The ones who care in Toon begin to clamber from the wreckage

By Lee Ryder on May 28, 09 06:40 PM

Newcastle United's crumbling end to the season may have been hard to take for the Geordie nation but only now with the survivors starting to emerge from the derbis - it's already clear that the ones who have the black and white cause at heart have let their feelings known.

If there is such a thing as a bright side when it comes to relegation, it's that the Toon's young guns get the chance to prove themselves.

The gap between success and failure can be so near, yet so far for some and there are plenty of examples of youngsters who have gone on to make their name elsewhere in football - not least the man in charge of the last eight games.

So therefore it could be refreshing to see Tim Krul, Tamas Kadar, Andy Carroll and Kazenga LuaLua all handed a chance in the first team next season, albeit at Championship level.

Left-back Kadar and Krul have already talked of their excitement about next season.

Throw into that England Under-19 striker Nile Ranger, promising and upcoming young defender James Tavernier and the exciting young Slovenian Haris Vuckic (still just 16 but with plenty to offer), Newcastle fans could see a whole new generation of stars coming through next season.

Of course that will need to be backed up by experience but for once instead of looking back, comparing and reflecting on past "glories", Newcastle have the chance to build for the future.

It won't be easy in the Championship that's a given, but for a new generation of young players and fans, you could just find a few people who are actually looking forward to next season already.


Faithintoon said:

Perhaps if we are able to keep Taylor, Beye, Bassong and even possibly Enrique then Sol Cambell would be a good addition to the squad as he is free, not fast enough for the prem but experienced enough to be strong for the championship and has years of experience to teach the likes of Taylor, Bassong and Enrique. His wages may be the stumbling block but he's not going to get many offer is the UK.
Also, how about Kris Boyd of Rangers, as Birmingham nearly signed him for £3mil last season and he is always used as a sub for Rangers, could be justt he fire power we need.

Ksk said:

Haris Vuckic is sure to feature next season. Tremendous young talent, I'm so glad we signed him. He could be the player we are missing after Emre left.

stevie said:

Some should have been given a go last season instead of that witless, heartless, overpaid bunch that betrayed the club.
I just hope we can sell off the rubbish we accumulated during the Ashley era and that the man allows the new manager to manage the club.
I still do not trust Mike Ashley. The club is still in a precarious position.

Scotty said:

I totally agree Lee it's great to hear that the young players like Kadar,Ranger,Krul,Lua Lua are looking to push for a first team place next season. I watched the Champoinship play off final on Monday and it had everything Newcastle lacked on Sunday Passion,Pace,Determination. I think it's time to give the kids a chance was it Shearer's mate Hansen once said you will win nothing with kids and how wrong was he??

Lee Ryder Author Profile Pagesaid:

Scotty, you are spot on with your comments here.
You also have to wonder if Newcastle had maybe gambled and put kids like Ranger and Co in during the last eight games if we'd be talking about survival.
It's not beyond the realms of fantasy that more heart and more passion combined with raw skill would have yielded one more point.
Put it this way, could they have done much worse?

keir waugh said:

great insight as ever but one thing

the st james park silence is once again deafening!

we are wastime precious time

John said:

Agree 100% with the comments, and also the one from keir, after the false ashley statement, the silence has been deafening, will anyone ever keep the fans upto date with what is happening, its not bad enough, we have been humiliated, in being relegated, watching a heartless butch in a black and white strip against the villa, 1 goal would have saved us, and they all showed little care.
But another week gone, and nothing, other than a statement, which doesn't mean a thing, the question is, what is taking so long, either ashley wants to be involved or he doesn't, surely Alan or the so called chairman, can come out and speak, this is what annoys me most, Keegan left us again, hardly a word from him, surely, legal issues aside, he could of told the fans something, now again, we are awaiting news of what's happening to our club.
Its all very frustrating, it costs nothing to communicate to the fans.
We all know, the clear out will begin, once the window opens, we are intelligent to know, the team will loose, thank god, alot of the overpaid hasbeen's, but as time goes on without any developments, the further in preparation we will be behind, i mean beckford from leeds is available, in my opinion watching him, he has pace, scores goals and would be a great striker for the club, sol well, we should of got him long time ago, when it was rumoured he wanted to come when roeder was manager, could of been a good influence on taylor, would he come now? doubt it, whatever we need pace, creativity, heart, and players who are ready to battle



kieran said:

