Sickening the Prawn Sandwich Brigade made Preston victory so much sweeter

By Lee Ryder on Nov 24, 09 08:43 AM

When Kevin Nolan fired home the winner at Deepdale it was the cue for almost the entire hospitality suite to clamber for the exits with faces like smacked backsides.

That was a sweet moment.

At too many grounds in the Championship this season, there have been too many glory hunters who probably don't set foot in the grounds of places like Preston, Scunthorpe or Blackpool unless there's a big game on.

Rather than supporting their local side, they prefer to don their Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea shirts and talk football like experts watching Sky in the bars up and down the country from Northwich to Torquay and beyond.

Therefore to see them heading back to the pub when Nolan scored with 14 minutes to go was the moment when some of the Preston public were exposed.

Oh, it was too much to see Nolan sprinting away in celebration.

It was too much to stay and support the home side for another 15 minutes or applaud them off with Alan Irvine doing a grand job at Deepdale with a team that is punching way above its weight.

I used to live in Preston and back then they were entertaining the likes of Bristol Rovers, Brentford and Walsall on a regular basis, rarely pulling in crowds of over 10,000.

So to be hosting Newcastle - as arrogant as it may sound - is a treat for them.

But walking out is another trait of fickle "support" in football.

They turned up looking for a shock and ended up with nothing but a soaking on their way back to the pub.

No matter where we go this season we will be in for the same treatment as whole towns cram into grounds and bay for Geordie blood.

That's why if we do get out of this division this season, it will be all the sweeter for experiences like last night against the North Enders.


DCFC said:

Your lot have their share of fickle supporters and I call them fickle because there is no glory to be had following newcastle.


i have supported preston all my days,and i hate to say it but the Prawn Sandwich Brigade is spot on.

we done ourselves proud,and will get better.

NO NEED TO BE BITTER DCFC,we didnt convert our chances what do you expect from any team in our division nevermind a decnt side like newk!

exile200 said:

Time you stayed in your own patch DCFC, oh and we will see you on the 28 Dec 09, if you turn up. We like you do have fickle fans, but the point Lee is making is everywhere we go the Town turns up looking for an upset, the next game as preston 4eva points out they will be nowhere to be seen. Whatever you think matey every one wants to turn us over, we have had Blackpool, Peterbourgh and Scunthorpe turn out dvds cos they beat us that is not happening for your mob. Stick to the local derby rag and concentrate on your teams lack of class and quality.

paul said:

What an utter moron you are.
We follow the TEAM not the glory, in HUGE numbers. The club hasnt won anything in years, but still we have massive attendances.
Its called supporting your team, but what would you know about that. Your lot only turned out when you had your ten minutes of fame.To you lot PRIDE is just another word.

spadge said:

well done to all the toon supporters last night, could hear you singing your hearts out on tv. it may as well have been at st james' park, best support in the country. the amount of times i heard "shall we sing a song for you?" preston fans were awful.

harpo said:

DCFC must stand for "Daft cretin follish comment"

It can't mean anything sensible.

Andy said:

Although I agree with what was said about the Prawn Sandwich Brigade; as a Proper Preston Supporter, I resent being tarred with the same brush in this blog. I have never left a match before the end; even when losing at the foot of the old fourth division. It's an insult to us genuine fans who support a club which doesn't have the benefit of a multimillion pound overdraft facility or parachute payments. I also resent the arrogance of Newcastle fans who seem to think they have a divine right to be in the Premiership. If you didn't have an owner able to put over £100 million pounds into the club, you'd be out of business by now.

Dave Owens said:

Several of us have said that Lee ought to get over this. We won. Leave it at that.

toongonebad said:

to be fair about 10k prawn eating toon supports have gone missing this season, everyone has a group of them, lets just see what happens if we go up or or even if we stay here?

one thing i will say, why the hell are we playing 4-4-1-1 when we supposedly have the best team, most expensive team in the CCC? this formation gives other teams heart and belief they have a chance to put one past us! CH wants more goals, well mate thats down to you, you pick the team pick a team and formation that will get us goals!!!! at the moment we're relying on individuals thats not great tactics its chance, and that why we struggle when we lose one or 2...

