while yet.

There is something very satisfying about seeing the proud humbled, especially when in Newcastle's case they've shamelessly tried to shortcut their way to success and brag about it to the rest of the football world - "big club" blah blah blah.

I'm sure you'll be back and get promoted at some point, maybe it won't be the worst thing in the world if you learn some PR.

IndianToon said:

Too good article Lee.
we have to keep rebuilding and fighting. its not an ideal situation but hoping we do better at this level and come back to prem as a stronger club as soon as possible.

Andrew said:

Alan Shearer spoke about how this terrible situation we now find ourselves in wasn’t due to this season alone but had developed over the last several years . . . and he's totally right. It isn't the complete fault of any one manager in the last 3 years, though some were an awful waste of time. (Graeme Souness comes to mind) All these years of bad decisions has resulted in Newcastle having a current group of players who are at best average or worse.
Man Utd. had a similar group of players when they were relegated back in 1973/74 but they did something about it and bounced back the next year.
Every time I see Nicky Butt waste a free kick, screw up a simple pass or give away a corner reminds me of that useless Man. Utd. team back in the seventies . . . he would have fitted in perfectly with them. He may be a nice guy but as a footballer he’s a liability no matter how much effort he puts into a game.
If we don’t get a few good players to control the midfield we may get hammered next season too.
We all have to wait and see what the owners want on the field next year as most of these players are not good enough even for the Championship. I really hope the owner and his entourage have now got the message.

Andrew said:

Betting odds are already being taken at 5/1 that the toon will not be playing premiership again before 2012/2013 season.
Divent froon , you cannae keep toon doon!.

Dave Owens said:

"And three Phil Brown's and his singing at the end of Hull's great escape from the Premier League by virtue of us being even crapper than them."
I thought that was Tom Jones!

BTW, I think it's 'crappier', but I know what you mean. However, don't be doing your usual of deflecting attention to the rubbish attitude of the other clubs. The target of criticism lies firmly at SJP

Tad Caster said:

"I would only keep Harper , with Krul pushing him, Habib Beye , Enrique , Taylor and Bassong perhaps Guthrie and Martins but after that I'm struggling to think of anybody else who can justify there place. Disappointed with how things have turned around but let's remember, nobody died and there are people in the real world suffering properly . Ours is sadness over the demise of our club but perhaps in the long term it may just purge us of the Cancer that has been eating away at the club for some time. I guess it's a case of wait and see what the Fat Man wants to do with the club, perhaps it's the ideal time for an investor to get the club at cut price and plough some money into it . Who knows". I'm quoting djc from a thread lower down the page - a message that might have been missed because of later postings. I just want to say how much I agree. If we can keep those players (and I'm sure he means Steven Taylor...) as the core (and possibly Duff, who suddenly seems to be bothering himself) and build around them, there is hope - but only if things improve at the top.

Graham Southern Toon said:

Totally agree with Tad Caster, no one has died! We are down, it hurts to think we wont be playing the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc but it might just be a blessing in disguise?! Time to start again, rebuild from the bottom and it is time the club learnt from its mistakes. I dont solely blame Ashley for this mess, yes he hasnt helped with the Keegan affair, then brining in Joe, but the mistakes at the club have been going on long before Ashley bought it.
Now he needs to sign Shearer on a long term contract and give him full control, get rid of the likes of Coco the Clown, Nolan, Geremi, Barton, Owen, etc, etc and build a new squad with a mix of youth and experience.
I would try and keep Harper, Krul, Beye, S.Taylor, Guthrie, Duff, Caroll and Viduka (For a season on pay as you play contract) and then introduce players like Ranger, Lua Lua and some of the young players we have got over the last 18months. They hopefully will be good enough for the Championship???
S.Taylor can become a great defender but needs someone next to him of the Hyypia/Campbell mold to help him along. (I dont mean those actual players before people start jumping around, just someone like them to give the experience and help bring him on).
Anyway, getting over the disappointment of a very boor attempt to escape and looking forward to some good news over the coming days and weeks.......

Relton said:

Anyone heard anything of the Five Year Plan? Are we still on course ?
Havent seen any quotes from Lambias or Ashley - have you been trying to get a soundbite Lee?

djc said:

To clarify Tadcaster , I definitely meant Steven Taylor. when you look at the back 5 which could consist of Harper, Beye, Bassong , S Taylor and Enrique . I have no doubt that would be able to cope with anything thrown at them in the championship. It's the midfield which has been our downfall mainly this season . No pace , no guile and nobody in my opinion to shield the back 5 . I know the defence comes in for criticism , but I lay the blame predominantly ahead of them . How many goals this season have come from opponents breaking through the midfield and not being tracked . I watched the play off game yesterday and what struck me was the pace and particularly energy of the players on the field. Viduka up front for a season on a pay as you play isn't actually a bad idea, his physical presence and the guile he does have, would cause most championship defences problems . I'm not sure if Oba is going to stay , but if he doesn't we have to look at the likes of Nile Ranger. I haven't seen him play but all reports are positive, Man U have not been frightened of blooding the likes of Machieda so why can't we. What we need are players with energy and pace, what I saw on Sunday was a team of one paced footballers most of whom are past their sell by date. I wonder if Alan Smith may do a better job for us in the Championship as a midfielder, again perhaps something that might need consideration , we certainly need somebody to boss the midfield , but we also need a playmaker and I don't think we have one at the minute, or anybody who springs to mind in the lower reaches. It will be interesting to see what develops this week and in the coming months . Lets hope this cloud does have a silver lining but I'm not holding my breath.

