Is Peter Lovenkrands the answer to Toon's striker search?

By Lee Ryder on Jan 14, 10 09:34 AM

In a season in which Newcastle United fans seem to be getting what they need rather than what they want - Peter Lovenkrands kept up the trend against Plymouth Argyle.

Many feel that the signing of Jermaine Beckford would all but secure promotion at St James' Park with the current Toon side - for all their good results this season - still lacking a predatory striker.

But while Leeds drag their feet over Beckford and Simon Grayson tries to run down the clock in the transfer window, Lovenkrands became the first striker at United this year to try to make the most of the situation.

Call it a stunning hat-trick, call it a lesson in lethal finishing or call it the end product of some decent service for a change - call it what you want, it dismissed Plymouth's FA Cup hopes and the Toon Army could clearly do with a bit more of it.

To be fair to Lovenkrands, he's yet to have a run in the team at Newcastle that has not been interrupted by either injury, private issues with his family or the painful period of transition on Tyneside that left his whole career in limbo during the summer.

Back then having received a letter from United claiming he was no longer needed and then signing on September 1 when Newcastle could not find anybody as good as him to replace him, it's no wonder that Lovenkrands wasn't firing on all cylinders.

But after taking his tally to five for the season with his breathtaking hat-trick, perhaps 2010 is the year that Lovenkrands can recapture some of the stunning form he displayed at Rangers, albeit at Championship level.


Bri said:

Good times !! I hav always like him and always hoped he'd be good for us let's hope this year will be a great ear for him hopfully getin 10goals in the prem this time next year !!

toongonebad said:

lovenkrads and harwood have looked our best pairing. whatever you thnk about MH he knows how to put the goal in the net. lets hope we don't make the same mistake by bring harwood back after we've let him go and his fitness levels have gone back to zero, only then to bring him back again. surely CH isn't daft enough to do that twice??

tillmeiser said:

I'm really please for lover, and I think he should play shola up front with him on Monday instead of Carrol. I like carrol but since he got arrested he hasn't seemed the same player to me.

I know shola isn't everyones favourtie, but he's score 8 goals in 10 games this season and he was out injured for a while.

Sulphuric909 said:

I have said it before, and i'll say it again. Lovenkrands was one of the few toon players who gave a damn about the club after that disappointing day at Villa Park. Only him and Shola were the 2 strikers that were clearly devestated, and when I read on here about that 'thanks, but no thanks' letter I couldn't believe it. He will always be able to offer this club a different option going forward. At yesterdays match ALL AATTCKING PLAY went through Jonas, Lovenkrands and Carroll.

In today's game I would rather he was in our squad than out of it. Same goes with Harewood - he may not be the best in the world, but he can definately do a job for us going into the final straight of the season.

Mal said:

I've been a toon supporter for over 50 years now and what's always kept me going is the supporters - they're magic.
We win 3 0 against rubbish opposition, a guy who hasn't done much so far scores a hat trick and we are touting him for a world cup place - I love it. This isn't a criticism by the way - I'm the same.
Must go now to check the date of this year's cup final - if I book the hotel now I'll get it cheaper.

James H said:

Fair play to the lad he's done well and really should be a first choice player. I thought that last night's run out was needed- not too strenuous opposition and keeps us in form before Monday's game.

I find the Beckford thing a bit of a waste of time considering what we clearly need is a creative midfielder and a centre back.

Richard in Melbourne said:

Excellent hat-trick by Lovenkrands. Lets hope he gets a run in the team to see if can produce the goods week-to-week.
I must take issue with your opening sentence though Lee ! What Newcastle fans still need more than anything else is a new owner in the club and a manager who is prepared to dream about being 3-0 up against Barca at half-time and got the bottle to get us there in the first place.

kenno said:

dithering united management seem to be blint to the fact that we are in for a torrid 2nd half of a season promising so much and a real chance to get back in the premiership.what must CH do to pry money out of ashley...the man has made heaps of money so one can only think of what's his real agenda?fortunately the players seem to be getting on and ignoring the back room to give them credit

djc said:

Sulphuric 909 Have Denmark actually qualified for this iear's World Cup . I genuinely cannot recall . Please let's not get carried away . We beat a poor team and although you have to accept a win is a win , what worries most is now The Fat Man will turn to CH and ask " Why do we need to spend money when we've got somebpdy like him scoring for us " I actually think it may not have done us any favours in the argument that we need a striker . I don't necessarily think a centre back is a priority but I would agree we need a creative midfielder and possibly a right winger. I don't think it's gonna be a walk in the park getting promoted and we could yet be hit with a reality check. We're now mid January and still no signings , seems a fmiliar situation to me over the last couple of years. I wonder what last minute bargains we'll pick up in the January Sales , seems to be a bit like a certain sports retailer .

Nath said:

I've always thought Carroll and Lovenkrands are our best front pairing at home. Carroll may not be prolofic, and I don't think he ever will be. But he is a focal point for our attacks and his workrate is spot on. Lovenkrands' style of play compliments him perfectly and given a run of games as a pair they could be class. I know Shola has bagged 8 goals but he's too lazy in my opinion and if you watch him spends a large chunk of the game 'strolling' about and never seems to win flick ons. Also he's been pretty poor for all these years, whereas Carroll has potential to be a good solid player for us.

Wor Bobby said:

Our deepest sympathy to Peter Lovenkrands & his family on the sad loss of his father.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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