NUFC take another stride towards Championship trophy at Middlesbrough's expense

By Lee Ryder on Mar 13, 10 08:34 PM

Well that's the Tyne-Tees ding dong over for what could be at least another season and Newcastle United were probably much, much happier with the point than Middlesbrough by the end.

At times United were poor at the Riverside but they showed they have the ability to dig in and scrape a result when it matters most and more importanly they didn't cave in.

Even a neutral could have sensed that the game meant much more to Boro and in the end it must have felt like a defeat for Gordon Strachan's side.

Strachan's side threw everything at Newcastle but ultimately didn't have enough to pull off a scalp that would have had Teesside celebrating tonight.

And it was the Toon Army who were celebrating at the end of the 2-2 draw with chants of "We're Newcastle and we're going to win the league."

Throughout it all the travelling 3,600 fans backed their side in the way that we've grown to expect.

And when Boro unvailed their "Trophy Virgins" flag (forgetting the six FA Cups, four league titles and the 1969 Fairs Cup) it was the last act of a desperate bunch of fans.

A set of fans who are staring trips to Doncaster and Barnsley in the face once again - unless their side can do what they haven't done all season and put together some consistency and start finishing teams off.

As for Newcastle, well they really can only self-destruct now and this was another useful point.

They are now a whopping 25 points ahead of the team that were relegated with them in Boro and nine points ahead of Nottingham Forest, who lost again 3-2 at Preston.

With 11 games left and with a game in hand on Forest and West Brom, this looked very much like another step back towards the Premier League and picking up the Championship trophy which Boro would so dearly love to be doing themselves.

What were your thoughts on Newcastle's draw with Boro?


Ed The Red... said:

Have You Ever Seen A Geordie Lift a Cup?

Nope, nor Have I!!!

Geogaddi said:

Nice typically chippy comment from our smoggie friend there. Enjoy reliving your solitary Carling Cup (staggering!) as you (don't) turn up to watch the mighty Norwich City, Doncaster et al next season. Loser.

Black & White Forever said:

Boro fans are so deluded. Such a pity really. They`ll still be in this Legaue next season because their team and manager are no good enough....................NUFF SAID.

brian hewitson said:

Newcastle aren't top for no reason, proffesional and stubborn to the end but in reallity we should have lost. This ability to get points especially way from home when up against it has been impressive this season, but we are far from a good side. A major and radical overhaul is needed for next year. As for the trophy virgins banner i thought was quite funny. Propper football humour. A couple of seasons ago i was sickend at the mido chants, this was genuinely funny.

everyone in the ground knows boro have only won one cup and newcastle have won more albeit a while ago. The ridiculous reaction by some in the crowd and comments on here show us to be the embaressment. FFS lighten up

londontyne said:

I think you should look up the definition of a joke mate. I am sure Boro fans understand how little they have won but see the irony in the fact that in the last 40 years they have won something and NUFC nothing and the virgins are the majority who were not born to witness any victories. People throwing themselves towards the home fans in anger was one of the most embarrassing things I have ever seen.

Ginola said:

I thought the Trophey Virgins banner was quite funny. When you consider that smoggies can't normally grasp any sort of conversation or humour.

brian hewitson said:

Interesting reading Lee. Although it sounds to me like you now think it is a derby. Make your mind up fella.

Paul said:

Lee, did you leave your sense of humour at home on Saturday?

Ginola said:

Lee! you took my joke off my post.

Did it make you laugh though?

Guy Bailey said:

I'd rather have another season in the Championship strolling to the tile next season with the battling, galvanised team you met on Saturday, stepping over the corpses of a crippled Pompey, imploding Hull and just bad Burnley than getting pastings from the likes of such heavyweights as Wigan, Bolton, Stoke and dare I say it, Sunlan?

Stan Butler said:

Had to laugh at a comment on the Boro blog by a Man U fan(?) who said with regards to the flag....

Lets face it, as funny as the banner was, it was akin to a bloke with a combover taking the mickey out of a bald bloke.

Well it made me laugh anyway.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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