Jimmy Bullard would fit the bill for NUFC

By Lee Ryder on Mar 29, 10 09:21 AM

Newcastle will edge closer to the promised land with victory over Nottingham Forest tonight but for manager Chris Hughton the work is only just starting ahead of next season.

And in terms of new faces, Hughton, according to morning reports, is understood to be considering a move for Hull City star, all round playmaker, dressing room joker and one time Humber Bridge hot head Jimmy Bullard.

Hughton was thought to be at the KC Stadium to see Bullard net a penalty against Fulham on Saturday.

And while Bullard's injury problems since leaving Fulham for Hull have been well documented, he would be classed as a crowd pleaser on Tyneside with proven quality in the Premier League - just what the Toon are after next season hopefully.

Whatever unfolds during a summer of searching for new blood for Hughton, will obviously be a key period and it's understandable that he started his work pretty early this year with the arrival of new chief scout Graham Carr.

Hughton will take plenty of encouragement from the fact that he already has players on board who will be hungry to show the world what they can do in the Premier League next season after relegation.

And it will be more than interesting to see what Jose Enrique, Fabricio Coloccini and Jonas Gutierrez can do on the back a campaign which has resulted in them being big stars in black and white and now able to speak fluent English.

As ever intriguing times are ahead of us in Toonland.


keir said:

bullard would be a cracking signing.
so would jamie o'hara
i reckon we need 6 players in the summer including a goal scorer and some PACE!
mind you is llambias and ashley think £5mill was a lot in summer then we knackered.
lets see just how commited they are when the bill runs to £30mill+ to get this team going in the premier league!

Sal said:

Bullard would be a terrible signing.

He is 32+ (?) and has crocked knees.

O'Hara on the other hand, would be a cracking signing and is exactly the sort of player we should be trying to bring in.

Steve Y said:

I think Bullard is a wonderful footballer and probably the un-capped best English midfielder in the premier league, when he plays at Hull they generally get a result, he makes the team tick, he's English and I think he'd thrive playing with a full house at St James Park. The only issue is of course his recent injury record! A fit Bullard is a no brainer, sign him up, but as he is right now he could be a £5m risk - can we afford that? As for O'Hara, sign him up.

Ryder's reply: Spot on Steve, he is, as you say, a wonderfull footballer.
I think that despite some battling displays Newcastle fans still like to see ball playing midfielders who play it as they see it, rather than the more robotic overcoached ProZone products that we have seen come and go in the Premier League over the years.
However, I agree with yours and other people's point re injuries.
If Hull go down and we can get him at a knockdown price then go for it - just don't take him in anywhere near a bridge!

glenn said:

Re Bullard having signed a £55k/wk contract with Hull - maybe that will drop significantly due to clauses in the contract if Hull are relegated. Plus, no doubt they'd want to shift the higher earners if they go down.

However, at his age, he doesn't fit into the type of player we are supposedly targeting (although I'd love to see him signed).

We don't know it was Bullard he was looking at. Were there any players under 24 who'd sign for us for under £15k/wk who are any good who he might have been scouting?

Geogaddi said:

If the price was right (transfer fee and wages) and if he really wanted to come and play for us, not just pick up his wages, then maybe. He is a good player, and by all accounts a good bloke to have in the dressing room. I would just worry about his age and injury record given our "luck" with Owen et al.

Mal said:

Oh dear Lee - I see you have removed loads of perfectly acceptable comments that didn't agree with your point of view that he would be a good signing. Is this a new form of censorship that you have now introduced?

Ryder's reply: Not really Mal, the article was published twice and one had to be taken down.
Why don't you rewrite your comment and stop being paranoid!

Tad Caster said:

We'll need cover for left back, probably another right back; because I'm not convinced the two we have will be able to cut it in the Prem; either a centre half or a centre forward beacuse I can't see Taylor AND "Geordie Legend" (or supply your own tag) Carroll staying (and I'd rather see Taylor stay because, while we don't know all the facts, 'Handy' Andy seems to have serious anger management issues); and most definitely a central midfielder with vision and guile. This is the bare minimum to stay reasonably secure in the bottom half of the Prem and hold our own against the likes of Blackburn and the Mackems.

john bowery said:

bullard would be an awful signing.....too old.....a proven track record in injuries......

paddas said:

He is over 30, has a damaged knee and would cost a fee which would be written off. He fits the bill in the way people like Dyer Martins Owen and Viduka used to fit th bill, although in fairness to him he does seem to be a better person than them

AussieToon said:

Not too keen on Jimmy Bullard just because of his injury record to be honest.

Cracking player, lots of creative flair from the midfield, exactly what we need, but how much will he cost and what will his wages be? I suppose as a squad player he could easily take over the role Nicky Butt plays who will be gone, so just depends. I don't want a large chuck of our transfer budget blown on a injury prone player.

Jamie O'Hara is the obvious one. Cracking player, really is, just love watching the kid play as he always gives his all and has serious skill.

How about Perch from Forest? Good player who I believe will be able to cope at the next level. Can play in all positions really, but to have him as our starting right back with Simpson as back up would be a great start.

We also need a bonafide striker who will help ease the pressure on s next season. I believe we need Andy Carroll to be a force next season but a striker next to him who can find the goals regularly would be great. Quick, tricky and goal getter. Next to Andy, that would be a great combination.

So so far;

Jamie O'Hara
James Perch
Cheaper and will be good players for us!

tonegonebad said:

agreed too old, wages too high and too many injuries... I think guthrie and nolan will do great next season and if barton keeps his head right we're set. smith as a defensive midfielder and possibly one more for cover. although i would say a proper left winger is required. lets be honest next season will be about staying up. seeing if CH can keep it going and seeeing if the lads can kick on from a solid season in the CCC? first thing CH needs to do is keep hold of Taylor and Caroll and sort them out.

ian gilmore said:

I think we should make an approach for Swansea's Nathan Dyer,provided they don't go up via the play offs.Could be a great player for us in the prem.Has pace an eye for goal and can produce a killer pass all round good player.

Bob Croft said:

Come on lads, Bullard is a 32 year old joke, there are better than him
in the lower leagues, please don't lets have any impulsive buying.
Especially not a 32 year old crock.



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