Tad Caster said:

"It's the midfield which has been our downfall mainly this season . No pace , no guile and nobody in my opinion to shield the back 5 . I know the defence comes in for criticism , but I lay the blame predominantly ahead of them . How many goals this season have come from opponents breaking through the midfield and not being tracked "

I've had many conversations about this and I'm amazed that the defence is still the target of lazy journalists. The midfield, especially the central midfield, has been a problem for some time. Someone needs to be brave and clear them out, regardless of the past pedigree.

And yes, keep Viduka too, if his pride will bear it and we have a manager who can gee him up.

John Peel said:

I have to say being relegated is extremely gutting. Living in Manchester surrounded by the cash cows of United and City is sickening at times. It was maybe for the best that we take a season in the championship, the dead wood sucks us dry, over-the-hill high-wage numpties cashing in their sick-bed cheques week in-week out. Clear the lot of them out, let the reserve stars shine, let their pride to actually play lead the way, backed by those in the first team who genuinely do care and don't just view us as a retirement fund. Am I crying no. I'm getting used to the idea of the championship now. I'm eagerly awaiting news of AS and what decision he may take about being the head honcho. I'm looking forward to the transfers that may happen. And I'm looking forward to a season where we may get to see what its like to win again. There's nothing like bringing some confidence back. If we win the championship, at least we have some recent silverware we can take some pride in rather than harking on about the Fairs cup all the time.The one thing I do know is I'm not abandoning ship. I'm a geordie through and through and back the toon in the championship I will. There's a new season to look forward to, what's past is past, come on lads, onwards and upwards!!!

djc said:

My only word of caution on the positive spin for next season is, I would like to see what Ashley intends to do before I commit myself fully . If he is going to carry on in the current vain then I'm reticent to be shouting from the rooftops. All that will do is condone his deplorable conduct over the last 2 years . He needs to show he means business otherwise he'll think he got away with this. Put up or sell up Mr Ashley.

kalyan said:

In today's tabloids there was an article on the worth of your squad after reading it I could help think how useless the Geordies are.You deserved to go down and stay down. I'm a Spurs fan and if you guys paid more interest in your own team and not ours you might have stayed up. At least your season tickets will be cheaper. ha ha ha

Graham Southern Toon said:

In response to 'Terry' I have to say that there is little point in fans continuing to direct anything towards Ashley, what has been done has been done, the past it exactly that. If Shearer signs a contract this week it will be with conditions that is for sure, it will be his way or no way, so Ashley will have to listen. There will be some money once they sell some of this bunch of uesless overpaid losers and Ashley will have to stump up some kind of Transfer fund to have a chance of promotion. Whether he is a Spurs fan or not he is a businessman and his Newcastle business has just lost him a lot of money, so getting back into the Premier League is vital if he wants to sell and make a profit one day.
Big Sam spent 5.8m on Barton and 3m on Rozenhal although not sure if that was Ashley's or Shepard's money?
Keegan spent 2.5m on Guthrie, 10m on Coco the Clown, 5.8m on Xisco and got Bassong, our best player this season on a free.
Then Joe spent 4m on Nolan in January, so to say he has put no money up for transfers is a little incorrect. Ashley never came to the club as the new Roman of the North, he never had that kind of money, that is 30m on transfer in 2years between 3 managers, the problem is the players the money has been spent on our rubbish!!! And if we had a good enough scouting system at the club we should be looking at the best up and coming young stars from around the World, like the top clubs are doing.

Edmonde Dante said:

Sam Allardyce should have been sacked the second after he suggested signing Joey Barton.

Alan Hayward said:

He should've been sacked when Derby beat us the first time, not when they did the 'double' over us. Fat Sam's football was the most boring & useless I've ever seen..

John said:


'This is what you get for kicking big sam out you horrible fat winging geordies'

you are a vile, racist loser. why bother come on a NUFC site to say this? Do you think we wanted Joe Kinnear? not that you engage your brain before you type.

Go get a life and bother with your own club!

