Football's youngest journeyman signs for Newcastle United

By Lee Ryder on Jan 26, 10 08:11 PM

As Second Chance Saloons go, Wayne Routledge has been there, done it and got quite a few t-shirts but at 25 the capture of the former Tottenham, Crystal Palace and QPR winger could still be the making of a player who once described as a potential England star for years to come.

But 14 years to the day that we signed Tino Asprilla and he weaved through the St James' Park car park in the snow wearing a fur coat, the scenes were very much understated as Newcastle United, questionably, did not want to make a fuss of the signing of Routledge.

The delight of the winger when speaking to Routledge was noticeable when chatting to the player over the phone at teatime tonight and speaking about his hopes and dreams, the Sidcup-born talent was keen to tell the world how much he appreciated the chance to play for Newcastle.

And in an interview set up by his agent the player stated he aims to grab the chance with both hands to do exactly that.

He's got 21 games to do it and knows that by the end of that stretch of games he could be a Premier League player once again.

Already he's one of football's journeyman with United now his EIGHTH club in five years!

However, in a game where you must try to take people as you find them as much as possible his hunger to do well will hopefully shine through in the next few games.

With Danny Simpson on board, Mike Williamson and now Routledge and the added bonus of nobody going through the exit door apart from Geremi this could well work out to be one of the better transfer windows of recent times.


toongonebad said:

1. new signing is a clutch at straws, CH knows him from his spurs days and has offered him a life line...
2. MA says hes going to cap the wage bill at 30k p/w IF we make it back up. - 'hellooo Mike' last week you were selling the club if we make it back up the PL, so what are you on about!?? -if they had brains they'd be dangerous! (although i agre nobody should make that money really)
3. we need a left winger not right!
4. we messed up big style on MH really its things like this that make the average supporter think he can run the club better...
4.some great results in th CCC this eve we need to kick on...

Fergie said:


1. You're very pessimistic and sceptical.
2. Where are the quotes from Mike Ashley that a) the club was going to be sold if we get promoted, and b) that the wages would be capped at 30k p/w? As far as I'm aware, both these 'facts' were claimed in dodgy newspapers from so called 'sources'.
3. What team have you been watching this season??? Guthrie has been good, but is not a winger. Wondergoal against Watford aside, Pancrate has been pants. Routledge ripped us apart earlier in the season, playing on the right wing, a position we were badly lacking in. As for on the left wing, Jonas has finally started to deliver this season and this year in particular, so definitely no need to replace him at the moment!
4. By MH, I assume you mean Marlon Harewood. If he had been that good, Hughton would have had him back at the club first thing on New Years Day. Fact is, he offers nothing that we don't already have, apart from a woeful first touch, (OK, so maybe Shola possesses this attribute) and poor work ethic. I personally believe that with a good right winger now in place, we don't need another striker as with crosses from both sides, our current strikers will get what suits them best, rather than balls over the top or through the middle. If we want a bit of pace up front then by all means, get a pacy striker in but we should be fine with what we've got. At the back, we need to get Williamson in and then go for a versatile defender on loan for 3 months to cover Tayls whilst he's out.
5. Agreed

beatski said:

If ny MH, you mean Marlon Harewood, he's broken his foot and will be out for most the season.

Alos, i think he'll be a good signing, he gives our team som much needed pace, and we've needed a right winger for a while

neil-galloway mag said:

Simpson,Routledge and Wiliamson all have the potential to be good signings for the status & standard we are sadly holding at present times.Like everyone else, all I want is an escape from this division at the right end.We need a steady ship at present and in Hughton & Calderwood have the right guys to keep on achieving that.I'm no fan of Ashley & Co but recent signings and wage levels are at least more realistic - do we want to be in the same financial mess as Palace or Portsmouth? - or worse still Man U or L'pool.I think there is a crisis in football at present and we have seen enough of those without creating another.If God willing we do go up; then another strategy & more quality will be needed-but I still believe we have a better squad than Burnley, Wolves,P'mouth,Wigan,Stoke and half a dozen others in the Prem.Lets just keep faith & get behind what we have for present.

