Scunthorpe victory was embarrassingly easy for NUFC

By Lee Ryder on Mar 18, 10 05:07 PM

Scunthorpe United were easily the poorest team to play at St James' Park but as one observer pointed out shortly after the resounding victory that isn't Newcastle United's problem.

Indeed, as has been said on several occasions already this season, Newcastle can only beat what's in front of them.

They say in life what goes round comes round and for Scunny they got it back in abundance after their over zealous post-game celebrations back at Glanford Park last October.

On last night's evidence you have to ask how Newcastle managed to lose the first game to start with?!?

No matter the defeat actually worked in Newcastle's favour after they went on a four month unbeaten run.

Toon players confessed they were keen to dish out some revenge to Scunthorpe after the 2-1 win in North Lincolnshire.

Well, revenge is a dish best served cold in this case.

Scunny didn't have a sniff and their dream trip to St James' Park turned into a nightmare.

Newcastle put their hands up after defeat at Scunthorpe and admitted they lost fair and square,

They still swapped shirts and they still signed autographs for all of the Scunthorpe locals that waited after the game to get souvenirs scribbled on.

But if you're asking if there was a lack of respect in the air that night at Glanford Park after the win, then my answer is, yes there was.

One loyal Iron observer even compared a mere league victory and three points back then to the infamous FA Cup loss at Hereford.

Scunthorpe didn't celebrate the win for themselves back then, they were happy to rub Newcastle's noses in it - something which Magpies fans are used to.

That stayed with the Toon players and they didn't forget it, hence the outstanding performance last night.

It could have been 10 but Newcastle settled for three to keep Scunthorpe in the relegation zone.

Good luck to Scunthorpe and Nigel Adkins, I honestly hope they continue to defy the odds and stay in the Championship.

But as far as competitive action is concerned at St James' Park - apart from a host of European minnows we've polished off - in the domestic game, that was one of the most one sided matches I think we've seen for many a year.

What do you think?


Relton said:

Lee - nice blog, highlighting the dignity and professionalism of this squad. the fact that te lads stayed and signed autographs and were prepared to let the talking be done inthe return fixture at SJP.
Compare this to last year - and the embarrasing rant by Joe Kinnnear - which set the tone for the rest of the squad.
I firmly believe that a side is built in the image of it's manager - and CH is dignified, honourable and professional. (Kinears teams Gobby and delivering more bark than bite, Robson's passionate and keegan's entertaining and self-combusting).
Lets also praise the influential Smudger, Nolan - who are the managers leitenants and enforcers.
Now - lets get back up - and at 'em. The dark days are nearly over.

boater said:

Relton- "I firmly believe that a side is built in the image of it's manager."

I couldn't agree more. Add to that Wenger's technical and alert, ferguson's drive and determination. Always been the case.

CH has done two things - halted the club's death roll in the leagues and also changed the atmosphere into one where players strive to perform at their best again- the extra 10% factor which is so crucial to any kind of successful future... a new contract in the summer I say.

Ozmag said:

Hi Lee, could only join in the action through your blog as I'm in Sydney for a month but all the goals, which I've now seen were of the highest quality especially the second Carroll goal.

So from a quality perspective if didn't matter who we played the finishing was brilliant

Cheers and thanks for the blogs


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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