Gutierrez has to break free from FPP

By Lee Ryder on Nov 9, 09 09:37 AM

Has Jonas Gutierrez finally broken free from Final Product Phobia?

It might have been a long time in coming but finally Jonas Gutierrez was able to "celebrate" his first ever Newcastle United goal.

However, after scoring his maiden competitive strike for the Magpies with a goal that Diego Maradona would have been delighted with, the South American didn't produce his Spiderman mask and his face looked more like a slapped backside.

Afterwards it emerged that Jonas was upset with being linked to Serie A giants Roma and in protest he chose not to celebrate the goal - but there are deeper concerns from Toon fans.

Yet celebrations aside, Jonas' long wait for a goal was long overdue.

Haunted by the words "final" and "product", many Toon fans have often wondered exactly what Jonas does bring to the table.

His goal against Posh goes with two assists at Crystal Palace and his mere three assists last season in the disastrous Premier League campaign tell us a story.

So what should a creative player be chipping in with in terms of assists?

Well Ryan Giggs has created five goals and scored one for Man United this season.

Mr Creativity himself is Frank Lampard with six assists and four goals in 11 games for Chelsea and even a player at Newcastle who was also a victim of Final Product Phobia in James Milner has shone for Villa this term with five assists and two goals.

OK, OK we're not in the Premier League at the moment, we're on loan to the Championship!

But the benchmark at second tier level has already been set by Wayne Routledge with eight assists and two strikes for QPR as the second divisions best playmaker so far.

Chris Burke and of Cardiff and Graham Dorrans of West Brom have six apiece.

Then our own Danny Guthrie - recently axed by Chris Hughton - is up there with five plus his two goals in league and cup while Kevin Nolan, Nile Ranger and Ryan Taylor have all weighed in with three each thus far.

There's no doubt that watching Jonas gets bums off seats in the way that Ginola, Asprilla or Keith Gillespie did once upon a time.

But when it comes to down to the nitty gritty of life, it's football's stattos who will suggest that Jonas is not perhaps as effective as he should be.

Should Jonas be producing more?


Austin said:

Yeh, don't forget, we were playing the worst team in this bum league. Hope i am wrong but i dont see many goals from Jonas.

Sir Bobby said:

that is a very snide and nasty thing to come up with.

Final Product Phobia.

Lee you really couldn't make your point without coming across as so snide and vindictive?

You easily forget his goals record at Mallorca was far from impressive, that he was a foreign player coming from a slower less physical league in La Liga, that last season was his 1st in English football, that he had to adapt to all that and 4 different managers no less.

Jonas has 2 assists and 1 goal from 9 starts and 2 substitute appearances. He could and should do better.

You mention James Milner, he plays in a Top 4 challenging team, is that really a fair comparison.

Anyway last season Jonas created some good opportunities for our strikers and they wasted them. That is not his fault.

However Jonas offers the team:
the ability to beat players
Starts many of the teams attacks, winning the ball and driving forward with the ball.
He may not be the one with the assists but he DOES CREATE.
Good link Up play and brings others into the game.
Defends well.

all the above are reasons why he was an Argentina International long before he joined NUFC. Goals & assists are not the only way to judge a players contributions to his side, 2 Argentina managers have realized this, Redknapp even put in a bid for him while at Mallorca.

The possibilities for the team that his running ability creates are numerous. With hard work and coaching he can become an even better player by adding goals.

Jack said:

Every time ive seen him he seems more comfortable laying the ball off to Enrique (who I would already have down as most improved player from last year) to cross rather than cross it himself. What is baffeling is that he can cross a ball. Eg Villa at SJP last year. Great ball, good assist. More baffeling still as that after seeing that goal on Saturday, all be it against the worst team in the leauge, he can carry the ball so well that he can and quite possibly should be walking it into the net more often, esspecially in this division.

Personally, I would always have him in the team. His combination play with Enrique has for me been the most encouraging thing ive seen this year. It's great to see Kevin Noland back amongst the goals again and Alan Smith finally looking like hes found his spiritual home in front of the back four. But Newcastle's left side will give enough teams in the Premier league next year a few problems. I think the answer to the whole Gutierrez mystery is that he's an absolutly class player who has been bang out of form for about a year, playing in a team devoid of ideas or stability. Mabey we are about to start seeing the best of him now. In all seriousness, the player who had Manchester United terrorised in the first game of last season and is the third name on the Argentina team sheet after Mascerano and Messi, should be head and sholders above the rest of the dirge at this level. Wayne Routlidge couldn't lace his boots.

Andrew Davis said:

At least Lee is bringing up a good point and the players are there to perform to a good standard, and if then they read the paper it should motivate them right...

Or it should do and get BUMS OFF SEATS with his assists and goals...

As they are paid a lot of money to get over snide comments and you think the argie media are less snide than Lee...

Tad Caster said:

Maybe Alan Smith'll score one day soon!

Ian Punton said:

Jeez, the guy scored a great goal and was actually playing well - something he hasn't done for ages - and on top of this, it was obvious that we were missing something when he came off. Carroll was having to come deep to bring the ball forward.

I can think of worse players in our disastrous last premiership campaign and four of them are still on our books.

Dave Owens said:

A few weeks ago, Guthrie is awful - misses a penalty and gets worse and gets a boost in your report. Gutierrez plays his only really good game in God knows how long and scores a great goal and you come down on him like a ton of bricks. When players are lousy, criticise them. We can take it, even if Kevin Nolan can't. When they're good, praise them.

Ryder's reply: I wouldn't say I'm coming down on him like a ton of bricks, long may it continue, he played well in the time he was on but everybody knows he should be creating more.
Any mug can score or miss a penalty, Guthrie's contributions are there for all to see this season.
I think he gets a rough deal and should be in the team more often.

William J Powers said:

If you pay any attention to USA sports, you know we are obsessed with statistics. From here, I don't see anything that let's me statistically judge just what value Spiderman has. Over here, no doubt, we would have tables of passes attempted, passes completed, length of pass, how far run with the ball, % of time open to receive a pass, corners and side throws earned, goals and assists on offense. On defense, it would be passes broken up, passes intercepted, shots blocked, side and corners conceded, and some measure of how whomever he was covering could not be considered to receive a pass. (The team would need an army of data collectors.)
Jonas certainly shines on some aspects of his play, and may be better than we think, but as of right now, that is a subjective matter. Yet, all in all, better him out there, than many I can think of now.

Dave Owens said:

Whoah, easy there. I think Guthrie gets a bum deal too. He's been one of our better above average players all season and we seriously miss him when he's not there and Butt is. He was, however, awful and seemed to escape criticism. If the penalty was the only mistake in that game, it wouldn't have been so bad, but he was bad throughout and it took a couple of games before he got his game back.

And don't get me started about some of the people who got off lightly last season, even if one of them is now playing the best he's ever played for us and we're in serious trouble when he's not there.

toongonebad said:

the argie has been poor really, although i wish they would play him on the right wing where he belongs and can cross a ball. 90pc of the time his runs are wasted with no end result. i can't believe its his first goal for an attaching midfielder. I agree the team is better with him and Guthrie in the side and butt on the bench... Butt should only be brought on last 20-30mins to tidy up.

Pierre said:

i'm french and i'm looking for a picture of a NUFCs' player who belong to the team who access to the premier league with andy cole, .. I went to Newcastle and i've bought the yellow shirt. (and now i'll sell it)

Batty said:


Vous etes un tete de merde.

Venny said:

For those that don't speak French, Batty just welcomed Pierre to a Toon blog - Georide style!!


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