Who would want to manage this mess?

By Lee Ryder on Aug 12, 09 01:41 PM

With the transfer deadline now very much on the horizon and the new season already well under way - Newcastle United are starting to think about the consequences of life on Tyneside if the club isn't sold.

Utterings from across the Irish Sea suggest that David O'Leary (the man many Toon fans do not want in charge of their team) will only take the job if the club is taken off the market.

And while it's thought that Gordon Strachan and Alan Curbishley have been sounded out to take over the reins at SJP, you would have to question the sanity of either if they were to come in and expect to lead Newcastle to promotion with little or no time to manoeuvre in the transfer market and work with a paper thin squad ahead of a marathon season.

Alan Shearer on the other hand seems prepared to walk on broken glass to achieve his dream of managing the much maligned Mags.

Clearly Shearer's appointment would take away a lot of the emphasis from owner Mike Ashley and turn attention back to where it really counts - on the field.

How many people have said that this summer?

In Shearer, the Geordie public trust it seems - even if he was working with a tiny squad amidst difficult circumstances.

Unfortunately, the current regime don't see it as that simple.

So far the tactics of Ashley have been to survive on a day to day basis, save money as much as possible and generally have a "no frills" approach to life at St James's Park - but say nothing.

Putting the club up for sale has diverted some of the pressure but has so far done nothing but look like an elaborate smokescreen in the aftermath of Shearer-gate.

In reality, Newcastle United are currently being operated like a Sports Direct shop where teenagers earn peanuts for putting out XXL shirts from obscure clubs around the globe and Dunlop trainers.

To add to the frustration for Newcastle the club have reverted to the "bunker" style communication policy that kicked in at the United when Chris Mort left Toon.

But that hasn't just applied to the fans and the vehicle used to communicate with the fans (the media) - it's also applied to the great Alan Shearer no less, with the legendary number 9, former captain, ambassador and manager and all-time leading scorer completely in the dark!

For 90 minutes only against Reading on Saturday, the 11 lucky enough to wear the black and white shirts on home turf in a proper game for the first time since the 1-0 loss against Fulham can light the dark.

However, failure to beat Reading could see the cracks which were papered over by the West Brom draw look wider than ever come the final whistle.


anthony said:

if shearer is any bidders prefered choice (which i would assume he is more than any of the other suitors mentioned)

then y cant he give him the job while the club remains for sale

the mans a complete and utter moron!

Big Si said:

MA is scared stiff of appointing Shearer because of the power that shearer would have over the management, he is scared stiff of having another KK situation on hid hands if Big Al gets brassed off.

djc said:

More of the same please Lee , nothing to lose with this group of scheisters, if they don't want to communicate with anybody why not let them have both barrels. So what if they do a Fergie and throw their Teddy in the corner , we don't want them , we don't care about them and they need to have it rammed down their throats that we don't want them. " Ashley Out, Ashley Out, Ashley Out , go away and crawl under the rock you came from." For those who are able to go on Saturday , this man needs to know we don't want him or his cronies . Let him know before the game , at half time and full time , but give the boys your full support while their on the park .

Mike said:

The convenient leaking of information in the media regarding Ashley taking the club off the I said before...judge on actions, not words.

I don't believe there has been any serious attempt whatsoever to sell the club, just as before. I say this because, putting something up for sale at a price way beyond what anyone is willing to pay is not a serious attempt at selling anything. Actions, not words...

So here we are, yet another transfer window, players sold and non brought in. What's betting another attempt to sit around until the end of August, then appoint some desperate character who will do anything to get back into football management. Make some bids on players who are, of course, cheaper and inferior to the ones who have gone.

This whole business went beyond a joke a long time ago. Ashley has to go, simply because his actions speak loud and clear. What he has done, not what he has said is the only thing that matters. The longer he stays, the worse things will get.

The man needs to understand football clubs are not simply businesses, especially ones with more than 100 years of history, with passionate supporters and in the case of Newcastle United, one that is so important to the economic welfare of so many businesses and jobs in the city.

Go Mr Ashley, and go now. What you have done to this club tells us all we need, and will ever need, to know about you.

Mike said:

Oh yes, I nearly forgot. To Mr O'Leary, Kinnear, etc. Don't both taking on the job and propping up this shameful owner and his cronies. They have long outstayed their welcome and so non is forthcoming to you. So stay away. We've been through more mercenaries than Africa in the 1970's and frankly, no more. No more. Not owners, managers, players or otherwise. Go build your bank balances and attempt to resurrect your careers somewhere else.

