Nobby Solano's return to Newcastle United sums up frustrating window so far

By Lee Ryder on Jan 17, 10 10:33 PM

Nobby Solano's potential return to Newcastle United for a third spell has underlined just how tricky the transfer window this month has been so far for Chris Hughton.

Solano, whose move to Colchester didn't come off, has been training with the Mags since Friday and even at 35 he could offer Hughton a real option.

Hughton is not going to get big money to spend this month and is unable to wheel and deal as he can't afford to lose anybody else due to the paper thin nature of the squad.

Jermaine Beckford's snub today was the second kick in the teeth for Newcastle this month.

And there is every chance there could be a third in the shape of Danny Simpson around the corner.

Should Solano prove he still has what it takes even at 35, he could offer Newcastle some vital cover on the right and his ability to play right-back could also be a massive boost if Simpson fails to stay on at St James' Park.

However, after Newcastle were linked with Michael Chopra earlier this month then Gary Caldwell and now Nobby, it just shows that if anything United have been forced to go backwards when long-term future planning is surely the key at United.



Toon Stew said:

Like it or not this is the position we are in transfer wise. Anyone expecting a host of permanent long term signings this month is deluded.

We are in a decent position in the league, I have no qualms getting in 2 or 3 loans to see us through and offer some cover and maybe a short term free transfer.

In terms of Solano, if he is in good condition fitness wise then why not get him in for the rest of the season. He knows the club and is a Toon legend who has undoubted quality and could offer us an option on the right wing and also cover at right back.

Getting up this season is the only priority for me - any long terms planning can go on the backburner for the next 4 months for me. If Solano can help that objective then i dont care if it looks like a step back. Its not like he is going to get a 5 year contract or anything.

dave said:

Just shows what a clueless moron you are mr ryder newcastle have not got a thin squad compared to other championship clubs and who cares about beckford or kilgallon this club would be foolish to sign them if they go up.

Ryder's reply: I think you are on a different solar system rather than a different planet. It doesn't matter what squad half of the Championship sides have, if Newcastle get a spate of injuries this season they don't have the back-up players with any experience in general let alone in the second tier.
As for Beckford and Kilgallon perhaps you should "give us all a clue" on who to sign, guessing by your comments maybe you think we should sign Lionel Blair!

Potski said:

'Clueless moron' seems a bit harsh :)
I do agree that we're better off without the likes of Beckford and Kilgallon in the long-run, as I (personally) don't believe either could cut it in the premiership.

A couple more loan signings could be useful but I genuinely think the squad's strong enough at this level.

Realistically, we're unlikely to recruit players better than those already established in the first team with the limited funds we have.

A permanent deal for Danny Simpson must be a priority - a quality defender with potential and crucially the right attitude!

Nobby Solano? A cheap stop-gap option but hopefully not at the expense of Simpson.

Bobby Ollox said:

We came down a division not because we had poor footballers, but because we had poor attitude in the dressing room.

Fixing the attitude problem cost us a lot of good players and although we still are a class apart from most clubs in this division we are nowhere near good enough to survive in the premiership.

Its a gamble, but I would rather we stuck with what we have now, dont risk upsetting the team spirit, then in the summer after we are promoted start to construct the team building required to survive.

As for Nobby - well this isnt a social club son - you dont drop in and out when you feel like it. Maybe someone in London will have a spot for you but we are done up here.

Northern_Jedi said:

Clueless Moron is very harsh indeed....although i do feel that we have one of the strongest squads in this division. I see you point about a spate of injuries Lee; however isnt every other club in this division dangling over the same precipice?

We have adequate cover in midfield and upfront to handle a spate of injuries; it is on the defensive side of things where we would struggle if that were to occur. If i were CH i would look to bring zurab back in from blackburn on loan again until the end of the season. He can cover both full back positions if required and centre back. He had a few dodgy moments but lets not forget they were when danny simpson was partnering him at centre half; he is solid enough for me for what is required in this division.

Young tamas Kadar will be a good player for us so in an ideal world it would be Zurab plus another central defender in on loan. I would almost certainly brin Big Marlon back in as well; he did a job for us after getting his fitness back and a deal to the end of the season would suit both parties.

Ozmag said:

If Nobby can help as a sub then so be it, we don't seem to be in the market for anyone exciting and he may offer something from the right and even cover at right back if Simpson doesn't work out!

Unless we get a creative midfielder that can give us variety then I see we will continue to battle for our wins, and probably still get them but we don't look a good football playing side at all

Al Garside said:

Assuming he wouldn't be first choice and, therefore, wouldn't upset the team spirit, I'm not so sure this is a bad idea. He's got more of a football brain than most (all?) of the current squad put together. As old as he is, he'll be sharper than Butt and his legs won't be gone quite as badly as Butt's, Geremi's and Nolan's. I can't see it happening because we won't be paying the wage he wants, though it would be great to have someone as football-smart as he is in a semi-coaching capacity. Let's face it, aside from Given and maybe Gary Speed, he's the only post-KK player who could cut it in that squad.

Jackie W said:

First it was old Pancake banging on about Laurent Robert and now I am suprised to read about Nobby Solano . This is sureley just clutching at straws by the red tops..Shearer anyone ?

toongonebad said:

typical transfer window we've come to expect from MA & DL -liars..! They say they'll back the manager then don't just more non-truth from 'bodget and scarper' -JOKE! we need to boost the squad and haven't, at least we could of held on to MH and DS but that looks like too much trouble for them as well
total disgrace once again. The supporters have backed the club and players and these idiots are just taking the mick once again...

jimmy c said:

have not seen nobby play in a while but could be a decent option if simpson does go which looks likely.agree that beckford and killgalon would be poor signings in the long run{both turned us down anyway!}i reckon we should just about have enough in the squad for the remaining months of the season {mainly cos opposition is so poor in this division}will need to spend in the summer though,and will super mike do that? no chance.

kieran said:

Nobby is a legend, get him signed

Ron Wilson said:

Wonder why other clubs that Nobby's been associated with lately haven't taken up the option? .Maybe at 35 years old like Nicky Butt he has lost the speed & endurance required for this level.He was a legend but last time around he was always subed & rarely finished the full 90 minutes.Great player in his prime,but just too old for another time around.

George Anderson said:

Get wor Nobby back.

des wilson said:

I cant believe we are even talking about Solano,he was useless when he left, he couldnt make it with Colchester, Oh but hes a legion well so is Shearer are we to roll him out. we are in desparate need of two central midfield players, get them go up

toongonebad said:

i love nobby as a footballer and a toon legend but as i remember he wanted to leave to be in london. i'm not sure he can do a job anymore. they say hes been training with us to keep fit but now it seems hes at shef united. so that was obviously a load of rubbish, he has in fact been on trail. whats the point if he can't get a game there? sad he left but he did. there no point going back signing him would let MA off the hook again..

Moise1 said:

Whoa...... no way.... NUFC need some new blood .... sorry but we pay more for season tickets than Sunderland supporters and they're a league above us.... What more can be said..... Ashley either sell up or put your money where it counts... sorry to say but I have no plans in renewing my season ticket if the team stays as it is.


Lee Ryder

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