Steve Y said:

Firstly a quick comment on Big Sam? His signings were terrible, his leadership non-existent and his style of play was......actually not sure even he knew what his style of play was!!! I have a lot of respect for Sam but I do believe he was the wrong man in the wrong job. On the subject of the perceived 'hatred' of NUFC, I've lived and worked in Bristol for 13 years, I play football 2 - 3 times a week and so in work and play I mix with fans of clubs from the successful, Man Utd/Arsenal/Liverpool, and the not so, the two Bristol teams just to start, and I have to say to a man incl my Sunderland mate they are all saddened by the relegation of Newcastle and the loss of such a big team and MOST IMPORTANTLY the loss of the loyal fans Geordie from the premier league. Anyone saying anything otherwise is in the minority. Are we a big club? Yes we bloody well are, in terms of support, in terms income, in terms of loyalty and passion unquestionably we are, in terms of success!! I don't think anyone can argue we're successful there. The demise of the club post Bobby is well documented, long gone are the heady European days, the days of chasing the title, the FA Cup close so many times, the platform that was never built on. When you look at the team we put out this season and in particular the midfield, where were the leaders, where was the pace, where was the creativity that was synonymous with the toon teams of old?? I'm not even sure any of the midfield we have will cut it in the Championship it's a fast highly competitive league and watching on Sunday it was clear none of our players are fast nor competitive. If he signs Shearer has one hell of job on his hands? Signing No.1, before any other, a central midfielder with heart, a cool head and a willingness to get a foot on the ball - A Leader - Something missing since Shearer himself hung up his boots.

Sy said:

DJC & Tad Caster, you lads really know what you're talking about. I've been saying the exact same thing about our midfield for at least two or three years. Our midfield creates precious little for the strikers and gives too little protection to the defence - even giving away stupid free kicks (Butt) which puts them under pressure.

Our defence of Jose Enrique, Bassong, Coloccini & Beye was doing fine until Habib Beye's assault by that thug Cattermole. It was only without Beye that the nerves and lack of organisation appeared and things started crumbling. No-one was missing Steven Taylor at that point and as I recall, up until then we'd had a good run of clean sheets and were doing ok.

I expect Enrique will take a pay cut to return to Spain, but I'd like to see Tamas Kadar get a run - I understand he can play either centrally or at left back and now is surely the time to give these young players a chance, hopefully in addition to some hungry signings and some loans from the big teams.

Good article Lee, your points clearly reinforced by the comments of other teams' fans on this thread. I do blame Sky for our rubbish reputation though, for years they've been creating this public image of us being demanding and impatient - even Andy Gray before kick-off on Sunday saying we demand trophies. I haven't spoken to a single fan in recent years who has complained about the lack of trophies. Strange that.

keir waugh said:

im sorry we wont win the league next season that for me is west brom...there team is ready to go now!
i fancy a play off place at best.
yes we were and still are devastated but i have to agree with Lee, i was in town yesterday and the amount of black and white was a joke (in a good way)...young and old all over the city.
This is OUR club, OUR city, come rain or shine we'll support this team...if we clear out the crap and start again then its been worth it.
Bring on the championship, you boys won't know whats hit you when the black and whites come to town!

DavidK said:

Fair comments Lee. I've made my own feelings clear throughout this past season and I can see no point in repeating myself. On the subject of the reaction from fans of other clubs, i can only make one comment. I had the misfortune, after several years of living and working abroad to arrive back to the UK on Sunday lunchtime via Gatwick. I have a couple of mates (ex-pat Geordies living on the south coast) so I headed straight to where they were planning to watch the match. The pub had quite a varied crowd, a fair few Gooners, some male models wearing dayglo Chelsea shirts, a smattering of plastic scousers, even a couple of Mackums that must have made a wrong turning when they got of the metro. To a man the guys in this pub were all genuinely sorry to see us go down, execpt one.
A midget in an Everton shirt who'd obviously had one or two too many, and had spent too much time watching Sky insisted on giving it long and loud about how it was "justice" that the big-headed Mags should go down and how we should keep quiet about the size of our club until we were a "Big" as Everton and Liverpool. I smiled indulgently at him and said that I would be prepared to accept Everton as a big club with big investment when he brought me a brick from Goodison Park, adding that a lump of concrete or a bit of timber wouldn't do. All those there that had ever visited Goodison knew exactly what I meant. The over-riding thing remains that even if our average gate is halved by us dropping a division, we'll still have crowds at St James' that will be the envy of other Championship sides. All the club have got to do is to ensure that once the backsides are on the seats, the supporters are given a display of entertaining football which is something that's been lacking for a while.

andy said:

Interesting Spin Lee but lets get a bit of objectivity.

You can hardly blame Sky -lets blame our own lunatic fringe who cant wait to stick there stupid faces/bellys in front of the cameras on match day or outside Shearers.

You cant blame the Mackems for schadenfreunde - was it not us who produed the lets all laugh at the mackems mag and did the -well meet again chants. Plus lets not forget it was not just our relegation but their survival.