To the media, certain pundits and 'fans' of other clubs who are well accustomed to throwing insults in the direction of Newcastle supporters. To them I say, you don't buy the tickets, the shirts and other merchandise. You haven't spent your lifetime supporting this team. Your opinions are worthless because you are no better than the wasters who have brought the club to where it is now.

To Sir John Hall and Freddy Shepherd. We've nearly come the full circle. Back in the second tier of football. The club a financial mess, utterly lacking in the leadership it needs. Yes, you did indeed contribute to the good times, but you have also contributed to where we are now. Through mismanagement, through taking large sums of money yourselves from the club and through selling it to Mike Ashley. So please, no more holier than thou sermons, because we'd be happy to see the back of you also.

Alan Shearer may not be the best choice, he is lacking in managerial experience. However, he is no fool and knows the game. Most importantly, he cares about the club. He cares enough to have passed up a cabinet full of winners medals that he undoubtedly would have won had he went to Manchester United. He came, and he stayed loyal to the club, through all the problems in the past, and now with all the problems in the present. He is the man for the job, simple as that.

Rob said:

Lee could you look into this to see if the FA could remove ashley for us? If the office of fair traiding rules against Ashley in his sports direct traiding practice, does that make him break the 'decent and proper person' rule with the FA for football club owenrs. Or does that rule only apply on purchase, if so that is crazy and it should apply throughout someones owenership as it will bring about inconsistencies in the law.

Otherwise I still can't decide if I should attend home games? Any thoughts from the floor? Who thinks putting more money in will prolong ashleys power reign? Or does it in effect make no difference and you might as well go?

Chris Bolt said:

Mike said.... Mike said it all, good post.

Spiderbadger said:

mike's post, nuff said. Respect.

bob harvey said:

Mike, hear hear! Well said.

Rob, I reckon you should go to home games. That's an unfortunate typo at line 5 of your post.

DavidK said:

As long as The Barrow Boy has the final say the bottom line remains that we could quite easily find ourselves lumbered with a manager on a long-term contract where serious doubts exist as to their ability to move the club forward. In David O'Leary we have a former "big name" manager that despite having his name put forward for, it appears, every vacant manager's job has remained out of football for three years. I know the market trader likes a flutter, but at those odds?
We already know what we could expect from Joe Kinnear and I find it ludicrous that after one health scare while in charge, Ashley seriously considered bringing him back. It looks like we have Joe's doctors to thank for sparing us and him that scenario again. Lo and behold I see today that Ozzie Ardilles has thrown his hat into the ring. Who's next? Ruud Gullet perhaps? Hang on, I'll have a look to see if he's signing on anywhere. If, as it appears, he's blanking Alan Shearer in a fit of petulance, and the Market Trader is serious about taking the club off the market and giving someone two years to make the true value of the club more to his liking, he needs to be looking at managers who have recent experience, perfarably in the Championship. Coppell, Strachan (SPL - Championship - same difference),Curbishley, these are the sort of names we should be seeing linked with managing this club, not individuals that have failed to land a job with a club in any dividion for three years or longer. How does that saying go about things getting worse before they get any better?

RAF Mark said:

Big Si, I think your right on the 'not another KK' situation, but to be honest in our current situation I really dont think Shearer is the man for the job. I would love to have him as manager in the future but for me, if he would come and thats a big if, my choice would be Al Curbs. He is a proven manager and likes a challenge and with the current very thin Squad we need someone at the helm who can make things happen. Our current position needs stability not another test, we have been in that sphere since MA arrived. A solid, experienced manager at the front of the house makes it alot easier to sell.

little Davey said:

Mike - well said pal. Shame the paper hasn't got the decency to put something as strongly worded into print.

djc said:

Lee, Mike has clearly expressed the feelings of the majority of toon supporters . Can we have something like this in the Chronicle, in print for all and particularly Mr A***hole and his bunch of sycophantic bidets, to see. Let them know how much detestment there is for them and that we want them out of our club. Let him know he's not welcome and the true supporters don't want to see his fat face at SJP.

