We'll miss Ronnie doon this end

By Lee Ryder on May 21, 09 09:28 AM

Just six days ago the man who produced the song Home Newcastle posted his last blog on this very site and just days before Sunday's relegation scrap with Aston Villa, the great Ronnie Lambert won't be around to see it.

Sadly Busker passed away in his sleep.

When this little website first started back in 2006, I could never have imagined the response it would get and that three years on I would still be lucky enough to be doing it let alone, a man who produced such an inspired piece of music also contributing just because he cared for the black and whites.

Ronnie, 58, was also one the first contributors and while he often didn't agree with some points I made, he shared the same view as myself that Newcastle is simply the best place to live in the world and that is deserves a successful football team that the Toon can be proud of.

And Ronnie fought the Toon's corner more times than I can remember.

Sadly, Ronnie's comments won't be on this blog any longer but I'm sure he'll be looking down and casting his eye on it and how Newcastle are doing and fighting for the black and white cause.

One thing is for sure, Home Newcastle will still be played at home games and remain a Geordie favourite.

Yes, this blog attracts a lot of tosh and people happy to unleash verbal abuse they wouldn't dream of saying in the real world in a real situation - but it remains a premier stage for Toon fans all over the world to have their say on what happens in football and Ronnie typified that perfectly.

Geordie, Ronnie, from Gateshead, of course worked in London as a brickie before coming back to the Toon to write Home Newcastle.

And the words to all Geordies mean so much - especially if like me you have had to spend time away from the area.

I agree with every word of that song.

And a look around what this fantastic city, surrounding countryside and coastline has to offer says it all - having a top flight team is also something to be proud of, even if it might not be for much longer.

But I'm sure that Busker would be quietly confident of doing the business, recently he spoke of his passion when talking about supporting Newcastle and David Kelly's goal in 1992 against Portsmouth.

Ronnie said: "I've said that hundreds of times since 1961 and simply can't stop going to support my team.

"This must be a sickness without a cure cos I ain't improving after 48 years, I'm too weak to resist.

"When David Kelly scored that miracle goal to keep us from the third division, I burst into tears of emotional relief.

"I looked behind me embarrassed, only to see quite a few other grown men wiping away tears.

"I once bumped into Ned at the Metro Centre, on crutches after being crocked playing for the mackems, and I told him.

"He laughed and said he'd made a few girls cry in his time, but never blokes."

Blog on the Tyne's wishes are with Ronnie family right now.

Rest in peace, Ronnie.


Relton said:

Lee - thanks for passing this on to us. This is the worst news I have heard.
I loved Ronnies songs - and am old enough to remmeber the auld blind buska outside fenwicks.
Please pass on condolences, and as far as i am concerned - the team should have black armbands - as we mourn the passing of a goerdie hero.

pedi said:

Thanks for the songs Ronnie, I'll miss your comments on this blog, hope the lads do you proud sunday!

ian said:

I vowed never to post here again in protest at the Ashley lovers/blind optimists but this news about Ronnie puts everything else into perspective.Predominantly sensible,often humorous and always from the heart posts (and he could spell). If you've got any influence up/down there mate, could you get a lightning bolt to hit a certain fat cockney roundabout 10 to 6 on Sunday.It's the only thing that I can see cheering me up that afternoon. RIP

pete said:

I couldn't believe it when I bought the Chronicle today. Ronnie was a great guy and I am sincerely sorry for Hazel and family. Ronnie recorded with me on numerous occasions at Impulse Studios ('Shearers' Back'), (Black & White...he had to keep coming back in to re-record the rap in the middle as the powers that be kept selling our crop of stars, and, fair enough, bringing in decent replacements at that time!! ). Last summer he came to my own studio 'Sound Distinction', where he recorded 'Patsy's Pain' to raise money for the M.S. Society. A down to earth, personable, witty Geordie through and through who's music will live on. Beat the Villa on Sunday for Ron more than any other reason. I'm sure he will be keepin' a close eye on proceedings.
Rest In Peace Ron.

Charlotta said:

So sorry to hear about RonnieÂŜs death. Home Newcastle is a fantastic song! One of the best EVER - and IÂŜm not even from Newcastle (from Sweden)...But I wish I was as I always have supported Newcastle United. Hope the lads win on Sunday for Ronnie!My thoughts are with his family.

Richard Allman said:

Sad news, sad loss to the North East.

I had a lot in common with Ronnie 'Busker' Lambert.

Both of us lovers of the Newcastle the place and Newcastle the team but happily settled in our new homes in Washington.

The song 'Home Newcastle' was inspired by strong emotions and feelings he had when he was a teenager returning home to the North East after 6 months in London. I knew that feeling every time I came home from my exile in Liverpool where I was at Poly. So there was a lot I could identify with in that song beyond the obvious.

Our paths crossed just a couple of times over the years. I'm pleased they did. A rare and charming man with a talent to entertain and amuse whenever, wherever and with whoever.

So yes in one way a big loss but in another way the man and his spirit will be around these parts forever.

RIP Ronnie Lambert.

londontoon said:

those words go thru my head every day.. its folk songs like that that are the foundations to all british music from rock to pop... RIP Ronnie..

john m said:

home newcastle along with blaydon races will be heard for time immortal , what a legacy to leave.
r.i.p ronnie

Peter Dawson said:

R.I.P. Ronnie! Geordie legend!

lambic peach said:

my post last week was "go on Ronnie- give it to them!'. Can't believe this news. hope Ronnie is looking down this afternoon and the boys do him proud... Vale Ronnie. a good man.

lambic peach said:

my post last week was "go on Ronnie- give it to them!'. Can't believe this news. hope Ronnie is looking down this afternoon and the boys do him proud... Vale Ronnie. a good man.

RAF Mark said:

Roonie was a true patriot and the players on the pitch today should take a leaf out of his book and show what being a proud member of the toon faithful realy is. Not for money, not for glory just proud to be part of it.

Ronnie Lambert Jnr said:

its absolutly incredible for me, too see the outpouring of love and affection towards me fatha', and us, (his family), wa just so proud and greatful to have had him aboot, his humour and his dignity, his pride in his indentity and all the folk who he touched, world wide an al ye kna'!! a massive THANK YOU to all of yiz, for ya love and support.x
and divint let wa worry aboot being doon for one season, we'll be back!!!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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