Lets not blame other fans - we squandered the everyones favorite second team with Freddie shepherds - i dont worry about other small teams rubbish - not to the mention the aforementioned lunatic fringe - bombarding phone ins with the we are unique rubbish.

Lets not blame Villa fans for the Ant and Dec jibe. Why are we the only fans who want a messiah not a manager.

So here is a charter for change:

1. Lets appoint a manager not a messiah. We need to get out of this league. Alan Pardew, Steve coppell and Paul Jewell are all available. Alec McCleish could be tempted. THIS IS OUR NEW REALITY before people bitch these names are not big enough -they understand this league.

2. Lets sign some solid young pros who may make a name at SJP. Since Freddie Shepherd introduded his hollywood signing strategy - to sell season tickets not build a football club. Nolan, Duff, Viduka, Butt, Owen - we would win the league if it was 2004.

3. Most of all - lets recognise our club is special to us - no one else. Lets respect other clubs in the Championship - Blackpool fans care just as much about their club as we do. Lets stop these muppets who do phone ins, stand outside Shearers, show there bellies on the Tele.

In other words - lets behave like a football club not a dysfunctional family in a circus. Lets build a football team -not some sort of soccer harlem globetrotters. And Lee - for the local press, how about using your good office to hold the powers what be to account - a bit more insightful analysis. There are enough fanzines we dont need another

stevie said:

Great article, but unfortunately it doesn't counteract the deluge of patronising and insulting articles that have appeared all season.
On radio and in newspapers the Newcastle fans have been insulted and blamed for the club's demise.
Statements like the fan's think they have a divine right to be in the premiership, they think they are a geordie nation who only want to be owned or managed by a geordie, they are deluded, think thet are a big club and want trophy signings, the fans have too much power, etc, etc.
I have not seen so much delight at a club being relegated.
If the geordies were a nation we could claim racial discrimimnation, the insults have been relentless.

Hector Bulgar said:

Andy....that's excellent bonny lad. Wye aye!

Tillypops said:

Now the Mags know how much relegation hurts.
I am a Sunderland supporter and have experienced years of merciless verbal abuse from the Mags when we were relegated.
How the "Mighty" have fallen!
Even though we were beaten on Sunday, not many teams stick 2 goals past Petr Cech!
Most of us SAFC supporters are quietly enjoying their life in the premiership.
I would also like to make a point about why I don't like Alan Shearer. When Kevin Phillips was in the England squad, and Alan Shearer was a commentator on T.V, he made some very bitchy comments about Kevin even though he only had a few minutes as a sub in his games to make any difference. Alan Shearer could hardly contain his glee making his comments.
Kevin Phillips posesses one thing that Alan Shearer never did, and that was the European Golden Boot prize. Jealousy me thinks!
Now, in this lovely hot weather, anyone for a nice cold glass of Coca Cola!!

CJ said:

Why do I get the feeling that when lambo says he wants shearer to stay 110%, he is actually saying 'we won't back shearer to the tune of what he wants, but I'll make it look publicly like we tried so hard'.
I just don't believe a word that any of the board come out with.

D said:

"Then Joe spent 4m on Nolan in January, so to say he has put no money up for transfers is a little incorrect." Yes, he actually bought someone slower than Geremi who can't pass as well as he can but who is actually younger. Great buy...

"Coco the clown" started well this season, then I don't know what happened. Actually, after the dumb early mistakes on Sunday, he was good. I don't think his defending has cost us as many games as the sitters Michael (he doesn't get the service, you know... zzzzz) Owen has missed!

I hope Enrique stays. I think he'll shape up well, but as someone said above, we won't stand a chance unless Ashley goes into this with more thought about the club instead of his own pockets.

As for the Sunderland fans: congratulations for staying up. But be thankful: we were one of the few teams worse than you in the league.

Bobajob said:

You just don't get it, do you? You insist that you don't arrogantly go round saying you are a big club and your 'amazing' fans deserve better etc, then you harp on about how the Championship had better watch out - bring it on lol - and then talk about your 'amazing' (sic) fans and how dare Villa unfurl a very funny banner re Ant & Dec and what's wrong with Phil Brown acting like a pillock and enjoying keeping little ol Hull in the Premier League? Newcastle are in for a massive shock in the Championship and the reason the rest of the country enjoyed your demise is that the 'Geordie Nation' (whatever that is supposed to be) takes itself far too seriously and you don't appear able to realise there's a world that exists north, south, east and west of the Angel of the North. The more your rant the bigger that chip on the shoulder gets. Say hello to Leeds won't you?

Lee Ryder Author Profile Pagesaid:

You don't get it.

I think teams/places that suffer from an identity crisis love to have a pop at the Toon.

For instance there are followers of other North-East clubs that are gutted on holiday when people ask them: "Are you Geordies?"

When in fact they aren't.