BigG@PNE said:

Spot on Andy, EVERY club has it's glory supporters, but we are not all like that - we follow through thick in and thin and are just as diehard as the true Toon supporter.

I was there in Monday night, I'll be at Bloomfield Road next Monday, I'll get drenched, I;ll sing my heart out and win or lose I'll still follow North End.

Then again, having spent 3 years in Newcastle as a student in the early mid 80's I don't seem to recall the Toon selling out when the the played Liverpool in the F A Cup and I walked up and paid on the day to stand on the Gallowgate. A great experience, but it wasn't full. As I say there are glory supporters (the prawn sandwich brigade at all clubs).

PNE gaz said:

What an arrogant man the blogger is. What makes you a better fan?

clive langman said:

What a complete load of drivel.

Clearly this semi-lit has nothing else to write about and hasn't the wits to make up anything else.

1. Newc isn't a particularly big game for us cf playing Pool. It's part of the old delusion that Toon are a big club. Big clubs are in the Prem and win things.
2. I didn't see any of the home gate leave after Nolan scored. On the contrary crowd got behind the team.

Andrew (Black Bull) Gray said:

Well said Clive.

Preston Till I Die said:

And you wonder exactly WHY it is that every team in the division will "bay for Geordie blood"? It is because of sheer arrogance like that which you have displayed in the blog above.

Can I kindly point out to you that for a team "punching above our weight" we have done that for a fairly significant time. I despise that term because we are where we are on merit, nothing more. We have no money, but our performances and results over the years have left us in the First Division or Championship as it is now called for nearly 10 years.

Secondly, if indeed you used to live in Preston and know that we were hosting the likes of Brentford, Bristol Rovers and Walsall on a regular basis, you can clearly see how far we have come. Did you ever attend one of those games?

Thirdly, has your club ever taken over 7,000 travelling fans, whilst in the SECOND DIVISION to an away ground? Thought not. Considering we have the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool,Everton, Wigan, Bolton and Burnley now, all within an hours drive from Preston we do ok for the crowds. Who have you got within the same radius from you?

I have been to grounds such as Oxford, Chesterfield, Exeter, Darlington, Northampton on a tuesday night, Rochdale in fact you name it, I can pretty much guarantee me and my dad have done it. It was the best time I have had watching the North End, simply because we never came up against the arrogance displayed above. Everyone was on an equal standing, there was no worry about clubs in our division being choked by ridiculously large parachute payments.

Every club has their glory hunting fans. It is a sad fact of life. I doubt you get capacity crowds any more now you have dropped down a division. In fact my dad can recall a time in the late 70s, when your average attendance was little over the 11,000 mark yourself.

And for the record, if we had beat you It wouldn't even hold a candle to the feeling we would have from beating the Lashers next Monday.

Get over yourselves.

Big L said:

we took 13,000 fans to Milan...whats your point preston til I die??

Mike Ashley XVII said:

This is a very poorly researched article, Preston's attendance hardly jumped when Newcastle came, probably an extra 700 north end fans came out of the wood work for this game. Hardly worthy of note.

I wonder if the author of this article ever watched PNE, Blackpool, Wigan etc. when he lived down here, they aren't far away and easy to get to. I speak from experience as an exile, it's always good watching local lower league teams. I gather from the obtuse stance of this article that he never set foot in any of those grounds whilst he was down here.

Ryder's reply: Actually I did go all round the grounds whenever Newcastle weren't playing, was at a reserve team game when David Moyes was playing and getting stick from the Town End from homes fans against Man United (you lost 6-1) and they were on his back while he was playing out the final days of his career shouting at him to "resign", that was in the 97/98 season.
Went to Wigan as well, they attracted 3967 against Wycombe in the cup game in 99/00 seem to remember and watched even lower at Bamber Bridge etc.
The North East is still the best support I've witnessed. 40,000 plus against Doncaster....

