May the farce be with you

By Lee Ryder on Jun 15, 09 10:25 AM

And so the forecast for the early part of the week at St James's Park and we'll be seeing dark clouds to continue to hang around in the Tyneside skies with plenty of hot air to keep on being pushed around the Gallowgate area.

Yes, the nightmare that is following Newcastle United is set to continue for the early part of the week at St James's with details of exactly who the Toon are playing in pre-season expected at around the same time as the new Championship fixture list.

With Alan Shearer in place and his backroom team confirmed, it might actually have been the most positive week since relegation as we try to look ahead to the first game of the season in the second tier.

Instead, Shearer is at home waiting for the call and top brass at Newcastle have spent more time denying what's not happening rather than telling us what is.

With the club now being run in London and Derek Llambias restricted to flying visits to Tyneside, the whole situation makes United look once again like a laughing stock.

All most every other club in the Football League have confirmed their friendly fixture list but Newcastle run the risk of fans knowing who they will play in the Championship before pre-season plans are revealed.

Throw into that the fact that several of the players that Big Al had pencilled in to sign up for next season are in complete limbo and that not one of the expensive stars that earn a fortune have been moved on and the picture is crystal clear at SJP - it's a complete and utter shambles being operated by two main characters that you could say don't know what they are doing.

I say that as my personal opinion but having heard so much from some of football's most respected figures on the same theme, it leaves me in no doubt that the future is bleak for United at the moment.



Matt said:

But what if the new owners don't want Shearer, Lee?

I would expect a similar fan reaction to when Keegan walked out if they came in and got rid of him straight away, after all they will want someone in charge who they have faith in his management abilities to get us up first time.

Let whoever buys the club pick their own manager, it may leave the club in limbo for a few more weeks but people can't have Ashley out and everything to run smooth at the same time.

karlos said:

I thought our plight couldn't get any worse, but as each day goes by it certainly does. We are the laughing stock of the football world, never mind UK football. The way our club has been destroyed is nothing short of criminal - and things don't seem to be showing any sign of getting better. We've got halfwits to get rid of, new blood to bring in, fixtures to plan for......and what's happening......SFA. Even when [IF] a buyer is found we'll be too late to get anyone of significance in the transfer window and I cannot see us returning to the Premiership for a god few years yet. I'm beginning to lose my will to support to be honest - I was at my first Newcastle game as an 11 year old kid but I have become so sickened with the whole thing I feel like turning away from football in disgust.

Michael Oneil said:

It's shambolic, but what do you else do you expect from these characters? Suddenly make a good decision after two years of mismanagement? I'm happy we have been relegated, because this was the only way we ever get rid of these bafoons. We were not ever going to win anything with the present setup, including the money grabbing leeches playing for us at the moment Unfortunately, the most important decision/choice Ashley has to make is his final one as owner of Newcastle...and that is who he sells us on to. Let's just hope that something even worse (if that is possible) is not waiting for us around the corner. Bill Gates please save us. I'll even give up my mac and convert to windows.

Smudger said:

Come on people....We need to remove this man from our beloved club...its a bit like a major operation to save your life ..its not very pleasant at the time but soon the recovery will begin and hopefully Mr Ashley will be a bad memory....and to be honest the biggest loser in all this will by Mike himself...he has lost a fortune but I will always have my club and every day he does nothing will cost him more and more...REMEMBER keep the faith the rest of the UK will be praying we dont turn up next season and will be ready to murder us ...let show the every body we are loyal and make sure we get bigger crowds than the Mackums this will encourage a big investor to come in as they will see the massive potential we have ....

Jack said:

Remember when Leeds and West Ham got relegated and virtualy the next day the whole of the premire leauge were circling like vultures over their best player? Anyone else find it quite funny how no one has even shown a slight bit of interest in any of our shower of sh*te? Even when one of them is available for free and has now become so desperate that he has compiled a 34 page pamphlet to send to premire leauge clubs to remind them who he is? I personaly would be willing to pay 500£ to see the look on England's no 1 goal scorer's face should he be pulling on a black and white jersey to play Scunthorpe next season.

DavidK said:

It's a shame we won't be playing Chester City next season, he could have saved the helicopter fare.

BobbyTee said:

Did anyone see yesterday's (Sunday) Telegraph ?
Lee - can you believe that we are paying over £650,000 for Joey Barton's "image rights"???

Any chance of a refund ?

No wonder these clowns are desperate to stay at this ship of fools club.

Brian Whitfield said:

Just when we think things can't get much worse, Nero seems to have found a new fiddle. Looks like Ashley is putting his indellible stamp on next season. Again, he does nothing.
This is more entertaining than the Muppet's. Could Fat Freddy come back as the Swedish Chef do you think?? Here birdie birdie!!......

dessa said:

the guy to blame for all this mess is SJH,who sold the club to Ashley in the first place!

Dave B said:

Imagine my delight when I read the United in for £6m Frazier headlines. The article states that Newcastle may hijack the deal to Hull. It's clear that things move quickly in football. I went to bed last night supporting a team with no team manager, no effective owner or management structure, and certainly no transfer budget. Lee - we all take refuge in a pint or two when things get tough but please slow down for goodness sake and leave a drop or two for the rest of Tyneside.

Ryder's reply: OK Dave thanks for that.

M. Sebastian T. said:

Must say that (if true and not yet another case of somebody taking the pi**), I'm with BobbyTee in thinking the story about paying Joey Barton £650,000 or more for "image rights" must be one of the craziest aspects of the whole mess. The Owen brochure is a pretty close second.

It will make perfect sense to Ashley or any other business man to not do anything important until a deal is actually completed. Don’t expect more than a caretaker manager until then or any players to be bought or sold. Preseason games will likely be fixed up in July against teams like Pools, Darlo, Blyth, Scottish Division I clubs and pre-club reserves.

The clouds might start to clear by about Guy Falk’s Night!

londontoon said:

mikey mousely!!!!!! f*******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************f!


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