We are a unique breed of people and the more people like you have a dig, the more it underlines that it is in fact you who has the chip on your shoulder.

I think the fact that so many non-Newcastle supporters are coming on here to spend their time and effort to slag the Magpies off says a lot.

As for Phil Brown acting like a pillock, he'll be commenting on other people's message boards next!

Mike said:

So everyone laughs at you, tells you to get over yourselves, and you go and write that.

top effort there.

Dave Owens said:

Come on, Lee. You really need to spend more time publically laying into Ashley and our shoddy midfield, not to mention the sick-note scouse racehorse-owner, than bothering with this bunch of wasters who wouldn't know left from right on the best day they have. As I've said before, we have the potential to be a big club, but we're not one any more and we need to rebuild. Stuff everyone else at the moment. The problems - and the solution (if there is going to be one) lie with us, not some semi-literate outsiders who have barely evolved. Ignore them.

Lee Ryder Author Profile Pagesaid:

I'm laughing at you and people like you.

We don't need to get over anything, the only people doing the judging is people like you.

I live here and I know what a superb place it is and I know that the people here are first class.

I know if it wasn't such a top notch place to live, take in sport and work then people wouldn't come here from outside the area.

I wouldn't be weaving in and out of tourists coming from around the world on a Friday night when I come out of work.

Yes, the club has been a shambles this season but the fans and the area will never be.

Dave Owens said:

Yeah, I know you've done it lately, Lee, but it's been a long season of indifferent to downright poor quality. I just wish you wouldn't harp on about other clubs and other fans. The buck stops up here, not with the 'Cockney' media nor Villa fans nor Mackems nor Everton fans nor even Spurs fans. Mind you, I can't conceive of a situation where I could be a**ed to go on a message board for the local rag that supports another team and have a whinge, can you? The words, "Get a life" spring to mind. I better go now or I'll end up having to explain to them what "mind" means...

Nic Wirtz said:

The unfortunate thing about calls to get rid of players such as Alan Smith, Kevin Nolan, Xisco and more is that they will have to be paid off.

Any transfer fee you get for them will be significantly less than what we paid for, meaning we're out of pocket for the deal only and still have to pay out their contract as long as they do not actively seek to leave the club.

That was one of the many impressive things Shay Given did at this club, his written request for a transfer meant he had no claim for his contract to be paid off.

How on earth Alan Smith has a contract through 2012 I'm not quite sure and paying off Gutierrez and Coloccini will be a stupid amount of money, if they go. Actually they're a couple of players we have leverage over, they'll have to go if they want to be in the Argentinian World Cup squad.

As for Danny Guthrie, he may have stood out because he actually looked like he was bothered against Villa but he isn't the creative midfielder you build a side around, not that creativity will get us too far in the Championship.

Joey Barton is a special case, given that he should have been sacked but we probably fear a tribunal where anything and everything will be made public.

Jose Enrique, Barton, Guthrie, Harper, Smith, Ameobi there's not much there you'd want tied up on your books until 2012.



lambic peach said:

chin up boys. now its about hardwork, not fancy haircuts.... And ignoring the bulls**t from other fans. We will be back, but only if we work hard, and come up with an "enthusiastic" and young team that are ready to bleed for the cause.

Nigel Bullen said:

“but what I am sure about is that the Newcastle fans will show the rest of the division how to support your team properly.”

“nowhere teams, from nowhere towns”

Lee you seem like a smart guy, but you have to change your rhetoric, journalism like yours is why we are ridiculed and disliked. How arrogant and conceited is it to say that we would be going to nowhere towns next season, how do you think the fans of towns like Coventry, Derby and Norwich feel when they read those words? Do you think it makes independents, the media or rivals like us more? Or does is serve to make you feel better, yet further stir up the fire of contention that there is against us? This siege mentality that you are creating is artificial and ridiculous; the fools from other clubs that taunt us on here are the same as our idiots who stand outside SJP with their shoes in their hands and misspelled banners.

Why do you think we will show the rest of the division how to “support their team properly”? Could you be more condescending to the fellow football fans we are going to be travelling, drinking and watching football with next season? My best mates dad (Stan) is 87 and been a Doncaster fan his entire life, a season ticket holder for 60 years come rain or shine. He watched his team become Division 3 champs in 1949-50 and was there when they won the Johnstone's Paint Trophy a couple of years back. Are you “Lee” going to show him how to support his team properly? What lessons do you plan to teach him exactly?

What we have in Newcastle is very special indeed, we all know that, but it isn’t a stick to hit other fans with, why can’t we be happy in the knowledge that we have it. Why can’t you take the high ground when we get idiots on here having a go at us and not respond like an errant schoolboy?

Show some respect for Stan, for other towns, clubs and fans Lee and maybe we might get some back in return. You work for a proud publication in a proud town, write your articles with the dignity and respect that should be befitting of your role and OUR club.

