Swansea City 1 Newcastle United 1

By Administrator Newcastle on Feb 13, 10 10:00 AM

NEWCASTLE United go back to the top of the Championship table after digging deep for a 1-1 draw at Swansea.

For the best part of the match United looked like the long journey was all going to be for nothing but Carroll's late header snatched a lucky point.

Newcastle now have two home games to try to push on at the top of the pile.

Lee was at the Liberty Stadium to bring you all the action and colour from the ground.

Just click the link above to replay his coverage.

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Geordie said:

This is the 1st time I have been on this message board but after watching that load of rubbish I felt I had to,so be gentle with me, I have supported the Toon for over 40yrs and that is one of the must disgraceful performances I have witnessed,I have never seen so many players get caught on the ball, we had no pace in midfield, they couldn't pass, I could go on but I would be writing a letter as long as the Captain's, of the games I have watched we have been 2nd best in all the games.
CH had better get some pace in midfield or we are going to miss out and if we do get promoted Fat Ash better have £50/60M to spend on players.

Freddie Fender said:

Utter rubbish. Why no Ranger - or even Pancrate? Routledge flatters to deceive. Too many people well off their game. Nolan was abysmal. I don't care if he does take a huff!

BillB said:

Good training methods and tactics are, of course, vital to a team's development. However, more important is the careful selection of players to join the club. Not only their skill on the ball but their natural instinct for the game ie their positional sense and ability to "read" the game. I know there's not been much cash available but surely it should have been spent on quality and not quantity? It sounds simple I know but it may be that Ashley's influence restricts choice.

GeordieBosworth said:

I have to say that for grown men and professional footballers the performances at Swansea, like most this season, were appalling. Sunday morning players don't get caught in possession as often. It really looked like they were half asleep - so much for flying down - jet lag?? The lowered standards the club has accepted in pursuit of promotion will come back to haunt us. First and foremost in buying any player is an ability to play the game and control the ball or is that too much to ask? It is hardly a financial issue when every team in the Championship can outplay us.

DormAnt said:

Desire, flexibility, adaptability, commitment, drive and ambition are the prime requisites in any successful team, no matter what sport you are in. For much of the season many of these attributes have been missing in too many players. Although we must not confuse this with a lack of skills and abilities, if you can't then you won't, and abusing those who can't is a facile pastime. It is not their fault they are in the team, someone else purchases and picks them. To get the best out of them, believe it or not, we have to get behind them and support them to get us over the finishing line.
The term at all costs springs to mind.
Even if we dislike some members of team, we need them, at least for now, because the only other alternative does not bear thinking about.
There is also I suspect a faint scent of fear in the air at the moment, I hope not, but don't discount it. Whether this comes from the top down or from the bottom up is difficult to tell but it is probably a little of both.
We all need to hold our nerve now, because he who blinks first will undoubtedly fail.
For what its worth I think Nottingham Forest already have.

Jack said:

Noland definatly had his worst game for the club in this leauge. To be fair, has he played every game this season? Might have been nice see Guthrie get an extended run in the middle of the park. With Barton coming back, might get generate some real competition for places in midfield. Lovencrants might have left us a bit exposed out left. As it happenend we got swamped by their middle three anyway. For me Ryan Taylor would have been an option out there.

Personally, I think Hughton has done a cracking job so far. It certainly didn't look easy at the start of the season. However, being top all season and maintaining form to the bitter end is a high pressure bussiness as i'm sure any body supporting this football club is well aware. Just recently, away from home anyway, they look like they don't know whether to stick or twist.

As good a job as he's done this is Hughton's first season as a manager. Were not at squeaky time yet but the next two home games are crucial for a bit of a confidence boost. Despite what i'm reading, I think Routledge has looked our best outlet recently. 442 next couple of matches. Get at them, get the crowd rocking again and take that into the away games for the rest of the season.

Leon Best for a brace agaist the Sky blues and then wollop Peston for 'Fergie, whats the score' reprise. Then see how we feel.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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