The Toons gannin doon, and nothins gannin reet.
The Toons gannin doon. There`ll be greetin the neet.
O the pain and the shame, it takes a terrible toll.
How could they let that happen? Ge the other bug*ers a goal?
The Toons gannin doon. Geordie's bubblin in his beer.
He thowt he'd nivor see the day, now there's nothin left to fear.
The Toons gannin doon son, they're really in a hole man.
They hed better pull their socks up or they'll end up on the dole man.

BigAL said:


I understand the sentiments of your article but lets not forget their is only one real issue here. A £70M a year wage bill that includes reportedly 15 players on over £50K a week! How on earth do you move them on? Getting this down substantially is going to be a near impossible task. I mean who on earth is going so sign Geremi & pay him over £50K a week? Let alone Cacapa, Barton or Smith. My God Sam, the cancer you caused is going to require major surgery and the patient may not yet survive.

It might even mean the Leeds model is employed where they ended up paying a chunk of players wages AFTER they left Leeds, as their new clubs were only prepared to sign them on much lower pay packets and Leeds had to pay the difference just to get them of the books. This is the REAL problem facing Newcastle, not deciding which of the kids should be given a chance.

Concerned said:

I fully agree with getting Ashley out, he has been nothing but bad news for our great club. We have the best fans in the land and we should be treated with the same respect from the club. Alan Shearer must stay for life, if it wasn't for him we would have gone down a lot sooner than we did so a lot of praise should go the God that is Shearer.

Like the idea of being owned by ANT & DEC, they have the right sort of passion and I believe that they have better business sense than Ashley any day of the week, you only have to look at their success stories with I'm a celebrity get me out of here, Saturday night Takeaway and Britain's got Talent. I think they could inspire the talent that we already have in Shearer and the team to get our club back where it belongs at the top again.

We have the greatest fans and we support the greatest club, ha' way the lads for next season and see mighty Shearer bring us back to the premiership and Shearer will show the premiership what class it has been missing. Up the toon army!!!

Alan Davidson said:

I fully agree Lee, whats critical is we get back to the Premier at the first attempt. Some of the youngsters should be given a chance, I would bring in Simon Cox from Swindon (could be a new Andy Cole) and a few more who are hungry and would relish the chance to play for Newcastle. Shearer is the way ahead, And if Ashley does want to sell for Gods sake do it now, not when the season starts.

Alan Davidson said:

I fully agree Lee, whats critical is we get back to the Premier at the first attempt. Some of the youngsters should be given a chance, I would bring in Simon Cox from Swindon (could be a new Andy Cole) and a few more who are hungry and would relish the chance to play for Newcastle. Shearer is the way ahead, And if Ashley does want to sell for Gods sake do it now, not when the season starts.

DavidK said:

I can't disagree with anything you said in the above blog Lee. The speculation as to which players might be coming in and going out is very interesting. Most permutaions mentioned in the media would certainly give more balance and more potency than the current squad.However,with all else is said it seems like, yet again, we're left waiting in limbo.At a time when we could be starting the ball rolling and getting behind the rebuilding job, we're left with no confirmed manager, no clear indication of how the club are going to go forward and nothing to get excited about. This year it will do the board no good waiting until nearer season ticket renewal time to start talking to us.
At this rate the fixture list is going to be published before we know who the toon will be putting up in front of the opposition with the bean counters still trying to work out if we can afford to rebuild at all. OK, there's a lot to discuss and some hard decisions are going to have to be made, but for pity's sake Ashley, stop insulting the intelligence of the Toon faithful. Turn over a new leaf and start to communicate with the fans what exactly you are looking to do and what you are looking to achieve by it. If neither you or Derek Llambias are capable or willing to do that, then rather than paying wads of cash to a swivvel-eyed dwarf to swan around the globe watching the odd game only to recommend players that had already been tapped-up by one of his cronies, perhaps you could invest in a credible public relations company to do the job for you.
The situation at other clubs, some of whom struggled to perform as much, if not more than we did last season, has poured salt on an already very open wound. The prospect of teams such as Sunderland and Portsmouth having the resources to grow stronger being thrown at them while the Toon are, failing any other indication, making their minds up is a bitter pill for us to swallow.
If Mike Ashley has any intention to realise the full potential of his investment he will need to get the vast majority of the fan-base on board. One potential way of achieving this is the use of simple honesty. Have you ever thought of suggesting to him Lee, that he starts a blog like this one? That's something I'd like to read