Ryder's reply: It's no disrespect to Donny fans at all, although I can see your emotional blackmail style approach here.

For the record, I was at the Millennium Stadium the day that Donny won that competition and yes they have got good support.

But it's my view - which I am entitled to - that Newcastle will take the most away support to all of the grounds in the Championship and in turn our away section will be sold out for most games as well - that is surely good for the division.

How many though will say QPR take to Burnley or Reading take to Blackpool on a wet Tuesday night?

That's what I mean when I talk about support.

And as for your other string of insults, why can't you just accept that that's my point of view, have your say and get on with it.

Mike Fraser said:

Hi Lee

Good article, keep the faith! Just had a discussion along similar lines with my mate another Geordie here in North Sydney Australia. Let's enjoy next season, new teams to play and hopefully a massive turnaround in our playing staff to support fully!

To this idiot
'This is what you get for kicking big sam out you horrible fat winging geordies'

Take the word Geordies out of your tirade and insert any other race or minority and you can see how raciest your comment is, just grow up you silly little boy!

Cheers to All apart from Paul

Siomi said:

A lot of heartfelt sense here (and some utter rubbish!).

All those so called fans rejoicing at our relegation won't think it is quite so great when they have to suffer the experience of an away game at Hull next season instead of Newcastle. And what will be the viewer ratings for Hull Vs Anyone compared to NUFC Vs Anyone?

And we will be graceful as we pass them going the other way this time next year (maybe!).

But I am very irritated by Mark Douglas in the Journal. Nicky Butt? Is he his mate or something? The only three players Shearer will want to keep... Butt?!

He has been largely responsible for our shoddy defence and our lack of attacking options. And even if he was an adequate player (which he is not) he does not have the energy or enthusiasm to cope with the Championship.

Bus pass for Nicky Butt please!

jacko said:

Interesting comments:

Good honest analysis is always the right repost for fools; Andy you're spot on!

The more we bite back, the more we'll be baited! Let's just keep on looking at why NUFC failed this season (and the past 4 or 5) and stop trying to tell everyone we are bigger and better than them. I now live in the Scunthorpe area (but have still maintained my season ticket) and believe me, it is great to see a well run club achieve success. Yes they have a smaller fan base than us but they are a decent, friendly club that has played good football all season. Alos, the mackems (and the rest) have the right to take the p""s, Mike Ashley's been doing it all season, so why can't they?

Let's just roll up our sleeves, support (what is to ME, a major part of my life) the Mags and keep the faith!

Next season will be a new adventure; it's not new ground. I and many others have been there before. And I look forward to visiting Scunny, Cov, Forest et al.

Ben Kenobi said:

After shearer leaves I would imagine your home gates will go back to your 1990/1 average of 16,000.

Who is more The Fool, The Fool or The Fool who follows The Fool?

DavidKdK said:

Now now Jacko. Less of the Ashley baiting. He's apologised ya kna?

That makes it all right doesn't it?

Anyhow, I'm just going off to brush the fairy dust from where the pigs will be landing.

andy said:

Fub - well said!

People say Alan is the only man for Newcastle. We need a manager who has experience of getting a team out of the Championship. AS has experience of neither management nor the Premiership.

I worry we are teeing up our greatest player for a disaster. We are so ill equipped for the Championship it is frightening.

Dave Owens said:

"Who is more The Fool, The Fool or The Fool who follows The Fool?"
My money's on the a**ehole who finds time aplenty to bait fans of another club on a blog devoted to their concerns... Unless you've got a drink problem; in which case, I apologise for my rash outburst.

I'm not yet convinced by Shearer, but we need a name that can attract some players. As for the way he's handled the defence - it's no worse than anyone else at SJP has managed lately. I'd be seriously concerned, however, if he we start next season with most of the same awful midfield. If he can't see that's where a lot of our problems lie, then we are in trouble.

Dave Owens said:

"Who is more The Fool, The Fool or The Fool who follows The Fool?"
My money's on the a**ehole who finds time aplenty to bait fans of another club on a blog devoted to their concerns... Unless you've got a drink problem; in which case, I apologise for my rash outburst.

While I hope to have my mind changed, I'm not yet convinced by Shearer, but we need a name that can attract some players. As for the way he's handled the defence - it's no worse than anyone else at SJP has managed lately. I'd be seriously concerned, however, if he we start next season with most of the same awful midfield. If he can't see that's where a lot of our problems lie, then we are in trouble.

Dave Owens said:

So much for putting in the wrong text...