Lee said:

Like Rob I also would like to known if the FA could step in to stop MA from hollowing out our club, Ashley must be breaking some kind of rule, this fool is destorying over a hundred years of history, pride and culture.
It feels like this so called buisness man is stipping NUFC like a scrapped car for all it best parts and selling it off piece by piece, whats next when all the senior playes have gone, parts of the ground for scrap metal.
I can not wait for the day when i can turn on the radio or pick up a paper and find out that the waste of space has sold up, i look forward to the day when anything i read or hear about NUFC is good news, heres to the future.
ASHLEY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Scotty said:

It's been reported in this mornings papers that yet more players could be leaving our shipwreck of a club. Damien Duff has been the subject of a 4m bid and Everton are rummored to be after Steven Taylor. We must stand up to this fat cockney #anker at saturdays home game before he srips our club bare of players and kills any hope of us avoiding the drop out of the championship this season. The BBC sport website are even claiming Big Joe could be back in charge next week just when things can't get any worse they do. ASHLEY OUT,ASHLEY OUT,ASHLEY OUT.

PS- Sky Sports breaking news Newcastle have signed full back Danny Simpson on loan from Man Utd until January I wonder who he's replacing Steve Taylor maybe??

Scotty said:

It's been reported in this mornings papers that yet more players could be leaving our shipwreck of a club. Damien Duff has been the subject of a 4m bid and Everton are rummored to be after Steven Taylor. We must stand up to this fat cockney #anker at saturdays home game before he srips our club bare of players and kills any hope of us avoiding the drop out of the championship this season. The BBC sport website are even claiming Big Joe could be back in charge next week just when things can't get any worse they do. ASHLEY OUT,ASHLEY OUT,ASHLEY OUT.

PS- Sky Sports breaking news Newcastle have signed full back Danny Simpson on loan from Man Utd until January I wonder who he's replacing Steve Taylor maybe??

Graham Southern Toon said:

Had to go and see it with mine own eyes on Sky Sports! We really have signed a player! I need to go and lie down in a dark room, have we started to turn what is the start of a very long corner?!!!

Sorry Scotty for not believing you but when I ready your post with the PS at the bottom I thought here we go again, next there will be a PS with we have signed Beckham until Christmas!

Well it seems we are in the market at last, happy with Simpson, heard good reports about him, aint going to get much 1st team action at Man U so good alround for him to come and help us out, cant be worse than playing R.Taylor at rightback!

The only problem I can see is are we can to bring one in and let another out?? Need to get rid of Colo and spiderman before we let anyone else go, the likes of Duff, Enrique, Guthrie, Nolan, etc might actually role there sleeves up come September 1st and help us get back to where we should be, not that any of those are players I particularly like! But we have to work with something, bring another 3 or 4 loan signings in, then try and sign a couple on the back of the Argentines leaving and maybe just maybe we can get out of this mess?! All that depends of course on who is put in charge?

Shearer or Strachan are my prefered choices.

2-1 win against Reading tomorrow, howay the lads.

Scotty said:

I agree Terry Mike Cashley is a tightarse cockney #anker and has had no intention in spending any money this transfer window or in January. I can see JK coming back to manage us cos he will work for peanuts compared to curbs or shearer throw in a few free signings to cover the holes left by the possible sales of Duff,Taylor etc. I bet this clown could write a book on how to destroy a proud club and run it on the cheap. I'm sure he could sell it in one of his trashey sports outlets he owns he might even knock 70% off for you but I doubt it.

londontoon said:

MA looks like he may be doing just what he did last season, taking th club to its knees then bringing in a terrible manager however under the circumstances we'll be better off, so he thinks.. lots of out of work managers would take his job. they know whatever happens they'll walk away with a million who wouldn't take any amount of stick for that!? i'd take it and 50k people can call me what they like!? if we lose a few more of the big earners and under performers will i be sad? no! most of them were playing last weekend and they really did look like championship players duff krul and enrique possible exceptions.. problem is we need to replace them if MA doesn't do that we wiil go down again and we will be as desperate as leeds.. on the QT i can imagine hes loving it. but mike remember this its millions of pounds to you its got to be killing you, if i lose a pound i'm gutted -but its just a game to us...! silly fat boy..

londontoon said:

Lee, do the right thing and tell MA how it is.. he'll be off soon don't worry about getting into the ground even if you are bared for a couple of weeks you'll miss nout! i think we should hav a minutes applause to symbolize the death of the club at his hands...


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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