AndyT said:

Here, here, DavidK! Ashley needs to wake up and stop all this recluse business. Being sneaky and secretive might have helped him with his business, but it does nothing but make the fans suspicious when all you've done lately are shallow apologies, and half-arsed announcements in the matchday program! Just freakin talk to us!

scotty said:

I would like to make a point to the idiot who wrote Eveyone hates Necastle Utd blah,blah,. This is a Newcastle Utd blog which is wrote by Lee Ryder who is a toon fan and most of the people who read and add comments about the plight of our club to his blog are also toon fans.So why the hell are you and other sad acts from Sunderland,Everton,Spurs to name a few writing this utter dross. I just hope for your sake that your football club's do not end up in the brown stuff like the Toon. Because comments like your's have a habit of coming back to haunt you. I'm sure myself and the fellow bloggers will be the first in line to stick the boot in.

Dave Owens said:


And I thought Oscar Wilde was dead...

On a more serious note, I'd avoid overegging the reserves. I'm sure some of them will come good, but if you think of those who came through that system in the past - Ameobi, Chopra, Edgar - I'm not too impressed. Carroll's been good in some games; poor in others.
Right now, I'd get four or five new midfielders. No idea who, but Barton and Smith have to go; Nolan's no better than Geremi, so that should be two away; Butt should only be on the bench, if that; Ryan Taylor isn't good enough; Cacapa, midfield or defence, isn't good enough, Jonas can't shoot and can't cross - not good enough; I'd probably keep Duff because he's shown a bit of form lately. I suspect Guthrie was never meant to go straight into the first team and I'd keep him because once he learns he can't spend ages on the ball, he may come good. Of course, this depends on effective coaching and there hasn't been much evidence of that these past few seasons.

Defence? There are those (including me at times) that think Steven Taylor has been as responsible for as many goals against us as Colocinni and his habit of laying hands on players has cost us goals at either end, but when he's on form, he's good. Again, more maturity and better coaching and he'll be good. I actually thought Colocinni started well, but he's reluctant to tackle and not fast enough. Got to go. Keep Bassong (but ditto Taylor as far as the hands on approach goes) and Enrique, who, I suspect, will grow into a great player; keep Beye, Harper and Krull; get shot of Edgar and buy two new full backs and a centre back. Of course, it would help if the reserves actually had full backs! Which idiot is responsible for that?
Forwards? Please don't persuade Micky sicknote to stay, but keep Carroll, Viduka and Martins if possible. Xisco? Should never have been bought and certainly not to go straight into the first team. Having said that, he gets stuck in for the reserves which is more than Shola ever did... Get shot of Shola - another great Kinnear signing - and he's already proven he can't cut it at this level! Buy at least one more striker. God knows where we'll get the money from...


brian from durham said:

Still have my doubts over Taylor being a class defender, but I think he could be developed into a decent striker. He is strong, good in the air,quick over 10 yards, can put himself about and has a good shot. Sign a couple of decent defenders , and he could be worth a go up front.

telboy said:

As afew bloggers have said Carroll does'nt always perform up front & personally I feel theres not much more to come as a striker! But seeing him in his last few games doing his defensive duties I believe we could do a Steve Howey with him!He was turned from an average striker to an English International. We could save ourselves a few bob with recent defenders as an example!

zammy said:

With the relegation, 1) we now hope that clubs won't quote us Man U's type of fees for their players. 2) We pay affordable salary and get the best young players in championship 3) Give more time to Big Al to build up his team 4) stop demanding management to change manager every 3 bad games.