Mike said:

Relegation is heartbreaking but worse is yet to come. It's not as simple as just 'clearing out the deadwood! These players are on top whack and they don't have a relegation clause in their conracts. Already Duff & Beye are pledging themselves to the club; they will stick around with their fat contracts but with turnover dramatically reduced, how can we pay them? You can't sustain a Premiership wages bill on M£3.5 SKY money! I very much doubt Mr Ashley will be able to pay such a large bill out of his personal fortune; it's simply not sustainable. Many of these players will have their contracts bought out by the club (as they did at Sunderland) just to get them off the wages bill and the club will get buttons in transfer fees. As NUFC prepare to acclimatise to life in the CCC, the real heartbreak has yet to begin.

Tavgar said:

Lee that was beautiful. I could feel the tears. People from other teams come parading on our blogs talking about how much of a samll club we are and all that. Even the national media tries finding the worst of everything from us. We are hated everywhere but still live on. The truth is we are still feared. Why didn't they show the brave faces who kept on the shirt? I was walking around in my black and white shirt in London and was laughed at by some. Just ignored them. It may take a while but I can see the light. Moncur was not exactly right. He said it would take a fortnight. It took me two days to sharpen my sword, wear the black and white armour and get ready to fight.

Brian Whitfield said:

What the hell is happening with this blog?? It seems to have evolved into a mud slinging forum. Why do we need to have a peeing contest as to which part of the country supports their team better??
I would certainly not dare to presume to tell someone that we will show you how;........what kind of drivvel is that??

We are now a Chamionship team. We all knew it was coming. This team has been a Train wreck in the making for quite some time.
Don't forget the litany of lousy events that have led to our current plight.

Keegan suddenly walks out on the club and throws it into turmoil. Then incredibly, years later they hire him again (calling him the messiah). Then, he walks again throwing the club once again into turmoil. Only this time the Big drop is the end result.
Managing directors (remember Shepherd and Hall) who let their distain for Geordie fans be aired (how did that sit with the fans?)
A change in ownership. A new owner ( last new ownership, a breath of spring) with an amazing penchant for hiring and listening to the wrong people.
Even Pre Ashley there was a pathalogical compulsion for hiring cast off managers, culminating in a list of managerial rejects which beggars belief. With of course the exception of Bobby Robson.

We were in big trouble though as soon as Wise and company set foot in the park. Everyone in Football knew that(remember Leeds?).

Don't forget, Football is a business. Like any business you have to have a good product. Newcastle have not got the product,.....not for a long time. They have consistently though, served crap to their customers (us, the fans) week after week after........well......week. Shearer tried to change all of that, but sadly he couldn't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, could he?? Could anyone??

To get a good product you need good ingredients. While the playing personel reads like a list of who's who. They can't play together. So the mix was wrong wasn't it?

I don't know what has to change Lee. A massive clear out?? Ownership with half a clue as to what they are doing?? I honestly don't know. I don't think we will be 'SHOWING' anyone anything though. Not for a while.

jackie wilkinson said:

Lets name and shame this blubbering bafoon ! Crying in our beer is not the way we were brought up and if some ponce is crying on the telly and letting the side down then lets name him..., I was at the game Sunday and was gutted at the final whistle but more for the fact we didnt go down fighting than the fact we actually went down. We have been here before and we will bounce back but for now lets take this opportunity to enjoy a few games and regroup. And is it only me or does Newcastle v Blackpool not sound fantastic excuse for a weekend away with 3 points , countless hen parties, lots of beer and a day at the seaside...Happy Days Jackie

don maccy said:


Black and white boy
black and white boy
you're so extreme
you're so confused
color me in whatever mood I'm in
I could be still in touch with you
And you're full of the wonder of spring
it's all sweetness and lightness you bring
and a room full of people fall to your infinite charm
but when darkness should quickly descend
you go quietly, my miserable friend
to the depths of despair you will crawl
black and white boy

Black and white boy
black and white boy
you're so extreme
you're so confused
color me in
whatever mood I'm in
I could be still
in touch with you

When you shake off the shadows of night
and your eyes are so clear and so bright
you'll make fools of the liars and creeps
put a rose in my cheeks
but when demons have climbed on your back
you are vicious and quick to attack
and you put on a wonderful show
do you really, really think I don't know?
black and white boy

And you run like a cat to the cream
and you're acting so nice it's obscene
you put on a wonderful show
do you really, really think I don't know?
black and white boy

brian from durham said:

As Ashley has got ever major decision wrong since he bought the club, I have a strong feeling he is going to blow this one as well. Dealing with AS should have taken 10 mins., this looks like he is haggeling again, and despite his words, is still not committed to the cause. I hope I am wrong.

Mietek Padowicz said:

It's been a few days, but I still wear my top with pride and whilst I cringe slyghtly at the thought of looking up the Cola fixtures, I still think we'll bounce right back and possibly even win some silverware .

I will be polite in what I say next, but do not mistake my meaning....

I do not like Mike Ashley, I want him to sell up and the sooner the better. We need to spend money on getting players that will win us the Championship and restore some pride to the side, we also need to save players. Not sure who we can afford to keep but we should try to keep as many as we can.

