The Toon is a goldfish bowl of no mercy

By Lee Ryder on Dec 11, 09 05:52 AM

IF Andy Carroll didn't know how important he was to Newcastle United's future then perhaps he knows now.

In the aftermath of what was supposed to be a night out of winding down after a game and perhaps celebrating three points and his return from illness, there is no doubt Carroll got more than he bargained for.

Not for one minute is this blog condoning any behaviour that involves attacking somebody in a nightclub.

So far it appears that Carroll has made a big mistake, big mistake.

Instead of focusing on football he's now got half the world taking the moral high ground and telling him how to run his life.

And if it's not the media playing the role of judge and jury or message board maniacs who often don't move from their own bedroom it'll be somebody who feels they've been there and got the t-shirt, the hat, the scarf and the badge - that's life, everybody becomes an expert after the event but nobody was clever enough to prevent it happening in the first place.

I know plenty of lads who couldn't stay out of trouble to save their lives in their late teens and early 20s but have calmed down quickly after it and settled down to live their lives.

I'm not just talking about the working class section of society either, it's people who went to public schools, came from wealthy backgrounds and were supposedly raised in the proper way - everybody makes mistakes through naivety and Carroll is no different.

It's all called life and whether it gets publicised or not, it's still happening all around us, probably at the end of your street or at worse on your doorstep.

So what should Newcastle United do now?

Well after setting a precedent with Joey Barton and his consistent bad behaviour, they can hardly sack Carroll now can they?

If they are the club that try to rehabilitate footballers then it will be interesting to see how they do it with Carroll.

You certainly suspect if Alan Shearer was in charge he would have known in no uncertain terms what the score was.

Ironically anybody who has met the Geordie boy will know that he is one of the most polite footballers in the game, often bordering on shy.

He doesn't have an ego problem and unfortunately that looks to have cost him.

If he did have an ego problem then he certainly wouldn't be out in Blu Bambu and he wouldn't be walking round freely in the city centre.

Carroll, in my opinion, until his night out over the weekend had failed to realise that he is not only an important first team player these days but arguably one of the main men.

Therefore he's not invisible on a night out in Toon, he's hardly a packet of peanuts is he?

Is he entitled to a night in Newcastle as a Geordie boy in his hometown?

Too right he is.

And while any Tom, Dick or Harry who aren't famous can't behave how they like with no consequences - they have a better chance of getting away with it.

Yes, ask Kieron Dyer that, wasn't he once booting girls out of his car on Barrack Road to get two more in 10 yards up the road?

Oh, yes Newcastle United have had more than their fair share of egotistical knackers on their books in the past and most of them make Carroll look like a choir boy.

If somebody gets involved in a scuffle in a club, they will generally be thrown out with a physical warning from bouncers - regardless of whether the scrap was their fault or not or who started it.

The full facts will come out via the legal process.

If Carroll goes out in public then his life is being played out on a bigger and more critical stage than St James' Park.

It's amazing that somebody at the football club hasn't made this clear enough for him, certainly a more old school type of manager would have made sure Carroll has a team-mate with him that can act as his "minder" on a night out - until he gets being the remaining adolescence out of his system.

The incident is bad, but there have been a lot worse incidents from footballers who are much more experienced than Carroll.

The question is whether he can learn from it or not because bad boy or not - he's got an awful lot of talent to offer Newcastle United or somebody else.


Dave Owens said:

Well, we don't know all the facts, so we shouldn't speculate, but if he did glass someone, that's rather more than a big mistake. And fancy going to a Charver-heaven like Blu Bambu!

I had enough of players dragging the club's name through the mud when SBR was manager - Dyer, Bramble, Bellamy, Jenas spring to mind - and it continued to some extent under Souness who handled it differently (but possibly equally as badly - perhaps the fact that Fat Fred was chairman says something) and, of course, we've lately had Barton's antics, taking the p... out of the club and the city, to paraphrase Shearer. Time to grow upo, boys. With great power comes great responsibility.

Nathan said:

Andy Carroll seems like he has a massive ego, I think you can see that from his interviews, attitude on the pitch and all the stories/rumours flying about. Who am I to judge someone, I'm no saint but he has a previous caution for an assault on a woman near the Gate, was a right playboy at Plymouth by all accounts and was booted out of the England U19 squad for being on the booze and being late for training. I personally think you're letting the fact he's one of our own get in the way of rational thought. Hopefully he'll learn from this, but he's committed misdemeanours before and hasn't so I'm not so sure.

Ryder's reply: Well for a start you shouldn't judge people on rumours.
As for him being a playboy at Plymouth?
He was on loan at Preston as a raw kid learning his trade not Plymouth so he would hardly have been thought of as a playboy.
He wasn't on the booze with the Under-19s either he broke a curfew at night as they went to McDonalds.
I think you are letting complete urban myths get in the way of your rational thought.

Dave Owens said:

God, we were poor today. Lucky to come away with anything. Having three carthorses and an off form Jonas in midfield didn't help.

Paddy said:

If i had a pound for every hack who defended the local player who huffed and puffed and had a great fall, only to be lionised as the victim of his own success, well i'd be as perky as a budgie.

Your right, Lee, this foolish diversion into non-football teritory is not for the manager or the chairman, nor the hack of the locale rag feeding the local fodder junkies. This is not your remit or your area and serves no further purpose to the beer boys that laud this type of behaviour. Save us and let the judge be the enquirer and the exicutioner!

Nathan said:

Sorry Lee it was Preston, for some reason it's the second time I've got that wrong! Of course going to Mcdonald's is a great thing to be doing as a pro footballer, even better when it means breaking your curfew. Funny how you also didn't mention the assault on a woman, which is of course not an 'urban myth' much like this latest episode is not a myth, in fact it is very real. I enjoy these blogs but I don't agree at all on this score. I don't even think he's as good a player as you think he is either so maybe I'm being biased. He has great potential but is still very young and raw. Would be nice if he got his head down after this and used it as a wake up call. Not aiming this at you in particular but all the talk of him being the next Shearer irritates me aswell and puts un-needed pressure on the lad and all.
Also for the record where in my post have I judged him? I've just quite clearly pointed out he's been caught out in the past, what's wrong with that? As you say generally people have skeletons in the closet and I'm far from the judgemental type!

Ryder's reply: I won't mention anything that could prove to be libellous Nathan because that would be foolish.
Maybe you don't agree but how boring would be if everybody agreed with each other.

Nathan said:

Indeed it would Lee which is why I'm fighting my corner. Anyway I hope he learns from it, moves on and continues being a valuable player for us.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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