To those fans who think they are blameless for our relegation, they need to do a hell lot of reflection.

There is actually no difference in term of stle of play between SA's and AS's team. Although SA have more time to buy players, and bought badly, the problem is we simply did not have good players. Frankly speaking they both let down by players with big reputation but actually offers little. I have to admit that we are a little bit patient when it comes to Shearer but not Big Sam just because he's a Geordie. It was us that get relegated instead of Blackburn although Blackburn was below us before Big Sam took over.

I am not defending Big Sam but he managed to bring the best out of a poor Blackburn team because he did not have to face the high expectation of Blackburn fans. They are rational enough to hope for survival in the PL, nothing else.

Most of us fans blame the management, managers and players but we should not be deluded into thinking that we are not responsible. We also played a part in this relegation. Many in this blog, and other, take it for granted that AS gonna take us back to the PL at the first time of asking. That is the attitude that put the pressure on the manager and management. Do you think we can roll over the championship with our reserve team? Don't think so.

My point is, be patient. Let AS or whoever the manager is to build his team, don't give him stick after 5 games. And finally, MA owns the team, not the fans, not the city. He can bloody do whatever he wants with his money. If anyone not happy with it, the club is for sell, buy it. We live in real world, mate. Until he leaves, live with it. Some people here got tired with fans blaming everything on him. Leave the moaning part to your missus. For me, I look forward for a brand new Newcastle team and enjoy the championship.

Gary said:

A very good article Lee.

I feel we have a very good youth set up. Players like Lua Lua, Kadar, Vukcic who has done very well and Nile Ranger should be given a chance next season. I feel these players along with some experienced players to help them along will hopefully be enough for us to regain our Premier League status.

I feel a strike force of Andy Carroll and Nile Ranger would be a good proposition. Carroll was very good in the reserves in recent years with scoring goals and Nile is a very promising young player.

I feel we have the best chance out of ourselves, Middlesbrough and West Brom to go up purely on how strong our youth team is. They will want to give their all for us, and I feel they will do very well for us.

Eldorado Argentina said:

Saturday Patagonia

Dan Smith and Lucozade.

Have just read the news in the Sunday Times.

Here's hoiping a local consortium can quickly be found to buy the club for the people and run it along the lines of Barcelona.

Perhaps Dan's Smith dream of Newcastle as the Brazilia of the North may then one day come true.

Of course that is provided the strip is changed to the Brazil yellow whilst still keeping the black and white flag flying.

Two questions for serious thought.

1.Would the chances of Chelsea winning or Messi scoring his fine goal have been less if Chelsea or Van de saar had been wearing black and white camouflage rather than bright yellow.

2. Why are Lucozade bottles blue with yellow tops? They weren't in Jackie's day.


The grand illusion - the Toon is up for sale @ a bargain price (£80m). Will anyone buy it? Shearer - (Messiah No 4) will walk away. No manager, no plan, no buyer, an overated & overpaid squad. Goodbye Premiership - hello administration - hello League 1!!!

NZ Toon fan said:

Hi being an ex pat having to watch this mess unfold from afar, I would like to say our supporters are amazing. Not only do we believe in our team until the final whistle and go on to have our hearts broken by the no clue handling of the club by Ashley and co, but if anyone who really believes in the club are reading these blogs, they will see how determined the Toon are to get right back again.
My two cents in the whole thing and everyone seems to be in agreement with who stays and who goes, but personaly I would like to see a midfielder bought in who will actually go forward and provide a decent ball for the strikers to score from, too often last season our final ball was a mess, desperate to see the likes of a Beardsley back...passion and not affraid to score either


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Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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