Your Mothers Toy Boy said:

You are right about the Prawn Sandwich Brigade. I struggled to get to the toilets on Monday night. Where were they all a few weeks ago when we played Palace, Swansea or Peterborough?

Newcastle a treat? What a completely stupid comment that was.

Ben said:

Spot on there. I am a PNE fan, season ticket holder for 10 years (i'm 13) and I don't like it when we get bigger crowds than normal for the bigger games, because then after that our attendances plummet back down to 12,000.

Ben said:

Big L, that's Milan in Europe, it's not a League 1 game like PTID said. True, Wigan is only down the M6, but to take 7,000 to the JJB was phenominal. More PNE fans in the ground that Wigan ones that night.

mike said:

what an idiot you are! if it was such a treat for us to play newcastle, why were there still so many empty seats? the home attendaqnce wasnt much more than usual, the overall attendance was increased by the larger than normal away attendance. and fans leaving early has happened at grounds all over the country for many years, its not just the prawn sandwich brigade!

this article just makes you sound like a very bitter man, must be hard seeing sunderland in the division above you when your such a big club!

Ryder's reply: I'm not bitter but I have to say that in my years living in your neck of the woods, it was probably Burnley's support that impressed the most and you have to admit Owen Coyle has done a cracking job at Turf Moor.

Rory said:

Do you understand how much faith and passion it takes to be a North End fan? Do you understand how infuriating it can be being stuck in the same league for almost a decade while having the worst play-off record in England? Would you still remain dedicated and renew your season ticket every year? Of course not, you're used to top flight football, yet you get relegated into a league that you're barely comfortable in, and your fans declare themselves as passionate and loyal because you've gone down a league for probably one season and you haven't abandoned ship. Wow, admirable. Doubt half of you lot would support Newcastle if you were in League 2, as some have said.

Considering your big club mentality, and your multi-million pound squad, your football really isn't that impressive. At all. You were lucky to get the points against us. Very lucky. If Mellor was on his usual form, he'd have bagged 2 by half time.

Punching above our weight? Yeah, financially, but how many times do we have to get into the play-off finals/consistently finish in the top 6 before we're considered a strong club? Just because we don't pull gates of 30,000 every match, it doesn't mean we're any less of a club than you are; in fact, considering our financial state, I'd say our record is more impressive. You think your performance on Monday was a treat for us? Lol. Just lol.

Seriously, do some research/actually know what you're talking about before spouting such elitist rubbish.

Ryder's reply: Mellor didn't look like he could hit a cow's backside with a banjo, as for supporting a team in League Two it's hypothetical.
But I know that when Newcastle don't play, our non-league teams get bigger crowds because the passion is strong here on Tyneside.
For instance I go to watch Whitley Bay, who some of your fans might remember from 1989.

Pop Henley said:

"Consider your big club mentality". Don't tar us all with the same brush. If you read this blog regularly, you'll know quite a few of us don't rate Lee at all. C'mon, Lee, imagine if you'd read something similar about us in a Liverpool rag when they thrashed us last season... We won and just about deserved it. Let's leave it at that. A better journalist wouldn't feel he need to do this. Stick to hammering Ashley - now that you've got round to it.

Ryder's reply: Thanks Pop, but while the Ashley regime deserve criticism hammering Ashley every day has a negative affect on the players.
There's plenty of examples in which Ashley has been as you put it "hammered" on the front page, back page and in Gibbo's columns.
Reporting on Newcastle matters includes interviewing players and when the team perform well like they are now then we will give the PLAYERS the credit they deserve.
You're entitled to your opinion though.

craig dolan said:

how could my pne expect to beat the best team in the world.... oh yeah we wasnt playin sunderland ;)

Ryder's reply: Ho ho, how original.

toongonebad said:

to be fair to lee he might of actually been defending the normal faithful PN fan. he simply said it was grad to see the nonfaithfull running for the hills and taxi's or old traf or the bridge... PN fans should be thanking him for recognizing and separating the 2 types of fans that were at the game.


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