Crowded out - Ipswich game evokes yet more memories of 1993

By Lee Ryder on Apr 23, 10 08:21 AM

If it's half as good as the last time Newcastle's final game of the season at St James' Park as a second tier club should be out of this world.

Yes, we're talking about 1993 again, but how can you not talk about 1993 on what is supposed to be a nostalgic view of Newcastle United in a season that has had so many parallels?

In a season when Newcastle have statistically bettered the Magpies of 17 years ago, even the current team will do well to emulate the 7-1 win over Leicester with a similar thrashing of Ipswich Town although any victory will be met with scenes of celebration.

The scramble for tickets for this game has been beyond belief once again with a 52,000 plus sell out awaiting the champions.

There's going to be a few disappointed people that's for sure.

For those who couldn't afford season tickets back then an anxious wait to see if postal applications had been successful was endured.

As Newcastle neared promotion back then, turning up at 11am to ensure entry into St James' Park had ceased to be an option as games became all ticket - all a far cry from turning up at 2.55pm and grabbing your usual spot.

Against the Foxes in the 7-1 win, just under 33,000 crammed into the old St James' Park to see Kevin Keegan's side tear Leicester to shreds.

I still have a vivid memory of looking up at the old scoreboard at half-time which read United 6 Visitors 0.

Surely it couldn't get much better?

Reality clicked into gear in the second half and hopes of seeing Newcastle match or beat their record 13-0 scoreline against Newport County quickly slipped away as the game finished 7-1.

Before the game Newcastle picked up the trophy after it the players partied on the pitch with the fans as a whole new era on Tyneside unfolded.

Last time dreams of going to Old Trafford, Anfield and Highbury began to set in and in the months to come, similar scrambles for tickets made it less than straight forward to follow the Mags.

Certainly, at Ally McCoist's testimonial on a warm August night, chants of "If you've got your season ticket clap your hands" were memorable as it became possible that not only were games at St James' Park set to be all ticket - but all season ticket.

The club acted fast to be honest and after housing many fans on the waiting list and season ticket holders in the new Leazes Stand, half season tickets in the Gallowgate End became available as another new stand shot up.

This time, it may be easier to get your hands on Premier League tickets.

And trips to Old Trafford and Anfield have became places of dread and fear in recent years.

Nevertheless, while Toon fans are realistic about where Newcastle can finish next season, the conclusion of tomorrow's home season with Ipswich still promises to be a great occasion for the Mags with the first unbeaten run at SJP possible for the first time in 103 years.


Scoobytoon said:

I can't wait for next season just so you stop going on about b###dy 1993. I enjoy reading your blog but it's starting to get annoying now. I'm sure most of us fans would agree that 92-93 was a great season but it's in the past, I know you will probably hit back and say you are just documenting history but your blogs are starting to sound like a broken record,A change of track would be great please and I'm sure most of the bloggers will agree.

Ryder's reply: I'm glad you enjoy it and keep coming back.
You're right we can start talking about the last time we were in the Premier League in 93/94 soon...ahh I can see Nicky Papavasiliou's curly locks flowing in the summer breeze at Old Trafford as he opened up the Man U defence for Andy Cole's first PL goal, then there was when Lee Clark kicked over the bucket of water at Southampton and Alan Neilson's clearance off the line at Elland Road.....blah blah blah

djc said:

Lee some of what scooby says has some credence although I think he laboured the point. It's good to reminisce but can we start talking about the future and who perhaps you consider would be ideal signings for next season. On another note , when are the toon going to reveal the new kit design . Surely it's about time we saw what we'll be buying in the summer

toongonegood said:

its ok to look back, but lets look back and compare the sides properly not just names and emotions lets look at how they played in detail and how the 2010 team play in detail. what are the main differences? player for player how do they compare? pass for pass - shot for shot - save for save? Lee I want to see the stats/ details! then we can decide who was better? Does the Cronl have this data?

Honesty said:


We all celebrated St Georges Day on Friday, then to cap it all, we celebrated St Geordies Day on Saturday.

Well done Newcastle United for winning the Champions League, looking forward to next year.

Ginola said:

hahahaha Lee you crack me up!

Geogaddi said:

Sorry I missed the blog on Saturday Lee - I had a prior engagement. Me and 8 mates were in the corner of the Gallowgate as a part of my Stag-do! Recovered from the hangover (just), but I've still got NO voice left three days later, much to the amusement of my boss.

Will be back online for the QPR game, when I hope we finally get a look at Haris Vuckic.



Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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