Sulphuric909 said:

Aye, might have a better squad, but we don't play good enough football to win matches. Look at Arsenal - they have played argueably the best football in England for the last 5 years....but what have they won? It's only until now where the players are older, more developed, that they are finally starting to challange.
I think RW is a good addition, as are the others to come in this month, but we seriously lack 1 or 2 defenders to cover across the back 4. That is all we will need to go up this season. Houghton likes to play 442 or 451 on away games so 4 strikers plus nolan is more than adequate.....his only task now is to find 2 strikers (and IMO it would be Lovenkrands and Carrol) and play them consistently together to fire the goals in which are drastically needed after yesterdays results.


lambic peach said:

If anyone had offered us the position we are in now at the start of the season we ALL would have jumped at it. fingers and toes boys... We gotta get back up, and we have got to get behind this team, because its the only one we have got.

alex moore said:

is anyone else not worried about these signings?

Ok, i agree these are three good signings so far, and will be good for this season in the championship, but if we do get promoted are they going to good enough for the premieship? Simpson couldnt break into man utd when he was there nor the blackburn team, williamson great at watford but couldnt get a game at portsmouth (they preferred mark wilson instead), routledge well excellent for palace and qpr but did he really perform for spurs and villa.

I hope i am wrong about this. I have every faith they are the players could enough to take us back to the premiership, but i worry they may not be good enough to keep us there.

Ozmag said:

Let's worry about getting promoted first and as soon as that is guaranteed then take action to keep us there!

toongonebad said:


1.does everybodies opinion need to be cleared by you to have any credibility? ok i read it in the paper about the sale of the club if we go up and the wage capping and i agree it might well be pants but are you saying you get your information direct from Mike Ashely's PA? because if you do mate you might want to find a job at the EC..

2.MH has broke his foot back with Villa, had we kept him theres a good chance he wouldn't have. yes hes no shearer (we really have to give up comparing strikers to him, great bench mark but it doens't happen everyday) but he was coming into form and he was poking them in and its goals from a striker we need. CH did the same with PLvknds, he let him go away then resigned him 2-3months later when his fitness had dropped that far behind its took him half a season to get back on top. -cracking management that!

3.When I say we need a left winger I mean Jonas should be on the right, he might cross one ball effectively out of every 4-5 if hes lucky coming from the left, its not his position and he proves that every week. it makes him look terrible, i put that down to CH.

4.on our signings i hope they do well but I believe our top 2-3 targets haven't turned up, we've been given second best again! fair play to CH he is working hard and it must be a pain for him but MA is still selling everyone short and i'm not forgetting that just cause we are winning. that doesn't mean i'm not backing the team, i'm just putting over my view here on one aspect of the 'merry-go-round' - sorry i mean SJP.

4.its great to see us brining anyone in to be fair. if they can come good, brilliant! are they all Pl class hmmmm hope so, they're defo CCC class.

4.Not convinced CH is good enough, i believe its the players and not the play that is getting the results... thats just my opinion though i didn't read it anywhere.. is that ok with you fergie? much apologies on the typeO's

kenno said:

agree with ozmag.get on with the drive to the premier league and then worry.most of the deadwood has been cleaned out.a few more to go in my the beginning of the season we were behind WBA @ the smoggies in rating for a quick return and look at us now.clear at the top who in their wildest dreams would have forecast that.howay the lads @ do us proud

Jim R said:

I wish I was fed up!

Graham Southern Toon said:

If we can bring in Fox and Moses before Monday and let know one leave then this could be a perfect transfer window. How often have we had that in the last few?!!!

Stuart Sanderson said:

Lee, sorry mate off the topic here, any updates on Victor Moses?


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