Who to bin?

Collocinni and the rest of the overpaid mercenaries who don't give a monkeys about our club.

Shearer as boss: He seems clearly to have decided he wishes to stay on and put in the work to bring us back up. Let's give him the tools and the time.

Last thing...

The club, notwithstanding the fact that some person must formally OWN the club, belongs to Newcastle and the supporters. The fact that the supporters are prepared to carry on is proof we need to have ownership that will respect this and not strip of us for assets and short term profit. Next owner must understand this or suffer the anger of us all.

Poppa999 said:

Why are Newcastle messing about with Shearer. It will back to square one by Christmas!

Get Bruce in now!!!

Mark Geordie said:

Other fans can laugh all they want. I know relegation is the best thing for Newcastle.

Thinking about it, we've had god knows how many managers over the past 6 or 7 years. Looking at the 1st team players, you can see that they're a mix up of different managers players. when you think about it, Allerdyce played the long ball game, Keegan liked to get the ball down and knock it about and I'm not sure what tactics Roeder played. Anyway, each of those managers signed players to fit their style of tactics. But with small transfer budgets, they couldn't completely overhaul the 1st team. This has left us with a mix up for players who are used to playing different styles of footie.
Relegation is a breath of fresh air for the 1st team as it could give us the chance to clear out the 'past it', 'over the hill' and high earner players and replace them with quality, skillful, fast, strong player capable of playing in the championship and then hopefully the premiership. One thing is for certain though, the scouts must get it right.

zammy said:

With the relegation, 1) we now hope that clubs won't quote us Man U's type of fees for their players. 2) We pay affordable salary and get the best young players in championship 3) Give more time to Big Al to build up his team 4) stop demanding management to change manager every 3 bad games.

To those fans who think they are blameless for our relegation, they need to do a hell lot of reflection.

There is actually no difference in term of stle of play between SA's and AS's team. Although SA have more time to buy players, and bought badly, the problem is we simply did not have good players. Frankly speaking they both let down by players with big reputation but actually offers little. I have to admit that we are a little bit patient when it comes to Shearer but not Big Sam just because he's a Geordie. It was us that get relegated instead of Blackburn although Blackburn was below us before Big Sam took over.

I am not defending Big Sam but he managed to bring the best out of a poor Blackburn team because he did not have to face the high expectation of Blackburn fans. They are rational enough to hope for survival in the PL, nothing else.

Most of us fans blame the management, managers and players but we should not be deluded into thinking that we are not responsible. We also played a part in this relegation. Many in this blog, and other, take it for granted that AS gonna take us back to the PL at the first time of asking. That is the attitude that put the pressure on the manager and management. Do you think we can roll over the championship with our reserve team? Don't think so.

My point is, be patient. Let AS or whoever the manager is to build his team, don't give him stick after 5 games. And finally, MA owns the team, not the fans, not the city. He can bloody do whatever he wants with his money. If anyone not happy with it, the club is for sell, buy it. We live in real world, mate. Until he leaves, live with it. Some people here got tired with fans blaming everything on him. Leave the moaning part to your missus. For me, I look forward for a brand new Newcastle team and enjoy the championship.

dom said:

I've had a think about these knuckledraggers and why they invade NUFC blogs as well as the national papers' ones about NUFC. I reckon it's because they're so stupid, easily led and naturally intolerant that they believe all the vicious lies pushed by the sections of the national media. That's why you see the same language used over and over again by them and the useless journalists - you know, "deluded", "impatient", "fickle", "should have kept Sam Allardyce", "the fans got them relegated", "the fans deserve relegation" etc.

It all goes back to when we got promoted - they didn't care before that and when we were actually a threat, the papers and TV couldn't stand seeing their status quo being upset - it wasn't in the script. It's been constant ever since.

I agree with the people who compare it to racism or sectarianism. I tried to answer the woeful Matthew Syed's anti-Newcastle ranting on the Times website saying this but it wouldn't let me on, just all the BNP voters. If followers of any other belief were vilified like this it would be illegal! This Syed fellow has a pathological hatred of us, it seems, and no anger control. Louise Taylor is similar at The Guardian.

Back to the football. I think we've got a very difficult season ahead. We have to lose a lot of our big earners and replace them with lesser players to go into a lower division and then survive. We didn't seem to have a Plan B so I can't believe we'll have scouted these players, and we haven't got much time to get them in and working together. I hope some of the youngsters will get a chance to prove themselves, otherwise why are they here?

Fingers crossed, and faith kept. Anyone know where the Championship is covered on TV?

parisian villa said:

Oh lads what are they putting you through

no manager
still to offload the wasters and then someone chooses a canary yellow away strip

no wonder you all take your shirts off

looking at your fixtures 4 points from first 4 games but come back strong later in season
shearer could be taking up a post at WBA and his first game could be against the toon
best of luck from a villa fan


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